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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 42

Revenge (1)


The basic stove and frying pan have warmed up nicely.
I throw one thing onto the pan.
Vanisoi seed, those boars' favorite.
...And we took on this commission to cultivate this. I did left enough for that though.
Apparently these boars love the scent of raw vanisoi, but fry it and their obsession gets elevated into a whole new level.
According to Menu, their thought process becomes dominated with 'Gotta eat them' to the point it's virtually impossible for them to resist the temptation. Sure makes them sound like some junkies.

Vanilla aroma begins spreading throughout the village. Those boars have good noses, they should notice soon.
Mana Detection tells me some Rush Boars are getting closer. Ten o'clock from me.

"They're coming from that direction, take up your position."

"Got it."

I told Alma where to expect the boars and to intercept them.
We're trying to kill one with every hit. The main course hasn't come yet.

Alma shot a Stone Bullet (Powered Up Ver) the moment she saw one, piercing through its whole body dead.
Umu, one down. Good shot.
She consumed around 20MP per shot. She's gonna run out of fuel if this keeps up but with me transferring my MP every time, it won't get to that point so easily.
I'm nearing level up, so when my MP is about to dry up, I just gotta kill one Rush Boar and replenish my MP full.
I've still got Mana Recovery pills for emergency too, MP should be non issue.
By the way, these pills are the gift I got from material store old lady. I forgot to use them during Stampede. Rasfin would have an easier time had I given some to her. Sorry.

We could have minimized MP consumption if I was in charge of killing these boars but only if I used Pile Bunker in close range.
We gotta keep Rush Boars away from the trap. It's intended for Jet Boar, we'd hit a dead end if some random Rush Boars got to it instead. Thus the prioritizing ranged attacks.
My mana throwing can't accurately hit the heads. There's the risk of a different boar coming for the trap if I'm too busy dealing with one.
On the other hand, Alma's magic is powerful even at a range, so I'm leaving this role to Alma.

About ten minutes after frying the beans.
We've killed more than ten Rush Boars.
These boars kept getting baited here.
Sure enough, my MP was running low midway, and I got my level up by killing two Rush Boars.
So I'm level 16 now. Alma just got hers the other day, still at 17.
Me aside, we gotta keep Alma's MP max at all time. We've still got plenty of room presently, but this plan would be a bust if her MP went to zero before the main course came.
So come on here, you red boar. Or what, are you going for a battle of attrition.

Oops, here it comes. I can tell it's gradually coming closer.
It's so obviously on a different level than other boars. In mana pool and speed.
Has it noticed its underlings getting culled out, and now it's coming to remove the culprit.
It's finally in sight. A little Status Check in order.

Magic Beast: Jet Boar


State: Charmed (Appetite) - Head Trauma (Minor)

HP: 504/557
MP: 170/170
SP: 149/342

Ah, that's not it. This thing's just here for the vanisoi, nothing to do with its underlings. Is that really okay for a herd boss.
Oh, the damage on its head remains huh. I heard it was staggering when it made its escape, turned out the attack worked all right.

"It's here, get ready!"


I gave the signal for Alma to climb on a scaffold set up next to the trap.
Then I bring the fry pan with vanisoi with me to right above the trap. I'm floating just above ground so the trap doesn't activate.
Lookie here, it's  your favorite vanisoi. The scent. Raw vanisoi tastes spicy and better. Got none for you though.


It's charging my way at incredible speed while roaring loudly. Good, I bid you welcome.

To hell.

BAAAAM! Jet Boar disappeared along with that sound.
AKA it fell down the pitfall we dug out.
It's twice as deep as that thing's height. We went out of our way to dig a super deep hole.
Boars are surprisingly good jumpers. They can easily jump over walls and fences their height.
This thing being a fantasy creature, I'm sure it can jump even higher. It likely can get out of this height without any issue, but this pit isn't intended to lock it up.

It just needs to stop the thing from running away so Alma's magic can hit it.


Alma cast her magic while yelling out.
She produced a giant boulder above the pitfall and dropped it down the Jet Boar.
...I can't believe that's a Stone Bullet. She enlarged the spell to around three times the Jet Boar's size through Mana Control.
A massive rock that demands 200 MP just to create one. It can't be shot forward due to its size, but what supposed to be a failed experiment becomes a terrifyingly powerful spell when the target is situated right below.
Jet Boar has nowhere to run inside the pitfall. It's too late, you won't escape! Get smashed!

ZWUN, the boulder fell down into the pitfall creating a tremor.

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Alma staggered while holding her head.
Looks like she's having a mana shortage. Of course she would after that magic.

The Jet Boar seems to have eaten up that attack directly--


Crack crack crack

Cracks ran on the massive boulder.
...Well not like I didn't expect this.
I mean his stat display is still blue.

BAAAANG! The boulder broke into pieces as the Jet Boar jumped out of the pit.
How'd you even survive through that, ugh. Apparently, it combined 'Qigong Shroud' and 'Roaring Rush' to narrowly make it through.
But it's not without a cost. Each of its forelegs and hindlegs have been broken, its rib is damaged and Status tells me it's suffering internal injuries.
And yet it's still got half of its HP left. Far from dead yet.

Now then, can you withstand this move with those wounds?

I threw already burning Firetoad Oil I stored inside Item Screen at its back... around its butt.
Didn't think I could actually store items that are still burning. Wonder if it scorches other items inside?


It narrowly dodged the flame while vomiting blood.
Moving at such speed even with broken legs and all those wounds. Guess there's no easy way out to defeat this thing.
But how do you deal with this now you just dodged!

BWOSH! I moved in with high speed flight.
Using the momentum, I drive a Pile Bunker in!
And the stake isn't hardened mana, but a mithril blade I borrowed from Alma! How'd you like this!


It stiffened for an instant right after dodging and couldn't afford to move or defend against my attack.
The mithril blade stabbed deep into the Jet Boar's head, piercing its brain.

F-finally the end. This thing's seriously tough.
Can't believe its Stats didn't turn red even after that boulder crash.




The Jet Boar whose brain should have been stabbed right through roared out loud.
The Stats say it's still got 100 HP left.
Its State displays Brain Laceration, yet it's not dead yet. What the heck, how is it even a living creature at this point! How are you so tough!
I got flung around everywhere as I kept my grip on the sword. Abababa! My eyes are spinning.

Oh man, what now.
How do you even kill this thing.




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