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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11 SS 8

SS: Liza's Service?


Bath is a wonderful thing.
There are many things Master has bestowed me, but I don't think there is anything else that grants this luxurious supremely blissful warmth.

Meat is a special exception of course.

"Huh? Liza-san you're still in there? Isn't it about time for the water to become cool?"
"It's alright since it's still hotter than my body temperature. Mia should have been the one who will be cleaning the bath today, has it been changed to Arisa?"
"Tahaha, it's a bit you know, the turn for Master's punishment..."

...Again huh.
Arisa probably had tried to incorrigibly [sekuhara] Master and got punished for it.

I think it's natural for people to try to increase their descendants, but Master doesn't seem eager to leave behind offspring for the next era.
After all, he said that he would wait five years for Arisa and Lulu.

I stand up since I feel bad if I become a hindrance for her punishment duty.
Arisa apologized with some grown-up words, "This looks like I drive you out, sorry.", but it's a trivial matter.

Since I can enter the bath tomorrow, though it's a luxurious situation for a slave to be.

"28-hour bath is it?"
"Yep, the teleportation point in the middle-layer is narrow, so I'm thinking of making a new villa with a bath that's ready to be filled with warm water anytime. I want to hear opinions from everyone. What do you think Liza?"
"I am in favor of course."

What a splendid thing!
To be able to submerge in warm water all day long!

On the next day, we've come to the area where great many aquatic monsters inhabited, it's the place where the villa is going to be built. Many monsters like Labyrinth Monstrous Fish, Bombardment Shellfish, Crayfish with wave-shaped claws, and Leaping Flounders attacked us, but they were no match against us who were dominated with appetite.
We had a bit of a hard fight against the Labyrinth Coral who spread paralyzing mist, but we were able to win due to Master's [Supoort], and Arisa's and Mia's magic aid.
After trampling the Sea Eels on the sandy beach area that scatter lightning spheres from the gem on their foreheads, and breaking through hard monsters like the Jewel Sea Cucumber and the Vajra Shellfish, we have finally arrived at the planned place for the villa.

"Are you going to build it here?"
"Yeah, there's a heat source from the magma pool underneath this area."

I listen to Arisa and Master's conversation with serious face.
I don't know what magma pool is, but it must be some kind of magic tool that can boil water.

My role is to build the villa in accordance to Master's instruction.

....Master made holes for the piping in an instant using earth magic.
He even made the ditch for drainage in a blink of an eye with earth magic.

I stand idly while waiting for Master's order, but there's no turn for me.
I wonder what should I do?

When I asked, Master kindly said, "You had been opening the road until we got here right? Having a good rest is also a part of the job you know."
However, I think Master who's ensured everyone's safety until now is the one most tired.

The only thing that I can do without hindering Master is helping Lulu preparing the lunch.
Let's do the thing I can do with my utmost rather than lamenting my incompetence.

When I come to call Master after having finished preparing the lunch, what greets me is the villa building that has been finished before I knew it.
It's a building that's far more splendid than the villa in the Area 4 of the upper-layer.

"Ah, Liza! Come here. See this large communal bathroom I've finished."

Going to Master who's beckoning me, I arrive at the large communal bathroom.
There is a bathtub large enough for everyone to enter while still leaving some leeway.

"You can't enter it yet okay? It has to be poured with the hot water for awhile to wash away the rubbish and the sand."

I dip my finger in the bathtub water, the temperature is just right.
I'm driven with impulse to strip my clothes and jump on it right here and now, but the first bath belongs to Master.
Taking the first bath is something beyond a mere slave.

When Master enters the bath, I have to wash his back to heal his fatigue today.
Even Arisa screamed in delight when I washed her back, so Master will surely be content too.

For that sake, first, I have to fortify myself with a meal.
We went toward the sandy beach where Lulu was waiting with the seafood dishes.

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