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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-9

11-9. Vampires (1)


Satou's here. Equaling demon lords, there are many stories and games that have vampires as the last boss, however aren't them not good to play the role as a villain with such varying weaknesses?
Sunlight, garlic, can't cross running water, can't enter into a building without being invited first, they have array of weaknesses, as such stories usually depict them being defeated with just wisdom and courage without relying on heroes.

After returning to the lower layer, I've decided to examine the lower layer a bit more before I go to the vampires.

I haven't examined it in details since I was focused in saving Zena-san before, so I'm going to investigate it now.

There are around 30 beings that are level 50 and above in the lower layer.

The highest-leveled one is the Elder Root at level 99 that exist in the second largest area. It seems to be a plant-type monster that extends to the entirety of the large area.
Its level is about the same as the Great Monstrous Fish (Tovkezeera), but it doesn't seem to be the Floormaster.
I tried to search for Floormaster just in case, but it didn't seem to exist.

The second highest one is an Evil LesserDragon at level 80.
It's a lesser dragon even though its level is higher than the Black Dragon Heiron.
I wonder what is the basis for differentiating whether a dragon is lesser or not?

Let's ask Heiron about it next time.
He probably would answer, "Dunno", but since there's no one else I could ask, it can't be helped.

The third highest one is [King Mummy] at level 72. On top of having unique-skill sounding skills like [Metal Creation], and [Fantasy Factory], this King Mummy's name is [Tetsuo].
He must be a reincarnated person like the True Ancestor.
I'll try seeing him after meeting the True Ancestor.

And then there's also the somewhat lower-leveled one at level 53 called [Iron Stalker].
He also has some ominous and unique-skill sounding skill called, [Spirit Possession]. Since his name is [Takeru], the possibility is high for him to be a reincarnated person.
His race is Living Armor, he probably uses [Spirit Possession] to make a metal armor become his body.
If Arisa hears about this, she would likely try to coax him to "Say 『Nii-san』."
<TLN: I hope you know where this reference comes from. ;)>

These two reincarnated people (assumption) are each positioned on two neighboring large Areas.
They're probably close friends.

Some guardians have been placed in front of the gate before the path that connects to the area where the vampires are.

『Show me your power if ye wish to cross this gate』
『Show me your wisdom if ye wish to cross this gate』
『Swords and Magic, retrace your steps if ye do not posses both』

Three mouths engraved on the gate are speaking words like living things.

As for the guardians, there are two large golems that are bigger than 9 meters, and a semi-transparent Wraith.
The golems are a skeleton-like Bone Golem and a robot-like steel-made Iron Golem.

The Iron Golem has a cannon and an axe-like weapons, while the Bone Golem has two short swords, a mace and a round shield on its four arms. Although I said short swords, that's only relative to the nine-meter big golem, from my perspective it's pretty much a thick great sword.

I guess annihilating them would be bad if I'm going to have a talk with the vampires.

Without caring for me who had been lost in thought, the Iron Golem began its attack.
The Iron Golem shoots out a flaming ball from its cannon.

Using the [Break Magic] is troublesome, so I flick the flaming ball with my hands, changing its course.
The out-of-course flaming ball made a big explosion on the passage wall behind me.

With that as the signal, the Wraith has begun chanting [Ice Paralyze], and the Bone Golem started to dance with two weapons on its arms.
With small motions, I take some light steps to dodge the furious assaults from both sides, and then I lightly touch it with my palms by matching the timing of its attacks.
Right at that moment, I drain its magic power with [Mana Drain] in one go to make it unable to act anymore.

The Bone Golem which has lost its magic power breaks down to the ground as if it's been attacked with Turn Undead.

I capture the scattered bones of the Bone Golem with the magic-sealing ropes and wires I've made from Thorn Foot in the mansion in order to prevent it from returning to battle.
Of course I didn't do it manually, I used [Magic Hand] magic.

Ignoring the Wraith's chant, I go toward the golem which is setting up its cannon to neutralize it.
Even if I'm paralyzed, I could release it by using [Break Magic] chantlessly, so that one is for the last.

It seems there's a time lag before the Iron Golem can use the cannon again, it's attacking me with the axe part, but since its movement is slow, I lightly dodge it without even using the Ground Shrink, and then I neutralize it with [Mana Drain] like with the Bone Golem.
I tie its right leg and its left arm behind its back with magic-sealing rope, restraining it.

I direct a jumping kick toward the Wraith while seeing the log informing successful resist against the paralyze at the edge of my view.

It seems the Wraith has a special characteristic of invalidating physical attacks, it's waiting my kick while looking calm.
Wraiths have an atrocious skill called [Life Drain], so from its point of view, I probably look like [A moth flying into the flame].

The moment I touch the Wraith, I generate magic edge on the spikes on the sole of my shoe, kicking it away.
Of course, I didn't forget to hold back so it wouldn't be defeated in one blow.

It seems to be quite painful as the Wraith that has been kicked away runs away toward the graveyard beyond the gate while screaming like it's startled.

Wraiths that are weak to pain, how rare.
Do they even feel pain in the first place?

No one answers such a question of mine as the gate simply opens silently.

>[Life Drain (Drain) Resistance] Skill Acquired

Since they don't come to meet me, I decide to enter at my own discretion.

My appearance today is the custom version of Kuro set with a different disguise mask.

I could go as the normal Kuro, but since I'm going to meet a reincarnated person who call itself as a famous vampire hunter, Ban Helsing--although the true name should be Van Helsing--, it's probably better if the face is of a Japanese person instead of a foreigner, so I've made a new disguise mask.
<TLN: TL Error, the vampire's name is 'Ban Helsing', thus why Satou retorted 'why isn't it Van?', back in ch. 11-7. Revised.>
I'm borrowing the face of the outsourced debug staff, Tanaka-shi. The face of Mr. Metabolic doesn't match my body build, so I've chosen the face that's hard to left an impression with.

Two female Vampire Lords are waiting for me near the bridge that connects the castle on the lake.
They're lords even though they're women huh. I'd like to ask the person who gives the name, why isn't it 'Lady'.
There's no helping it even if I complain since it's their race name, but since it's too retort-prone, I'm going to call them Vampire Princess at my own discretion.

The two Vampire Princess are a short childish girl, and a tall adult beauty.
The childish-san is a 300 years old level 49 girl with white hair and blue eyes, and the glamorous beauty with blond hair and pale blue eyes is a 100 years old level 41 woman. The discrepancy between their age and their outer appearance is just like the vampires in fictions.

During the occasion, I activate the [Life Drain Resistance] I've got just now to the maximum.

"Welcome, strong one."
"Are you seeking a fight? Or the treasure sphere of knowledge and moonlight grass?"
"My wish is to meet the True Ancestor-dono."

I answered plainly to the two vampire princess who was asking my purpose.
I'm not role-playing Kuro's way of speaking this time.

"Is that so.... You don't want to fight do you...."

The beauty is disappointed for some reason.
Did she want to fight?

The childish Vampire Princess tells me [Wait a bit], changes one of its hand into a bat, and then sends it to the castle.
How convenient (fantasy).

I had a chat with the two since we were free during the wait.
The little girl didn't reply while looking disappointed, but the beauty normally talked with me as she seemed to be amiable.

That said, since we didn't have a common topic, I asked questions about the odd spectacles around us like 'how do the grapes bear fruit with only moonlight'.

Apparently, that seems to be a plant-type monster called Dusk Grape. Just as the name implies, it can only grow in darkness, and will wither if it's basked in sunlight.
Only Skeletons and Living Dolls can handle them since they're carnivorous.
I see, they can eat their farmers huh.... To think that the crops are underworld-style too....

It seems the Vampire Princesses don't need to eat meal, they're only growing it as indulgent food.

I was glad the she taught me various things, but it was troubling how she asked for a fight at random, "I'll give it to you if you can win against me", whenever I got interested with some of the odd things.
I'm not going to deem that vampires are all Battle Junkies by only looking at her, but please stop those sparkling eyes wanting to fight.

When we were having such chats, the bat came back and returned into the little girl's hand.

"It seems Master will meet you. Follow me."

The little girl bluntly said so, turned her body toward the castle without even waiting for my reply, and then began to walk.

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