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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.17


Boudo turned his neck to the side while putting his right and left hand into <Storage>. <Sword of Agost> missed Boudo's head by a hair and struck his left shoulder hard.

Lecan could sense that did some damage unlike previously.

Boudo grabbed an oddly shaped short wand out of <Storage> with his right hand. And a magic stone in his left hand. A powerful magic stone that must have been dropped by a dungeon boss of a large-scale dungeon.

Lecan lifted <Sword of Agost> high up in an attempt to strike him again.

Boudo put the magic stone into an indentation on the short wand.

The tip of the wand eerily swelled out before cracking open.

It had the shape not unlike an eyeball.

A mass of mana emitted out of this eyeball.

The mass of mana landed squarely on Lecan, blowing him away.

It was a powerful magic attack on par with several of Lecan's <Flame Spears> at maximum output shot together.

Lecan got blown away.

He blacked out for a moment there but managed to quickly regain his consciousness.

Fortunately, he was able to protect his face with his left arm upon explosion, saving his head from a grievous injury.

Several of his bones likely broke. But he got the extraordinary protection against magic from Argent Flame Wolf's overcoat and the extremely physical resistant Great Flame Dragon's armor on him.

Lecan regained his balance mid air and spun around to land on his feet.

Boudo took another magic stone and put it in the wand.

Lecan dashed ahead toward Boudo.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Boudo shot another magic attack.

Lecan dodged to the left.

But the magic bullet exploded mid air, blasting Lecan away.

Lecan rolled on the grass and quickly got back on his feet.

Boudo is putting in the third magic stone. And swallowed something. Must be a Large Red Potion.

(He's buying time by using up large magic stones!)

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(Fighting this guy.)

(Always ends up like this.)

Whenever Lecan and Boudo fight, it always turns into a war of attrition by the end, finishing with no clear winner.

Lecan believed he could finally settle the score with all the abilities he gained in this other world, but things didn't go as smoothly as it turned out.

Lecan isn't willing to continue this fight with Boudo any further.

He's gonna end it, no matter what.

Lecan rushed ahead while raising his greatsword.

The moment Boudo was about to activate the short wand, Lecan leaped high.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

He jumped high, high up into the sky and charged at Boudo.

And just as Boudo pointed his short wand toward the sky, Lecan threw his <Sword Agost> at Boudo.

The shot magic attack intersected with the greatsword as it flew in Lecan's direction.

The magic bullet exploded, blasting Lecan even higher into the sky.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

His head is all dizzy from the blast damage. Nevertheless he kept casting the spell while trying to keep himself conscious.

By making use of the magic bullet's blast and the wind generated from it as well as <Gust>, Lecan reached an even higher altitude.

Lecan put his right hand in <Storage>, grabbed a Bombshell and threw it below.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

With the activation of <Ring of Undying King>'s Grace, Lecan is now invulnerable to any damage for a period of time.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan kept frantically casting <Gust>.

He must not fall into the Grace Void range no matter the cost. He had to keep flying high into the sky even if it resulted in his mana drying up.

The <Sword of Agost> Lecan threw was coming straight at Boudo who then retreated back to avoid it. But he failed as the sword hit his left leg, tripping him up.

The bombshell had fallen right next to him by the time he got up.

With a dazzling flash of light, an explosion on the scale no one here had ever seen before erupted. The land got blown off, the spectating human and beastmen got mowed down.

Lecan fell down. Curling up his body to assume a defensive position was the only thing he could do. He slammed down the ground. Lecan was unharmed since he was still in <Invincible> state.

Still, he couldn't move a muscle for a while.

Once he was finally able to stand up, he looked for Boudo.

There he is.

Boudo is laying to the east of a huge crater on the ground zero. He must have gotten blown away.

Lecan dragged his body to approach Boudo.

He pulled <Sword of Rusk> out of <Storage> with his right hand.

Boudo was facing down at first, he spun around and faced up.

His helmet has been blown into smithereens.

His armor is shredded all over with the remains sticking to his body.

His face is all bloodied up.

Lecan thrust the tip of his sword before Boudo's neck.

Boudo scowled at Lecan while still in a lying down position.

『Oy oy. Who'd use a Bombshell in a one-on-one fight. Lecan, are you for real man?』

『Shut it.』

The two glared at each other for a while.

Eventually Boudo let out a sigh and loosened up his expression.

『I can no longer use <Hardening>, <Superstrength> nor <Impact Penetration>. I had used up the last of my Willpower to defend against that <Bombshell>. This victory is yours to take, Lecan.』

Lecan stabbed <Sword of Rusk> into the ground next to Boudo's neck.

Then he let the sword go, looked up into the sky, raised his fists high up and roared out loud.

It was a long, long roar.

The burning joy welled up from within his abdomen was unleashed into the sky riding his voice.

The beastmen cheered in unison to this burning roar of victory offered unto heavens.

Their thundering howls reaffirmed their witnessing of the transcendental fight that just took place.

The humans let out cheers of joy as well.

There were even surviving <Howl> users among the beastmen who showed up and joined in.

Everybody became one to congratulate Lecan's victory.

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