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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 55

Lolimast Interview


"Have a seat now. This won't take long, but talking while standing around doesn't sound fun, no?"



Alma and I sat down as urged by the twintailed girl.
We've been brought to an office inside the city gate.
The silver haired receptionist girl had a dubious look, or rather she was clearly acting hostile toward me as she led us here. I mean I get it with that kinda stats but there's no need to be that prickly, is there.

"Now then, first thing first an introduction is in order. Nice to meet you, I'm the guildmaster of Vinfitt-branch Adventurer Guild, Ivuranmii. Looking forward to work with you in the future."

G-guildmaster!? A girl this young!?
No wait, her appearance may not necessarily reflect her age being an elf and all. She might be even older than me.

"I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, a Rank E adventurer. I'm still wet behind the ears, pleased to meet you."

"Almatina, Hikaru's party member. Nice to meet you."

"Umu umu, I like how polite both of you are. Elves look young from humans' perspective, so quite a lot of them tend to treat me like a kid during first meetings. I'm actually older than Velga despite my looks."

Ah, I knew it... Wait, older than guildmast? Seriously?
I think guildmast was about the same age as Appraisal Master Filsdaim, you're telling me she's more than 60 year old?
So is this person the so called loli hag... Not gonna say that out loud in her face though.

"Ah, but getting treated like an elderly also irks me, would be nice if you could see me like an adult woman."

"I-is that right."

Well, even after knowing her age, she still looks like a ten year old girl.
But it'd be a pain if she fussed over it, guess I just gotta honor her wish.
Wonder if she's got lots of leveled Skills that comes with age. Checking without permission is rude though, not gonna do it.

<<Elves have a longer lifespan than humans, however they do not level up as fast in exchange. They live around three to four times longer than humans, and need around as much experience points and skill proficiency.>>

So the longer living you are, the harder it is to grow huh.
And yet, she's been appointed as a guildmaster, meaning this person must have a high specs, belying her looks.

"Well now that we've got that covered, let's get to the topic, Kajikawa-kun. Or perhaps I should call you Soarer?"

Figured she knew my identity.
Her mouth flapped the word 'Soarer' earlier after all.

"...Did you hear that from Daijel's guildmaster?"

"Yup. As far as I understand, he's shared the matter about you to people he trusts, me included. If not for that, you'd probably get in trouble whenever you try to enter a town. Just like earlier."

Good job, guildmast. You're seriously a big help.
Guess this is what they call foresight. Or maybe wisdom of age.

"What was it again, you can't use Skills but instead you can control mana directly?"

"Yes. It's a highly adaptable technique that lets me fly, cast magic and even fight without a single Skill. Publicizing this technique may result in Production Job people gaining the ability to fight even if it's not at the level of Combative Job, which could collapse the balance maintained between them, so I'd like to keep it a secret."

"That's for sure~. Like say, there's plenty of Production type people who have high INT, if those people can use magic, Mages would lose their standing. Even if their growth rate isn't quite at Combat Jobs' level."

Gramps Filsdaim is a good example of this.
His INT was higher than Alma.

"And if Combat Job people utilize this techniques, even beginners could possibly wield the power of high level Skills on their fingertips in edge case scenarios."

"Ah, are you saying it can be used to power up or remodel Skills? Uwaah, this technique is seriously way more dangerous than I thought. So wait, does that mean Almatina-chan can use it, I mean you don't have a Skill do you?"

Legal loli guildmast looked at Alma while smiling wryly.
...Too long, let's just go with lolimast.

"Yes. I can to a degree. I'm not quite as adept as Hikaru however."

"That still means it's something you can learn if Kajikawa-kun is willing to teach. Nobody ever thought about such a technique in history. Well, naturally of course, why would anyone do that over honing the Skills they already have."

"For sure. I wouldn't have come up with it either if only I had a single Skill."

"Well look on the bright side, that allowed you to fly and accomplish a lot of stuff, so aren't you glad you couldn't? Although you can't openly use them in public yet."

"Right, you are."


It was thanks to having no Skills that I met Alma in that forest, driven to the corner, yelling for help in desperation.
Pathetic it may be, I think not having Skill isn't all that bad.
Also, learning Pseudo Mana Blade which then let Alma learn the real Magic Swords, turning her into a Paladin.
If I was given the offer to restart with the option to have Skills, I'd have chosen to go without so I could meet Alma again.
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"Oh my my~? Could it be that technique helped deepen your relationship together? Oh, to be young again."

"W-what are you saying."

"Un. Hikaru helped me so much, not only with mana control."

"No no, I'm the one being helped here. I'd have gotten eaten by a magic beast if not for you, Alma. I should be thanking you instead."

"Ah, okay okay. It's my fault for teasing you, take your flirting routine somewhere else, you hear me... Haa, it's so nice to be young..."

Who's flirting. Think about our age difference.
...Guess that's how it looked like from the sideline.
And now she's kinda sighing, is she still single or something? Well, considering her physique, I guess that's the only natural outcome.

"Let's get back on track. So I see you deploy that mana control in combat, but what if it leaks out, that'll be real bad. Have you thought up a way to cover it up?"

"I try to avoid fighting when there are other people besides Alma around, and in case I'm forced to, I fight in a way that eschews suspicion. And when flying is needed, I put on the mask with Status hiding effect I received from Daijel's guildmaster."

I also put it on on our way to this town, but that mask is really not my thing...

"Ah right, the rumor about Soarer did mention him wearing some sorta weird mask. You don't usually put it on?"

"...Wearing that all day is a bit..."

"Ah yep, I get you. Well, so long as you're making the effort. Unless you act like some extreme aberrant, you should be able to worm your way out... Uh, I guess flying is aberrant enough..."

Tell me about it.

"Now then, they'd get suspicious of us if we keep this for too long, let's stop for now. Lastly, I'll tell you where to find the inn this town's guild recommends, and dangerous spots you should stay clear off."

"Thank you so much. But are you sure about this, going so far for us?"

"It's fine, it's fine. You probably can't see or hear them, but the spirits around me are telling me to get on your good side."

I do sense multiple mana reactions around lolimast, is she talking about those?
As they're in the air and all, guessing they're wind spirits. So lolimast is a Spirit Magic user.

<Yep yep, gnomes kept saying this guy's bad news don't antagonize him, might as well butter up to him.>

<The miss next to him is pretty scary too when she gets angry, they say. She's like, boom, with magic.>

"What the heck kind of rumor is spreading among spirits..."

"Ahaha, these kids love to chatter about any rumor they find interesting, so... Wait, you can hear them?"

"Yes, I can hear them just fine."

"Y-you normally can't hear Spirits you're not contracted to... You're really a unique one aren't you, yep."

Lolimast made an 'Uh, ok' face while twitching.
Eh, what? You're telling me these spirits aren't normally audible?

<<Conjecture: Spirit Language must have been included in Otherworld Language Function of Menu.>>

Really? I thought anybody could hear them like I do gnomes.
...Man I'm still lacking a lot of common sense in this world if I want to stay low profile in public.
Still a mountain of things to learn, what a pain.





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