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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-4

12-4. Journey to the Royal Capital (4)


Satou's here. It seems stubborn people exist no matter the era of the world. I respect people who live dirtily when it's a matter of life and death, but please stop struggling in order to avoid responsibility.

I release the spirit light that I have sealed.
That line sounds like something said from the mouth of a chuunibyou patient, but I can't help it since it's the truth. When I release the suppressed spirit light, spirits from the surrounding and the ground surface gather to me with dreadful speed.
There's no need for me to hold back since only Mia and me have the Spirit Seer skill in this airship.


I nod at Mia who's asking me.
I hold Mia's arm that she's held up. Apparently, she's guessed my intention.


Arisa is going to ask us while panicking about something, but it seems she's understood what we're trying to do after hearing Mia who's started chanting a spell of spirit magic.

"Geh, that spell is very bad. Pochi, Tama, let's hurry! Mia will take all the spotlight if it keeps up!"
"I don't really understand, but let's hurry nodesu!"
"Agreement accepted~?"

Arisa dashes to the deck with Pochi and Tama on both flanks.

"Nana and Lulu, I'm sorry, but please stay here and keep Karina-sama and the others from going out to the deck."
"Yes, Master."
"U-um. D-do we not need the Accelerated Cannon?"
"Un, the monsters this time are all small fish, so it's going to end with Mia's magic."

Lulu's come asking, but the damage on the surface would be terrible if she uses the Accelerated Cannon.
I tell so to Lulu who looks anxious, and then I go to the deck while carrying Mia with princess carry.

I decided to pretend that I didn't hear Karina-sama who had her arms pinned behind her back by Lulu shouted "Release me".

On the deck, the Mithril explorers who are strangely in high spirits are waiting for the Lance Beetles that are approaching from afar.

It seems the birdkins unit that have been deployed earlier isn't for intercepting the Lance Beetles, they're going to suppress the tamers at the castle fort.
That should be the correct decision considering the fighting force on the airship.

"They're small and fast nodesu."
"Aim well you two."

The beastkin girls intercept the three cannon balls shot by the Cannon Toads flying between the Lance Beetles with a shuriken, a long toothpick, and a javelin.

"Au, even though it hit..."
"Le~ave the rest to me!"

The long toothpick thrown by Pochi was broken by the cannon ball due to the difference in mass.
And then the fire balls shot by Arisa and several people with fire wands wrap the cannon ball up. The cannon ball that's been scratched by Pochi's toothpick is scattered away by the fire balls.

Fire wand can be shot just by supplying it with magic power, it's also faster than the normal spell since it doesn't need to be chant.
The attack power is also relatively good, so there are more demands for fire wands and lightning wands than scrolls from the military.

"Arisa. I need you to do something."
"Okkey~, doesn't seem like I'll get to show off, so you want me to encourage everyone with my beautiful voice?"
"No, let's leave that for when the next opportunity arises--"

I ask Arisa to do more important mission than dealing with the small fish. Incidentally, I also instructed Tama do a Ninja errand. Pochi and Liza are to protect us.

Mia who was chanting the spell with utmost effort during those conversations finally completes it.

"...■■■ Magic Wind King Creation (Create Garuda)"

An artificial spirit that looks like a birdman with half-transparent golden body, wearing a shining crown appears.
It's a being of the same rank as the one that Aze-san had summoned once, Behemoth.

I use [Magic Power Transfer] to recover Mia who has lost most of her magic power.

"Ooh, what is that?"
"Is it a new enemy?!"
"Shield! Protect our friends! ■■■ Diamond Shield Activate!"

The Mithril explorers who are surprised with the sudden appearance of the artificial spirit have changed their aim to Garuda, so I solve the misunderstanding and apologize in a hurry.

I nod to Mia who's looking at me and permit her to attack the Lance Beetles.


Abiding Mia's words, Garuda spreads its wings in stillness while ignoring the aerodynamic force, the tip of the feathers on its wings transform like it's CG-morphing and then  they extend toward the Lance Beetles, attacking them.
Several golden feathers become long and thin like threads and extend, piercing the Lance Beetles like it's wrapping them, and then cut them into small pieces.

"That's the summoning magic that defeated the floormaster huh."

Some questionable misunderstanding are mixed in among the comments.
Sorry but accompanying them is for later.

Right when the birdkin unit has arrived at the fort, an Anomalocaris-like monster called Flying Centipede breaks open the fort's gate from the inside, showing itself.

Unlike the tamed monsters earlier, this one isn't tamed.
It was just a sleeping monster that had [Sleeping] status. Just how did they bring it into the fort....


Garuda who's received Mia's order attacks the Flying Centiped as quick as a bird of prey.
The flying centipede that's preparing to attack the birdkins on the surrounding sway its wings and rise in the air in a swimming-like motion.

"I've fought that monster before, and it has a long-range attack called 『Mystic Ray』. We should be fine, but it can be dangerous for the airship, so keep it from getting close."

I've never actually fought the Flying Centipede. I've made it like that since the source of information is the map.
I'm fine with Mia, but we're in a situation where there are explorers around us.

"Use it?"
"No, just use the golden feathers to torment it."

Mia was talking about the trump card that greater artificial spirits posses.
In case of Garuda, it's a big-scale technique called [Tempest], but on top of having power, it's too showy so I refrained from doing it.

I'll leave the best part to the magicians who are chanting spells with all their might.

"Can you lift and make it stand still in the air higher than the airship."
"Will do."

Garuda that howls in accordance to Mia's instruction stitches the Flying Centipede, stopping its track dead in the air.
The Flying Centipede was shooting some suspicious serrated rays once in a while, but it never reached here even once since it was wrapped in Garuda's golden feathers.

And then the magicians have finished chanting.
In reality, the Flying Centipede has lost 60% of its health, and it's going to end in 2-3 minutes even if we leave it alone, but let's turn the last part over to them since it's conscious.

"Sir Pendragon. The preparation is complete. Please make that summon beast fall back."
"There's no problem. Shoot it along with the summon beast."

I answered so to the explorers guarding the magicians.
An artificial spirit will just turn back into small spirits even if its health becomes zero.

"....■■■ Long-range Flame Spears"

Several spears of swirling flame drill through the Flying Centipede.
Garuda seems to have resistance against fire, the flame disappears the moment it touches Garuda.

"....■■ Holy Pile"
"....■■■■ Divine Hammer"

Slightly later, a huge blue stake pierces the Flying Centipede, and then a shining hammer that appears beside it crushes the monster into pieces.

The deck is wrapped in shouts of joy.

Lady Karina who has finally been released jumps in, but there's already no enemy for her.
Seeing her stamping her feet in frustration is a sight for sore eyes, but I wish she stops since that's not mature.
I ask Nana who has appeared a bit later to do some business.

Mia beside me sends Garuda home.

Since the artificial spirit was created, I had thought that it should be called cancellation instead, but it was [Sending Home] since the non-elemental spirits that had been dissolved were returning to where they came from.
Aze-san was rarely talking about it passionately.
That kind of Aze-san was rare and nice.

Maybe because I'm thinking such thing, Mia's mood has slightly worsened.

"Good work Mia."

I give Mia some appreciation and try to release her from the princess carry state, but it doesn't seem like she'll get down.

"I'm tired."

It can't be helped then.
Arisa is also often like this after she's used unique skill, doing this once in a while is alright.

I mislead other people into thinking that the Garuda summon is the secret skill of the elves.
The magicians who have heard the spirit magic chanting mentioned, "It's different from Sebelkea-dono's magic, but the phoneme is similar with the spell from the ancient document", which helped reinforced the story.

I make them promise to let me see that ancient document when we get back to the Labyrinth City of course.
The compensation for that is the Face Tree's branches that I have stocked a lot in the storage.
Apparently it seems to be a material for making wands.

Now then, leaving aside those trivial things, let's get back to our present situation.

One of the gun turret is dead, but there's no more obstacle for the sailing of the ship. The people inside the airship who have been injured are healed by Mia and the other healing magicians, and they've gone back to normal.

Several of the birdkins who searched the fort seemed to have died, but they were able to arrest the majority of the perpetrators.
Several people seems to have escaped, but there's no problem on that front.

Duke Bishtal who's in front of me is yelling toward me and the ship's captain while I'm doing such escapism.
Apparently, he cannot consent to the fact that his retainers have schemed to take his life.

He was playing dumb and said that he didn't know his retainers who were arrested by the birdkin unit, and claimed that it was a trap devised by Duke Oyugock, his political opponent, since they were in the hunting mansion of Marquis Lloyd, Duke Oyugock's subordinate.

"Masita, we're back~"
"Masuta, we have successfully accomplished your command."

Shiro and Crow entered the Royal Suite while flying around.
Nana entered the room with the evidence on her hand before Duke Bishtal could verbally abuse the two.

"Master, we have arrested the thief who was trying to escape."

Nana throws the man she's brought to the floor.

It's the person Shiro and Crow have arrested from my request to Nana earlier.
The two got their flight capability reinforced with Nana's force arte and then arrested the man with my guidance via [Telephone].
Of course, just these two alone would have been dangerous, so the one who actually arrested and restrained the man was Tama who was brought to the ground with Arisa's space magic.

"Ge-Gelf.... Who? That man is!"

The Duke was very surprised to see him he involuntarily muttered his name, but it seems the only one who's heard it was me with the Ear Straining skill.
This man's identity is of a considerably upper rank even among the Duke's subordinates. His title is [Advisor of Young Nobleman].

--That means the Duke's own child instigated this.
I really don't want to get involved in this kind of muddled story.

"This man seems to be the mastermind who was trying to escape from the crime site. Is he an acquaintance of Lord Duke?"
"I don't know this person."

Just as I've expected, he's feigning ignorance, so I push the man to the Captain.

"Is it alright to leave this man to you Captain?"
"Umu, you can entrust him to me."

I watch the duke's state while patting Shiro's and Crow's head.
He looks indignant, but he doesn't seem to be a fool who would take the direct action in this place.

He might try to get rid of the man during the brief time until we arrive at the Royal Capital, but I'll obstruct it stealthily.

The stake is too high for the Duke since that'd mean he has exposed the national airship, the Mithril explorers who are important fighting forces during emergency, and the direct descendant of a lord--Lady Karina--to danger in his family feud.
I'm not interested as to how he can recover from that, but please don't bear grudge toward us who don't have anything to do with it.

In the end, I ended up having to stealthily repulse the assassins hired by the Duke three times. Leaving it to Ninja Tama would be too conspicuous, so I made use of Magic Hands and Mia's artificial spirit, [Elemental Rats].
I feel like I can hear the grinding teeth of the Duke who received the failure report.

Without being concerned with such a human, the airship we're riding has finally entered the airport located in the Royal Capital's outskirt.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-3

12-3. Journey to the Royal Capital (3)


Satou's here. I like the blooming field of milkvetch flower that happens before the rice-planting. My countryside grows green soybeans instead of milkvetch flowers though, so I've only ever seen such elegant scenery from the window of a train.

"Haa, this is amazing."
"Lots, lots of little blue flowers nanodesu!"

I've brought everyone to the observatory dome since I've been told that the scenery is amazing after the airship has passed the rough spot.
Sure enough, it was crowded, but our youth troupe slipped through the gaps between people and arrived before the window.

"Heya, Sir Pendragon. You can change with us since we've enjoyed it already."
"Do show it to the girls too. It's quite a rare spectacle y'know."

The male explorers whom I helped with the dancing practice yesterday open a spot for us.
I thank them and take Lulu and the others to the front.

"It's amazing."
"It's really beautiful. I wonder if that's a prairie?"
"It's probably a cultivated land, so I conjecture. The blue color on the surface are blue milkvetch flowers, so I report."

Liza and Nana are calm, but the other members admire the scenery once they see it. Crow is rarely acting like their age.

All of the vast area that can be seen from the airship is covered in blue flowers.
There are some woods and hamlets here and there too of course, however they look like nothing but art objects that decorate the deep blue carpet.

This scene continues on until we reach the Royal Capital. I knew that this was the largest grain-producing area in the kingdom, but I wasn't even sure they would raise flowers and never thought that it would be this different than what I had expected.
This area was of the tawny color of the fallow when I passed through here with Flash Drive, so I had arbitrarily thought so.

Some band has started playing solemn music on the stage near the wall in the observatory dome, it seems they're doing a performance.

I yield my ears to the tune and enjoy the scene that can only be seen now.
Before I knew it, Lulu who's mesmerized has entrusted herself to my arm.

The two maids of Lady Karina are currently having a hard fight in order to dress Lady Karina up, so the three of them are not here.
This scenery will continue for a while, so they probably won't miss and regret it.


Tama said so when we were quenching our throat on the drinking corner of the observatory dome.

"What's wrong?"
"It's 『Sparkling』 over there~"

I look at where Tama is pointing, but only the equilibrium wing and the large magic engine that extend from the hull are over there.
It might be just a reflection of something, but since the one who said it was Tama, I'm bothered.

I operate the map to check the place that Tama's pointed.
There are several magicians and engineers near the large magic engine, but that's as usual.

The one that's not usual is on the narrow interconnection of the equilibrium wing.
--For some reason, there's a retainer of Duke Bishtal over there.

"This time, it's sparkling over there nodesu!"
"Master, I saw it too. I feel some kind of agitating presence although it might be a coincidence."

This time it's not only Tama, Pochi and Liza seems to have seen it too.
The direction is completely different though.

The two are looking at the direction the airship is heading.
I operate the map and check on the place the beastkin girls indicate.

The beastkin girls don't seem able to see it, so I put my hand like a visor and look at the scenery outside the window.
The windows of this airship are transparent, but they were made with mysterious conductive material from monster, so even I don't know the composition myself.
Although it's not usable for armor, it's unexpectedly sturdy, and it doesn't become sharp pieces when broken, so I've made use of them during the airship construction.

There's a structure that looks like a combination of a French castle and a fort at the place the beastkin girls have pointed.
When I checked the detail, it was said to be the hunting mansion of Marquis Lloyd. I remember about the tempura we ate together in the Duchy Capital when I see his name.

Whoops, rather than that, there's something strange.

A hunting mansion right in the middle of cultivated land is already quite strange, but the people inside the mansion are even stranger.
The low ranked servants like the maids and manservants are under Marquis Lloyd, but for some reaosn, there are also several retainers of Duke Bishtal.

There are even monsters in the mansion's basement.
Their title is [Tamed] so they're probably minions of the Tamer people nearby, but the line-up is strange, there are upper level 20s Lance Beetles, lower level 20s Canon Toads and Rocket Trees.
It's as if they've been prepared for anti-aircraft battles.
Moreover there are nearly 30 of them, they're probably able to besiege a small country that only has one city. It's not enough to cause coup d'etat in Shiga Kingdom, but it should be able to shoot down a mere airship.

However, there's something even more dangerous in another layer underground--

"Satou, Raka found some suspicious light desuwa."
『Umu, I hope it's just an unfounded fear, but the light reflection looks like it's used as signals.』

Lady Karina and Raka who are exposed to wind on the deck brought such information to me.
I already know it, but there's no need to point that out.

"I saw it too y'see. Lord Duke is riding this airship after all, something's stink of burn."
<TLN: He said 'Kinakusai'>

A Mithril explorer that's appeared from behind Lady Karina--a middle-aged man called Marmot the scout or something, says so.
I feel weird hearing the word, [Kinakusai] in a world that's abandoned gunpowder.

"Arisa, take everyone along to put on the equipment."

In order to prepare for the worst case scenario, I order everyone to put on their public equipment.

"Okkey. The B-type one is fine right?"
"Yeah, you can put on either the usual or the lovely one whichever you want."
"Aye aye sir. Let's go everyone!"
"Aye~" "Nanodesu!"

The B-type thing that Arisa's talked about is the finest one among the public equipment. Since this isn't the time to use the A-type equipment that were used during the fight with the floor master and the unused hidden equipment, I've given them permission to use the next best one.
By the way, the [Lovely] one is the showy equipment for the parade. Its performance is no different from the usual B-type equipment.

Marmot-shi ran to the bridge with his friends.

Liza and I didn't go back to change our clothes.

If the mastermind behind the tamed monsters earlier aims to shoot down this airship, we're going to enter the firing range of the tamed monsters soon.
The Rocket Trees seem to be monsters that look like an anti-aircraft monster, so we can't be careless.

Although it's strange for the retainers of Duke Bishtal to shoot down the airship that the Duke himself is riding, there's a possibility that we've been rolled up in a family feud.
In that case, though it's not like I don't understand the reason why Marquis Lloyd who is his political opponent participates in the attack, that carefree person doesn't seem to be someone who will partake in an assassination.

Well, I better postpone thinking about this for later.
Right now I have to prioritize the way to cope with the crisis that might be drawing near. It'd end as a funny story if it was just an unfounded fear, but let's continue the preparation for now.

I start the [Signal] magic while sitting on the seat.

The luminous dots on the top of the Hunting Mansion I've locked one have started moving.
Looks like they're guilty as charged.

--Sending compact code.

This is an airship that I've made myself.
I have insurances in case of emergency.

--I secure the superlative right to operate the airship via the backdoor.

I wanted to end this without using it if possible, but it doesn't seem to be so.
I send information about the tamed monsters from my map to the Airship searching crystal. The radar of this ship shouldn't have found them yet.

Slightly later, the siren of the observatory dome begins resounding.

Our girls enter the room while being surprised with the loud sound of the siren.
My crisis perception reacts lightly right at that time.

On the ground, five luminous red dots have begun to move.
Judging from the speed, it's probably the Rocket Trees.

The airship seems to be turning in an effort to evade the monsters, but there's a high possibility that it can't.
Urgent broadcasts are coming from the speaking tube.

『Relaying to all members, please carry out the emergency maneuver--』
『--grab the nearest handrail if you don't want to die!』

The angry voice of a man who seems to be the captain buried the trembling voice of a woman.
The airship's hull has begun to skid at the same time as that angry voice.

With [Magic Hands], I support every powerless member starting from Arisa.

"It's critically dangerous nodesu!"
"Close your mouth. You'll bite your tongue."

Starting from Arisa, everyone unanimously started to make noise, but Liza quickly reined them.
Lulu and Mia have clung to my arms without letting any voice out. On our side, there's Nana who looks so happy hugging Shiro and Crow.

At first, people in the observatory dome could bear the skidding, but then several people have been separated from the handrail after a sudden acceleration accompanied with boom sound.
They probably have used the acceleration tube that I've prepared for making sudden evasion.

I select the commoners who seem likely to get injured if they hit the wall among the people who are flying like they are in zero gravity in the observatory room, and use [Magic Hand] close to the wall to kill their momentum.
The Mithril explorers would only feel some pain from this much, so I left them alone.

Five Rocket Trees are flying away outside the window.
Looks like the airship has successfully evaded, but the enemies' jet propulsion should only last for 30 seconds. The enemies will probably change their course and come attacking again.

I wish the gun turrets on both side of the warship do their roles, but it seems the starboard gunman has fainted from the sudden maneuver just now. He's probably hit his head somewhere.
The port gunman is still well, but he shouldn't be able to hit the Rocket Trees considering the location, the hull is obstructing them.

I use the superlative right that I've secured and rotate the starboard gun turret.
I'd like to attack them by linking the gun turrets with the map like with Aegis, but unfortunately I haven't constructed such system yet.

I calculate the trajectory using the map and the cannon's angle and begin the remote bombardment.
The magic-powered artillery that can fire three shots every second chases after the five Rocket Trees, painting the sky red.

I was able to shoot down all five monsters before the gun barrel got burnt out.
I make the port gun turret to open fire toward the Rocket Trees that hadn't takeoff and the Lance Beetles.

It seems the distance is too far, they're all near-hit shots.

The birdkins who have taken off from the lower rank join together into a rank to intercept the enemies. They're all only upper level 10s people equipped with fire wands, so I'm unsure they can intercept the Lance Beetles.

The slanting airship has corrected its position, so I release Lulu and the others who were hugging me.
The voice of the man from before flowed out of the speaking tube.

『This is the Captain's speaking. I request the cooperation of magicians in this airship. Please intercept the monsters approaching this airship.』

Now then, looks like it's time for our turn.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-2

12-2. Journey to the Royal Capital (2)


Satou's here. The story of Amaterasu-Oomikami hiding in the cave behind a rock is famous. Though I think there aren't many people who know about the hidden reason as to why the goddess hid herself in the cave.

Now then, I'd have liked to see it if Nana acted as the Ame-no-Uzume, but judging from the usual pattern, it's probably going to be Arisa or the other little girl member.

I stand up without hesitation and step forward before the closed door that separates us from Lady Karina.

I cut off sounds with wind magic, and then use [Clairvoyance] and [Magic Hand] magic at the same time to unlock the door with the key from the other side.
It's scary if this combo is used to do crime, but if someone can use [Wind Magic], [Space Magic], and [Force Magic], they should be able to succeed in life even without becoming a criminal.

I entered the bedroom while thinking such a trivial thing.

Raka is flickering blue light on the table.
It's quite rare for Lady Karina to not wear Raka. She usually even wears it during her sleep....

Judging from Raka's flickering state, it probably had noticed my intrusion, but since Lady Karina didn't warn him, it's guarding her silently.

Unfortunately--err, fortunately, Lady Karina is still wearing the clothes from before, lying her face down on the bed, sulking.
No, checking the map, she isn't in [Sleeping] state, so she's still awake.

"Karina-sama, I've heard that you weren't feeling well, how are you feeling now?"

I whisper to Lady Karina near the bedside.
Lady Karina who's surprised jumps out of the bed and puts her back on the board that's on the wide bed.

Oops, I approached her silently since I had used magic to erase sound when I unlocked the door....
Let's feign ignorance.

"Did I surprise you?"

Lady Karina's face has inconspicuously reddened while her mouth is opening and closing, the area around her eyes look red.
....She was really surprised huh.

Looks like she was frustrated about losing, her moist eyes are violently sexy.
I float Aze-san in my mind to hold back my desire.

"Please be still."

While pretending to wipe the area around her eyes with a handkerchief, I heal it with magic. It's good now.

Lady Karina has closed her eyes, and Raka shouldn't be able to see me invoking magic since my body is in the way, so it should be fine.

However, Lady Karina is still closing her eyes even after I've done wiping her eyes.

--She's too vulnerable.
I'm a carnivore-type man after all, so I could end up kissing and pushing you down you know?

"I've wiped your eyes. It's alright to open them now."

After opening and closing her mouth for a moment, Lady Karina looks at me, dumbfounded.
She matches eyes with mine and seems to be dissatisfied about something, and then she puffs her cheeks.

"Satou is mean desuwa!"

The pillow thrown by Lady Karina hits my face.

"It's the arrival of the dish nodesu!"
"Karage mountains~?"

Pochi and Tama jumped into the room while saying so.
They're spreading sweet atmosphere while I'm being troubled as to how to handle the sullen Lady Karina, so they've honestly saved me.

"Un, it smells nice."
"Snatching food is no good nanodesu!"

Pochi scolded me when I was going to taste the dish.

"It's just food tasting, tasting."
"It can't be helped if it's tasting nodesu."
"Tama is tasting too~"
"Pochi will also not hesiteta to taste it nodesu."

Pochi, that should be [Hesitate].
I take the karage from the plate that Tama's holding and then put them into Pochi's and Tama's mouth.
Next, I put one into mine.

Lulu has become even more skilled. Isn't she already better than me with my maximum cooking skill?

Since Lady Karina beside me was looking enviously at Pochi and Tama, I also present one into her mouth that's opened slightly.

Maybe it's because I've put the karage into her mouth so suddenly, she's protesting while chewing it.
The reason why she doesn't yield, though, is probably because the karage that's in her mouth has no sin.

And then, Mia and Arisa who came a bit later returned here.
The two are wearing mantles that cover their whole bodies even though it's hot. I'm afraid to ask what are they wearing inside the mantle.


Mia reacted by condemning guilty after looking at the atmosphere released by Lady Karina, but the ones that should be deemed guilty are you girls.

"Ara, you've already lured Oppa--Karina-sama out of her room?"

Arisa asked, although with slightly bad wording.
I wholeheartedly ignore the turbulent words from Arisa and Mia who are muttering in whispers, "Our bewitching clothes gone to waste", "Night", "Y, yeah you're right!"

Now then, I guess we might as well start the party?

"Fumu, as expected of the works of the best labyrinth city chef."
"Delicious. I would have never thought that I'd be treated to the Phantom Chef's dishes in the airship."

The mithril explorers easily raised their voices of admiration once they tasted the party dishes Lulu had made.
We've invited the explorers who are in the dining hall and start a party since Lulu had made many dishes.
There were more people who participated that I had anticipated, so I had added more with the cooperation of the airship's kitchen staff.

Explorers who ride the airship are mostly males, but there are also 7-8 female explorers among them.

I thought that Lady Karina would make some friends with them since they were of the same female explorers, but my expectation was a miss.
Erina and Newbie-chan are forming a protective wall around her in one corner of the table, while she's continuing to eat.

The male explorers who are captivated by the demonic breasts and her beauty have just swarmed her just awhile ago, but since Lady Karina gets frightened when they approach her en masse, I've become stuck to be the one who ensure that no more than two people can approach her at a time, like a manager.
After some extent, it seems the male explorers perceived that Lady Karina was not interested, so they changed their target to the waitresses.

Nana is also surrounded by the male explorers, but she's handling it in "my pace" mode like usual. Looks like they're not experienced enough to break through Nana's impregnableness guard.

In exchange of the men who had disappeared, I introduced Lady Karina to the female explorers whom I had befriended during the party, but it didn't go well since they couldn't have a conversation for long.

I wanted to ask her why did she act so prickly even though the other parties had favorable impression about her during this occasion.
I was thankful that the female explorers didn't feel too offended even thought they had wry smiles.

In one corner of the dining hall that's not too big, Mia begins her performance.
Looks like one of the explorers has asked her, she's playing the famous tune that's used for ballroom dancing in Shiga Kingdom.

The male and female explorers have begun dancing to the tune.
Everyone of them seems unused to it, maybe they never practice much.

"Please don't laugh at us. We are all commoners unlike Sir Pendragon and Jeril. Everyone wants to practice before we arrive at the Royal Capital."
"I won't laugh. Everyone is a beginner at the beginning."

The thirty-year old female explorer who was talking with Lady Karina earlier covered for the explorers who were dancing awkwardly.
They should be invited to parties from various nobles once they arrive at the Royal Capital. They're probably practicing the social dancing in order not to embarrass themselves when that happens.

This is just right.
I might as well have Lady Karina practice during this time.

"Now, Karina-sama. Let me have this dance."
"I-I won't dance."
"That is not good. Furthermore, even if you step on my foot here, no one will scold, laugh or be disappointed at you."

I take the hand of Lady Karina who's shrinking back.

"I shall exercise my right as the winner now."

I exercise the right and take Lady Karina to the space where we can dance.
Arisa and the others protested, but they consented after I said that they could change place with Lady Karina once her dance practice is over.
After Lady Karina, the next one is going to be Lulu who has worked the hardest for this party.

"Karina-sama, please lean your body a bit more."
"Uu, i-it's embarassing desuwa."

I'm getting a bit stimulated to see Lady Karina being shy, but I have to concentrate teaching her to dance now.

Concentrate Satou.
You must not concentrate on the pair of miracles that are touching chest.

You cannot.

I teach Lady Karina how to dance while evading Mia's sharp glances.

"That's right. You're pretty good."
"...N, no way."

I praise her every time she's become better even a bit to remove her doubt.

"Don't be preoccupied with the footsteps you can't see. Please remember your footworks during battles."
"L-like this?"
"Yes, like that."

Lady Karina can't check her footsteps during the dance because of her all-to-great breasts. Her worries seems to increase due to that.
She's getting better little by little after I informed her to mix the steps with close combat footworks.

The dance cannot be said to be elegant, but it's a speedy sharp dance.
She just has to accumulate experiences afterward.

After Lady Karina, I dance with Lulu and our other girls, and then going with the flow, with Erina, Newbie-chan, and even the female explorers.

For some reason, in the end, I ended up instructing the male explorers the way to dance.
It was slightly hard, but getting the explorers indebted to me with only this is a cheap price to pay.

Just that, I was dumbfounded to see Arisa began breathing roughly when I became the partner of the male explorers as a way to teach them the dance steps.

The airship we're riding has passed through the last rough mountains before the Royal Capital without any particular flying monsters attacking.

Now then, soon it's the Royal Capital.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-1

12-1. Journey to the Royal Capital


Satou's here. There was a time when I shut myself in my room after I had a fight with my parents during my middle-school days, but it only lasted for three days. I think you need serious resolution and aptitude in order to do that.

"I am very honored to be in the presence of Lord Duke Bishtal."
"Umu, I'm glad to see Sir Jeril is in good health."

With the [Crimson Nobleman] Jeril first on the list, only the people who are of nobility are summoned to this royal suite.
Despite the fact that other people besides us who have received the Mithril plate cannot be called commoners even though they're going to be bestowed the peerage in the royal capital.
Although besides Sir Jeril who is a baronet, we're all either only honorary nobles or children of nobles.

Duke Bishtal who has summoned us is a middle-aged man with stern face and a hook nose like General Eltal, his uncle.
I stole a glance at his face while kneeling down like everyone else.

The other party is not a royalty so there should be no need to kneel down, but perhaps it was because his lineage as a cousin of the king, or due to his influence, everyone had kneeled down once they entered the room and waited for him, so I followed them out of courtesy like a Japanese man would.

After he's done talking with Jeril, he begins to congratulate the children of nobles who have defeated the [Floormasters] in turns.
Then, he congratulates the honorary nobles somewhat more plainly than with the noble children before, and then it's my turn as the last one.

Judging from his glare, it feels like he's harboring ill will toward me.

"I enjoyed your acrobatic show earlier. Aren't you looking more like a street performer than an explorer today?"

Lady Karina would have gone into a rage if he heard him saying it an 'acrobatic'.
However, doing it with Mia's performance in the background while Pochi and Tama are dancing, touring around the country like that sounds very fun.
It's probably because I thought that--

"That sounds fun indeed. Allow us to hold a tour in Lord Duke's castle town if we cease the explorer business."

--that I involuntarily said so, making the Duke's face became sullen.

He might have perceived my honest thought as a snark since he most likely had said his words with sarcasm.
The cliche here should be him grandly sneering, "You low life upstart, blah, blah, blah", but...

"It seems Oyugock Dukedom intends to nominate you to be a Shiga Eight Swords, but they are not existences that should be taken lightly by someone without real ability to back him up."

The Duke glances to Sir Jeril and nods seriously.
I see, he's going to recommend Sir Jeril to become a Shiga Eight Swords to oppose Duke Oyugock huh.

If I were to become a Shiga Eight Swords by mistake, let alone tour, it would even hinder me from raising the girls' level.
And also, please stop treating me as a piece in your power struggle.

It'd be troubling if I say some careless remark and he deemed me as an enemy.
For the time being, in order to cover my remark earlier, I responded neutrally with, "Thank you very much for Lord Duke's warning."

If sparks seem like it's going to fly, it might be good to make a master swordsman called [Musashi] or maybe [Lancelot] appear and forcefully take the seat of Shiga Eight Swords.
If it goes well, I can just make the mysterious master swordsman go challenge a dragon and die tragically.
Then Jeril can take the seat peacefully afterward.

Still, even if he's saying it because I'm a piece of his political opponent, I think arbitrarily deciding a Mithril explorer to be [of without real ability] is a bit unreasonable....

"Eh~, why don't you seriously become a Shiga Eight Swords?"
"Why should I."

I told the circumstances at the royal suite to Arisa.
Lulu is in the kitchen, Pochi and Tama have gone to Lady Karina's room, they're not here.

Just in case, I've instructed them to contact me if some strange guy approached them.

"What are you saying. You'd be treated as an Earl equaling prime ministers if you became a Shiga Eight Swords you know?"
"I'm not interested in such position."

If I really wanted the peerage, I could have asked the king as Nanashi, and, even though Duchy is impossible, he's probably going to easily grant Earldom at least.
In the first place, there's no merit for me even if I become an upper noble.

"Kah~~. Mou! Why are you so not-greedy like that! If you're a man, you should have aimed to become successful in life after coming to another world and obtaining cheat right? If you became an earl, you could make as many noble girls as you like become your brides you know?"
"Calm down, Arisa."

Arisa presses on me while insisting on something incomprehensible.
Arisa tends to run wild when it has to do with the [Promise]. She usually says that she likes me, but I wonder if she's fine with other girls becoming my brides?

It was Mia who got upset from that Arisa's remark.

"Affair is no good you know. Absolutely you know? There are already enough brides anyway. It's at full capacity you know?"
"Sorry Mia! I, I'm sorry okay, I'm reflecting on itt~~"

Arisa is getting flinched from Mia's menacing look.
I didn't ask who the brides are since it'd only be a boomerang for me.

By the way, Nana who was in the same room didn't hear my story since she was absorbed in playing [Ayatori] with Shiro and Crow.

When I entered the room, Shiro and Crow were already inside like it was natural.
I've decided to let them go with us since the Airship has embarked already.
Even though they have wings, it seems flying from an airship requires special training, so it was difficult for me to say [Return them].
In case of Nana, punishment should mean banning the once-in-a-week magic power supplement, but the loss is too big for me myself so I'll think about other ways.

Oops, my thought has deviated for a bit.

Liza didn't state any particular opinion, but it seems she wants me to become a Shiga Eight Swords like Arisa.

Rather, I think Liza is more suited to become a Shiga Eight Swords. She should be stronger than the third prince who was a Shiga Eight Swords at least.
Pochi and Tama have also become stronger than the third prince, but these two are still young, such position is probably too early for them.

"I'm back, nanoresu."

Pochi and Tama came back while looking tired.

"How was Karina-sama?"
"She doesn't want to get out of the room nodesu!"

I put the reserved whale jerky to Pochi and Tama who have plopped themselves on the sofa as thanks.
These are the last from the 100-kilo jerky I've made before, I should make sure to make more.

"T-this is!"
"Whale Jer~ ky~"
"Energy times 100 nanodesu!"

The two jump up while having the jerkies on their mouths, and then take the 'shupin' pose.
This kinda pose doesn't go well with the formal dresses they're wearing.

--It's cute though.

"Now, then--"
"Are you going to Oppai-san's place?"

--No, I don't intend to though?

I almost said so, but I wisely did not.

I guess leaving Lady Karina alone while she's being like that is cruel.
I had thought of socializing with the other Mithril explorers together with everyone on this occasion, but let's postpone that.

"You're right. After giving her a bit more time, I'll go see her condition."

Liza stood up when some guests knocked the door.
The two people who have come are Lady Karina's attendants, maid Erina and Newbie-chan.
For some reason, Newbie-chan is an unfortunate girl whom no one calls with her name, but since the person herself doesn't seem to mind, I'll call her so until Erina refers her with her name.

"Chevalier-sama, please help~"

The two bow their heads and beg me to do something about Lady Karina who's shut herself in her room. I don't think that we should be that worried, but according to these girls, this seems to be an abnormal situation.

"She didn't come out of her room even after we put the plate with Karages that Lulu-san had made in front of the room you know?"

Erina, you're the only one who would come out with that.
I ignore the presences of Pochi, Tama, and in addition, Liza, who are nodding.

By the way, Liza, and Pochi who were in chaos during the blimp travel are in their usual states, maybe they're not afraid because the airship doesn't shake that much.
Or it might be because they've experienced various acrobatic battles in the labyrinth.
Well, our current girls probably would come out alive even if they fell from the airship by utilizing Magic Edge Cannon or magic somehow.

"I mean, after getting scolded by Consul Nina, and soundly beaten by Captain Zotor, she became lively again from the smell of karages made by Head-chef Gelt! Yet now~"

Erina presses on me while looking desperate.
I understand that you're worried about Lady Karina, but please stop pressing your flat chest on my arm that you've been doing since awhile ago. Even Newbie-chan's ended up imitating you, see.

"Hey now, there's no need to stick so much right."

Arisa and Mia tear the two from my arms.

We're going to Lady Karina's room as invited by the two, postponing the plan to listen to the interesting episodes of the other Mithril explorers.

"Karina-sama, I have heard that you lie sick on your bed, how are you feeling?"

I knock on the door of the room where Lady Karina is shutting herself.
There's no answer of course.

Now then, what should I do.

"Let's go with the Amano-iwato operation!"
"That's right! There's a myth about a shut-in Goddess in the world of Hero-sama! Let's perform the same operation that lured that Goddess out!"

Arisa took an imposing stance while breathing wildly on top of the table, but then she became small after Liza scolded her for bad manner.

In order to prepare the banquet, Arisa took everyone along to the kitchen where Lulu was.

However, doing a banquet in front of the room of someone who's seriously feeling down seems like it'll only make her become an obstinate shut-in...

I've gotten myself lost in thought in front of Lady Karina's bedroom door.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 9

SS: Arisa-Sensei's Magic Classroom



Our skirts got flipped up with the voice of boy.
The children behind the boy are cheering for the multi-colored panties festival.
Geez, what lecherous kids.

"Geh, that Arisa is wearing trousers under her skirt!"

When I looked at the giggling group of boys beside the boy, there was no need for me to wonder the reason why the boy was frantically training [Breeze] spell.
I never had thought that he would be able to successfully chant the spell this quick, but it's only natural for a lady to prepare the minimum insurance.

Yet, the brats are booing.

"I'm not."

Good grief, boys will be boys no matter the world.... I want you guys to follow our Master's example. He never did any prank despite sleeping together with such a beautiful girl like me.
My pillow with YES written on both sides is crying.

Oops, rather than that.

I drop my fist to the brats who are pointing at me while barking beside the boy.
And to the offender's head too of course.


I fold my arms and glare at the two boys who have fainted.
The other boys are being tortured by the girls who got their skirts flipped.
Serves you right.

"Now then, are you aware the reason why you're called here. Boy?"
"You beat us good back then, forgive me already."

The boy begs me with a pitiful face.
My sadistic heart is burning up after seeing that, but I endure it by thinking my beloved Master's smile in my mind.

Fuuh, good-looking boy is the best.

--Getting back to the subject.

"There are two roads you can choose now that you've become able to use life magic."

I speak to the boy earnestly.
First, become a life magic 'spell-user' and earn stable income.
Second, learn force magic and elemental magic to become a magician.

The boy answers with--

"The first Arisa-sensei sponsored power-leveling rally~"
"O, oy, Arisa. You never said anything 'bout entering the labyrinth."
"I sure did~n't"

I take no notice of the flustered boy's words.
There's no way Area 11 can be any danger when you're with me and Nana.

"Carelessness is your greatest enemy~"

Haha, oh Tama, when did you get here.
Tama left a person-shaped spot of Shadow Stalker that had disguised itself as a rubbish below her.
Uwah, this one should have only appeared deeper in the labyrinth.
That was dangerous. We were saved thanks to the Ninja.

"Hey, would Tama also come with us?"
"Thanks. I'll treat you to as many meat skewers you like when we get back."

I feel slightly guilty to see Tama who's innocently being happy.

Afterward, we continued the easy power-leveling with Tama's enemy-search and Nana's protection.
The boy became silent halfway through, but it shouldn't be because he had drank too many magic power recovery potion. It shouldn't be because he was forced to recover from the level up sickness by drinking magic potions.

And then, a water and earth magician is born during the time until the dusk.
Though the classroom above the ground should take time too, with this, the desired framework to make [Pendragon] bunch into magicians should be reached.

"Still, I understand why you want water magic, but why earth magic?"

Children probably would have chosen light or fire magic.

"I mean, Iruna-sensei said that the 『Demand』 was huge."
"You've sure gotten ahold of yourself despite being a child~"
"Well yeah. Moreover, Chevalier-sama wants earth magician right. I want to repay the favor to Chevalier-sama even for a bit."

How cheeky for a kid.
But, a boy is still a man even though he's young after all!

After fully patting and praising him, I treated him and Tama with a lot of meat skewers.
I couldn't compensate Nana who wanted [Arisa's collection of sayings], but I'll search some small accessories that she likes and present it to her.

Later, since I thought that giving only meat skewers was unsatisfactory, I presented him with short pants, but it was rejected.
Even though it should be short pants when you're talking about uniform for boys. Incomprehensible.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 8

SS: Liza's Service?


Bath is a wonderful thing.
There are many things Master has bestowed me, but I don't think there is anything else that grants this luxurious supremely blissful warmth.

Meat is a special exception of course.

"Huh? Liza-san you're still in there? Isn't it about time for the water to become cool?"
"It's alright since it's still hotter than my body temperature. Mia should have been the one who will be cleaning the bath today, has it been changed to Arisa?"
"Tahaha, it's a bit you know, the turn for Master's punishment..."

...Again huh.
Arisa probably had tried to incorrigibly [sekuhara] Master and got punished for it.

I think it's natural for people to try to increase their descendants, but Master doesn't seem eager to leave behind offspring for the next era.
After all, he said that he would wait five years for Arisa and Lulu.

I stand up since I feel bad if I become a hindrance for her punishment duty.
Arisa apologized with some grown-up words, "This looks like I drive you out, sorry.", but it's a trivial matter.

Since I can enter the bath tomorrow, though it's a luxurious situation for a slave to be.

"28-hour bath is it?"
"Yep, the teleportation point in the middle-layer is narrow, so I'm thinking of making a new villa with a bath that's ready to be filled with warm water anytime. I want to hear opinions from everyone. What do you think Liza?"
"I am in favor of course."

What a splendid thing!
To be able to submerge in warm water all day long!

On the next day, we've come to the area where great many aquatic monsters inhabited, it's the place where the villa is going to be built. Many monsters like Labyrinth Monstrous Fish, Bombardment Shellfish, Crayfish with wave-shaped claws, and Leaping Flounders attacked us, but they were no match against us who were dominated with appetite.
We had a bit of a hard fight against the Labyrinth Coral who spread paralyzing mist, but we were able to win due to Master's [Supoort], and Arisa's and Mia's magic aid.
After trampling the Sea Eels on the sandy beach area that scatter lightning spheres from the gem on their foreheads, and breaking through hard monsters like the Jewel Sea Cucumber and the Vajra Shellfish, we have finally arrived at the planned place for the villa.

"Are you going to build it here?"
"Yeah, there's a heat source from the magma pool underneath this area."

I listen to Arisa and Master's conversation with serious face.
I don't know what magma pool is, but it must be some kind of magic tool that can boil water.

My role is to build the villa in accordance to Master's instruction.

....Master made holes for the piping in an instant using earth magic.
He even made the ditch for drainage in a blink of an eye with earth magic.

I stand idly while waiting for Master's order, but there's no turn for me.
I wonder what should I do?

When I asked, Master kindly said, "You had been opening the road until we got here right? Having a good rest is also a part of the job you know."
However, I think Master who's ensured everyone's safety until now is the one most tired.

The only thing that I can do without hindering Master is helping Lulu preparing the lunch.
Let's do the thing I can do with my utmost rather than lamenting my incompetence.

When I come to call Master after having finished preparing the lunch, what greets me is the villa building that has been finished before I knew it.
It's a building that's far more splendid than the villa in the Area 4 of the upper-layer.

"Ah, Liza! Come here. See this large communal bathroom I've finished."

Going to Master who's beckoning me, I arrive at the large communal bathroom.
There is a bathtub large enough for everyone to enter while still leaving some leeway.

"You can't enter it yet okay? It has to be poured with the hot water for awhile to wash away the rubbish and the sand."

I dip my finger in the bathtub water, the temperature is just right.
I'm driven with impulse to strip my clothes and jump on it right here and now, but the first bath belongs to Master.
Taking the first bath is something beyond a mere slave.

When Master enters the bath, I have to wash his back to heal his fatigue today.
Even Arisa screamed in delight when I washed her back, so Master will surely be content too.

For that sake, first, I have to fortify myself with a meal.
We went toward the sandy beach where Lulu was waiting with the seafood dishes.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 7

SS: Mia's Music Hall


"Mia-sama, your performance is wonderful today too."
"It really is, I can never get tired listening to Mia's music."
"Haven't I told you so many times to use 'sama'!"
"You two, don't make a fuss in front of Mia-sama."

After the performance is over, the fairykin children and long-earkin children are clamoring.
Even though I want to bask in the lingering memory of the performance, I can't,
What troubling children. I'm troubled--I really am you know?

I wish they would be like the grandpas and grandmas who have come to listen to the performance, smiling, laughing and clapping lightly.

Even the noisy pixies in Boruenan Forest became quiet like they had dozed off after my performance was over. They didn't sleep you know?
I mean, when I asked them, "How was the performance?", they replied "Today was the best!", or, "The melody was so enjoyable like I was in the country of dream".... They weren't sleeping right?

"Mia-chan, you must be thirsty right. Eat this melon that's been cooled in the well water."
"Nn, thank you."

I bite the melon that grandma's given me.
Sweet. Fresh sweet taste spreads in my mouth.
While leaving slight aftertaste, my throat is wet after only chewing several more.
The watermelons of Boruenan forest are delicious, but Selbira's labyrinth melons don't lost to it.

"Mia-chan, please teach me the leaf flute."

The little children came asking with leaf flutes made of Fesheka grasses on their hands.
Humans don't care about grasses name. To them, all grasses, either it's Fesheka or Chemirana, are called weed.
It's kind of sad. A little bit, you know?

"Listen to my songgg!"

Arisa cried so while strumming a strange lute.
I think it's just a noise, but this is a secret okay?

"This is called a guitar. I've asked Master to make it."

I think it's unfair that it's always only Arisa.

"Does Mia want me to make something too?"

Satou will immediately make it if I ask him.
I mean, we're engaged. He's head over heels for me. Absolutely you know?

"What kind of instrument do you want?"
"Pipe organ."
"Pipe organ? That's a bit too big, maybe a piano or an electronic keyboard would be better?"

I wonder if a [Pipe Organ] is impossible even for Satou?
It's Satou that can create legendary equipments and strange magic items, he should be able to make a [Pipe Organ].

"You can't?"

I implore Satou with the [Uruuru] attack that Arisa's taught me.
Aze told me that the hero Daisaku said, "Pipe organ is the best musical instrument."
When I told that to Satou, he said, "Alright, leave it to me!"

--I'm happy, but I've a mixed feeling about it.
Affair is no good you know? Absolutely!

"Now, Mia. Please play it."

A [Pipe Organ] has been put in a certain underground test site of the Ivy Mansion.
Many golden pipes are lined up, shining more brightly than the sunlight filtering through trees in a summer day.

The deep of the sound is different compared to the piano that Satou's made as a practice.
I've become absorbed with the [Pipe Organ], playing a song.

--Sounds fall from the sky.

I play the melody of [Gallg], [Wagnaa], and [Motsart] I've heard from Satou, and the symphony of Boruenan arranged for Piano.
<TLN: Wagner, Mozart, and, um, not sure.>

...Everyone looks strange.

They're crying even though music is a happy thing.


Satou wipes my cheek with a handkerchief.
Did I cry too? Truly?

"It was really beautiful."

I'll invite grandpas and grandmas to the Ivy Mansion and play for them next time.
I won't leave the fairykin children and the long-earkin children out in the cold too of course. Maybe?

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 6

※Sir Trell is one of Shiga Eight Swords who appeared riding a wyvern in Chapter 10.

SS: The Decision of Sir Trell


"Sir Trell, will you not consider?"
"Zeff-dono. I am regretful to leave you who joined at the same period as me, behind, but I do not think a [Wyvern Rider] who has lost his partner to be of any use to His Majesty."

Sir Julberg couldn't break the firm decision of Sir Trell either.

"I will whip this old bones and rush in haste if a demon lord appears in the Royal Capital."
"Do you have somewhere to go in mind?"
"There is a town of [Magic Hunter] called Puta to the east of the Royal Capital, you'll find a hidden village that gather wyvern eggs to the southeast of that town. I intend to rear the youngsters who aspire to become wyvern riders, and raise them to become the next Shiga Eight Swords members."

Sir Julberg had never heard Puta town, but he nonetheless nodded to Sir Trell while vaguely imagining the southeast direction of the Royal Capital.
The territory that's famous for its wyverns is Seryuu Earldom, but the place where the wyverns are nesting is on the border to the Dragon Valley. It's a place that's been designated as confinement place since the Ancient King Yamato's era, so Sir Julberg didn't bring it up.

Sir Julberg himself has been raising the next generations of Shiga Eight Swords since several years ago, he's given expensive magic swords to promising young talents.

"Sir Trell, this is a parting gift."
"Is this a magic weapon?"
"Umu, this has been granted to me by His Majesty, but contrary to its delicate appearance, it's an excellence spear with wonderful magic power conduction on par with the divine holy swords."

Sir Trell takes a noticeably long lance from the magic weapon rack in the corner of the room.
He streams it with my magic power, producing Magic Edge.

"Oh, how light."

Normally he would have needed to concentrate so much that it'd look like he'd pop his veins, but Sir Trell couldn't hide his surprise to see it happened after he only slightly concentrated.
Sir Julberg who's of the same opinion as him assents.

"Take whichever one to your liking. I do not mind if you give it to your future pupil."
"Is it fine? Giving me such a sword and a spear."
"I do not mind. It's an investment for someone who will protect Shiga Kingdom someday."

This is enough to be an embezzlement case in Shiga Kingdom, but it won't be a problem if he just reports it to the accounting head of Shiga Kingdom Holy Knight to process the account book.

"Boss, there's no road that goes to that mountain you know?"

The one-armed boy answered in bewilderment.

"Then, is there no noble who has an airship or a flying-type monster?"
"I'm guessing that's only the Duke or some army men under the Duke."

A female magic hunter who was standing beside the boy answered Sir Trell haphazardly.
Surely, it is not possible for an airship to exist in such a small backwater town inhabited only by the magic hunters.

An indescribable atmosphere drifts to this rural town, increasing tension.

--That is, a black shadow.

"You do not seem to be a normal person. Who are you. Declare thy name."

Sir Trell asked for the person's identity in place of the other people who couldn't move.
However, the black mystery man only laughs.

"To be so insolent while being an ordinary man dearu. I only desire tomatoes. I do not give my name to rubbish dearu."
"What'd you say..."

Sir Trell pulls the sword on his waist.
The blade is charged with red light.

The three retainers who are following him also draw their swords toward the one who's being impolite to their master.

"Fuhn, looks like you're eager, however, since you've drawn your sword, I assume that you are prepared to be cut?"
"As someone who have a duty toward Shiga Kingdom, I cannot let a suspicious person like you roam free. Be at ease since I will not take your life."

The aforementioned one-armed boy jumps between the two sides of battle-honed people who are about to clash.

"P, please wait Boss Black. Boss needs the tomatoes right? I know about it so I'll guide you there."

After hearing the boy, the mystery man relaxes his posture and separates his hand from the rapier on his waist.

"Are you saying the truth dearuka?"
"Un, tomatoes are those red fruits right?"

Originally, it was called red fruits and not a popular vegetable substitute, but ever since the demand and price for it increased after being popularized by the [Tomato Noble]-sama, it had started being cultivated not only in deserted villages, but also the vacant lands in the Puta town.

The mystery man who has waterweed-like hair floats a smile that shows his wolf-like fangs when he hears the boy's explanation.

"That is the thing I seek. Cutting an old man with short remaining life is not my real intention. I will follow your wish if that means getting my hands on the tomatoes."
"Wait, the battle is--"
"Pull back, menials."

The mystery man's eyes emits red light, and then Sir Trell and his retainers stop moving like a stone.
Sir Trell is reminded of the time when he fought a life or death battle against a vampire during the prime of his life.
His movement got stopped at that time just like now. However, vampires shouldn't be able to move during broad daylight.
The man shouldn't be able to spellbind him, who's one of Shiga Eight Swords, in an instant, if he weren't a higher vampire or an ancestor vampire who appears in tales.

--That means, the identity of the mystery man is.

"What are you doing, guide me."
"Un, leave it to me. What kind of tomatoes are you looking for? The ripe soft one? Or the slightly green firm one? The inn old man can prepare you red sauce or white sauce if you need them."
"Hou, by red sauce, you mean ketchup huh? Leave that place for later. First, I need tomato seedlings."

The two leaves the gate while having a peaceful conversation.
Sir Trell and his retainers are finally able to move after the one-armed boy has returned from guiding the man to the tomato cultivation in the town.

"Boy. What happens to the black clothed man from earlier?"
"Eh? That boss flew in the sky to the direction of the duchy capital after buying a lot of tomatoes. Magic is really amazing."

Sir Trell is getting dizzy from the boy's words.
He cannot believe the mystery man who had that much power only wanted to buy vegetables.

"Oh? Kon, what's with that sword?"
"Eh? This? I got it from Boss Black. Nice isn't it?"

It's a single-edged sword that even the boy with his small build can lightly swing.

"Boy, give me that sword."
"I will not deprive it from you."
"Okay then."

Sir Trell puts magic power into the sword he's received.
Flash overflows on the sword at once.

"Uwah, what what?"
"That's dangerous!"

Besides Sir Trell who's expected it, people are in panic toward the spectacle.

"This is a magic sword. Moreover, it's a true magic sword that one can't get hold of unless they defeat the 『Floormaster』 or the 『Roommaster』 in the labyrinth's depth."
"Eh~, that's amazing."

The boy who doesn't understand the value laughs at his own sword.

"Boy, I'll teach you the way to use this sword."
"Alright, that's a promise."

Sir Trell has sent his retainers to the Duchy Capital in order to secure the way to cross the mountain range, during the wait, he's decided to teach the boy the way to use a sword to ease the boredom.

The boy who had accidentally earned a magic sword and tutored by a former Shiga Eight Swords member endeavored some extra hard trainings until he couldn't move.

The retainers have returned after getting some [Wing Lizards] in order to cross the mountain, and then Sir Trell and them embark toward the mountain range.

"And so, have you become able to use the Magic Edge that the former Shiga Eight Swords knight-sama taught you?"
"No way I can. Even I would've become a knight if I could. At most I can only put in my magic power after concentrating for a long time. Moreover, I can't move anymore after using it thrice, so it probably has no use against goblins."

The one-armed boy continues to see Sir Trell's party off while holding the magic sword that's making some small crackling sounds.

※The boy Kon doesn't know that the Black Dragon Heiron appears in the mountain where the wyverns live.

One-armed boy: The magic hunter Kon.
Middle-aged Woman: Kena. The leader of the magic hunter party Kon belongs to.
Mysterious Man: True Ancestor Ban. He's camouflaged his skin and hair color with magic. A vampire who doesn't lose to the sunlight.
Sir Trell: The former fourth place of Shiga Eight Swords. The person who challenged and lost to a lesser dragon.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 5

SS: The Person Aze's Waiting for


"Uu, even though he asked if I wanted to go together with him...."

Aze-sama grumbles with tearful voice while lightly hitting a big chick-shaped cushion.

"Are you still shocked about the matter yesterday?"
"I mean!"
"That was Mia's scheme at work wasn't it.
Satou-san didn't seem to be aware of our 『Kiss of Vow』 custom you know."

Aze-sama blocks her ears like a child would.
She's happy that Satou wasn't aware of the custom, yet on the other hand, it also means that the kiss Satou-san gave her on the forehead when they first met wasn't intended to be the 『Kiss of Vow』.

That said, there is no way I can tell her, "You should've gone together with Satou-san then."
Because she's the last High Elf that remains in Boruenan Forest.
Aze-sama is the emotional support of the elves that live in the village, she is yearned by the elves, and an object of faith of other fairykins and demi-humans, revered like a living god.

"Uu...stupid Satou...."

There's no doubt their faith would vanish if they saw her figure now.

Or maybe, should we send an assassin aiming for Satou-san?
There's probably no one that can win against someone who defeated the Evil Jelly colony that contaminated the World Tree with a single strike though.

Since Aze-sama who's become tired from grumbling is finally asleep while holding the cushion, I quietly resume cleaning the tree house.

"Aze, cheer up?"
"That's right Aze! Won't you give me honey cakes?"

The pixies are trying to console Aze-sama who's looking melancholic on the balcony of the tree house.
However, Aze-sama only reacts lightly.

Only two days have passed since Satou-san left, so this can't be helped....

An unexpected visitor came right at that time.

"Lua-san, it's been awhile. These are some souvenirs for you."
"Eh? Satou-san?"

Satou-san who's returned with teleport magic hands me the magic bag which was given to him as a parting gift.
When I look inside, there's a big lump of meat. It's probably from some beast. Nea probably knows how to turn this into a delicious dish.

Even without me saying anything, Satou-san briskly walks to the balcony where Aze-sama is sulking.

"I'm back Aze."
"Sa-Satou! W-why?"
"I wanted to see Aze's face so I've come back."

Ugeh, I'm going to vomit sugar.
Satou-san smoothly speaks some womanizer-like remark.

Aze-sama is, "Awawa"-ing, unable to speak clearly, but she looks really happy.
He's returned alone, Mia and the others aren't with him.

"Satou, didn't you get out?"
"Dumping Aze away, getting a new girl--"
"I've brought you souvenirs too."
"You know your stuff!"
"Wa~i, it's honey cakes!"
"Hyahho~! There's confetti candies too!"

Satou-san shrewdly gives the pixies with a bag containing some snacks, he's successfully neutralized the little intruders.

I think this reunion is too fast, but I'm glad that Aze-sama's gotten her energy back.

The two have begun to flirt with their conversations on the balcony, but those two probably won't do anything wrong even if I leave them alone.
Satou-san seems to have that in mind, but Aze-sama doesn't seem like she'd do the common mistake of young people.

I leave the rest to the pixies as I'm going to Nea's place to prepare the banquet tonight.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 Intermission 2

Intermission: The Tale of Sir Pendragon


My ears caught the talk about him from the grumbles of some eternally Bronze explorers in the bar.
That young noble man became a Red Iron explorer after his first labyrinth exploration, it was of doubtful credibility but they told me that they heard it from guild staff when I treated them to some drink.
I decided to meet the guild staff member who told them the story in order to collect the increasingly more credible gossip.

Sorry for the late introduction, I'm someone who survives by reciting the tales of explorers and heroes in the labyrinth city, Barido the minstrel.
Whether this becomes a new heroic tale or a comedic show depends on his deeds. Now then, wonder how will this turn out....

◇Testimony from a certain guild staff member◇

"Yeah I know them, the 『Pendragon』 bunch right?"

An acquaintance guild staff member that I met in the staff bar easily told me the name of their party.
When I inquired him more, he asserted that the rumor saying that [Pendragon] acquired the Red Iron plates after exploring the labyrinth once was true.

Looks like the liquor makes the other staff members' lips loose, several of them start talking about it to me.

"The leader is a young nobleman."
"Yeah, he seemed to be rich; some beautiful women, girls and little girls were serving him."
"The main force seemed to be demi-human battle slaves, some beastkins and a scalekin."
"There was an unattractive maid too right?"
"They said the beautiful girl and little girl were magicians."

Having two magicians in a party is quite extravagant. In exchange they don't seem to have a priest, so it's probably a party that makes use of the demi-humans to be the disposable damage sponge.
The story about how they brought 100 Magic Cores back after their first labyrinth exploration supports that guess.

By the staff members' request, I play the lute to sing the [Great Exploit of Dozon-sama], and the [Crimson Young Noble's Hydra Extermination].

Still, [Pendragon] huh... to use the name of a fictional hero like this, they have some good taste.

◇First-hand account of certain beautiful explorers◇

"Yes I know him, he saved us in the labyrinth after all."
"Is he strong you ask? He was amazing, he sliced that hard Maze Ant right in two with a single swing of his sword."
"It was an expensive looking sword wasn't it."
"Yeah, it was a pretty sword."

Even if I only take half of their story about how Pendragon saved them when they were being chased by dozens of Maze Ants, it's quite enough to be a heroic tale.

The aforementioned sword the girls talked about seems to be an excellent mithril sword made by the dwarven master craftsman, Elder Dohar.
I see, it's no wonder he could slice the Maze Ants in half with such an excellent sword.

◇Testimony of certain baggage carriers◇

"Chevalier-sama? He gave me work! Cleaning and weeding!"
"He let me ate a lot of delicious meal!"
"I also ate! It was amazing!"

It seems he employed the baggage caarries who didn't get any work to clean and weed his newly bought mansion.
They spoke truly happily about how he treated the starving them until they were full.

They also told me about how he treated the children who were looking for works in front of the gate with good food.

It'd be nice if he's a charitable person like Dozon-shi, but.... I'm slightly worried since there's a rumor about him having little children who are not of age as his mistresses.

◇Testimony of certain maids◇

"Ehehe, it's nice isn't it? These are work clothes you know?"
"Un, Chevalier-sama gave it to us. It was a reward when we became full-fledged maids."

The young maids' smiles are dazzling.
However, looking at the sewing and the fabric, they must be quite expensive. Usually,, maids have to bring their own clothes each. It's very rare for the master to buy them the clothes like in this mansion.
I've heard that he's rich, but I'm interested just where does he gets his fortune from.

"Eh? Who introduced us?"
"There wasn't anything like introduction."
"We had been saved when we were dying in the mansion's stable."

What! Even if they're just honorary, nobles normally only employ people from fitting houses as live-in employees.
To hire uneducated baggage carriers, and even some dying children after healing them as his employees....

Many people who had heard this story gossiped that he had some ulterior motives to save the girls, but my intuition as a minstrel tells me that's not it.
The proof is these girls' smiles. There isn't anyone who will smile that brightly if they're abused.

◇First-hand account of certain middle-class explorers◇

"I think 『Pendragon』 will obtain the Mithril Plate sooner or later."

The ones speaking are the middle-class explorer who had gone to the labyrinth deep in an expedition, and his friends.

"It was amazing you know, we were in a desperate situation, being surrounded by the Maze Cockroaches all around us. Right at that time, his retainers appeared and killed the Maze Cockroaches one after another."
"That was really amazing huh. I say those girls must have used magic swords since they easily cut through the slippery crust of the Maze Cockroaches."

Fumu, not only the Chevalier-dono himself, his servants even have magic swords huh.
It's probably possible with his vast wealth, though...

"However, the real thing was after that."
"I thought I had died when a huge 『Hunter Mantis』 reared its ugly face from the Gushing Hole."


There are a lot of mantis monsters in the labyrinth, but if we're talking about [Hunter Mantis], it's a monster that only Red Iron explorers can handle.
Moreover, those explorers will surely escape if they encounter it unexpectedly.
Because it's an opponent that you challenge only after you're certain with the victory by investigating the terrain thoroughly and preparing various elaborate tools and traps beforehand.

"I understand your surprise. Far from stepping back, those little girls overwhelmed the 『Hunter Mantis』 from the beginning to end."
"I thought that was the last I gonna saw 『Pendragon』 bunch who chased after the 『Hunter Mantis』 that plunged into the Gushing Hole."

Entering a Gushing Hole willingly, unbelievable.
Since there's some rumor saying that Gushing Holes are places connected to the Underworld where the Demon God governs. There isn't actually anyone who's gone to the Underworld, but it's the 'Truth' that's been spoken since a long time ago.

Yet, according to their story, the [Pendragon]'s boys and girls returned safely.
I want to ask those girls just what kind of good luck were they blessed with, but during the creation of a heroic tale, it'd become rubbish if I don't save talking with the people themselves for the last.

--I have to be patience.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned Chevalier-dono didn't participate in the fight.
It's said that he and the maid who's accompanying him rarely ever enter the labyrinth, instead, only the girls beside them usually challenge the labyrinth.

I wonder what's he doing when he's not entering the labyrinth?

◇In a mansion of a certain noble◇

"What do think, it's wonderful right? I was given this when I went to the Marchioness's tea party."

The Baroness shows a ring with a small agate yet splendid design on her finger.
The minute craftsmanship enhances the beauty.
I don't know if this was the work of a master craftsman, but with such an achievement, it must be expensive.

"His maid is very good at cooking you know?"
"You can't eat other cakes anymore once you eat the castella."
"That soft gentle sweetness, it's truly a miracle."

I'm interested with this castella that has such high praises from these picky wives, but
it seems I know very well the person who makes the thing that the wives covet. Nevertheless, there sure are many talented people working under him.
He must've hired varying kind of people with his enormous wealth.

I was also able to hear the story from the Marchioness with Baroness's reference.

I seemed to be viewed as a suspicious person who was sniffing around her favorite Chevalier, so I was warned that I would be treated as an enemy if I had a malicious intent beforehand.
I don't know what kind of hands did he use to win her favor, but he seems to not only have the brute force, but also excels at politics to be able to make the one who's controlling the noble society in the labyrinth city become his supporter like this.

He should have sought marriage with the Marchioness's third or fourth daughter if he wished for rank, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
I can't simply swallow the story of a sly old fox like her though....

I was able to hear some stories from the employees when I was leaving the Marquis's mansion.
As one would expect from employees of the influential Marquis house, they're wearing coral accessories that are quite rare in labyrinth city.

"Do you mean this? We got it from the Madam."

She quietly whispered to my ear that they were given by the Marchioness, but they were originally presents from Chevalier Pendragon-sama for the Marchioness.

Also, whenever he comes for a tea party, it seems he never forgets to bring baked and honey cakes for the employees.
Someone usually does so in order--to hear bad rumor of their master--with it as the compensations, but it seems he only asked, "Please get along well with our maid."
His maid also only inquired impressions of the cakes from them, she never asked any rumor about the marquis family.

I wonder what is he aiming with his deeply laid plan...

◇In a mansion of a certain noble◇

"Fuhn, that black-haired brat will rouse rebellion to usurp this labyrinth city someday."

After ending up in the salon while looking for someone who didn't have good will toward Chevalier Pendragon, I heard such story from a noble who's at the prime of his life.

"He gathers the poor with money, gives them weapons, and then throws them into the labyrinth. He makes the survivors his soldiers, he must be gathering power to revolt against the kingdom!"

His words have no proof and substance but I feel some strange persuasive power in it.

The [poor who are thrown into the labyrinth] are probably the rumored organization of the Chevalier, [Pendora].
I'll try going to the training school he's established to get in touch with those [Pendora].


I peek at the training school from the shadow, and just as the noble earlier has feared, they're practicing in a systematic order like an army would.

"Don't forget your role! The three spear users stab from the sides of the two shield-bearers! The scout doesn't need to participate in the battle. Devote yourself in checking the surrounding so that the other five can safely concentrate on the enemies!"

The instructors who are acting as the monsters are giving directions to the six trainee.
There are three groups of people who are doing the same kind of training in the courtyard. It seems there are also some instructors who aren't participating in the training, maybe they're for surprise attacks.

"Suspicious guy~?"

My heart had almost stopped from the sudden voice and cold sensation on my neck.

A catkin girl who's wearing some curious pink clothes that's appeared out of nowhere is holding a short sword against my neck.
I'm weak in battles, but good at sensing presences.
Yet I didn't notice her at all....

"Stop, he's just a minstrel."

I thought that my heart would really leap out of my mouth this time.
Before I knew it, a hand that's appeared from behind me pinches the short sword with its slender fingers.

When I timidly turned my head, there was the figure of the smiling Chevalier Pendragon.
He apologized for the catkin girl's impoliteness and told me to ask for permission from the office if I wanted to observe the training.

Still, just when did he appear?

--Perhaps, from the beginning?

I turned toward the direction he was walking, but no one was there.
Yet, his bottomless smile remained in my mind forever.

I wonder if the day when I sing his story will come.
As if scolding my timid heart, I pat the lute I hold in my chest.

Right now I understand the feeling of a knight who's facing off a dragon.

I am Barido, a reckless minstrel of the labyrinth city. Someday, I will surely spin a tale that'll be handed down to the future generations.

The name of that tale is--

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 4

SS: Pochi's Pupils


"Pochi nee-san, please take this."

Usasa and the [Pendora] boys are presenting some very tasty-looking frog meat skewers on the plate nodesu.

When Pochi looks at everyone's serious face, Pochi can see through what they want nanodesu.
Pochi puts her hand in front of Usasa who's trying to say something to silently stop him, and then nods nodesu.

"Pochi understands even without anyone saying it nodesu. It'll take some time so wait here nodesu!"
"Aexpected of Nee-san!"
"Straight to the point!"
"I'll keep waiting here even if sandstorm comes gau!"

Well it's alright nodesu. Pochi will just have to tell Gau-kun the merit and demerit of over-characterization later!

Pochi went to the second floor of the [Su-tro-m] to take the exceptional items and came back nodesu.
Pochi takes it out of the magic bag wrapped in oil paper, and after slightly enjoying the aroma coming from the tiny gap, Pochi runs back to where everyone is waiting.

"Pochi will give everyone a slice each nodesu! It feels nice to chew desuyo?"

Pochi treats everyone with the special [Smoked Basilisk].

"U, um, Nee-san?"

Huhuh? It's strange nodesu.
Usasa doesn't look too well nodesu.

"You don't like smoked foods nanodesu?"
"N, no, I love it very much."

You should eat it if you love it then nanodesu.

"Usasa, a~n nanodesu."

Pochi puts a slice of the smoked basilisk into Usasa's mouth.
He muttered, "It's delicious", while his ears were turning red, and then began to chew it.

Yes, that's good nodesu.
After feeling satisfied, Pochi joins the group while biting the frog meat skewer the reward nodesu.

"--Magic Edge nanodesu?"
"Yes! We want to learn it too! Please!"

Pochi had misunderstood nodesu.
Pochi will teach them properly since Pochi's eaten the frog skewers too.

"You put magic power into the magic sword like, 'ZUGYAN', and then--"
"Nee-san, we don't have magic swords."

Master might give a lot if Pochi asks.

Pochi asks Master who's taking a nap under the tree shadow in the courtyard.

"You can't."
"Pochi can't nanodesu?"
"Un, no."

Unfortunately nanodesu.
Master is mean nanodesu.

"Master said we can't nodesu."

Usasa and the others unanimously lamented and fell on the ground nodesu.
Ah, I'm in trouble nodesu.

Liza has just returned right after snacking, so Pochi goes to her to consult this nodesu.

"What's wrong Pochi."
"Liza! Pochi wants magic swords nodesu!"
"Don't you have one?"
"Pochi does have one, but it's different nodesu."

After Pochi explained it to Liza, she gave me a [Naisu Aidea].

"We have to put magic power into this wooden sword?"
"That's right nanodesu. Pochi also practiced with a wooden sword at first nodesu. Pochi had forgotten nodesu!"

Pochi really misses it.
Pochi wants to stick together with Master every day like in those days nodesu.

"Nee-san, I can't do it!"
"This is a secret technique nanodesu! You can't do it just by practicing a bit nodesu!"

Even Pochi took a month to do it nodesu.
Only geniuses like Master and Tama can do it immediately nanodesu!

"Train for it steadily nodesu! Put your magic power like, 'ZUGYAN', and then strike like, 'ZUDON', nodesu!"

Receiving Pochi's encouragement, Usasa and the others shout with their spirit put into it, and begin the practice nodesu.
Pochi took a nap on top of Master's stomach while watching over them nodesu.
It's Tama's ninja day today, so Pochi has the monopoly nodesu.

It'll be nice if Pochi is together with Master like this too tomorrow nodesu.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 Intermission 1

Intermission: Top Meat Skewers and Pendragon


"Uncle, give us five top meat skewers."
"Awright, you're quite the the boss ordering the top meat. Did you guys just hunt some big game?"
"Yeah, we got the Twin Head Lizard we were aiming!"
"That's quite something."

While admiring it, the shopkeeper begins to grill the top meat the boy has ordered.
The top meat skewers don't constantly get sold unlike the regular skewer, so he doesn't have any that's already grilled.

The shopkeeper is talking to a rabbitkin boy who's just come to age, though you won't know that he's an explorer from his appearance. His friends are boys and girls who are about the same age as him.
They're probably people overflowing with talent since they were able to defeat the Twin Head Lizard residing deep in the labyrinth. They might even become Red Iron explorers in the future.

"Haha, we're still inexperienced."
"The genuine Red Iron are all monsters y'know?"
"I'll tell Pochi-san and Tama-san."
"Ah, no, don't you dare Rabibi! I'd be killed by the other 『Pendora』 guys if you make those two cry."

The shopkeeper recalled the rumor about them when he heard their conversation.

Appearing like a comet in the labyrinth city, the people connected to [Pendragon] rose to among the top of the explorers in a blink of an eye.
They're the graduates of the training school that has been established by the charitable leader of the [Pendragon].
Those graduates are said to wear matching mantles drawn with a dragon holding a pen.

"So you guys are the rumored [Pendora] huh?"
"Ehe, that's right."

The rabbitkin boy looks embarrassed while scrubbing his nose.
His ears stand up proudly.

"Are those Pendragon guys as amazing as they say?"
"They're not just amazing!"

The shopkeeper who like to gossip give the [Pendora] kids some regular skewers to tide them over until the top meat skewers are done grilling.
These regular skewers are the compensation for the gossip. If he stock his gossip repertoire here, he could recover the cost from the drunken people who would treat him some drink in the bar.

"Pochi-san's strike can break through the plastron of a Soldier Mantis easily y'know?"
"Tama-san too, she exterminated Assassin Goblins like they were insects going astray to flame."
"Mia-sama's magic is also amazing. Her healing magic heals without leaving a scar."

The boys and girls don't stop boasting the [Pendragon] even after the smell of the grilling fat from the top meat has begin to spread.

"I think it's also thanks to Nana-san's defensive power you know? She's never got any injury even after being attacked that much. As as shield bearer myself, the difference is too great I don't even know where to start to become like her."
"It's the same as me who's in charge of attacking. Liza-san taught me spearmanship but I can't imagine ever catching up to her level."
"Yeah, that person is extraordinary...."

Even though he assumed the role of a listener pleasantly, the shopkeeper couldn't help becoming interested and asked them a question.

"How extraordinary do you mean?"
"You know Magic Edge?"
"It's a secret art used by people like the Shiga Eight Swords right? I was an explorer when I was young myself. I had trained for three years when I got myself an Ant Wing Silver Sword, but I didn't feel like I could do it at all."
"Hee, uncle was an explorer too huh."
"I stopped at Bronze plate though."

There are a lot of people who have given up and changed their profession from the dangerous job of explorers like the shopkeeper here.
It's hard to measure strength of explorers from their appearance alone, there are some shopkeepers in this labyrinth city who are as strong as a knight here and there.

Thus, there's rarely any vagrant who dares to steal from the food stalls.
Because the risk is too great.

"So, what about the Magic Edge?"
"Liza-san can use it."
"Magic Edge? So there's someone other than the Four Red Devas who can use it in this labyrinth city."

There are only four known users of Magic Edge in this labyrinth city.
[Crimson Young Noble], [Red Fang Lion] [Blood Sword Wolf], [Scarlet Flame Witch], the four people who have 'red' part in their second name are praisingly known as the [Four Red Devas] in the labyrinth city.

Black Spear Liza is famous as the fifth person who stands equal to them, but there are three more people in Pendragon that can use it, and all those girls can use the higher [Magic Edge Cannon], but that fact is not known.

The shopkeeper skilfully flips the top meat skewers that have changed color.
The boys and girls who should have their stomachs calmed down from the regular skewers can't wait any longer after smelling that aroma.

"Oh right, what kind of person is the 『Young Master』?"
"He brought a lot of delicious cakes when he visited the training school!"
"He's popular among the girls."
"But he doesn't seem too happy even though he's popular."
"That's because Chevalier-sama likes big breasts..."

Their words match the rumor in the city.
People generally evaluate him as a [good natured debauchery noble], and [Young Master]. It's not a mockery, the rumor about him has slight amazement and praise mixed in.

"Isn't it done already?"
"Amateurs should shut up, let me show you my skill here."

The shopkeeper stares at the grills, and listens carefully to the grilling sounds.
This is the secret of [Grilling delicious skewers] that was taught by the [Young Master]'s maid he's acquainted with in the marketplace.
Teaching a secret method to someone she's just met, the shopkeeper thinks that it's really like someone who serves under the good-natured [Young Master].

The shopkeeper who's seized the best timing quickly pulls up the skewers from the wire mesh, and give them to the boys and girls who have been waiting for it.

"Eei, been waiting for this!"
"Looks really good."
"Kuh, I've waited for this!"

The boys and girls who're drooling on their mouth bite at the piping hot skewers.

Their fangs break through the fragrant grilled skewers.
Their tongues fully enjoy the meat juice that are loaded with flavor coming out between their fangs and the meat.

To the completely delicious flavor transmitting on their tongues, they nod at each other in silence.

"As you can expect from a single big copper coin worth of skewer."

The boys and girls praise it when they pause after one bite.
They lick the oil that's dropped on their hands from the skewers. Needless to say, they can't let this delicious taste goes to waste.

"Aah, it's too delicious."
"I wonder if we can eat this everyday when we become Red Iron explorers?"
"We surely will! I mean Pochi-san and Tama-san tell me that Chevalier-sama's home cooking is even more delicious."
"I can't imagine something more delicious than this."

The girls who have finally finished swallowing the meat in their mouths participate in praising the meat skewers.
Eating the meat skewers after it got cold would have been a waste though, so they didn't continue the praise for long and started to nibble at it again.

"Ara? It's Usasa and the others. You're eating something that look really delicious."
"Yo, Arisa. This is extremely tasty ya know!"
"Arisa-chan, hello. The skewers here are delicious."
"The stall whom Lulu recommends isn't it. There's still time before the dinner anyway, I'll be asking for one too please."
"Coming! It's one big copper coin though, alright with you?"
"I can afford that much."

In case of children who wear good clothing, they might be some noble children who's come wandering without their attendant, yearning to be an explorer. It often happens that they can't pay the money themselves, so it's important to ask ahead.

The shopkeeper never noticed that this little girl who was talking with the boys and girls was the last of the [Pendragon] they've been gossiping until just now.

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