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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.16


Boudo cannot see mana.

Thus, he was ignorant of the huge amount of mana poured into the attack coming at him as he stood there to endure it.

He must be using <Hardening>.

Boudo's <Hardening> was nowhere near this powerful back then. And his previous style of combat didn't have him rely on <Hardening> so much like this. Thus, Lecan anticipated this tactic would work on him now.
Dealing magic damage on Boudo who's innately strong against offensive magic added with maximum <Hardening> is a tall order. However, it's not like he's completely immune to magic. Magic still damages him ever so slightly.

<Rush Flare> is a magic that rains down a huge onrush of <Fire Arrows>. Each individual attack is <Fire Arrow>. Compared to <Flame Spear>, <Fire Arrow> has a weaker penetrative power and far less firepower.

However, this is a downburst of ten of thousands or maybe even more <Fire Arrows>.

One <Fire Arrow> may only inflict a tenth or perhaps a hundredth of <Flame Spear> damage, but it's damaging nonetheless. And all these arrows would incessantly hit Boudo's armor before its <Self-Repair> function could kick in.

Moreover, Boudo won't move. He can't use <Hardening> if he moves. Hence his only option is to stand still as the entirety of <Rush Flare> comes down on him.

Boudo's figure could no longer be seen under the waterfall of magic.

<Rush Flare> tore up the meadow, sending cloud of dust everywhere.

This dust cloud gradually grew thicker and eventually reached Lecan's spot. Lecan focused his all into <Wand of Halvos>, controlling the <Rush Flare> to keep pouring down on Boudo.

The last <Rush Flare> eventually fell down, and with it silence onto the battlefield.

The dust cloud receded.

Lecan came into view first.

He had put away <Wand of Halvos> already, with both his hands gripping <Sword of Agost> at the ready, focusing ahead on high alert.

The dust cloud receded further, showing Boudo's figure.

In the center of a circular crater in the meadow, there Boudo stood.

Standing in the same pose as when <Rush Flare> started, with the battle hammer on his right shoulder.

Both his armor and helmet have been greatly damaged.

The arms and shoulders parts are especially wrecked.

He's not moving like a statue.

But suddenly, he laughed out loud.

『UHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well I'll be damned. You've amassed quite the power in this world huh.』

(Look who's talking!)

(How the heck anyone withstood that.)

(There should be a limit to sturdiness.)

(But that impregnable defense has been scrapped down for sure.)

Thud, thud, Boudo started walking forward.

Lecan retreated behind. All while taking two large magic stones from <Storage> and absorbed their mana.

He'd like to refill as much mana as possible for the final clash.
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(This spot will do.)

Lecan stopped and broke into a calm run forward.

As if acting in concert, Boudo put his left hand on the battle hammer's handle.

<Sword of Agost> went at Boudo while tearing up the wind.

Boudo slammed at it with the pommel of his battle hammer, producing a loud reverberating sound in the battlefield.

Lecan pushed hard.

Boudo pushed back in response.

Two over two-step tall large adventurers are currently locked in a colossal contest of muscle strength.

The two stopped moving.

The strength put in each their weapon is utterly equal.

Boudo can't afford to even recite <Power> spell due to him squeezing his everything.

At the same time, Lecan can't shoot magic either.

Both Boudo's arms and Lecan's arms started to tremble.

Then both pulled back their weapons in the same exact breath before clashing into each other once again.


The battle hammer which repelled Lecan's greatsword got pulled by its inertia to Lecan's right side, causing Boudo to lose his balance a bit.

Lecan had predicted Boudo's use of <Superstrength> and pulled his greatsword back the moment they clashed. After dodging the battle hammer by taking a half step to the left, he spun his sword mid air and slashed at Boudo's head.

Boudo's twisted his neck to dodge this resulting in the greatsword hitting his right shoulder instead.


Boudo swung his battle hammer from right to left, aiming at Lecan.

Lecan hit the battle hammer from below shifting its trajectory.

Boudo spun the battle hammer and swung it down at Lecan.

Lecan met this head on with his sword, producing sparks in the process.

Thus these exchanges between a battle hammer and a greatsword continued for a while.

This ongoing clash between two big adventurers wielding heavy weapons created an intense soul-shattering sound with each and every hit, scattering sparks everywhere, the impact of this scene stirred up a sense of awe to every soul witnessing this fight.

(Not good.)

(If this goes on.)

(Boudo's armor gonna get restored.)


Lecan felt something off when his <Sword of Agost> hit the battle hammer.



Lecan's pair of eyes foresaw the trajectory of Boudo's <Superstrength>-infused battle hammer downswung as he drove <Sword of Agost> toward a spot on the handle that connects to the pommel.

The handle broke and the pommel flew off.

Boudo threw away the broken handle and attempted to retreat back.

Lecan swiftly stepped forward and swung down <Sword of Agost> at Boudo's head.




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