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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 329

329 Revolving Door


Anyway, I now no longer plan to leave the kingdom today. Yet I can't just go back to the main street and book an inn there.
I'm not taking any chance to run into another random event. My small tolerance can't take it.

(Dealing with multiple trouble gonna pop my head open... Gotta take care of this one first and foremost...)

I'm still at the slum now. As I looked around for a house I could spend the night in, the kid who was talking to me pulled my sleeve.
I stopped myself from telling him not to pull with his dirty hand.

"Hey? Why are you here big bro? You saved us and all but we have nothing to offer you... also, you said you'd help us? No grown ups ever said that to us... Can we really believe you?"

My path of retreat has been closed with that. The kids' gazes are stabbing me. My heart hurts.

(There's no way I could abandon them now... Now then, do I teach them how to support themselves or do I ask somebody else... That's the question.)

For now I gotta find somewhere to spend the night, but I couldn't see a suitable place nearby.

"Hey, do you know a good place to shelter from wind and rain around here? Maybe where you kids usually sleep."

Having no other choice, I turned to the kids.

(What is this? I look like a goody two shoes now... I don't think I was ever that kind of person though?)

"Got it. We'll take you there. Over here. Come with us."

The kid who's been talking to me must be their leader. I better talk to him if I want to move things forward.
As I kept following them, one question popped up on my mind. We're heading toward the gate that leads to the federation.

"Hey, aren't we heading to the gate? So your hideout is around there?"
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"There's this little gap between houses that makes for a good shelter from winds and rains, that's where we usually sleep. Here it is."

It's just a plain old middle of the road. There is a small gap between houses covered by a board that's just as wide as the gap.
The leader pointed at that board. As I was about to ask what it was about, what happened next surprised me.

The board opened up like some kind of gimmick in a ninja mansion. The board was only made to look like it was nailed on, but it was a revolving door all along.
The kids went in one after another. I was late to follow them, too dumbfounded by the sight when somebody called out taking me back to reality.

"Big bro, come on in quick! It's gonna be bad if somebody found this place. Quickly!"

I hurriedly got in. The gap is narrow but still passable. The leader followed after me and closed the board while being careful to keep the camouflage up.
Afterward, he spoke to me.

"Inside is where we sleep. You won't find a nice spot like this anywhere else. So we're trying to keep it a secret."

The kid leader smiled broadly before resuming to walk, implicitly urging me to continue. Pressed by that, I went deeper inside.




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