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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.11


Manfrey opened the ceremony.

Starting with his gratitude to the hero from another world, Lecan, how he married his cousin, Lady Norma and how Wazrof Househould would welcome the <Saintess of the North> as a new member with her marriage with Lecan.

Then he praised how Lecan along with his groups of friends conquered the two grand dungeons of Tsubolt and Palcimo, and opened the path to victory in the <Beastmen War> with the power he obtained there, a feat that might very well have spared Zaka Kingdom from spiraling into constant wars to this day.

Then he introduced the two townlords, Zaidmahl whose broad-mindedness allowed Lecan to familiarize himself with Zaka Kingdom, and Vouka townlord whose actions helped Lecan to decide in settling down in Vouka.

Afterward, Manfrey narrated such.

Hating, oppressing and removing those you don't know, those who are foreign to you is easy.

Reaching an understanding, offering a hand and living with those you don't know, those who are foreign to you is difficult.

But the great blue sky refuses no wind nor cloud. Thus the extent of the great blue sky's vastness.

This land loathes no tree nor grass. It accepts even the dead, purifying and turning them into its own. Thus the eternity of lands.

Rightly discern good from bad, fear the hostiles, and befriend the friendlies. Therein lies the key to prosperity. And over a long period of time, even the bad could turn good, and the hostiles could turn into reliable allies.

However, thus may be a feat unattainable for some towns. Unaffordable for some villages.

Some of you must once harbor the thoughts of not fitting in a town, not truly living in a village.

Leave and come here. You the wise who don't have a place in this world.

Leave and come here. You owner of abilities incomprehensible by those near you.

Our Mashajain shall be a place to stay for all cast away. It shall be an inn to visitors from afar.

Those who are here now will be the foundation of this kingdom's prosperity for thousands of years.

Lecan is one among such individuals.

Norma and Eda have too brought about affluence through their unique talents.

This auspicious celebratory feast is dedicated for the marriage of these three.

We offer our most heartfelt gratitude to many lords who have endured through long perilous passages to arrive here.

Today, I sincerely hope you could enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Glory to Zaka Kingdom. Yale.

At first Manfrey only planned to invite a few earls and viscounts with close relationships to Wazrof. He'd treat the populace in the heart of the city to some drinks and then send some gifts to town nobles and influential merchants, and that would be the end of it, or so he thought.

The banquet was to be held in the mansion, with a guest list not exceeding 100.

But then, just before they settled down on the program, Earl Chada and Earl Rotor expressed their wish to attend.

Then on month 1 of this year, just as they decided on the date, several noble houses that know Wazrof contacted them.

Then Marquis of Tranche even requested to be invited for himself and his first lady.

The first lady of present Marquis of Tranche, is a daughter of <Snow Flower Princess> Lorecia. Norma's aunt. She must wish to see Norma in her bridal gown in place of her late father and mother.

Their daughter, Lady Heles also requested an invite through Eda.

Another request then came from Marquis of Tsubolt. Followed by Marquis of Gido, and Marquis of Smarc. As well as Marquis of Palcimo.

On the first month of this year, Marquis of Tsubolt's peerage rank was raised to fourth place. In other word, among the top six houses consisting of Marquis of Tranche, Marquis of Mashajain, Marquis of Yufu, Marquis of Tsubolt, Marquis of Gido, Marquis of Smarc, five of the Top Six Houses as well as Marquis of Palcimo, who may be on the seventh rank yet possess equal authority as the six above will be attending the ceremony. In addition, Marquis of Egis, a house that has a deep connection with Marquis of Tranche, even asked for an invite. Then on month five, a messenger of Marquis of Yufu came by with five God Cures as gifts asking for an invitation letter to Lecan's wedding addressed to the marquis himself. All six top houses are coming.

Thus a rumor began to spread, about an upcoming huge festival in Mashajain, beckoning interests by other lords. This was especially true after the <Battle of Dorn Plain> where they saw a huge influx of requests.

This was partly due to Lecan, but that's not all.

It was also partly due to Mashajain's authority, deeds and fame, but that's not all.

Put into a word, it's akin to a surge.

Then might as well ride on this surging wave, thought Manfrey.

As there was a huge increase of noble houses that must be invited, they made the conditions of invites stricter.

As a general rule of thumb, in case of Marquis houses, each house get five invites.
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Three invites to earl houses, two for viscount houses.

Nobles without peerage ranks will only get invites through personal discretion.

The numbers of attendants are fixed as well.

For marquis houses, each invitee gets to have up to three attendants who can also enter the Wazrof venue.

Earl and viscount houses can have up to two attendants per invitees, permitted to enter Wazrof venue.

Commoners can only enter if they're the invitees. In exchange, those who are known to go with them are automatically invited. Say, for Guide Skalabel, his invitation has, [Amamir Tarance-dono] and [Other attendants] added.

As the number of guests grew, more and more relatives who weren't originally going to be invited requested their invites.

At first the plan was to let the guests stay in Wazrof mansion, but it was quickly made clear it wouldn't be possible, they had to rent inns in the town which still weren't enough they ended up renting citizen houses as well. The order for foodstuff turned into something fierce.

With the increasing scale, more and more town officials, influential merchants and artisans and even commoners began asking to attend the wedding.

In the end, there were eight marquis houses, 16 earl houses, 28 viscount houses, 82 peerage-less noble houses, as well as one member of royal family, one official of PM Office, totaling 724 individuals including attendants. Two viscounts were among Marquis of Yufu attendants, thus they were not included in the 28 houses. 28 are the number of formal invitation letters. Same with peerage-less nobles, including the attendant ones the real number easily exceeded 100.

For relatives, there were 162 from Wazrof, 12 from Ulban, eight from Zaidmahl, 42 from Goncourt, 194 in total.

Special mention to the marquis house, one house sent the present head and his first lady, while the other seven sent the heirs or sibling of the present heads. As Yufu heir himself also came, the line up in this ceremony might actually even surpass the crown prince's wedding.

Heles came with her fiance which had just been decided right before the event. He was regarded as her attendant out of necessity, but as this fiance, Sariel Gossen, is the heir to Marquis of Sopdemoa, in reality there were nine marquis houses attending.

On temple side there were 42 Yuminos members, and 11 Ceres members, 53 in total. By the way, ten of this 11 were from Vouka while the last one is the Vice Temple head of Capital Main Temple, Marlia Fotos. Marlia wanted to go as one of Skalabel's attendants at first, but once she found out it was not doable, she somehow managed to force her way and slip in among Vouka Ceres entourage.

There were 722 commoners from Mashajain and 96 from other territories. Most of these 96 were personally invited by brides and bridegroom such as appraiser Termin, and transcriber Rakrus as well as retainers like Commander Tesla of Ulban, or people with special positions and technical skills.

1798 people in total. However, this is the number on guest list, in reality there likely were more than 2000 people in the venue itself. Those who brought their wives or children can't exactly be turned away. Smiling back to ask for favor is the way of the nobles. Some temple personnel also brought along their relatives. You could only look the other way when ones such people go around tasting food.

On the eve of the ceremony, a great number of nobles in the royal palace requested their invites. These nobles were descendants of people who were close to founder king, holding a variety of posts in the royal palace. Even those without posts have their ways to be useful through connections or skills. Inviting them would necessitate letting them stay in the mansion, but as there were simply no more rooms left, Wazrof had to refuse them.

The number 2000 are just those who enter Wazrof venue and eat there.

Many of the lords would bring escorts, luggage carriers and such, from 50 to 100 or even more each. Marquis of Smarc even brought along a troupe of musicians to entertain the venue, while Marquis of Gido brought an acrobatic group.

There were also those who use this chance of traveling near the capital from afar to have a tour.

These distant land travelers arrived several days before the date. Some marquis houses even arrived seven days before even though they should have made some adjustments not to arrive too early.

They would tour around Mashajain, eat the food there and bought things.

There were more than 8000 people who got lodgings through Wazrof service alone. The house aide Fujisur almost went mad.

The air of festivity is infectious.

You'd get to drink to your heart's content at Mashajain.

You'd get to watch some fun stuff.

You'd find so many unusual objects from all over the kingdom there.

With such rumors spreading, more and more people surged into the town.

Eventually all the inns got fully booked and some resorted to camping out.

And then so too gathered those who aim to sell their wares to all this people. Five days before the date, the town was full of street performers and musicians trying to earn their keep.

Thus Manfrey in the end decided that on the night before the wedding day, all inns and diners in the town, not just at the heart, to serve one cup of drink to one guest, free of charge with all expenses going to Wazrof.

Thus the festivity soaked through every corners of Town of Mashajain.

The people would call their friends, their relatives, their neighbors to have meals and toast together.

It was a festival on a scale unlike anything before.

What turned into an unexpected confusion was the gift acceptance.

The mansion had made some preparations to receive gifts from the invited guests.

But then, surges of uninvited people pushed their way into the mansion to deliver their gifts. Normally, the officials on the side gates would handle them, and they did manage to deal with it on the day before the date, but an endless line of people with gifts was formed on the wedding day. They just barely managed to fill in enough personnel to lead those with gifts into the nearby buildings. Almost all the guest buildings' lobbies and hallways were filled with gifts. The guests who were staying there were in shock when they saw those gifts on their way back from the banquet.

By the way, due to the explosive increase of invited commoners from outside town, merchants from outside ended up having to stay in accommodations outside the mansion, except for one foreign merchant which was allowed to stay in the mansion.

It's Chaney.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.10


Thus comes the 13th of month six.

The middle of month six is a season of rich verdant greenery in Zaka Kingdom.

It's the final season for spring flowers, and for summer flowers to be in full bloom all over hills and fields.

The wedding ceremony was held at Yuminos Temple. It's a majestic building constructed with the full prowess of architectural techniques lost in modern times as befitting of an old city full of history.

Only relatives could attend.

Presiding over the ceremony was Mashajain's Yuminos Temple Head and Vouka's Ceres Temple head.

Ceres Temple head is a woman previously holding vice temple position, her name is Yuriko Reshinu. Ordinarily women can't be temple heads, her designation was quite a special case.

Yuriko led the ceremony in a calm and composed manner and finished her duty by reciting a scripture with a bell-like clear voice. There was not a hint of her being intimated by the temple head of a large city from her modest bearings.

The bridegroom, Lecan is wearing a white outfit with blue adornments.

The bride Norma has a silver dress with bluish purple adornments.

And the other bride Eda is in a pearl grey dress with purplish red adornments.

The two brides of course looked beautiful under their make up, but even Lecan seemed awe-inspiring as if he had transformed into another person.

In the three days after his return to Mashajain, the maids took up all his free time besides for sleeping and meals to polish him up.

His hair was cut neatly, combed back with oil, and his face was polished up. His skin let out a lustrous shine.

Wearing an air of a wild gentleman, his tall stature and his firm build, along with overflowing vitality from his bearings. Even if one isn't aware that this person is the rumored hero of salvation, a glance is all you need to know that he's an owner of extraordinary strength. The man is even capable of acting with dignity when he needs to.

At the end of the ceremony, a very young <Purification> user priest from Yuminos Temple cast <Purification> on all three.
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Once it was over, they headed to Wazrof Mansion on a carriage.

Lecan, Eda and Norma rode on an open canopy carriage pulled by two white horses. With no canopy hiding their figures, people lining up on the sides of the roads sprinkled them with flower petals as they cheered joyfully.

Leading the way are Knight Jinga, Knight Yogg, and Knight Wolt, wearing lustrous silver armor riding on decorated horses.

Behind Lecan's group is Knight Rigan, followed by the family head, Manfrey, lady of Tranche Marquisette, and then other relatives. Acting as Lecan's relatives were Crimus Ulban, Zanjikael Zaidmahl, there were also Commander Tesla and Ezak mixed in with other Mashajain knights behind them.

Lecan's face has no affability, but that's also charming on its own.

To his right, Norma is smiling softly while waving back at the townspeople with a gloved right hand. The lace attached to the glove gently swayed in the wind.

To his left, Eda smiled in full bloom as she kept turning in all directions, keen to show the world how she felt.

The carriage passed through Wazrof gate, traversed on the stone pavement and went right before the entrance, stopping in front of a side entrance.

Lecan's group were led to a balcony upstairs.

The two brides' dresses' long trains looked as if they were floating on top of the red carpet over the stairway. Pages in charge of holding the trains followed behind. They're in charge of fixing the trains when they're entangled and lift it off grounds outside. The pages were young boys, four of which all of noble houses.

Below the balcony is the venue packed full of guests.

The open space in front of the main building had undergone a construction to expand it by a lot, and yet the attendees filled it to the brim still.

Standing on the balcony are Lecan, Norma, Eda as well as Manfrey Wazrof, Prado Goncourt, Crimus Ulban, Zanjikael Zaidmahl, and behind them are Agito Ulban, Gaskoel Zaidmahl, knight Ezak, commander Tesla, as well as four Wazrof knights, then lastly are the four pages.

Manfrey waited for the arrival of the crown prince. As they cannot make the crown prince wait, they have made an arrangement to make him stay in a rest room inside the main building before he's led in on the right time.

Eventually, the crown prince and Yeteria Wazbon, along with six royal knights and ten Wazrof knights arrived at the venue.

One trouble arose here.

One of the knights escorting the crown prince proposed to have the crown prince go to the balcony as it would be a sorry state of affair for the Marquis of Mashajain to commit a transgression of lording over the crown prince from above.

Since he didn't say it out loud, only those who were very close by could hear him, but Lecan's ears picked it up.

Jinga, the chief knight of Wazrof talked to this knight in question. Manfrey had elected Jinga as one of the bodyguards from Wazrof for the crown prince amidst all the hustle bustle of this day. By the way, this would be the last day of Jinga's role as Wazrof Chief Knight, from tomorrow on he would retire and follow Norma back to Vouka as a mere old man.

Jinga spoke with a loud and sonorous voice of a veteran commander.

"As the one tasked with escorting his highness to this courtyard, I offer my deepest apologies for making his highness harbor the misunderstandings to put the blame on the host of this most auspicious ceremony, by not bringing your highness, related not to the brides nor the bridegroom, to the balcony. Please off this wrinkled neck of mine for this effrontery."

After saying that, he took off his helmet and knelt down before the crown prince.

Yeteria whispered something to the crown prince, then the crown prince helped the kneeling Jinga stand up and apologized for the unnecessary remark his knight uttered.

There's no telling what they were planning by making the crown prince go up to the balcony. He might declare that the royal family would bear all the cost today. Or perhaps he would narrate how adventurer Lecan had received the silver green medal from the king as someone he favors.

Either way, there's no doubt it was an effort to give the impression that the royal family and Lecan are close. And had the crown prince managed to get to the balcony, no one could have stopped him from making the speech.

But thanks to Jinga, this ploy was foiled.

In fact he clearly stated that Lecan and royal family had no relationship whatsoever, heard by all the guests. This was likely a lone rash act by the crown prince's knight. The reason why the old and wise Yeteria was sent together with the crown prince was definitely to have him negotiate into putting the crown prince onto the balcony. But their scheme ended up in failure due to the hastiness of this knight.

The prime minister would surely put on a bitter face once he heard this.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.9


"Welcome back, Lecan."

"Yea. Came across Fujisur on my way here, guy got bloodshot eyes. And it's rare to see him not with you. Something wrong?"

"Aah, yes well. It's nothing much. Now then, his excellency prime minister has a proposal for you."

"Guess not listening isn't an option."

"Please do listen. And do give your answer after. The PM wishes to have your wedding delayed by three months. And for you to hold the ceremony in the royal palace with his majesty the king himself as the host. Wazrof has personally requested Mashajain's Yuminos Temple and Vouka Ceres Temple to dispatch their personnel, but through a special arrangement, the one presiding over the ceremony will be the capital's Elex Temple with the help of other temples, while the former two will be allowed to participate. Furthermore, all the originally invited guests are allowed to attend still. In cases of invitees from distinguished families, Prime Minister Office will send new invitations under his majesty's name. Now then, will you comply with this proposal or not."

"I refuse. I don't like the capital. To begin with, what's the royal family got to do with my wedding. Don't butt in stuff you've no business to. I've left this wedding for Wazrof to run. Wazrof have made all the preparations. And they're trying to snatch that? In dungeons, those who steal kill monsters people are fighting can't complain if they get killed. And think about the guests. Is this PM guy sane? Those who have replied back affirming their attendance must have opened up their busy schedule in order to come. And they wanna delay it by three months? Screw that."

In reality Lecan just wants to finish all this bothersome stuff as soon as possible. No way he'd let it get delayed by three months.

"Umu! Well said. I'll relay your answer word to word as is. Hahaha, adventurers are nice. They don't care about mincing words even to nobles."

"You're an adventurer if you live freely. Say what you want to say straight. Tell it like it is. You're free once you're not bound by them."

"Hm? Did you pick those words from someone?"

"Yea. But why'd the PM even suggest that? You've surely done your fair share of trouble in the matter. Elongating that by three months and making the scale even grander would cost some huge labor."

"Naturally, it's to propagate the idea that the hero who defeated the enemy's supreme commander in the <Battle of Dorn Plain> and cut open the path to victory in the <Beastman War>, driving away the beastmen home was an otherworld warrior under the king's special favor."

"<Battle of Dorn Plain>?"

"The meadow to the north of Aspora is called Dorn Plain."

"Hmph. The royal family's trying to win me over huh. But the battle is over, what's the point of trying to pretend I'm connected with the royal family now?"

"The hearts and minds of people work in a mysterious way. Sometimes cause and effect get reversed. When the people see how the king directly manages a large scale wedding ceremony for your sake, they will have the impression of Lecan, a high ranking <Descender> adventurer is under the king's protection, which then overwrites <Battle of Dorn Plain> details. And from information our spies gathered, the prime minister had been contacting several adventurer guilds in the capital, asking them to establish a position of special grade adventurers under direct control of the royal family."


"The prime minister is merely doing his job. Quite faithful and diligent to his duty, that man."

"You might be right, but I ain't gonna ever like the guy."

"To be perfectly honest with you, this attempt at wrenching this wedding to the royal palace was quite an insult to me. However, I could not exactly deny them. Very well, the wedding ceremony will be held on the 13th of month six as planned."

"That's good. Feel free to consider I'm refusing anything the royal family suggested in the future and tell it to them."

"That would be great."

"Is that all you need. I'm going out with Eda."

"And where are you going?"



It's where meat lies.

He's run out of dragon meat.

It's been awhile since he had one.

It's imperative for him to defeat Rotor's Petitfire Dragon.

Lecan departed Mashajain.

Eda wanted to come along too, but the maids wouldn't let her. Apparently Norma and Eda are going to contentiously get polished up from top to bottom up until the wedding day. Both the maids in charge of Norma and Eda were breathing heavily.

There's still 30 days until the ceremony. Wouldn't their skins dry up if they kept getting brushed that long, thought Lecan to himself, which he kept to himself.

Lecan ran through mountains and valleys at terrifying speed, arriving at Rotor on the 24th.

It was already evening, but he went straight into the dungeon and warped to the last floor.

He shot a rapid barrage of <Flame Spears> and cut the neck in one slice.

He split the body in three.

He put the head and body in <Storage> and left the dungeon as well as Rotor town.

Lecan sated himself with plentiful of Petitfire Dragon meat over a campfire.

(Fresh meat tastes good.)

(But meat that's been left for a bit got its own peculiar taste.)

(The best tasting one should be after a few months.)
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(Gotta check it out.)

He went back to Rotor the following day and visited the townlord.

"Lecan-dono. I knew it, it was you."

"Could you process this Petitfire Dragon meat. Cut them apart and turn them into preserved meat. I'm taking all the meat. The bones are yours. Consult with Chaney for all other parts."

Rotor townlord, Naris Kandros was flabbergasted when he saw Lecan taking out the Petitfire Dragon's head and body.

"H-how did you transport all this. Where did you take it out just now, Lecan-dono?"

"Get to it. It won't stay fresh forever."

"...Would you be willing to sell half of the meat?"

"Tenth. Otherwise I'll just take it to Mashajain."

Naris Kandros could only nod to this.

The meat took four days to process.

He got back at Mashajain on the 37th.

Manfrey called him right away.

Lecan gave him one wrapping of dragon meat as a gift.

Manfrey thanked him and told him about the PM and what went down.

When Manfrey told them that Lecan fully rejected the proposal to hold the wedding at the capital, the PM Office agreed with it being held at Mashajain instead, but since they had already requested the temple head of Capital Main Elex Temple to supervise the ceremony, the PM Office asked Manfrey to help save their face. Manfrey replied that he cannot comply to their request.

Then they requested to have a joint sponsorship with the royal family. Which was turned down as well.

Manfrey was well aware that accepting that would have netted him the appropriate compensation in the future. However, Manfrey has always held the belief that the royal family is spoiling Wazrof and Rainzats too much. He plans to take some distance from here on.

Afterward, the PM Office requested to dispatch a Royal Envoy representing the king. Meaning the crown prince will attend the ceremony as the king's proxy.

Manfrey's answer to this can be summed up like thus.

"Even though the wedding ceremony will be held in Wazrof Mansion, a marquis mansion, we are imposing a limit of three attendants allowed per invitees. We have reached the maximum number of attendees despite this measure, thus as it will be impossible to arrange for his highness's security protocol in this event, I unfortunately have to ask for his abstain. We have sent one invitation letter each to the prime minister office and the royal family, please see to it as you fit."

That was quite the rude answer, but it was the truth that they simply don't have the space to house a huge amount of escorts needed. Manfrey explained by enumerating all the numbers.

Then the PM Office replied that they were fine with three escorts per person, so the two invitations would go to the crown prince and PM aide, Yeteria Wazbon.

Manfrey sighed deeply. Five escorts for the crown prince is completely insufficient. Wazrof would have to take the responsibility if things went south. He gotta come up with a plan to deal with it.

"Really. My bad. You're stuck with this mess."

"Don't be, this is all of my own volition. But if you really feel bad about it, I wouldn't mind another wrapping of dragon meat."


Afterward, Lecan went to play at Dungeon Ion.

Dungeon City Ion is about three days away to the east of Mashajain. As House of Earl Ion is an old retainer of Wazrof, they have kept a strong tie even today.

He returned to Mashajain on the tenth of month six.

The maids had bloodshot eyes as they reprimanded Lecan for returning too late.

But there's still three days left, thought Lecan, he apologized nonetheless.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.8


"These are my dad's and mom's graves. Mom made these when dad passed. She wrote letters I can't read... Lecan?"

Lecan received a huge shock.

There are letters written on the small rock gravestones. Jagged letters like they were written by an amateur. It's dirty from all the soil with moss growing, but there's a faint vestige of protective magic, hence the letters are still intact.

The letters are of Lecan's original world's.

<Here lies Otherworld Adventurer Eddy Talza and his wife, Roojie Talza Vura Maxim.>

(<Vura Maxim>)

(Maxim Royal Family!)

It was the house of the king who hired and took care of Lecan, even went as far as adopting him for a mission. The family name of Narum Royalty. And <Vura> signifies a direct line to the throne.

(That reminds me, that king.)

(Said something about having a much younger little sister who got adopted to a relative and passed away.)

(So she didn't die.)

(She jumped in a <Black Hole>.)

He can't even imagine the situation that would compel a royal princess and her husband to jump in a <Black Hole>. That husband was an adventurer to boot. How did an adventurer end up marrying a royal princess.

One other thing bothered him. There was something else written right below Edi Talza's grave. They look like letters, but Lecan is not familiar with them.

They're neither letters of this world nor his world.

"Hold it. Otherworld Adventurer?"

"What's the matter, Lecan?"
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"Eda. Did your parents ever tell you your father's hometown."

"I dunno. But mom said this. Your dad came from the other side of two Black Holes, see."

"The other side of... Two... <Black Holes> huh..."

Eddy Talza likely came to Lecan's world through a <Black Hole>. There he met Eda's mother, married her and jumped into another <Black Hole> arriving at this world.

Lecan told Eda what was written on the graves and what he found out from them.

Eda and Lecan cleaned up the graves and offered their prayers together.

Lecan was hit by a wave of emotions.

Eda's father was an adventurer. Apparently he was a Silver ranked adventurer in this world, wonder if he was an adventurer too in Lecan's world. Did he dive in dungeons. He might have got quite the variety of skills from dungeons. There's no way to know now.

(I'm sure it'd have been a fun adventure with you around.)

As they were doing that, a villager came by to gather edible wild plants.

Eda went to talk to that villager and was told that her best friend, Nami, was married off to Gasko Village two years ago.

Gasko village is located right next to Shoa town. Eda knows the town.

They camped in the mountain and arrived at Shoa town the next day.

(Feels like I've been here before.)

(Must be that time I went down from Zaidmahl.)

Gasko village was close by but since it was late already, they stayed in Shoa that day.

Gasko village was indeed very close by. They were about to speak to a farmer they came across to outside the village to ask him about Nami, but then the farmer talked to them first.

"Ah, you. It sure been awhile. You really helped us a bunch back then. Oh that hurt left eye of 'yers got better eh."

Lecan retraced his memory about this man with peculiar speech.

The first quest he took as an adventurer in this world was to defeat a White Specter, here in this Gasko village. And the man before him was one of the three farmers who asked Lecan for the quest.

"Is there a woman called Nami in this village. Heard she got married here from Chicory village two years ago."

"Eeeh? Well our son's wife 'fer sure got that Nami name. From Chicory too yeah."

The man led them to his house where Nami was. She was holding a baby in her arms.

Eda and her friend had a tearful yet joyful reunion.

Eda handed over a lot of gifts to Nami and her family.

The two tirelessly chatted, and in the end Lecan and Eda stayed in the house that night.

The following day, they left Gasko village.

"Sure you don't want to invite that Nami girl to our wedding?"

"Un. I'd get worried sick if Nami-chan went alone, but getting her whole family to take a trip all the way to Mashajain would be too much. It's dangerous, it's gonna take days, and they can't take a break from work that long. I could've give them money but then other villagers would start spreading rumors. And besides, can you imagine them relaxing at all in a banquet where big nobles gather. So it's fine. I've given them lots and lots of gifts and gotten lots and lots of good wishes."

"I see."

The arrived at Vouka in four days. Lecan gathered Shiarigi sprouts along the way.

He went to check Shira's herb garden and gathered Shiarigi which was ripe for the taking. The garden is as tidy as ever. Jericho and Yurika must be taking care of it.

Lecan processed the dried Nichia Grass. As well as Shiarigi sprouts. He thought it'd take him three days, but thanks to Jericho, Eda and Yurika's help, it was done in one day.

They left Vouka the day after.

Lecan's challenge spirit was burning for some reason.

One time in the past, it took him and Arios eight days to reach Tsubolt from Vouka. He wonders how many days it'd take the current him and Eda from Vouka to Mashajain.

It took them three days. No one would have believed it even if they told them.

They kept casting <Acceleration> constantly, barely had any sleep and only took short breaks for meals and sleep. The two ran past the distance faster than a trained horse who runs for its dear life. Eda went straight to bed after arriving and saying, 'I'm never doing this again.'

They arrived at midnight on the 18th, he was summoned by Manfrey early in the morning the following day.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.7


The plan was to depart the following day, but a seamstress in charge of Eda's wedding dress strongly requested her to take another measurement.

It would apparently take a whole day.

Lecan had no clue why it takes an entire day just to redo a measurement for mere clothes, but when he saw the terrifying look in her face when she said it should have originally taken seven days, he swallowed those words. Had a feeling he mustn't talk back there.

Boudo was left to the scholars, thus Lecan spent the day chatting with Norma.

Sure is calming being near Norma, thought Lecan to himself.

Norma said she wanted to go back to Vouka as soon as possible as it was uncomfortable in the capital with all the guests flocking, and Wazrof Mansion feels cold and distant without Eda and Lecan around.

On the 33rd of month four, Lecan and Eda departed for Vouka.

They came across Yufu Dungeon Knights just as they left Mashajain.

They sure took their sweet time, thought Lecan, but his group simply traveled too fast.

Besides, the world outside Yufu was something Yufu Dungeon Knights rarely experience, in fact everything north from the capital was novel to them. Thus, they were touring all over the places as they traveled with Delos and Daryra who acted as their guides. And since they're not in a dungeon, they've been staying in inns instead of camping outside. Naturally it took a while. Delos and Daryra parted ways with them outside Vantaroy, of course they were compensated handsomely.

Duo Bahn asked, 'You've got my invitation letter to your wedding ready, don't you?' Lecan answered concisely.

"Beats me."

"Oh c'mon now, that's not cool man."

"I really got no clue. Ah, yeah. This is just right. Here, hold onto these."

"These are... Platinum coins! And ten of them."

"My offering to Goddess Raikores of Yufu. Tell her I owe her a bunch. See ya."

"O-oy. Oy, Lecaaaan!"

They ran and left Yufu Dungeon Knights behind, but slowed down their pace afterward.

They took a detour along the way to harvest lots of Nichia Grass. Lecan had already harvested and made a lot of Mana Restoratives on the first month, but Nichia Grass is growing nicely this year. He simply couldn't overlook it.

It was on the second of month five by the time they arrived at Vouka.

The two went in the back door of Goncourt Mansion and headed to the annex.


"What's the matter, Lecan?"

"Crap. Forgot to bring gifts for Jericho and Yurika."

"It's okay. I've prepped some for them."

"O-oh yeah."

Jericho and Yurika met them in the annex.

Eda hugged Jericho, happy to see him again.

(Felt like I seen this scene before.)

(Ah, yeah. That time.)

(That time Eda managed to cast magic.)

(She hugged Jericho too then.)

Eda gave Jericho and Yurika a bundle of red round fruit.

Jericho thanked Eda, 'Uhohoho' before sending an expecting gaze at Lecan.

Lecan averted his eyes.

Yurika tapped Jericho's shoulder and shook her head.

Kanner came by right afterward.

The family head, Prado Goncourt wanted to see them during dinner, so Lecan complied despite not feeling it.

Prado asked all about the wedding ceremony.

As Norma is the heiress of Goncourt, all Goncourt members are attending as the bridal family. Wazrof Household had contacted them not to worry as they would take care of everything, but Prado couldn't help but be anxious about the programme.

None of Prado's questions was answerable by Lecan.

The day after he went to the townlord mansion since the townlord, Crimus Ulban summoned him. The mansion's gotten quite extravagant since the last time he saw it.

The whole town is prospering, inviting many people over.

Crimus also asked him about the wedding's programme. Lecan divulged his utter ignorance on the matter.

Crimus sighed with his right hand on his forehead.

"Speaking of, Lecan. Were you aware that this town came under attack by a group of beastmen army."

"What. When."

"It was on the 29th of month four. I did hear about the crisis of Beastmen Empire's invasion but never in my wildest dream did I expect they would attack this town."

"How did it go."

"Some of the guards suffered grave injuries. And several merchants who happened to be near the gate were also harmed. But then, two giant ape-like monsters showed up all of a sudden, they then proceeded to rout and send the enemies away."

"Two... Giant... Apes."

"And then a sphere of blue light poured down out of nowhere, healing the seriously injured guards. I did not witness it myself, mind."

(Must be Shira.)
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(Shira ordered Jericho and Yurika to drive away the hostiles.)

(Must have cast <Purification> in hiding.)

(Probs also joined in the battle from behind the scene.)

(Still, where'd those beastmen pop up from.)

(Boudo said that was all they brought.)

(Either <Fang>, or <Whip>, or perhaps both must have turned around.)

(Why'd they attack Vouka, not Kogurus.)

As Crimus was well aware how non-functional Lecan is in this kind of matter, he quickly let him leave.

Lecan finished drying Nichia grass that day, and then left to the east with Eda the day after.

They passed through a mountain trail near Patsu Village. The same route they once took to escort Chaney. Lecan and Eda kept reminiscing what happened in that and this spots along the way.

They arrived at Town of Podo on the second day.

They realized that this was the town where they accepted Chaney's escort quest. The town where Lecan and Eda met.

The two headed northeast from Podo.

Eda had a yellow muffler wrapped around her neck.

"Been a while since I saw that muffler."

Eda had the muffler on when they first met.

"Un. This muffler you know, I got it from Nami-chan."

"I see."

They reached Boyd town the next day.

They headed further northeast.

There is no road-like road.

They eventually arrived at a village. A hidden retreat-like village surrounded by quiet mountains.

It's Eda's hometown, Chicory village.

They didn't enter the village and went around into the mountain.

Before coming into a graveyard.

Though you wouldn't know it was one if no one told you.

Tucked in a tiny corner of a grassy hill, two small graves stood in a sunlit patch of grass.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.6


"We're going to visit the graves of Eda's parents."

"Eh.... Lecan."

"Oho. The graves of Eda's parents. And where would that be."

"They are in Chicory a small village. A village to the north of Boyd town."


"To the north of Boyd is a town called Shoa, then if we cross over the mountains north of Shoa, we will reach Zaidmahl Territory."

"Ah, around those parts huh. That's good then, a round trip would take quite some time considering the distance and there is no <Mirror of Nata> around there. Moreover, visiting the graves of one's parents before wedding is a most sensible gesture. No one will find faults with it. Truly nice. Go ahead and take your time."

"Are you telling us we'd better off not here."

"The prime minister has instructed me to report to him at once when you're back. Thus I shall go to the capital and explain the situation."

"Shouldn't I go with you."

"He did not specifically ask me to bring you with me. However, there is a high chance he will summon you if you do."

"I see. I might blurt out irrelevant stuff if I show up."

"Just know this. I will report to the prime minister that the enemy supreme commander is a fellow adventurer you partied up with in your world. I will also report how General Boudo led Guido Imperial Army back home, but not the fact that he stayed behind in this kingdom by himself."

"Got it."

"I shall be departing for the capital soon. I should be arriving in the capital the day after tomorrow, you two can stay tonight and take it easy for your departure tomorrow."

"Shouldn't you wait for Jinga?"

"Jinga has to go through the capital before heading here. That prime minister definitely won't let that chance slip by. I could receive his report first if only I have arrived at the capital by then, however, I suspect I won't make it."

"I see."

"Hold it. What will General Boudo, no your friend be doing during your trip."

"Of course he's coming with us. I'm the only one who can speak with him."


Manfrey ruminated for a bit.

"How about letting him stay here."

"You're not gonna understand him."

"Our mansion houses scholars doing research in language learning. Foreign dialects, ancient language and even otherworldly language are within the scope of their research. I believe you have met a few of them."


"We also have scholars studying cultures. People's lifestyles, historical upheavals and local customs are included."


"With the help of those scholars, I'm sure he will be able to learn our language efficiently without interruptions."
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"Sounds good."

Lecan himself had the most trouble with language when he first arrived in this world. Everything is inconvenient when you can't speak the local language. He wanted to learn as quickly as possible but Zaidmahl's people were often busy with work and in the end, only Lady Rubianafale which had no obligations gave him the most time. It took Lecan a whole year to be able to hold a normal daily conversation, but a specialized lesson would have considerably shortened that time.

"Hm. That sounds good. I'll go ask him. Also, guy's always got the itch to fight at least once a day, feel free to use him in the knights training. Don't worry about holding back, he ain't gonna die from getting punched, sliced or burned. In fact, I'll personally praise anyone who managed to kill him."

"Surely you jest? No wait, do not answer that."

"Oh yeah, about the wedding, can you invite Zack Zaikaz."

"...Eh? That's... Very well. It shall be done."

"Manfrey-sama. I believe Zack-sama will likely come with his guards and medics."

"Understood. I'll keep it in mind."

"Also, there's this appraiser called Termin, dunno if he's in Tsubolt or back at capital now. He specializes in appraising weapons, swords in particular."

"I am familiar with Elder Termin. He had appraised a few of our swords. Do you need something with the elder?"

"He's my mentor in appraisal."

"What'd you say."

"Would be good if you get him invited."

"Understood. Speaking of which, the list of guests have grown quite a bit since the last time I showed you. There have been many more people who requested their attendances. I take it you have no issue."

"It's all in your hands. Besides those I personally invited, you're free to invite or refuse anyone else."

"That is good to hear."

"Reserve a seat for Boudo too."

"...Very well."

Afterward, Eda asked Lecan if he had sent invitations to Arios and Julius. The two had completely slipped past Lecan's mind. Julius would probably drop by Mashajain soon, where he could give them the invitations.

Norma went back to Mashajain that day. The 『Dialogue with Medicine God』 has finally been completed, they're just waiting for the finishing touch of copies that will be presented to the royal family, Wazrof Household and Elex Main Temple. They have also decided on the complete volumes of [Sasfrey Herb Study Set].

They had a fun lively dinner with Boudo that night. Boudo couldn't wait to learn the human language in this world. He had a painful first hand experience of not being able to connect in the beastmen empire.

Norma and Eda were full of curiosity and kept asking about how beastmen empire was like. Mostly stuff about lifestyles and cultures, but there were questions about ranks and social system as well.

Boudo responded to this in a surprisingly tactful and accurate manner.

Lecan was in charge of translating back and forth all the while, but he paid the content no mind since he had zero interest in it. The PM's probably willing to pay one platinum coin for this conversation, thought Lecan.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.5


"Hahaha. With the entire Guido Imperial Army and Yufu Dungeon Knights on his throat, I imagine even Zack Zaikaz would have no choice but to hand over the treasure willingly."

"That guy Zack said he had an idea what the thing was and brought it to us right away. The beastmen confirmed it was the real thing so the supreme commander told him they'd take it with 'em, Zack neither looked afraid nor attempted to apologize."


"He asked for Eda's <Purification> right then and there, and offered <Orb of Peace> as a compensation."

"That's... Quite some guts. By the way, did the enemy's supreme commander truly turn out to be the man you know?"

"Yea. Wanna meet him?"


"Guy's downstairs now."

Even Manfrey was at a loss for words at this revelation.

"Didn't anyone tell you I brought a guest along."

"N-no. I was informed. That you were with an acquaintance. He has speech impairment or so I heard. It cannot be."

"Quite rare to see you shaken like this."

"Hold on right this instance. The supreme commander of the invader army is, right in this instance, in my mansion. By himself."

Lecan didn't answer this. There was no need to.

"Sorry but could you please tell me everything, from the beginning. From the 18th the day you left to today, all of it."

Lecan gave an explanation. Eda would give supplemental info every once in a while. It took them quite a long time despite a summed up story.

Manfrey also revealed to them several things.

Palcimo Army really did come by Mashajain. They dropped by here after Lecan's departure, asked for the war situation, requested for food supply for when they're going home, and then departed after leaving an envoy of Marquis of Palcimo in Mashajain.

And once they did what they came for, they went back to Mashajain, reported to Palcimo Marquis envoy and Manfrey and went on their merry way back to Palcimo. There was a limit of well made large <Boxes>, thus since White-necked Dragons consume a lot of food, they had to hurry up. Palcimo envoy went to capital to report the situation.

Which means, back then Jiza was already aware that the group who was trying to break through the main enemy encampment was Lecan's.

Manfrey threw more questions even after Lecan was done explaining. Fujisur too. Lecan answered them.

"Uumu. To think it would go in this direction. However, this result surpassed my expectations. In fact, it's the best possible outcome. No, even better. Lecan. You've done a great job. You have my gratitude, and to you too Eda-dono."

"Guess that's one quest done then."

"Of course. Your reward shall be prepared in short order. Still, this was a huge blunder for the prime minister."

"The PM?"

"How they dispatched the Royal Knights and Royal Mages in the beginning wasn't a bad move at all. However, the moment he found out that both forces suffered utter defeat, when the threat became clear, he should have organized lord knights with excellent coordination, and established a clear chain of commands to intercept the enemy force. Or at the very least, he should have gathered a force of 10,000 with a proper supreme commander."

"Can that even be done?"

"It should be doable if they put effort into it. Yet in reality, he put out a vague call to arms, and then deploy our forces in disarray not as one and without a clear chain of commands, the worst possible way to go about this."

"Why'd he do that?"

"Had the PM given definite clear cut orders, he would have to take responsibility. He surely loathed that. The reason why he didn't assemble them as one powerful united front with a supreme commander must be because he didn't want any specific lord to nab a huge achievement. As for why they didn't deploy the forces all at once, he must have been using this chance to strengthen the relationship between the royal family and other lords. Though well, I could only afford to say all this now because we've reached this conclusion. If the PM did attempt to assemble a force of 10,000 strong unit to face a mere force of 1000, we would have doubted his sanity."

"Eh, wouldn't matter even if there were ten thousand of them, they'd have lost if not for Palcimo force and Yufu Dungeon Knights."

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"Nevermind that. Guess the PM can take it easy now that the invading army has been repelled."

"Take it easy? That prime minister? No, it's the opposite. He's surely spending sleepless nights racking his brain to come up with ways to take control of matters right about now."


"Think about it. We were losing the war for all intents and purposes. And the force that turned the table around was Yufu Dungeon Knights, not a force the PM arranged himself."

"Ah. Yeah, for sure."

"The one who won against the enemy's supreme commander in a one-on-one duel and afforded our side a renegotiation was not someone from the unit he dispatched, no, it was an adventurer under a private request by an individual townlord."

"Your achievement to take."

"Indeed. It is mine to take. That adventurer is also a fiance of a lady of Wazrof."

"Well yeah."

"Also, his first correspondence was simply appalling. Guido Empire had always insisted that a group affiliated with Zaka Kingdom attacked the Great Forest Temple. Zaka Kingdom denied this accusation. Yet the fact came to light that it was the handiwork of a Zaka Kingdom's townlord. Of course the PM had surely sent his subordinates to investigate Kogurus."

"Did he."

"There aren't many places where a townlord can amass enough force to invade the Great Forest. Kogurus townlord must have been one of the prime suspects right from the beginning."

"Then why did he told Guido folks that they were making a false accusation?"

"It was an excuse to start a war. Then once we landed a hard blow to the other party in the ensuing war, solidifying our kingdom's position, he would discover the treasure and return it. It was a ploy to shirk from formal apology and reimbursement."

"I don't really get it, but was returning the treasure and sending the beastmen home a bad thing to the PM?"

"It was the best for the kingdom, but not so for the royal palace and the PM. Making an educated guess on the location of the treasure being in Kogurus, taking Guido Imperial Army there to negotiate and returning it to them are all extremely important political moves, and the PM Office sat completely outside while those events took place."

"Have I and Duo overstepped our bound?"

"Not at all. The PM recommended every representatives of knights to discuss among themselves when they were deployed out of the capital. And the highest ranking person on site was Viscount Nodlein Ruka. Yufu Dungeon Knights were the strongest with the least casualty. And you were the person who won a duel against the enemy's supreme commander and opened the path to a renegotiation. There is absolutely no issue at all. But the PM is surely deeply regretting his decision not to dispatch a PM Office's official to Aspora."

"What'd that do?"

"Of course they would have gone with you to Kogurus. This would allow the PM Office to officially announce that Guido Imperial Army had withdrawn after negotiation. They would hand down punishment to Kogurus, protecting the king's honor."

"Didn't he ask you about me at all?"

"As a matter of fact, he did. The prime minister himself in person contacted me through <Mirror of Nata>."

"What'd you say to him?"

"That I have requested the fiance of my cousin, adventurer Lecan to either defeat the enemy's supreme commander or make the beastmen empire's force withdraw by any means. Speaking of which, Lecan. What are your plans now."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.4


(What the heck!)

(How could something this terrifying exist?)

It's an object consisting of three giant magic stones connected in a ring with small feather-like adornments. The center of the ring has the three magic stones fused together like they've melted.

The object possesses an enormous amount of mana far exceeding anything Lecan has ever seen.

One of the three magic stones looked familiar to Lecan.

That lustrous crimson magic stone is undoubtedly Sovereign Dragon Atracia's.

He's not sure what the other two are from but neither is inferior to Atracia's.

(Those two must be both Divine Beasts' magic stones.)

(It's a magic tool created from three Divine Beasts' magic stones fused together.)

The weaselman spoke something to Boudo.

『Lecan. It's the real thing for sure.』

Lecan nodded.

"Eda. They said it's the right one."

The tension in the air lowered a notch with that out.

『We're taking it with us.』

Lecan translated Boudo's words.

The interpreter human whispered to the weaselman's ear after Lecan spoke. Must be translating it back.

Zack kept his eyes closed while he sank deep in his sofa. Probably not feeling well.

An older medic behind him whispered 'Zack-sama' as he tried to get close, but Zack stopped him with his hand without turning around.


"Yes. How may I help you."

"Pardon, but could you bathe me in your <Purification>."


Eda took the thin wand Shira gave her and softly uttered <Purification>. A deep clear blue sphere of light manifested and slowly soaked into Zack from head down to his toes.

Zack relished Eda's <Purification> like it was the most comfortable thing.

"Oh what rapture. Truly, as if I was in paradise. Eda-dono. I believe this was unlike <Purification> I received from you previously."

"I have been trained in <Purification> under the guidance of Yufu Country's Temple Head-sama."

"So you did. I see. No wonder. Now then, I believe Eda-dono's <Purification> is worth one big gold coin per casting. Seeing as I do not have one handy, you may take this treasure instead if you would."

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Afterward, everything went surprisingly smoothly.

Boudo immediately left Kogurus after getting the treasure back, 'We got no more business here.'

Then during a camp, he gathered all the top people of the army and had a discussion.

The morning after, Guido Imperial Army, Lecan and Eda, Yufu Dungeon Knights all parted ways.

Nodlein and Duo invited Lecan to the capital with them, but Lecan refused. Yufu Dungeon Knights may be obliged to report to the capital, but not Lecan. He's only required to report to Marquis of Mashajain.

"Besides, I'd like to enjoy a trip together with Eda."

'I see, that's boorish of us.' Duo apologized.

Before they went their way, Boudo gave Nodlein a single wand-like object. It's an item called <Mistletoe of Digit Magibird>, the other pair of the item is located in Guido Empire, a bird called Digit Magibird flying from one pair will without fail reach the other pair. However, the bird won't always go straight to the other pair and it may occasionally take a detour. Meaning one can contact the other faraway holder of these items.

Nodlein gave two <God Cures> and Yufu's liquor to Boudo. Boudo handed them to the horse beastman.

Guido Imperial Army declined an offer for a guide since they have a magic tool that points to the imperial capital and left.

Lecan and Eda also left for Vouka.

After seeing off Yufu Dungeon Knights, Lecan and Eda followed behind Guido Imperial Army and joined up with Boudo who was waiting for them alone.

『I'm amazed they let their supreme commander leave the troops.』

『Wahaha. I just told 'em I ain't gonna heading back till I beat the human hero who triumphed over me, and the top brass all gave their full supports.』

The three headed to Mashajain.

Guido Imperial Army had left for the Great Forest, however, the central unit, the <Fang> unit led by a Hundred Demon Chief Bearman Baragua led his troops away in an attempt to attack Kogurus.

One must be familiar with the way beastmen think to understand Baragua's actions.

To begin with, in accordance to beastmen's custom, by the time the human warriors succeeded defeating the guards of Golzaza Shrine in the Great Forest and obtaining the riches there, the right to <Orb of Peace> ownership had been rightfully transferred to those humans. Doesn't matter whether it was an ambush or they were outnumbered, a victory is a victory, and the victors always right.

However, they simply cannot let <Orb of Peace> be deprived forever. At one point in time, <Orb of Peace> would produce one Divine Vessel every year, and the nation that owned <Orb of Peace> was said to become the champion of the world. Its power may have waned and it can now only produce one Divine Vessel every 60 years, but the fact that it's a great treasure remains, and wars breaking out over disputes of its ownership are nothing new. An enemy force even once invaded the imperial capital for it.

Thus the reason why they secretly built a temple in a deep forest untampered by any nation and hid it there. They never could have thought they would get attacked from behind.

Guido Empire had just finished their war with another beastman nation and the postwar period when they send an elite unit to the human nation. So they can get <Orb of Peace> back after triumphing.

But then, due to an odd turn of events, <Orb of Peace> was turned back to them while the victor between Guido Imperial Army and Zaka Kingdom Army remained ambiguous.

They could have snatched the enemy's wealth and arms had they won. Or destroy towns. Yet they never won. Despite that, since they had accomplished the decree of taking back <Orb of Peace> they must now return. They must return without having won.

That was when supreme commander Boudo declared that he won't return until after he beat the hero who defeated him. A true display of valor. A general of the exalted Guido Imperial Army appointed by the emperor himself cannot possibly go home while having lost in a one on one duel. The top brass all praised Boudo's action.

Thus Baragua then insisted that the entire army should challenge the humans once again to show them the might of Guido Empire.

The top brass opposed the idea. One of the conditions to get <Orb of Peace> back was to stop the fighting, they cannot break this promise. Also, they can't afford to lose <Orb of Peace> again if they somehow lose the fight either.

Thus Baragua gave up trying to move the entire army and led his <Fang> troops to attack a human town.

This is a new war. A completely new war to flaunt the might of Guido Empire by destroying human towns.

The silver foxman, Ios who led <Pincer> unit fell to human's hands. Baragua and Ios were best friends who had been diving in dungeons since childhood, rising up in the world from poverty. Baragua thought that he would cleanse the dishonor of having a commander defeated by slaughtering an entire human town.

However, since they had no guide and just wandered randomly in search of a big town, they ended up arriving at Vouka. Despite noticing that it was a different town, Baragua's objective didn't change no matter if it's Kogurus or Vouka. Baragua attacked Vouka. But then two giant ape monsters showed up out of nowhere, forcing <Fang> unit to fight them to a disastrous result as they had to flee while suffering a huge loss.

The battle at this time turned into anecdotes that got passed around until it eventually became a rumor, 'Vouka is a town blessed under the protection of holy maiden and Sacred Beasts.'

Lecan's group arrived at Mashajain on the 31st of month four.

They overtook Yufu Dungeon Knights along the way. Of course they went around them. Had a feeling that the fact Boudo remained in Zaka Kingdom shouldn't be known to Duo at this point.

They got summoned by Manfrey right away. Lecan asked the servants to look after Boudo and went upstairs to Manfrey's office room along with Eda. The house aide, Fujisur opened the door for them.

"Hey! You've come back safe and sound. That's good. You too, Eda-dono."


"We have returned Manfrey-sama."

"So, how did it go. What's the status on Guido Imperial Army. I've heard reports from a letter Jinga's group sent with a fast horse as well as from other knights in the capital, I have also heard from Great Guide Jiza-sama, however I'm completely in the dark with the news following your departure from Aspora."

"They went back to the north. Should be in the Great Forest right about now. How much did you know?"

"How you had a duel with Guido Empire's supreme commander, and how you then led them as well as Yufu Dungeon Knights to Kogurus, that's all."

"The <Orb of Peace> the beastmen were looking for really was in Zack's possession. Luckily that thing wasn't selling. Also, Eda's got quite the clout in Kogurus. The negotation went smoothly due to that."

"Oho. That's quite. Eda-dono, you have my gratitude."

"You are too kind."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.3


On the fourth day of camp.

『Boudo. Won't you step down from your position.』

『Step down and then what.』

『Come to Zaka Kingdom. Let's dive in dungeons together.』

『Tell you what, that thought did cross my mind. I had a feeling you fell in a human country, Lecan.』

『Oh, did you.』

『The beastman general I'm indebted to also said this to me, 'You'd be happier at a human country'. He recommended me to ask for the <Helmet of Halmadora> for this campaign.』

『That helmet with the Divinity Void eh.』

『Yeah. All Divine Vessels belong to his imperial majesty, however those who have scored great deeds are given permission to borrow them. I could ask for a lending of a Divine Vessel cause I'd been tasked with an imperial decree as a general. With <Helmet of Halmadora> on, people won't know it's me whenever I take it off.』

『I did you bad breaking that thing then.』

『Eh, should be fine.』

No way it's fine, thought Lecan for a moment there but when you think about it, the only Zaka Kingdom people who saw Boudo's face up close after the helmet was broken were Lecan, Eda, Delos, Daryra as well as Yufu Knights. It really might turn out fine. And even if it doesn't, it's probably not that big of an issue.

Lecan asked Boudo what was the effective range of <Helmet of Halmadora>. And the answer is one to 30 steps away from the wearer. As it turned out, <Divinity Void> doesn't take effect right next to the wearer. This was how Boudo able to use another Divine Vessels despite wearing the helmet. Lecan could have used <Comet Cutter> or <Ring of Undying King> if only he got close, but what good is this info now.

(<Necklace of Intuador> didn't work when Boudo used that wand that shot magic.)

(Probably cause I was too close.)

He also asked about the armor Boudo wore. Lecan was curious since Boudo went around picking up all the fallen fragments post battle. He asked what's the point, and Boudo gave the surprising reply, 'it's probably gonna get restored back'.

That armor is known as <Hachurian Shell Armor> or simply <Hachurian>. An armor made from a shell stripped off of a knocked out giant insect Hachurian living deep within the Great Forest. It's strong against both physical and magic attack. The insect you strip the shell off is called <Original Insect>, and so long as this Original Insect stays alive somewhere, <Hachurian Shell Armor> will naturally restore itself no matter how damaged it gets. However, it's said that only the one who knocked out the Original Insect can wear the armor, lest they get cursed.

『You'd probably gotta go back to Guido Empire once at least.』

『Nah. Getting back here would be difficult if I went back there.』
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『Then, what's your plan.』

『For now our goal is the <Orb of Peace>. That's the absolute decree we received from his imperial majesty.』

『Not all the stolen treasures then.』

『The imperial decree was the recovery of <Orb of Peace>. I did not receive any other order. My mission is complete the instance we have taken <Orb of Peace> back. I could leave transporting it back to the other guys. With this achievement under my belt, I could ask for relieving of my military position.』

『I don't really get it, but I get it. So can you be sure it's the real thing when you see the <Orb of Peace>?』

『I got no clue myself. But we've brought along someone who does.』

Delos and Daryra were bored with the conversation they don't understand and started chatting between themselves. Eda stared gently at the figure of Lecan in deep talk with his old friend.

The group arrived at Kogurus on the fifth day.

More than 100 adventurers and around 20 knights were standing by on the entrance to the town. Viscount Nodlein Rukka had gone on ahead to notify them beforehand, but they still cannot afford not to take up a defensive position when more than a thousand beastmen are coming to their town.

Nodlein's rank is far above Kogurus townlord. He came with the famed Yufu Dungeon Knights in tow asking for an audience between Guido Empire's representatives and Zack Zaikaz. And afterward, a thousand man fanstatical looking warriors would arrive. Refusal is simply not on the table.

They were to see Zack in the reception room of Zaikaz Company.

Their side has Boudo, a weaselman, an interpreter human, Lecan, Eda, Nodlein and Duo, seven people in total.

While the other side has Zack, Riol Shalbart heir to Kogurus townlord, a butler, a medic and two guards, six in total.

Lecan introduced the visitor side, while the butler introduced Kogurus side.

Eda was the one who cut to the point.

"Zack Zaikaz-sama. It has been a while."

"Eda-dono. I could never thank you enough for that time."

"Riol Shalbart-sama. I'm glad to see you again."


"Jakof Woren-sama. Baghnatt-sama. Have you been well?"

"I have."


Jakof is a knight. While Baghnatt is clearly an adventurer. Quite a skilled and veteran one at that.

Lecan was curious about Baghnatt's glance. He sent a fleeting yet sharp glance at the weaselman.

(Must have seen the crest on his armor.)

(This guy probably took part in the attack 19 years ago.)

Eda turned to face Zack.

"By the mysterious guiding hands of God of Fate, I have come here leading his excellency Thousand Dragon General as a representative of the great emperor of far north empire. Zack-sama. I shall get straight to the point. 19 years ago from today, a group of humans assaulted a temple of Guido Empire located deep in the Great Forest, they took with them a great many treasure. His excellency general thus has been tasked to take back the <Orb of Peace> which was lost at the time. It was an object put on the left hand of God Golzaza's statue. It was inside a box that seals off mana. Perhaps Zack-sama knows something?"

Zack sank down into his sofa, faced up with closed eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Lecan thought, 'he's sure grown old', when he saw Zack's thinned gray hair, and deep wrinkles on his face.

"It is an all too familiar tale indeed. The bulk of treasure we obtained had long been sold off, with a few exceptions. One among those exceptions is an object simply unfit for trade. I believe that is the object you narrated of. Kogurus appraisers succeeded in appraising its name. It shall be brought here."

The butler left the room as Zack ordered and came back before long.

He brought a box with him. A box adorned with a strange pattern. Doesn't seem like it's made in a human country.

It was presented before Eda to which Eda gestured to another spot.

The box was brought before Boudo and the weaselman, the lid was opened.

The mana sealed within overflowed out.

Both Lecan's eyes opened wide in astonishment.

The weaselman reverently picked it up, lifted it up and stared at it closely.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.2


On day two, there was a change in traveling arrangement.

On the first day, Delos and Daryra would lead the way with Yufu Dungeon Knights following them, then Guido Imperial Army behind them, but on the second day, Delos would lead Guido Imperial Army, followed by Daryra leading Yufu Dungeon Knights. The beastmen army are faster than humans inside the forest and since they hunt before taking meals, their marching pace doesn't match Yufu Dungeon Knights.

Lecan and Eda were with Guido Imperial Army. To have some chats with Boudo. Duo Bahn also walked in this group, leaving his vice commander Black Ormoa to lead the knights.

"Maaan. Who coulda thought General Boudo hails from Lecan's world. Is that world full of strong people like you two?"

"Yeah something like that."

Duo asked Boudo through Lecan about Beastman Empire.

However, Boudo just it laughed off and said I dunno when the questions were stuff like country's population or number of soldiers. He even told them that he didn't count when asked how many days it took them to traverse through the Great Forest.

In other word, Boudo has no intention to divulge information pertaining Guido Empire's national defense.

However, he had no issue telling them about beastmen's way of thinking, their life styles, tools and such. He also talked about the arena and dungeons.

They invited Boudo again to their camp on the second day. Duo wanted to come as well, but he was denied entry.

Tonight was Lecan's turn to narrate his stories. But it quickly came to an end. And most were stories about dungeons, how he learned magic and Grace Gear.

Boudo was surprised to see Lecan's <Timeless Bag>. His surprise was magnified when he found out about <Boxes> Delos, Daryra and Eda had on them.

Boudo brought a rabbitman and a weaselman to the camp and asked to show them <Boxes>. The two beastmen were shocked to see <Boxes> and showed a strong interest in them.

During the trip on the third day, Lecan spoke to Duo how <Boxes> don't exist in the beastmen empire and they were very interested in them.

On the third day camp, Lecan asked Boudo just what is this treasure Guido Empire so eager to take back.

Boudo spoke after warning Lecan not to translate it.

『It is known as the <Orb of Peace>. I've yet to see the real thing myself.』

『What's it used for?』

『You know that helmet you broke, yeah? That got a Divinity called <Divinity Void>. Also an extra Divinity <Cognizance Blockage>.』

『Divinity? You talking about Graces?』

『No clue what this Graces business about.』

『The unique and extraordinary effects dungeon items got on them.』

『Ah. We call those Mystics. Objects with Mystics are called Mystic Vessels. Divinities are the better version of Mystics, objects clad in Divinity get to be called Divine Vessels. <Divinity Void> voids both Divinities and Mystics.』

(I guess Divine Vessels are pretty much Genesiac Grace Gear then.)

『The treasured <Wand of Ngoronga> capable of wide area healing six times a day is one such Divine Vessels.』

『Ah, that thing huh.』

『You can get Mystic Vessels from dungeons. Items created from dungeon magic beasts mats can end up with Mystics as well.』


『However, the creation of Divine Vessels is a whole other business. <Orb of Peace> produces Divine Vessels.』
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『By performing a special ritual using <Orb of Peace>, Divine Vessels are born. Once used it's unusable for 60 years. And the 60th year for this period is coming soon.』

『Ah, so that's why they went and formed an army to take it back now of all time. Was that sword that can send flying slashes wielded by that white leopard-faced man a Divine Vessel?』

『<Sword of Waidos>. That too is one of Divine Vessels. Come to think of it, you picked that up, didn't you. Give it back.』

『No. That aside, why'd you call the thing <Orb of Peace>.』

『The first Divine Vessel born from it was <Wand of Ngoronga>, y'see. The empire at the time was hit hard by an epidemic, so that wand saved many lives.』

『<Orb of Peace> because it created a Divine Vessel that stopped an epidemic huh. How many are Divine Vessels out there?』

『Dunno the exact number, but I heard his imperial majesty is in the possession of around 130 Divine Vessels.』

『So you're saying Guido Empire has been around for, err, around 7800 years.』

『No. Apparently it's only been about 300 years.』

『I don't think the numbers match.』

『They must have obtained the thing from another country they defeated. <Orb of Peace> itself is a Divine Vessel. However it's to be known as something his majesty emperor ordered to create in the empire, and one mustn't question it. Also, this 60 year gap is a recent thing, seems like it could produce Divine Vessels more frequently before.』

『Ordered to create? Is this <Orb of Peace> a man-made object?』

『According to legends, a group of fantastical sages made the thing.』

Duo Bahn came by as they were having their talk.

"Hey, Lecan. Sorry for intruding. General Boudo. It would greatly please me if you could accept these."

The knight behind Duo presented sack-type <Boxes>. They seem to have quite a big capacity, should be useful to store weapons and food.

"There are ten of them. Each capable of storing around 100 times or so its size. They are gifts from Marquis of Yufu to the Emperor of Guido."

After hearing the translation from Lecan, Boudo stood up and bowed with a curious form before accepting the <Boxes>.

『I hereby accept this gift Marquis of Yufu graced us. As a retainer of his imperial majesty, I, Thousand-dragon General Boudo Isfur offer you my appreciations.』

On the fourth day, several top people of Guido Imperial Army visited Viscount Nodlein Ruka under General Boudo's order. They brought human interpreters with them and presented him with ten Spirit Fruit for Marquis of Yufu. They asked all kinds of questions about the craftsmanship of <Boxes>. They were even willing to answer questions about Guido Empire's military power in exchange.

This day, Lecan asked Boudo about the beastmen's fighting prowess.

In the country of beastmen, those born with mana are rare, those with huge mana pools are even rarer.

But sometimes, those known as Mutants are born. Silver Mutants have extremely high mana pools and highly adept with mana control, so they always become mages.

Red Mutants have extraordinary muscle power, Black Mutants are excellently resilient against physical attacks. White Mutants are hyper swift, while Golden Mutants possess unique powers. For Golden Mutants, some are permanently golden colored, while some will only turn golden when they unleash their special power.

Except the howling beastmen, scouting beastmen as well as tacticians and healers, the main army or the <Whip> unit, consists of the emperor's elite guards, even the weakest one is stronger than a <Hundred Demon Chief>, and most have <Divine Vessels> on them.

『Lots of warriors you brought from the beastmen empire died. Is that okay.』

『Yeah but in exchange all of them have gotten stronger after delving in the dungeons here. Especially the emperor's elite guards, they got some major power boost. His imperial majesty is sure to be elated. The avian beastmen also dived in the dungeons, so they got their share of power up too. It's just gotta be dungeons.』

『Yeah, it's just gotta be dungeons.』

Boudo went and asked Lecan all about Zaka Kingdom's dungeons.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.1


There was another movement in the main battlefield during the time Lecan and Mashajain Knights charged into the enemy's main encampment.

At first Zaka Kingdom was managing to defend against Guido Empire's assault, but this didn't hold out long and Zaka's force was driven to the corner, on the verge of collapsing.

This was when Yufu Knights arrived and joined the fray.

The king's messenger had also come to Yufu to notify the invasion of Beastmen Army. However, Yufu has no obligation to answer this call nor does Zaka King has any right to compel them to.

However, Duo Bahn proposed the mobilization of Dungeon Knights.

"Well, taking a tour 'round the capital sounds like a good time."

Or so the excuse was. At that point of time, none even imagined Zaka Kingdom would be the losing side. They wanted to tour the capital while making the king owe them a favor.

As such, Nodlein Ruka took up the overseer position and went with 100 Yufu Dungeon Knights and 100 squires to the capital. Nodlein's father, Saljirein has appointed Nodlein as the family head of their Viscount House after a discussion with Marquis of Yufu.

By the time they arrived at the capital, the situation was more dire than expected.

As Mashajain and Yufu had established a new relationship, Nodlein went to greet the eldest son of Wazrof Household who's also in charge of diplomacy.

That was where Nodlein and Duo found out about how Wazrof Head had tasked adventurer Lecan with a quest to kill the beastmen army's supreme commander.

"Alrighty. Let's go beat up those beastmen army and help Lecan."

With what Duo said, Yufu Dungeon Knights headed out to Aspora.

Zaka Kingdom's side regained their footings with the addition of Yufu Dungeon Knights.

However, Guido side fought back tenaciously as well. Guido Army have brought with them three of the area recovery wands, <Wand of Ngoronga>, which restored their wounded in rapid succession.

The fight reached a stalemate.

By this point, more and more beastmen started watching the duel happening in the main encampment, and eventually even Zaka Kingdom Knights gathered round to see what was going on, gradually halting the entire war.

Now then, Lecan and Boudo have settled their duel.
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Duo reconfirmed the circumstance with Lecan.

Duo had a representative of each knight units to assemble and listen to Lecan's explanation.

Boudo called all the chief beastmen under his command and gave his order after hearing their opinions.

The whole Guido Army would accompany Boudo to Kogurus, led by Lecan.

Yufu Knights were to accompany them as well. There weren't many dissenters since Nodlein was the highest ranking person there, and Yufu Dungeon Knights were undoubtedly the biggest achiever in this war. In addition, other knights had to take care of the injured so they couldn't exactly move out regardless.

Knight Baiad Rengra and Trance Knight Commanders, Grasdo Koan were selected as representatives that would report to the king. These two were the first to bring in news from the capital riding with Dragon Knights, they would be the ones who would report the earliest to the king. Though no one can stop every other knight units to give their reports from their perspectives. None would miss the chance to extol their own deeds.

Also, after this, Aspora sent out aid requests to all nearby villages to help with treatment and bring in supply, but the townlord of the biggest most equipped town in the area, Nikuya, was found dead drunk in the middle of the day and failed to respond well. Thus, instead of receiving rewards for all his backings, he was given a stern warning instead.

Now then, Lecan was supposed to guide Guido Imperial Army and Yufu Knights to Kogurus, but he's got no clue about the route. Lecan asked Eda to look for Delos and Daryra.

She found them right away. They had been hiding in the forest, watching the battle.

"The route from Aspora to Kogurus you say? 'Course we know duh."

"We often come and go to Kogurus."

Quite a number of adventurers who make Aspora their base of operation would occasionally go to Kogurus for jobs.

And thus, 1140 Guido Army personnel and 186 Yufu Dungeon Knights began their journey.

Lecan was given back the five God Cure before that.

They're moving in a mountain trail impassable by horses, but it usually only takes five days for average adventurers to reach Kogurus.

As Yufu Dungeon Knights are well tempered in Dungeon Yufu, mountain routes are nothing to them. They have all their food supply in <Boxes> and three <Timeless Bags>.

Guido Imperial Army procure their food by hunting along the way, and they're good at it, they'd also keep walking like they don't know the concept of tiredness.

Hence, despite the huge groups of people, the travel itself was not slow.

First day camping.

Lecan, Eda, Delos and Daryra camped together, and Boudo was invited to their camp.

Duo Bahn wanted to join in too, but he was denied entry.

They grilled some meat. Eda made soup.

On the first night, they listened to Boudo's experience in this world. Lecan would occasionally summarize his story and translated it for Eda, Delos and Daryra.

As it turned out, Boudo got captured by beastmen that happened to be near his falling spot and was forced to fight to death in an arena as a slave gladiator.

Boudo kept winning and surviving despite the harsh and cruel environment.

Then a general of the beastmen, Iodatt bought Boudo off, finally letting him out of his underground cell.

And then he eventually managed to buy himself, freeing himself from slave status.

Boudo a new freeman went and conquered many dungeons successively under Iodatt's guidance.

Then per Iodatt's wish, he had a duel with Iodatt in the arena, coming out as the winner after which he inherited the general position.

And then, the emperor ordained him to lead an army to invade Zaka Kingdom in order to take back Guido Empire's treasure from human's hands.

Lecan asked Boudo all about beastman empire's dungeons.

That night ended with Boudo's story.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.17


Boudo turned his neck to the side while putting his right and left hand into <Storage>. <Sword of Agost> missed Boudo's head by a hair and struck his left shoulder hard.

Lecan could sense that did some damage unlike previously.

Boudo grabbed an oddly shaped short wand out of <Storage> with his right hand. And a magic stone in his left hand. A powerful magic stone that must have been dropped by a dungeon boss of a large-scale dungeon.

Lecan lifted <Sword of Agost> high up in an attempt to strike him again.

Boudo put the magic stone into an indentation on the short wand.

The tip of the wand eerily swelled out before cracking open.

It had the shape not unlike an eyeball.

A mass of mana emitted out of this eyeball.

The mass of mana landed squarely on Lecan, blowing him away.

It was a powerful magic attack on par with several of Lecan's <Flame Spears> at maximum output shot together.

Lecan got blown away.

He blacked out for a moment there but managed to quickly regain his consciousness.

Fortunately, he was able to protect his face with his left arm upon explosion, saving his head from a grievous injury.

Several of his bones likely broke. But he got the extraordinary protection against magic from Argent Flame Wolf's overcoat and the extremely physical resistant Great Flame Dragon's armor on him.

Lecan regained his balance mid air and spun around to land on his feet.

Boudo took another magic stone and put it in the wand.

Lecan dashed ahead toward Boudo.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Boudo shot another magic attack.

Lecan dodged to the left.

But the magic bullet exploded mid air, blasting Lecan away.

Lecan rolled on the grass and quickly got back on his feet.

Boudo is putting in the third magic stone. And swallowed something. Must be a Large Red Potion.

(He's buying time by using up large magic stones!)

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(Fighting this guy.)

(Always ends up like this.)

Whenever Lecan and Boudo fight, it always turns into a war of attrition by the end, finishing with no clear winner.

Lecan believed he could finally settle the score with all the abilities he gained in this other world, but things didn't go as smoothly as it turned out.

Lecan isn't willing to continue this fight with Boudo any further.

He's gonna end it, no matter what.

Lecan rushed ahead while raising his greatsword.

The moment Boudo was about to activate the short wand, Lecan leaped high.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

He jumped high, high up into the sky and charged at Boudo.

And just as Boudo pointed his short wand toward the sky, Lecan threw his <Sword Agost> at Boudo.

The shot magic attack intersected with the greatsword as it flew in Lecan's direction.

The magic bullet exploded, blasting Lecan even higher into the sky.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

His head is all dizzy from the blast damage. Nevertheless he kept casting the spell while trying to keep himself conscious.

By making use of the magic bullet's blast and the wind generated from it as well as <Gust>, Lecan reached an even higher altitude.

Lecan put his right hand in <Storage>, grabbed a Bombshell and threw it below.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

With the activation of <Ring of Undying King>'s Grace, Lecan is now invulnerable to any damage for a period of time.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan kept frantically casting <Gust>.

He must not fall into the Grace Void range no matter the cost. He had to keep flying high into the sky even if it resulted in his mana drying up.

The <Sword of Agost> Lecan threw was coming straight at Boudo who then retreated back to avoid it. But he failed as the sword hit his left leg, tripping him up.

The bombshell had fallen right next to him by the time he got up.

With a dazzling flash of light, an explosion on the scale no one here had ever seen before erupted. The land got blown off, the spectating human and beastmen got mowed down.

Lecan fell down. Curling up his body to assume a defensive position was the only thing he could do. He slammed down the ground. Lecan was unharmed since he was still in <Invincible> state.

Still, he couldn't move a muscle for a while.

Once he was finally able to stand up, he looked for Boudo.

There he is.

Boudo is laying to the east of a huge crater on the ground zero. He must have gotten blown away.

Lecan dragged his body to approach Boudo.

He pulled <Sword of Rusk> out of <Storage> with his right hand.

Boudo was facing down at first, he spun around and faced up.

His helmet has been blown into smithereens.

His armor is shredded all over with the remains sticking to his body.

His face is all bloodied up.

Lecan thrust the tip of his sword before Boudo's neck.

Boudo scowled at Lecan while still in a lying down position.

『Oy oy. Who'd use a Bombshell in a one-on-one fight. Lecan, are you for real man?』

『Shut it.』

The two glared at each other for a while.

Eventually Boudo let out a sigh and loosened up his expression.

『I can no longer use <Hardening>, <Superstrength> nor <Impact Penetration>. I had used up the last of my Willpower to defend against that <Bombshell>. This victory is yours to take, Lecan.』

Lecan stabbed <Sword of Rusk> into the ground next to Boudo's neck.

Then he let the sword go, looked up into the sky, raised his fists high up and roared out loud.

It was a long, long roar.

The burning joy welled up from within his abdomen was unleashed into the sky riding his voice.

The beastmen cheered in unison to this burning roar of victory offered unto heavens.

Their thundering howls reaffirmed their witnessing of the transcendental fight that just took place.

The humans let out cheers of joy as well.

There were even surviving <Howl> users among the beastmen who showed up and joined in.

Everybody became one to congratulate Lecan's victory.

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