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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.9


The dragonman stood still with its eyes closed.

It looks to be amassing its strength.

(He's full of openings.)

(Or is it luring me?)

Lecan put away <Comet Cutter> in <Storage> and took <Sword of Rusk> out, then he went around the dragonman and slashed its right side.

The slash produced a loud sound but his sword wouldn't cut into its body.

He kept slashing at it, on the legs, waist, and shoulders.

There were some wounds.

But it barely did anything outwardly.

(This thing's as tough as a Great Flame Dragon.)

He tried slashing the shield as well. There wasn't even a nick. It's outstandingly sturdy.

Lecan decided to swap <Sword of Rusk> with <Sword of Agost> instead. That sword should be able to cut through its hard skin and body.

Just when he was about to carry out the act, the dragonman's skin changed from bluish black to a lighter tone.

As if a light was emitting out from the insides.
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Eventually, the dragonman's whole body was wrapped in a golden light.

It turned around and opened its eyes.

And swiftly brandished its shield.

At intense speed unlike anything it exhibited before.

Not even Lecan managed to dodge it as he got blown backward.

However, he didn't suffer big damage thanks to Great Flame Dragon's armor.

The dragonman dashed off chasing after the blown Lecan.

Lecan rolled and spun mid air and landed on his feet. The dragonman was already looming before his eyes, with its shield raised up high.

He quickly dodged to the left.

The dragonman swung down its shield at tremendous speed, gouging deep into the earth with its sharp tip.

The dragonman's shield is shaped like a giant kite shield. The lower end is a sharp point.

The dragonman held its shield with both its hand, and attacked by swinging down the sharp tip downward.

He would lift it up and swung it down, lift it up, swung it down.

He kept repeating the action at unimaginable speed.

Lecan kept dodging the assault.

(It's releasing mana while doing all this attacking.)

(A physical boost using mana?)

(It absorbed my and Eda's magic.)

(And then used the mana to turn into this state.)

(Yeah no magic attack for this guy.)

Lecan leaped to the right and swiftly slashed the dragonman with <Sword of Rusk>.

The dragonman reacted at terrifying speed to block Lecan's attack with its shield.

The shield is unbelievably sturdy. Hitting it would damage his sword instead.

Lecan glanced at Eda's group.

Knight Walt and Knight Yog would make use of their shields to stop the black rhinoman's assault, while Eda kept healing them with <Purification> while occasionally shooting with her <Bow of Yelvitz>. She would also cast <Sleep> magic.

The black rhinoman kept attempting to hit Eda despite its worn out state. Knight Walt and Yog would stop its charge and Eda would nimbly dodge unharmed, but both knight Walt and Yog's armor and shields are in terrible states.

Lecan kept dodging the dragonman's assault while overseeing the situation. But suddenly, the dragonman changed its attack pattern. It used its ground-stabbed shield to bulldoze through the ground before thrusting it forward.

Lecan couldn't completely dodge this.

The dragonman's shield sharp pointed tip dug into his Great Flame Dragon's leather armor, wounding Lecan deeply.

Then, an intense electric shock engulfed Lecan whole.

"Guuu. <Recovery>!"

Lecan greatly leaped backward using <Gust>. His vision was dyed red and his body numb for a moment, but they went away after a bit.

The enemy is capable of mixing magic attack in the shield attack. Magic flying at him would be blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>'s magic barrier, but the barrier won't manifest on attacks that come from a direct contact with Lecan's body.

Lecan twisted his body midair, landed with his knees bent and sprung high up into the air the instance he landed.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

He kept climbing up with <Gust>.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

After getting high above outside the dragonman's range, he moved forward and landed about 15 steps distance behind the dragonman.

He got pushed back about 30 steps away from his original position from the clash earlier, and now he's gotten closer to that spot once again.

Jinga's side has advanced ahead. The skilled knights have fortified themselves in a group. They're still managing to keep the enemy busy.


Lecan cast <Recovery> on himself as he landed. His Great Flame Dragon's leather armor got damaged. That shield's tip boasts some incredible power. Its original offensive power must be boosted by mana. It can even shoot out magic. Truly a troublesome shield.

The golden dragonman turned around and charged at Lecan's direction.

Lecan put <Sword of Rusk> away, took <Magic Space Cutter>, and poured it with mana, enveloping its bare blade with a magic blade. This magic sword has a Grace that ignores the target's defense and scrapes off a portion of their body. However, it's only got a short thin blade and lacks weight. A bit lacking against larger targets.

The dragonman swung down its shield aiming at Lecan's left shoulder to right waist down. Instead of jumping backward, Lecan opted to crouch down and lunged forward left. The giant shield zoomed right above his head while creating a booming sound. Lecan cut at the dragonman's right leg firmly on the ground with the <Magic Space Cutter>.

However, <Magic Space Cutter>'s magic blade got absorbed into the dragonman's shield, resulting in a magic blade-less portion hitting feebly.

When he thinks about it, since <Comet Cutter> didn't work, of course <Magic Space Cutter> wouldn't either.

Lecan shifted into standing position from rolling and jumped ahead to create some distance.

"<Wind>! <Wind>!"

Then he enlarged that distance with <Gust>.

The dragonman quickly turned around and gave chase.

(I could have resorted to waiting game.)

(Winning wouldn't be difficult then.)

The dragonman is continuously consuming a huge amount of mana. His mana pool should run out before long if Lecan just keeps running. Its speed, offensive and defensive power will then decline.

However, there's no telling how long Jinga's group would last.

Eda's group as well.

He cannot afford a waiting game.

He likely could beat this dragonman if he just deployed <Talisman of Darkness Demon> and unleashed a barrage of slashes with <Sword of Agost>. But he'd like to keep the talisman usable for his fight with the supreme commander.

Lecan put away <Magic Space Cutter>. He was hesitating what to grab for a moment. The dragonman loomed.





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