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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.8


"These are my dad's and mom's graves. Mom made these when dad passed. She wrote letters I can't read... Lecan?"

Lecan received a huge shock.

There are letters written on the small rock gravestones. Jagged letters like they were written by an amateur. It's dirty from all the soil with moss growing, but there's a faint vestige of protective magic, hence the letters are still intact.

The letters are of Lecan's original world's.

<Here lies Otherworld Adventurer Eddy Talza and his wife, Roojie Talza Vura Maxim.>

(<Vura Maxim>)

(Maxim Royal Family!)

It was the house of the king who hired and took care of Lecan, even went as far as adopting him for a mission. The family name of Narum Royalty. And <Vura> signifies a direct line to the throne.

(That reminds me, that king.)

(Said something about having a much younger little sister who got adopted to a relative and passed away.)

(So she didn't die.)

(She jumped in a <Black Hole>.)

He can't even imagine the situation that would compel a royal princess and her husband to jump in a <Black Hole>. That husband was an adventurer to boot. How did an adventurer end up marrying a royal princess.

One other thing bothered him. There was something else written right below Edi Talza's grave. They look like letters, but Lecan is not familiar with them.

They're neither letters of this world nor his world.

"Hold it. Otherworld Adventurer?"

"What's the matter, Lecan?"
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"Eda. Did your parents ever tell you your father's hometown."

"I dunno. But mom said this. Your dad came from the other side of two Black Holes, see."

"The other side of... Two... <Black Holes> huh..."

Eddy Talza likely came to Lecan's world through a <Black Hole>. There he met Eda's mother, married her and jumped into another <Black Hole> arriving at this world.

Lecan told Eda what was written on the graves and what he found out from them.

Eda and Lecan cleaned up the graves and offered their prayers together.

Lecan was hit by a wave of emotions.

Eda's father was an adventurer. Apparently he was a Silver ranked adventurer in this world, wonder if he was an adventurer too in Lecan's world. Did he dive in dungeons. He might have got quite the variety of skills from dungeons. There's no way to know now.

(I'm sure it'd have been a fun adventure with you around.)

As they were doing that, a villager came by to gather edible wild plants.

Eda went to talk to that villager and was told that her best friend, Nami, was married off to Gasko Village two years ago.

Gasko village is located right next to Shoa town. Eda knows the town.

They camped in the mountain and arrived at Shoa town the next day.

(Feels like I've been here before.)

(Must be that time I went down from Zaidmahl.)

Gasko village was close by but since it was late already, they stayed in Shoa that day.

Gasko village was indeed very close by. They were about to speak to a farmer they came across to outside the village to ask him about Nami, but then the farmer talked to them first.

"Ah, you. It sure been awhile. You really helped us a bunch back then. Oh that hurt left eye of 'yers got better eh."

Lecan retraced his memory about this man with peculiar speech.

The first quest he took as an adventurer in this world was to defeat a White Specter, here in this Gasko village. And the man before him was one of the three farmers who asked Lecan for the quest.

"Is there a woman called Nami in this village. Heard she got married here from Chicory village two years ago."

"Eeeh? Well our son's wife 'fer sure got that Nami name. From Chicory too yeah."

The man led them to his house where Nami was. She was holding a baby in her arms.

Eda and her friend had a tearful yet joyful reunion.

Eda handed over a lot of gifts to Nami and her family.

The two tirelessly chatted, and in the end Lecan and Eda stayed in the house that night.

The following day, they left Gasko village.

"Sure you don't want to invite that Nami girl to our wedding?"

"Un. I'd get worried sick if Nami-chan went alone, but getting her whole family to take a trip all the way to Mashajain would be too much. It's dangerous, it's gonna take days, and they can't take a break from work that long. I could've give them money but then other villagers would start spreading rumors. And besides, can you imagine them relaxing at all in a banquet where big nobles gather. So it's fine. I've given them lots and lots of gifts and gotten lots and lots of good wishes."

"I see."

The arrived at Vouka in four days. Lecan gathered Shiarigi sprouts along the way.

He went to check Shira's herb garden and gathered Shiarigi which was ripe for the taking. The garden is as tidy as ever. Jericho and Yurika must be taking care of it.

Lecan processed the dried Nichia Grass. As well as Shiarigi sprouts. He thought it'd take him three days, but thanks to Jericho, Eda and Yurika's help, it was done in one day.

They left Vouka the day after.

Lecan's challenge spirit was burning for some reason.

One time in the past, it took him and Arios eight days to reach Tsubolt from Vouka. He wonders how many days it'd take the current him and Eda from Vouka to Mashajain.

It took them three days. No one would have believed it even if they told them.

They kept casting <Acceleration> constantly, barely had any sleep and only took short breaks for meals and sleep. The two ran past the distance faster than a trained horse who runs for its dear life. Eda went straight to bed after arriving and saying, 'I'm never doing this again.'

They arrived at midnight on the 18th, he was summoned by Manfrey early in the morning the following day.





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