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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-18

11-18. Oni


Satou's here. Speaking of goblins, they're standard beings in fantasy works along with Orcs and Kobolds, but they're originally a normal fairy that likes to jest and do mischiefs.
Come to think of it, they're depicted as intellectual midgets in the story of the super famous magician boy.

"Oops, stop the car here. Yuika would get angry if you damage the flower garden."

After finishing the sightseeing flight, we hurried the vehicle in order to make it in time for Ban's katana smith demonstration, but the course was changed with a few words from Semeri, "Stop by at Yuika's place."
There is no way I can refuse the person who's given me a feast for my eyes with the wonderful wild dance reflected on the back mirror.
Of course Armor didn't object too.

"I will wait here, you two go ahead."
"What? Armor won't go?"
"The young Yuika would cry again if I did."

What's this, is Goblin Yuika a Mrs with a child?
I had arbitrarily imagined that a female shut-in would be a shy unmarried woman.

"I should have prepared some sweets if I knew there was a child."
"Hm? Yuika isn't a child y'know? However, she does like sweet things, so you should bring her some if you come again."

Huh? Our conversation doesn't match.

"Doesn't she have a child?"
"She doesn't y'know? Ban-sama told me that Yuika has 『Multiplepersonality』."
"It's multiple personality. When Yuika experiences painful things, she will leave the memory in the old personality and then change into a newly created personality. It's a story that sounds like it comes from manga, but it's the truth."

It seems the old personality is like the spirit on your back, they can only be a spectator.
When the main Yuika personality sleeps, it seems they can posses her and resurface.
It's a setting that was often used in old manga and anime.
In a sense, it's like how high-elves like Aze-san use the world tree, but this Yuika can do it herself.

While leaving the Armor to house-sit, we advance through the flower garden.
Of course, since I don't want to trample the multicolored flowers that are in full bloom in this flower garden, I fly above the ground with Sky Drive while carrying Semeri under my arm.

"Kuro, the violet flowers over there are shaped in hexagram right? Please land on the center there."

In accordance to Semeri's instruction, I land on the ground.
There's probably an area that's similar to the Corpse's museums nearby here.

"So, where do we enter?"
"We don't. Wait a minute."

Since Semeri is greatly inhaling air, I quickly cover my ears.
As expected, she began to shout, "Yuika", in loud voice. Noisy.

The call seems to be a replacement for the intercom, the flowers that have shaped the hexagram begin to shine lightly, and then six semi-transparent doors appear floating in the light.

The doors are written in characters from Earth, five of them are written with, "A Miss", "Going to Hell", "It's a trap", "Don't enter", and "DEATH".
And then, the last one is "Welcome".

I personally think that all of them seem to be a trap.... But my [Crisis Perception] skill and [Trap Discovery] skill tell me that only the "Welcome" is safe.

"Err, I believe this one should be correct!"

Semeri pointed at "Going to Hell", full of confidence.
I catch the neck of Semeri who was going to dive straight to the hell's door with a bold face, stopping her.

"What're you doing!"
"That one's wrong."
"How do you know?!"

I didn't answer, and dived to the "Welcome" gate while bringing Semeri along.

"Oh! It's really correct! You're amazing Kuro!"

When I asked the frolic Semeri how she usually did it, she answered that she would repeat until she got the correct one.
It seems she would turn into mist or bat when she fails to get away and then repeat it.
She was vexed since it usually took her four tries before she hit the correct one.

"Why won't the other party meet you instead?"
"Yuika is a 『Niit』, so she absolutely won't come out she said."

Shouldn't it be called a shut-in instead of Neet I wonder.
That aside, just as I've expected, this is an [Area without Map] like Corpse's museums.

When I check this are with All Map Exploration, there's no one here besides us.

"There's no one here?"
"Yeah, Yuika is timid, so we won't arrive until another eight of the same gate."

So it's ninth power of six in total--around 10.000.000s I guess?
How cautious.

After traveling through nine gates, we finally arrive at the space where Yuika is.

There are a Japanese house with with a small field and bamboo thicket nearby.
Chickens are pecking their fodder in the courtyard facing the veranda, onions and radishes are hung on the eaves.

I use [All Map Exploration] magic, and acquire the information about Yuika.
Just as Corpse's said, Yuika's race is [Little Oni-kin (Goblin)]. I had expected it to be written as 'High Goblin', but it was the normal one.
By the way, [Little Oni-kin (Goblin)] is not the [Youma] (ghost/apparition) kind that usually appears in fantasy stories, but a [Fairy Tribe] that's like the elves.

Her age is the same as Corpse, but I'm not insensitive enough to fuss over a woman's age.
Compared to Aze, there's no great difference between everyone.

Unexpectedly, her level is only 50.
She doesn't have any normal skill or gift, but her unique skills are ludicrous.

Starting with the [Create My Garden] skill that's created this space, there are 13 of them--almost twice as much even compared to the Dog-head Demon Lord.
Even if she's undergone inflations, this too much.
I cursed the gods that I hadn't even met yet.

"I've come! Yuika!"

Semeri calls toward the Japanese residence with cheerfulness that break the atmosphere of this place.

"Semeri? I've made some delicious takuan. Take it back to Onii-chan Ban okay."
"Geh, takuan is a no no. Ban-sama's beauty would turn yellow."

Yuika who opened the sliding door and came out talked to Semeri with a refreshing voice that doesn't match her age.
Impossible--it's a beautiful girl?!

White transparent skin, silk-like lustrous straight violet hair that extends to the floor.
Although she's not at Lulu's level, she's beautiful enough to rival Arisa's and Mia's beauty.

She would have looked like a human if it were not for her slightly pointed ears that resembled an elf's, and two small horns on her forehead near the temples of her head.
Her slender delicate body lacks undulation like the elf's, but that point is whatever since I'm not into little girls.

"Mou, it's the taste of Japan--"

It seems Yuika has finally noticed me.
She didn't at first due to Semeri's impact, but Yuika's violet pupils have caught sight of me.

Her expression looks happy for an instant, but then her face freezes while still smiling.
Hmm? I didn't hear about her hating men or something.

I had a feeling that her mouth which was flapping slightly spoke "Ichirou".
However, the words that actually reach my ears are different.

"--Infinite Chain"

Purple ripples surround Yuika's body.
The crisis perception reacts like never before.

Countless small black dots appear around Yuika.

They became jet black bullets that assailed me all at once.
One of it is only as big as a bead ball, but AR indicator tells me that those jet black bullets are micro blackholes.

I surely would have been swallowed if I was late activating Flash Drive even a little.
I opened my mouth to ask for the reason, but the jet black bullets that are being endlessly created by Infinite Chain chase after me, puncturing huge hole on ground of the course where I was running away with Flash Drive.

I think Semeri who was late at escaping has been swallowed, but a vampire princess she is should be alright.
She likely would complain about it later, but she probably would forgive me if I gave her a magic sword.

I wanted to converse with Yuika, but my words don't reach as the jet black bullets swallowed it.
I'd like to talk with [Telephone] magic, but this magic won't connect if the other party reject it.
I want the advanced magic [Force Telephone].

I destroy the chasing jet black bullets with [Break Magic], but the other party isn't losing at creating more.
I could make the initiative with [Laser] and [Implosion] if the other party were a demon lord, but I can't do that to a beautiful girl.

Normally, she should have depleted her magic power by now, but her [Mana Loop] and [Mana Spring] unique skills have probably optimized and supplied her magic power.

Dang you cheat.

Just how many unique skills does she use in parallel.
Since three violet ripples are stroking Yuika's body, though I don't know their nature, she's probably using three kind of unique skills.

I wonder if she's alright doing such rashness?

In order to break the deadlock, I close in from her blind spot, and strike Yuika with my palm to make her faint

--that was the trigger of it all.

I should have escaped with all my power.
However, it's too late now.

My careless action becomes the impetus that brings forth [The Worst Demon Lord] who can use 13 kind of Unique Skills, surpassing the Dog-head Demon Lord who was fit to be called an Evil God.

The Goblin Demon Lord, [White Oni Sovereign], was born that day.

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