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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 7

SS: Mia's Music Hall


"Mia-sama, your performance is wonderful today too."
"It really is, I can never get tired listening to Mia's music."
"Haven't I told you so many times to use 'sama'!"
"You two, don't make a fuss in front of Mia-sama."

After the performance is over, the fairykin children and long-earkin children are clamoring.
Even though I want to bask in the lingering memory of the performance, I can't,
What troubling children. I'm troubled--I really am you know?

I wish they would be like the grandpas and grandmas who have come to listen to the performance, smiling, laughing and clapping lightly.

Even the noisy pixies in Boruenan Forest became quiet like they had dozed off after my performance was over. They didn't sleep you know?
I mean, when I asked them, "How was the performance?", they replied "Today was the best!", or, "The melody was so enjoyable like I was in the country of dream".... They weren't sleeping right?

"Mia-chan, you must be thirsty right. Eat this melon that's been cooled in the well water."
"Nn, thank you."

I bite the melon that grandma's given me.
Sweet. Fresh sweet taste spreads in my mouth.
While leaving slight aftertaste, my throat is wet after only chewing several more.
The watermelons of Boruenan forest are delicious, but Selbira's labyrinth melons don't lost to it.

"Mia-chan, please teach me the leaf flute."

The little children came asking with leaf flutes made of Fesheka grasses on their hands.
Humans don't care about grasses name. To them, all grasses, either it's Fesheka or Chemirana, are called weed.
It's kind of sad. A little bit, you know?

"Listen to my songgg!"

Arisa cried so while strumming a strange lute.
I think it's just a noise, but this is a secret okay?

"This is called a guitar. I've asked Master to make it."

I think it's unfair that it's always only Arisa.

"Does Mia want me to make something too?"

Satou will immediately make it if I ask him.
I mean, we're engaged. He's head over heels for me. Absolutely you know?

"What kind of instrument do you want?"
"Pipe organ."
"Pipe organ? That's a bit too big, maybe a piano or an electronic keyboard would be better?"

I wonder if a [Pipe Organ] is impossible even for Satou?
It's Satou that can create legendary equipments and strange magic items, he should be able to make a [Pipe Organ].

"You can't?"

I implore Satou with the [Uruuru] attack that Arisa's taught me.
Aze told me that the hero Daisaku said, "Pipe organ is the best musical instrument."
When I told that to Satou, he said, "Alright, leave it to me!"

--I'm happy, but I've a mixed feeling about it.
Affair is no good you know? Absolutely!

"Now, Mia. Please play it."

A [Pipe Organ] has been put in a certain underground test site of the Ivy Mansion.
Many golden pipes are lined up, shining more brightly than the sunlight filtering through trees in a summer day.

The deep of the sound is different compared to the piano that Satou's made as a practice.
I've become absorbed with the [Pipe Organ], playing a song.

--Sounds fall from the sky.

I play the melody of [Gallg], [Wagnaa], and [Motsart] I've heard from Satou, and the symphony of Boruenan arranged for Piano.
<TLN: Wagner, Mozart, and, um, not sure.>

...Everyone looks strange.

They're crying even though music is a happy thing.


Satou wipes my cheek with a handkerchief.
Did I cry too? Truly?

"It was really beautiful."

I'll invite grandpas and grandmas to the Ivy Mansion and play for them next time.
I won't leave the fairykin children and the long-earkin children out in the cold too of course. Maybe?

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