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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.6


"We're going to visit the graves of Eda's parents."

"Eh.... Lecan."

"Oho. The graves of Eda's parents. And where would that be."

"They are in Chicory a small village. A village to the north of Boyd town."


"To the north of Boyd is a town called Shoa, then if we cross over the mountains north of Shoa, we will reach Zaidmahl Territory."

"Ah, around those parts huh. That's good then, a round trip would take quite some time considering the distance and there is no <Mirror of Nata> around there. Moreover, visiting the graves of one's parents before wedding is a most sensible gesture. No one will find faults with it. Truly nice. Go ahead and take your time."

"Are you telling us we'd better off not here."

"The prime minister has instructed me to report to him at once when you're back. Thus I shall go to the capital and explain the situation."

"Shouldn't I go with you."

"He did not specifically ask me to bring you with me. However, there is a high chance he will summon you if you do."

"I see. I might blurt out irrelevant stuff if I show up."

"Just know this. I will report to the prime minister that the enemy supreme commander is a fellow adventurer you partied up with in your world. I will also report how General Boudo led Guido Imperial Army back home, but not the fact that he stayed behind in this kingdom by himself."

"Got it."

"I shall be departing for the capital soon. I should be arriving in the capital the day after tomorrow, you two can stay tonight and take it easy for your departure tomorrow."

"Shouldn't you wait for Jinga?"

"Jinga has to go through the capital before heading here. That prime minister definitely won't let that chance slip by. I could receive his report first if only I have arrived at the capital by then, however, I suspect I won't make it."

"I see."

"Hold it. What will General Boudo, no your friend be doing during your trip."

"Of course he's coming with us. I'm the only one who can speak with him."


Manfrey ruminated for a bit.

"How about letting him stay here."

"You're not gonna understand him."

"Our mansion houses scholars doing research in language learning. Foreign dialects, ancient language and even otherworldly language are within the scope of their research. I believe you have met a few of them."


"We also have scholars studying cultures. People's lifestyles, historical upheavals and local customs are included."


"With the help of those scholars, I'm sure he will be able to learn our language efficiently without interruptions."
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"Sounds good."

Lecan himself had the most trouble with language when he first arrived in this world. Everything is inconvenient when you can't speak the local language. He wanted to learn as quickly as possible but Zaidmahl's people were often busy with work and in the end, only Lady Rubianafale which had no obligations gave him the most time. It took Lecan a whole year to be able to hold a normal daily conversation, but a specialized lesson would have considerably shortened that time.

"Hm. That sounds good. I'll go ask him. Also, guy's always got the itch to fight at least once a day, feel free to use him in the knights training. Don't worry about holding back, he ain't gonna die from getting punched, sliced or burned. In fact, I'll personally praise anyone who managed to kill him."

"Surely you jest? No wait, do not answer that."

"Oh yeah, about the wedding, can you invite Zack Zaikaz."

"...Eh? That's... Very well. It shall be done."

"Manfrey-sama. I believe Zack-sama will likely come with his guards and medics."

"Understood. I'll keep it in mind."

"Also, there's this appraiser called Termin, dunno if he's in Tsubolt or back at capital now. He specializes in appraising weapons, swords in particular."

"I am familiar with Elder Termin. He had appraised a few of our swords. Do you need something with the elder?"

"He's my mentor in appraisal."

"What'd you say."

"Would be good if you get him invited."

"Understood. Speaking of which, the list of guests have grown quite a bit since the last time I showed you. There have been many more people who requested their attendances. I take it you have no issue."

"It's all in your hands. Besides those I personally invited, you're free to invite or refuse anyone else."

"That is good to hear."

"Reserve a seat for Boudo too."

"...Very well."

Afterward, Eda asked Lecan if he had sent invitations to Arios and Julius. The two had completely slipped past Lecan's mind. Julius would probably drop by Mashajain soon, where he could give them the invitations.

Norma went back to Mashajain that day. The 『Dialogue with Medicine God』 has finally been completed, they're just waiting for the finishing touch of copies that will be presented to the royal family, Wazrof Household and Elex Main Temple. They have also decided on the complete volumes of [Sasfrey Herb Study Set].

They had a fun lively dinner with Boudo that night. Boudo couldn't wait to learn the human language in this world. He had a painful first hand experience of not being able to connect in the beastmen empire.

Norma and Eda were full of curiosity and kept asking about how beastmen empire was like. Mostly stuff about lifestyles and cultures, but there were questions about ranks and social system as well.

Boudo responded to this in a surprisingly tactful and accurate manner.

Lecan was in charge of translating back and forth all the while, but he paid the content no mind since he had zero interest in it. The PM's probably willing to pay one platinum coin for this conversation, thought Lecan.




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