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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 9

SS: Arisa-Sensei's Magic Classroom



Our skirts got flipped up with the voice of boy.
The children behind the boy are cheering for the multi-colored panties festival.
Geez, what lecherous kids.

"Geh, that Arisa is wearing trousers under her skirt!"

When I looked at the giggling group of boys beside the boy, there was no need for me to wonder the reason why the boy was frantically training [Breeze] spell.
I never had thought that he would be able to successfully chant the spell this quick, but it's only natural for a lady to prepare the minimum insurance.

Yet, the brats are booing.

"I'm not."

Good grief, boys will be boys no matter the world.... I want you guys to follow our Master's example. He never did any prank despite sleeping together with such a beautiful girl like me.
My pillow with YES written on both sides is crying.

Oops, rather than that.

I drop my fist to the brats who are pointing at me while barking beside the boy.
And to the offender's head too of course.


I fold my arms and glare at the two boys who have fainted.
The other boys are being tortured by the girls who got their skirts flipped.
Serves you right.

"Now then, are you aware the reason why you're called here. Boy?"
"You beat us good back then, forgive me already."

The boy begs me with a pitiful face.
My sadistic heart is burning up after seeing that, but I endure it by thinking my beloved Master's smile in my mind.

Fuuh, good-looking boy is the best.

--Getting back to the subject.

"There are two roads you can choose now that you've become able to use life magic."

I speak to the boy earnestly.
First, become a life magic 'spell-user' and earn stable income.
Second, learn force magic and elemental magic to become a magician.

The boy answers with--

"The first Arisa-sensei sponsored power-leveling rally~"
"O, oy, Arisa. You never said anything 'bout entering the labyrinth."
"I sure did~n't"

I take no notice of the flustered boy's words.
There's no way Area 11 can be any danger when you're with me and Nana.

"Carelessness is your greatest enemy~"

Haha, oh Tama, when did you get here.
Tama left a person-shaped spot of Shadow Stalker that had disguised itself as a rubbish below her.
Uwah, this one should have only appeared deeper in the labyrinth.
That was dangerous. We were saved thanks to the Ninja.

"Hey, would Tama also come with us?"
"Thanks. I'll treat you to as many meat skewers you like when we get back."

I feel slightly guilty to see Tama who's innocently being happy.

Afterward, we continued the easy power-leveling with Tama's enemy-search and Nana's protection.
The boy became silent halfway through, but it shouldn't be because he had drank too many magic power recovery potion. It shouldn't be because he was forced to recover from the level up sickness by drinking magic potions.

And then, a water and earth magician is born during the time until the dusk.
Though the classroom above the ground should take time too, with this, the desired framework to make [Pendragon] bunch into magicians should be reached.

"Still, I understand why you want water magic, but why earth magic?"

Children probably would have chosen light or fire magic.

"I mean, Iruna-sensei said that the 『Demand』 was huge."
"You've sure gotten ahold of yourself despite being a child~"
"Well yeah. Moreover, Chevalier-sama wants earth magician right. I want to repay the favor to Chevalier-sama even for a bit."

How cheeky for a kid.
But, a boy is still a man even though he's young after all!

After fully patting and praising him, I treated him and Tama with a lot of meat skewers.
I couldn't compensate Nana who wanted [Arisa's collection of sayings], but I'll search some small accessories that she likes and present it to her.

Later, since I thought that giving only meat skewers was unsatisfactory, I presented him with short pants, but it was rejected.
Even though it should be short pants when you're talking about uniform for boys. Incomprehensible.

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