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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 2

SS: Blue Mantle


"What'd you say! We're the 『Pendora』 ya know?! Quickly bring out the best liquor you have."
"Y-yes, at once!"

The guests nearby frown at the violent youngsters.
They seem to be under the Pendragon who have made their name in the Labyrinth City.

They've defeated a Floormaster and performed a parade the other day, so there's no one in the bar who doesn't know them.
However, according the rumor, Chevalier Pendragon should be a respectable person who has established an orphanage and fed the poor.
It might be because people like such gather when your organization becomes too big.

"Oy! The pretty nee-chan over there! Come here and pour us liquor."
"What is it? Are you intending me to pour you liquor?"

The drunk youngster stretches his hands toward the beauty's splendid pair of hills, but he's stopped by a scaly light shield that appears before the woman.

"Uo, oow.... The heck are you doing!"
『We are the ones who should be protesting. I cannot overlook your criminal act just now you know?』

A mysterious reverberating voice of a man comes from the woman.
Of course, it doesn't seem like there's a child who's hiding.

"Mou, please don't go ahead alone."
"Exactly! You're the Baron's daughter, so please use the carriage at least."

After hearing what the girls who seem to be her attendants are saying, the men who were clamoring just now flee from the back door.
This is a country with a long history of imperial rule, you will surely be charged guilty and dropped into a criminal slave if you're impolite toward nobles.

"Yo, nee-chan, how 'bout playing with me? We're the 『Pendora』 y'know!"
"No, release me. Don't touch me!"

The fleeing men called out to a plain girl in one part of the slum away from the bar just now.
They forcefully catch and raise the girl's hands while pushing her to the wall, it doesn't look like they're picking her up at all.

There are few pedestrians on this road, but regardless, there aren't many people who are willing to against armed explorers.
They can only call the guards and and the vigilante corps at most.

However, it seems there's no shortage of brave people.

"You guys! Release her hands!"
"What? A little rabbit girl huh? We're the 『Pendora』 y'know! Scram if you don't want a world of hurt!"
"Pendora you said?"

The little rabbitkin girl who's wearing a neat one-piece dress stops moving after hearing the men said, [Pendora].
The men seem to think that she's daunted, they continue to speak abusively.

"That's right! We'll throw you to the monsters in the labyrinth if you're too noisy!"
"Don't even think of calling the guards okay? A Mithril Explorer-sama is behind us."
"Go away if you understand! Even if you're a woman, we don't have any business with your beastly smell."

The men who've got their conquest desire stimulated to see the trembling shoulders of the girl laugh and jeer vulgarly.

However, at the next moment, one of the men falls down with bubbles on his mouth.
The rabbitkin girl has disappeared before they knew it.

The man who pins the town girl releases her hands in panic and become wary of the surrounding.
The rabbitkin girl who's gotten close to the man's leg strikes the man's solar plexus with her sheathed short sword.
The man's eyes never caught the rabbitkin girl until right before he fainted.

"Huh? Rabibi, what are you doing?"
"Ah, Usasa! You've come at the right time. I've caught the rumored fake 『Pendora』."
"Eh? These old men?"
"Yeah, I followed them since they look suspicious with the deep blue mantles."

Since the men were still explorers, they only ended up having to pay the penalty without getting turned into slaves, but there is no need to ask as to whether they can pay the penalty for impersonating other people.

Afterward, there is no one who impersonates the [Pendora] in the labyrinth city ever again.

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