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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 3

SS: Loot


"So, have you decided which one will you pick?"
"I think the 『Item Appraisal』 one is nice after all, albeit classic. To think that all three of them have Orbs in them, that sure make you perplexed~"

Three treasure chests in varying sizes appeared after the floormaster had been defeated.
Arisa and me thought that the other two chests would disappear if we opened one of them, but then Tama quickly opened the three chests.
Tama was normally the one in charge of treasure chests when we found them in the labyrinth, she looked at the panicking Arisa while tilting her head.
In addition, the chests didn't have any trap set.

Leaving that aside, we continue sorting the spread loot in the Ivy Mansion's living room.

Even though they're going to the auction anyway, making the list of the items is important.
Furthermore, above all, checking out loot is fun.

There were three kinds of Orbs like in the middle layer inside the treasure chests, they were [Item Appraisal], [Water Magic], and [Paralyze Resistant].
I secretly hoped for one of them to be a [Chant] Orb, but it was in vain.

Every one of these three Orbs seems to be a hit, and the [Item Appraisal] one seems to be a rarity among the rarity.
We had some big debate like whether Nana the shield bearer or Mia the recovery girl to have the [Paralyze Resistant], or either Nana the shield bearer or Lulu the rear guard to have the [Water Magic], or if Arisa the well-informed should have the [Item Appraisal].

In the end, we decided to choose the [Item Appraisal] for Lulu so that she could judge whether the foodstuff she had in hands to be safe.
Good grief, it's really like our gluttonous girls to pick it by food-related matter.

"The others are all questionable equipment aren't they~"
"Arisa, the basis for that conclusion is strange, so I urge you to reconsider."

Nana objected to Arisa's arbitrary decision.
Certainly, none of them is especially good, but I think it's a line up that's usable to some extent.
For the magic weapons, there are an adamantite war hammer, a mithril short sword, a Face-Tree bow, a mantis machette, a Lighting Crystal wand, and a paralyzing thorn spear, and for the normal weapons, there are four of them, including a black steel axe, and a silver dagger.

"Our usual cheat equipment sure are better aren't they~ and even though we have prepared the battle plan carefully, to win against an opponent 9 levels higher without getting hurt sure isn't normal."
"Like injury~?"
"Pain is no good nanodesu! It's painful desuyo?"
"A pervert?"

Arisa was nearly treated like a masochist, but I think being unhurt is a good thing.
If I level them up for another 70, I won't be worried even if some demon-lord class enemy comes. Though according to Arisa, the Dog-head and the Wild Boar King were special cases, so it might be enough with just another 50 levels.

There were few armors among the loot, maybe it was geared more toward weapons this time.
Besides the Thunder Arm Armor that's made from mithril, and the Vajra Shell great shield, most of them are normal armors that are simply sturdy.

As you can expect from the squid drop item, the Lightning Arm Armor has 10 tentacles on it that will automatically defend against anyone who attack the wearer. The tip of the tentacle can stun with electricity like a stun gun.
It's a full body armor so I thought that only certain people can wear it, but according to Seoru-shi the shadowkin, it seems magic armors that come from the labyrinth can automatically adjust their size to accommodate the wearer.
I feel that it's been awhile since I see a fantasy-like item like this. Rather, 'game-like' is probably more appropriate.
Unlike in games, the automatic adjustment is limited to 20% range at most, so someone who's as small as Leriril for example wouldn't be able to equip it.

The Vajra Shell great shield is sturdy despite its light weight, and it can deploy anti-magic membrane if you fill it with magic power, so it might be useful for a shield-bearer who challenges the labyrinth's middle layer.
I've over-fished the Vajra Shellfish when I was leveling Mia back then, so I have a lot of them sleeping in my storage, maybe I should try creating one.
There are also a Scale Dinosaur scale armor, and an Armored Frog leather armor.

"Look at Pochi too please nodesu!"
"Tama too~?"

When I turn my head around, the three youth troupe have put rings, crowns, earrings, and necklaces to the point like it's, "Is that it!", while posing.
The three who who wore a smile on their whole face looked cute, and when I said some lip service, "You're all like princesses", they reacted shyly while fidgeting like Arisa, which was rare.

As for the jewelry and accessories, they're made from normal metal and the craftsmanship aren't too exquisite, but since the jewels are big, they probably can be sold for good money.
There are amulet type accessories too among them, but their effects are all questionable like +1% resistance against a particular element for example. I wonder if it'll be different if you equip multiple of them?

"Is this mantle made of the Mad Fang Tiger's fur? Magic isn't effective against that tiger, so I wonder if this mantle has the same effect?"

The mantle that Liza is holding is made from the fur of Mad Fang Tiger just as she's said. It has good performance against slash attacks, but it doesn't seem to have any magic resistance-up effect.

There are also several mantles of different kind, like a robe made from the Blood-colored Spider thread with the fur on its sleeve and collar.

Still, I wonder if the one who provided these loot was the Dungeon Master?

I tried asking Arisa and Seoru-shi, but the two didn't know.
I should ask the person themselves if I meet them later.

The crowd that have been gathered in the venue is heating up whenever Arisa introduces the loot.

"Ta-da! This is the centerpiece this time! The 『Thunder Arm Armor』! It's made from mithril which is common, but these tentacles are amazing!"

No, you guys, can you stop making a stir before the [Amazing] part is explained?

"Now listen! They will automatically move and defend the wearer from their attacker!"

Huh? The voices had decreased, wonder if it didn't meet their expectation.

It's quite convenient, but since it seems to reduce your maximum MP by 100, it's likely an equipment that a magician finds hard to use.

In the end, the adamantite war hammer, and the Vajra Shell great shield were more popular than Arisa's declared centerpiece.

Later, when I came to the armor shop in the labyrinth city to sell the Vajra Shell great shield as Kuro, they didn't buy it, but it was to be auctioned instead.

After several days of advertising, the auction for the shield opened in front of the Explorer guild, and some Red Iron explorer bought it for some good money.
I still have around a hundred Vajra Shells, but I'll restrain myself as it'll collapse the price otherwise.

In addition, I blew the money from the Vajra Shell great shield sales to have a party with the captain-san and every member of the tenement house craftsmen.
There were some unfamiliar explorers who also participated for some reason, but I let it slide since it was fun.

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