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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.9


Afterward, they were constantly on the move for two days. Lecan took two stamina recovery pills each day, four in total but its efficacy fell down the more fatigue he piled up. He slept like a log after they had dinners.

The day after that was moss gathering. Shira had prepared several pots wrapped in straw beforehand and carefully sealed 14 kinds of moss inside those pots.

After dinner, Lecan who was practicing <Ignition (Yutel)> suddenly recalled something.

"That reminds me, since Cold is supposed to be classified as Light and Heat type magic, does Cold Breath is one too."

"Cold Breath?"

Lecan explained about the huge magic beast he encountered in Zaidmahl Territory's backwoods.

"Oh dearie me. That was probably the Earth Dragon Toron."

"Dragon! So that was a dragon kind huh."

"I can't think of anything else from the features you described. Defeating that thing alone, you really are a monster aintcha."

Lecan was a bit annoyed to be called monster by a monster, but realizing that it was a mighty foe, he was overcome by a powerful emotion.

"Cold could only be used to cool water or create ice at most, it's mostly regarded as useless magic. I've fought a mage who controlled some powerful Cold magic though. But I've never seen Cold Breath before. Either way, magic used by magic beasts is a bit different than the type of magic classified by humans. I have no idea which classification Cold Breath falls under."

"How many kinds of dragons are in this world."

"That would be Earth Dragons, Fire Dragons, and Flying Dragons. You can run into tamed earth dragons and flying dragons if you go to big cities like the royal capital. Only small dragons can be tamed by humans though. Earth Dragon Toron is an unusual dragon, you see. It's one of the special dragons called Nine Primes of which it's said that only one specimen exists in an era. Some legends tell Toron as <Dragon of Harvest>, and the land where it inhabits in shall be meet with prosperity. Apparently in the past, Toron lived at the place where the royal capital stands today."

"Dragons employed by humans huh."

"Only the small earth dragons and flying dragons though. A kind of flying dragons called <White-Neck Dragons (Slaszam)> can be tamed to let people ride them, but only dragon knights under direct control of the king are allowed to. As for earth dragons, the kinds suited for battle are under jurisdiction of the army, while docile earth dragons fit for transporting goods are owned by big merchants. By the way, you've got Toron's material with you, don't you. Can you let me see it."

When Lecan confessed that he immediately took the magic gem out of Toron after beating it, thus its body had turned into dust, Shira flew off the handle.

"What have you done! Dragons are a mass of precious materials! And it's Toron's materials, something you can never get your hands on ever again. What stupid things have you done. Even if you're tired out after the battle, as long as you don't take out the magic gem, the body would stay for two or three days, no, since it's a dragon, it'd still be there even in a year! Besides, you've got yourself a <Box (Luuf)> that can take in the entire dragon whole! You good-for-nothing!"

True enough, thinking back, what Lecan did was quite wasteful, but he was dead tired and needed to go back to Zaidmahl house asap, and to put the thing in his <Storage>, he would have to cut it apart into small pieces. He didn't have the leeway to do all that at all.

In hindsight, he could have gone back leaving the corpse, and then returned to slowly dismantle it after telling Zaidmahl house that he would be absent for several days, but he was preoccupied by other things at the time, he really didn't have the luxury to come up with that. Either way, hindsight is 20/20. It wasn't the case at the time.

However, from the point of view of the researcher-minded Shira, it truly was an inexcusable huge blunder, no doubt.

While Shira was continuing to disparage him, Lecan took out Toron's magic gem right before her.

Shira immediately fell silent.

"That's... that's the Earth Dragon Toron's magic gem, isn't it?"

"That's right."

"Can I touch it?"
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"Of course."

Shira carefully received the huge magic gem with both hands, and stared at it hard with keen interest. She must be using the <Analysis> thingy.

Lecan took another magic gem from his <Storage>. Its size rivaled that of Toron's.

"A-and that is?"

"This is a magic gem of a dragon called Vurs, which was the boss monster in the deepest floor of a dungeon in my world."

"M-magic gem, of an, otherworld dragon."



"I have been in your care."

"N-no. I didn't, do much."

"As a gratitude, I'll let you take one of these two magic gems."


"Pick whichever you like."

"N-no, but. I can't just take something so valuable."

"To me, the knowledge of magic you're teaching me is more valuable than these magic gems. Besides, the one you don't take will still belong to me. No need to hold back, pick one."

As a matter of fact, Lecan still possesses several other magic gems that are in the same class as these gems. Since Lecan himself is neither an enchanter nor a researcher, the only thing he can do with those magic gems is absorbing their mana. And Lecan has never used such an enormous lump of mana during a battle.

After hesitating for quite some time, Shira chose the Earth Dragon Toron's magic gem. The reason is because she might not be able to draw out powers from the otherworld dragon's magic gem even if she got it.

"I-I've got something to ask of you."

"Ask me anything."

"Once we get back home, could you please lend me that otherworld dragon's magic gem for ten days, no three days are enough. I'd like to check up many things."

"What, something like that huh. Whether it's ten days, one month, keep it, do what you need to do with it."

"Ooh! Thank you!"

"Right, there's one thing I need to consult you with."

"Hou. What is it."

"My body will grow dull if I do nothing but making medicine. As such, I'd like to take a break sometimes to go explore some dungeon or beat up some magic beasts in the forest if you don't mind."

"Oh is that it. Of course I don't mind."

That night, Shira gleefully gazed fixedly at the magic gem until she went to bed. Right before she did, she put the gem inside her bag and fell asleep while gripping the string attached to the bag.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Strongest Sage, Down the Dungeon


"Xe-Xeon-san! But he's still but a kid..."

Hearing the adventurer, the man who had been in a glaring contest with me underwent a 180 degree change in attitude toward him.

Looks like the adventurer is called Xeon.
Judging from my glaring opponent (Camias apparently)'s reaction, the guy is probably a famous adventurer.

At this place, the strongest person after us is this Xeon.
Camias is right after him, but there's quite a huge gap between their strength.

It'd be very helpful if Xeon could do something about this situation.

"Don't just judge people by their age. Those four are undoubtedly stronger than you. Pretty obvious looking at 'em."

"...I have conquered Floor 11 of this dungeon with a party of six. Are you saying that these kids are stronger than me?"

"Each of these adventurers should be able to conquer Floor 11 alone... Can't you tell by looking?"

Looks like Xeon understands our strength.
People who are at a certain level of expertise in battle are able to distinguish their opponent's strength just by looking.

Xeon has reached such level, while Camias hasn't.

"These kids, Floor 11 alone?"

"Don't judge a book by its cover... Age-wise, these adventurers must be students of Second Academy. Even I cannot fathom their real strength."

"I do hear stories about the current Second Academy students' strength... But are they really that strong?"

"Yeah. Saw them when I was in the capital the other day, monsters, the whole lot of them. Heard there's this guy called Mathias who's a cut above the rest... But I couldn't manage to see him."

He's right in front of you though.
While thinking that... The elevator has come back from carrying other people.

Here's our chance.
Let's get on that elevator and stop this topic.

"Could we go now? We'd like to go on a hunt quick to be honest."

"...I got it. But be careful now. Don't overexert yourself."

"Got it."

Afterward, I boarded the elevator along with the girls.
Looks like Camias has already abandoned his high-handed adventurer act.

Xeon got on the elevator with me.
The cramped elevator became full. Camias stayed on the waiting room.

"Would you like to go to Floor 13 like usual?"


After saying that, Xeon handed over 1300 elmi to the elevator crew member.
Looks like this guy is going to challenge the dungeon alone.

It's more efficient to do that with a party... but he must have his reason.

"And where would you like to go?"
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"Floor 27."

I gave the crew member our queue notes, and the payment for four, 10800 elmi.
However... The crew member wouldn't take it.

"Eer... Could you run that by again please."

"We're going to Floor 27. Here's the payment for four."

"...Going to floors higher than 15 carries a huge risk, as such you need a permit. Please return for now and get the permit--"

"Is this good enough as a permit?"

I showed her the dungeon entry permit I got from the king.
It allows us to enter all floors of all dungeons except for a very small fraction.

I've already confirmed that the 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 is not included within the exceptions.

"Pe... Permit from his majesty the king!?"

"Yeah... If we're still not allowed to use the elevator with this, we'll have to get down and walk there then..."

"O-of course, you're allowed to if you have the permit!"

Looks like we can use the elevator.
Getting to Floor 27 with the girls on foot would take some time and stamina so this is nice.

...In fact, Floor 26 monsters are stronger than Floor 27 ones after all.

"Then we will be departing. Please watch out for the shaking."

The crew member operates the elevator then.
And then we're slowly descending.

...『Dungeon Elevators』 weren't this slow back in the days.
Speed is very important when you're moving between floors in dungeons.
For example, a mere few seconds could decide the fate of a struggling party when you're sending help through the elevators.

As such, speed was the most important deliberation in the construction of 『Dungeon Elevators』.
The one installed in this dungeon should have been five times faster than it is now.

It probably doesn't move at its full capability because no one is able to do maintenance on it.
I guess the fact that it still works is a miracle already.
To begin with, these magic tools weren't purposed to be maintenance-free when they were first installed.

"We have arrived at Floor 13."

We reached Floor 13 while I was lamenting the 『Dungeon Elevator』's slowness.
The inside of Floor 13 hasn't changed much compared to my previous life.

The effect of mana reactor explosions must have been minimal since these dungeons are situated deep underground.

"Ou. Thanks as always."

Xeon got down the 『Dungeon Elevator』 after leaving that.

He didn't ask anything about the floor we were going to... And frankly, I appreciate that.
Since the hunting method on Floor 27 is quite special, it would have been bothersome were he said, 『I want to see how you're doing』.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.7_8


"Come now, we're going in."

Shira briskly went inside the cave.

"<Bright Light (Teraparm)>"

Shira recited the spell and the dim cave immediately got lit up.

It's a curious light.

The light is not like <Lamplight (Parm)> where it illuminates from one spot.

The space of about ten steps around Shira is completely bright. There's not even a shadow.

"<Bright Light> is a higher ranked version of <Lamplight>. I'm sure you'd learn to cast it in no time at all. Its light range is adjustable. We're going deeper in."

Shira briskly went deeper inside the cave without any hesitation.

The cave is sloping down slightly. There were several forks along the way, however Shira never wavered even once.

"Here's the place."

Shira took a small pickaxe out of her bag and began to dig out the cave's wall. After doing that for a while, she apparently found what she was looking for.

"Alright, this is it."

She scooped out a part of the cave with the pickaxe. Then she picked up the piece of fallen rock and showed it to Lecan.

It's a beautiful turquoise-colored ore with golden sparkles mixed in its brilliance.

"This will turn into a very versatile catalyst."

Afterward, she went deeper inside the cave and dug out another ore, went deeper again and dug out yet another ore. She explained those ores' names and utilities to Lecan.

"I've mined out all the portion I need. You dig out yours as well. Since you've got that <Box (Ruuf)> of yours, just take in everything you can take. Going back here would be too much work after all."

After Lecan was done mining, the two went on their way out of the cave. These two should have been able to run past the cave, but for some reason, Shira wouldn't attempt to. She must have her reason.

They met a lone man in a spot near the entrance.

Of course Lecan had detected him beforehand already, but the other party neither had mana nor special power.

It's a plump dirty man.

He's wearing nothing but a leather armor on his upper half.

He's also got trousers and boots, but all of them are worn out.

His unkempt hair and beard have grown long.

There's a huge pickaxe in the man's hands.

"Guehehe. Hey you two. I can't have ya get in without permission now. This hole is this great me's property."

"Oho. To think that a mine without the lord's guards around would have an owner. When did this place became your property I wonder."

"Been mine for five years 'lready."

"I've been using this cave for more than 100 years though."


"Nothing. So what do you want us to do?"

"Hehehe. You gotta cough up for the toll. This great me's takin' all your tools and ore. This light's pretty awesome. Gotta be some pricey magic tool. Woman, you're comin' with this great me."

"What are you planning to do by taking me."

"Who knows. I'mma think about it after enjoying myself for ten days."

"If I'm going with you, what are you going to do to the man?"

The dirty man replied to Shira by taking an action. That is to say, he's swinging down his pickaxe toward Lecan. However, Shira's chant echoed in the cave before he could manage to do that.

"Petrification (Gast)."

The dirty man immediately stopped moving.

"A good opportunity as any. This is the mind type magic <Petrification>. At elementary level, it won't work well unless you touch the opponent though. And this one's a special type magic <Dehydration>. <Dehydration (Kashoot)>."

The dirty man's body shriveled up into what looked like a withered tree, and after letting out a sound like he was about to be torn off, he turned into sand and fell on the ground. The pickaxe and leather armor fell down in their original state, not sand.

"Turning into sand because of <Dehydration> like this would only happen if the user is an expert level, you see. However, even elementary level <Dehydration> could easily kill your opponent. As you cannot defend against special type even with magic defense. If you feel like your blood is bubbling, you might be under <Dehydration> spell. When that happens, you need to move around, don't stop in one spot. Wanna take this pickaxe with you?"

"Nah, don't need it."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Lecan presented his note to Shira after they had dinner. Everything she taught him in the past two days is written there.

"Could you look over if there's anything wrong."

"Sure thing. But this paper is pretty nice. Could I have one of this notes?"

"That one is all I got."

"Then, tear two pieces of paper off it."


"Thanks kindly."

While Shira was looking over the note, Lecan worked hard at <Lamplight> practice.

He's succeeded at reliably lighting up a spot even 100 steps away.

"Here you go, done looking over it. But really, you. You've perfected <Lamplight> already. Very few people could cast <Lamplight> that far away you know. After seeing this, I've got to take back what I said yesterday. I'll teach you the next spell."

"By all means."

"The next spell would be <Ignition>. I've shown it to you many times already in the past three days. I'm gonna cast it slowly, look real carefully now, okay. <Ignition (Yutel)>."

Lecan intensely observed the spellcasting.

A fire was ignited out of nowhere. Truly an phenomenon that can be called magical.

Lecan pointed his right index finger at unburned dry leaves and recited the spell.

"<Ignition (Yutel)>."

Then the dry leaves flared up.

"You did it on your first try again. Nice going. Repeat that many times over. Correctly recite the spell, clearly identify the target you want to burn, and then send out your mana straight at it. Make your body learn the procedure by heart. This magic will not activate unless there is a target to be burn. Make sure to remember that well. Though well, that doesn't apply once you're a master."

That night and the morning after, Lecan tirelessly continued to train in <Ignition>.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Underestimated


"For now let's go see how it's like there. If it looks like we can farm exp nicely we'll continue the hunt, otherwise, we'll just fall back."

"Since we're going to use the elevator and all, I'd like to go with the hunt!"

"Alma, it's going to be a deep floor, you can't be careless just because Mathi-kun is with us! Safety first!"

Ruli gave a well-reasoned warning to the enthusiastic Alma.
We entered the elevator station while talking.

"...This place's pretty big."

"Lots of people too..."

"It kinda feels like the guild!"

Iliad's elevator station was an unexpectedly huge building.
Iris is right, it's definitely similar to the guild.

The elevator itself (as expected, it's the one from my previous life) could only hold around 20 people, but there's a spacious waiting room surrounding it.
Apparently adventurers are waiting here for their turn to take the elevator.

On the walls of this waiting room, there are boards like the one in the guild, with dungeon-related quests, states and maps of floors posted on them.
Since there are official guild windows as well, you can probably accept quests here.
Though well, since the dungeon's maps and states are only up to floor 10, they're of no use to us.

While thinking that, I went to fetch the queue note.

"It's for four people."

"Understand. Please hold onto this note here."

The male receptionist said that and gave me the queue note--and then he winked at someone behind me.
The recipient of that wink is a man in adventurer's attires.

...Not sure what the wink was for, but I suppose I should be vigilant here?
After taking the note I went back to the girls while thinking that.

"The elevator will come in about one minute it seems."

I pointed at a signboard next to the elevator.
It shows the remaining time for the next elevator to come.

...Judging from the number of people waiting for the elevator, doesn't seem like we can get on this one.
Guess we'll just wait for the next or the one after the next.
It's not like we're that much in a hurry anyway.

While I was thinking that--someone called from behind.
The owner of the voice is the man who was winked at earlier.

"Oy, you brat over there. You gonna explore the dungeon with your friends?"

...Well now, that sounds exactly like how 『a veteran adventurer picking on a rookie adventurer』 would say.
I guess I should answer like a rookie adventurer would then.

"...I'm not a brat, I'm an adventurer."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The man glared at me after I said that.
When I glared back at him, it became a glaring contest.

『Are we...  being picked on?』

『It doesn't feel like he's being hostile at all though...』

『You're able to perceive that much now huh.』

The man picking on us most likely holds no malicious intent on me.
Rather, despite his words, I can't feel any hostility from him at all.

The adventurers around us are also looking at the great sword man with 『good work』 looks in their eyes.
Those aren't eyes looking at a veteran adventurer who's bullying a rookie adventurer.

This is probably a threat to warn reckless adventurers who come to make a quick killing so they won't get too reckless.
This much should be menacing enough for rookies and their shallow combat experience.

The man is probably going to try to frighten the rookie, then show the difference in strength and then say, "My top floor record is floor 5."
Once that's done, the rookie then would realize that they have no hope of challenging even floor 5 and start from shallow floors.
Thus, the rookie won't throw away their life by recklessly challenging difficult floors.

This must be their goal.
After all, losing rookie adventurers who don't know their strength would be a huge loss to them.

Pretending to be ruffians to warn such adventurers is probably their job.
They've picked equipment that are outwardly impactful than their actual performance as well.

There were people who took similar job like this even in my previous life.
I guess rash adventurers exist no matter the ages.

...Now then, how should I go about this.
I don't mind having a fight and show them our strength to rest their worry, but that'd take time and make us stand out.

While thinking that--an adventurer who was in the waiting room's interior called out to the man who were having the glaring contest with me.

"Camias, you'd better stop. Don't think the guy even needs that."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-80

16-80. God Keys


※Only the last part will be Satou's point of view this time.

"Yuuki, how's your mana?"
"Still a long way to go."

The two heroes are sprawling in the ruins of Saga Empire's castle.
Hero Seigi asked the question with him facing up at the sky, while Hero Yuuki replied face down.

"Can you move?"
"Don't wanna yet. I've never used so much mana before, even talking is annoying."

Despite saying that, Yuuki grumbled fluently.

"Where's the golden sparkly bunch?"
"Saving people."
"Those girls are tough."

After defeating lamia demon lord [Lamiko-san] with the two Saga Empire's heroes, golden sparkly bunch aka the golden knights and hero Nanashi had gone to the collapsed shelters inside the city to rescue people.

"Since they went pass the castle ruins and all--"
"I think they're leaving this site to us."
"Figured as much~"

Hero Yuuki surveyed the surrounding debris while frowning.

"Should we go look around, Yuuki?"
"Once my mana has recovered, sure."

After giving that reply, he recalled the specialty of his conversation partner.

"--Wait, what about you?"
"I'm only good with bad men."
"You're useless."

Looks like Hero Seigi's Unique Skill [Evil Search (Where's the bad men)] can't be used to look for people buried under the wreckage.


Hero Seigi noticed pebbles on the ground shaking.
He raised his body and looked around, then he saw a ripple on a puddle nearby.

"What's wrong?"
"Don't you think it's shaking?"
"You're imagining things."

So Hero Yuuki declared after closing his eyes and concentrating.

"Owaah, it's shaking!"
"I told you!"

The shaking was only at about magnitude 1-2, but the two could feel intermittent vibrations on the ground even while they were conversing.

"Ain't this, y'know, bad?"
"Maybe there's still another demon lord underground?"
"Sounds about right."

Hero Seigi said it like it was none of his business.

"Don't 'sounds about right' me you, use your Unique Skill to check it out."
"Whoops, that's right! --Evil Search"

Blue light wrapped Hero Seigi's body.
Hero Seigi closed his eyes and concentrated, then he suddenly opened them wide and shouted out loud.

"There it is! About one kilometer below."
"So deep! Is it lurking in the magma or something?"

Hero Yuuki quipped at Hero Seigi's report.

"There's only one. Real dangerous. I can feel incredible malice and insanity. The threat level is out of this world."
"Are you for real..."

An especially big shaking hit the ground while they were talking.
The two who were sprawling jumped up.

"For now, let's get out of here and call the sparkly and purple here."

The two poured the little mana they had left into their Flight Shoes and flew off the mountain of debris.

"O Guardian Spirit (Mitama) of Saga Empire--"

Saga Empire's Emperor called out to the city core while wielding the rainbow-colored orb turned-key like a wand.
Perhaps, due to the excess amount of mana, they key couldn't keep its shape as it kept transforming while producing purple lightning.

Even though the emperor was burned by the lightning and had blood seeping out of the wound, he wouldn't stop the ritual.

"By the force bestowed to me by God's Envoy, manifest the door that shall summon God's Majesty unto this land.

The emperor spun his words while trembling from the high voltage shock electrocuting him.
Blood spilled out of his mouth and nose, the capillary in his fingertips had broken apart with blood gushing out.

Rainbow colored lights converged in front of him, forming into the shape of a door.
Seven key holes appeared on the rainbow door adorned with jewels.

"By the force bestowed to me by God's Envoy, O keys that open the door, come forth unto this land."

With wounds all over his body, the emperor continued the chant with bloodshot eyes.
Blue lights leaked out his wounds, shining purple through the red blood.

The rainbow colored lights transformed into keys one by one.
If someone who had witnessed the gods who materialized in Saga Empire were here, they would have noticed that those key colors represented each of those gods.

"With seven God Keys in hands, I shall fulfill the mission given to me by God's Envoy."

The critically injured emperor swung his arm, and then the seven God Keys floating in the air went into the key holes.

"to the worm, gnawing on the, sacred sagaempire, bringthem destrucTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN"

Crystallizations shining bright blue fell off from under the wounds and skin of the emperor who was laughing maniacally.
His figure was similar to that of Hero Meiko who used up too much Unique Skills in her fight against Great Weasel Demon Lord at the weasel empire.

"come, ARISe, SPread, OPen, MATERIALize, maniFEST, o power of, GOD'S MAJESTYYYYYYYYY--"

In accordance to the words of the king who had lost his sanity, the keys that were in the door's key holes began to turn.


The first blue lock opened.

Click. Click.

The second, third, yellow and orange color opened.

Click. Click. Click.

The locks opened one by one, and the last key--.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"--What's the matter, Arisa?"

Liza called out to Arisa worryingly.
Arisa who had been energetically telling the girls the location of those needed saving with space magic suddenly stopped moving and went silent.

"Did something happen to Master?"

Lulu asked.

"U-unn. My Familiar Link with Master has gone out of range."

The girls turned their sight at Arisa all at once hearing that.
No, Tama alone was flopping on top of the Floating Fort with a carefree expression, saying, "Don't worry be happy~".

"We have to go to Master's rescue, so I insist."
"Where is it? Arisa! Do you know where is it?"

Liza who reacted to Nana who said that expressionlessly pressed on Arisa in frantic.

"Calm down."
"That's right! Liza-san, please compose yourself."

Mia murmured, as Lulu stopped Liza who caught Arisa's shoulders in a hurry.

"Everyone, please calm down. Don't worry, Satou is surely fine."

Hikaru put her hands on the panicking Pochi's head, and said that to everyone as she broke out the best smile she could muster.

"Arisa-chan, do you know where the last known location the comm came from?"
"U-unn. It's the Temple of Heroes in Saga Empire's old capital--ah."

In the middle of her speech Arisa's expression changed.

"Master! Are you OK? Are you hurt anywhere? If you need our help--"

While she was talking, Arisa informed the girls, "It's from Master. Looks like he's alright."
Acting like she was unconsciously holding a telephone on her mouth as she did that must have been a habit from before she reincarnated.

Arisa got back to the Satou's Familiar Link while gesturing an apology to the girls who fell down in exhaustion.

"--Un, I got it. We're all fine here. You've gotta beat gobu king for sure this time!"

After she's done with the call, Arisa informs the girls about Satou's situation.

"Master has finally located 『Goblin Demon Lord』's stronghold."

The girls cheered when they heard that.

"He had to teleport to observation satellite in order to find that stronghold, that was when the link was cut off temporarily."

Apparently even the Familiar Link with its transcendental range would get cut off when Satou moved through a long distance with Unit Arrangement.

"He was watching the demon lord from satellite orbit?"

Hikaru murmured in amazement.

"He had to move far outside detection range since gobu king was a vigilant one. I guess even gobu king would have never guessed that Master could move to satellite orbit with zero mana consumption."
"That means, Master is going to wage war at the enemy location?"
"Un, that's what he said."

Arisa confirmed Liza's question.

"That's why he won't be able to respond to the Familiar Link for a while."

Despite saying that, Arisa believed that Satou would abandon his fight with Gobu King and go to their rescue were she would just call for him in desperation.

"Then, should we not go help Master?"
"No help needed he said."

Arisa shook her head at Liza's insistence.

"But, isn't 『Goblin Demon Lord』 one of the Great Demon Lord that stands at the top along with 『Dog-Head Demon Lord』 and 『Golden Wild Boar King』 in all history?"
"It's o'kay~"
"The possibility of Master losing in a normal combat is zero, so I inform."
"Nn, invincible."

Tama, Nana and Mia dismissed Liza's worries.
Lulu and the other girls were worried as well, but they believed that Satou wouldn't lose.

Tama's ears twitched inside the golden helmet.

"It's the hero kids nanodesu."

As Pochi said that, the girls turned around.


Hero Seigi and Yuuki came flying with Flight Shoes.

"Is there something wrong?"

A dome of light manifested behind the heroes as Arisa muttered that.
Seven keys of light appeared on top of the dome.

"That looks like bad news."

As Arisa murmured that, the other girls nodded in agreement.

"We should call Master..."
"We can't."

Arisa immediately rejected Lulu's proposal.

"Master's thoughts have been getting transmitted to me for a while now, and it's fully committed in the fight. I think, the fight with the gobu king is reaching its climax."

The girls had worried looks on their faces when they heard that.

"It's okay, Master is doing fine. It feels frantic, but it's not like he's getting cornered, see."

Arisa followed up.

"Then, let's deal with this ourselves. Just so you know, I was second to none in Force Magic in my heydays."
"Nn, help."

As if trying to sweep away the girls' anxiety, Hikaru made a wand-swinging pose along with Mia who did the same pose next to her.

"Anyhow, let's observe it from a safe distance for now!"

"Although quite malformed, those are keys to unlock God's Seal huh... No way Kurou would go and unseal Moon Demon God, then I guess this is Gorou's antic?"

A lone young man standing near the light dome that had shown up in the Imperial Castle's ruins muttered.
He's clad in a deep purple robe, his black hair is swaying in the wind coming from the dome.

At a spot slightly away from the young man, warriors clad in golden armor--Arisa and the girls teleported in.

"--Black hair?"

Arisa declared.

"You over there, who are you?!"

The young man turned around as Arisa asked for his identity.
Since the dazzling light coming from the dome acted as a backlight, the girls couldn't make out the young man's face.

"I'm 『Guardian of Little Girls』--if that doesn't roll well on tongue, feel free to call me 『Guardian』 or 『Onii-chan』, whichever is fine."

Arisa's frowned at the smokescreen-sounding words the young man uttered.

"Arisa-chan, could you appraise him?"
"Unnyaa, it's no good."

It's very rare for the appraisal of reincarnated people and heroes to fail as they bear the divine gift appraisal.

"Goes off~?"
"Ah! Hold it right there!"

Ignoring Arisa's call to halt, the young man stepped toward the dome.

"Was that your doing?"

Liza went around with Flickering Steps, but the young man's cold gaze made her body freeze up.

"Bad things no no~?"
"You shouldn't do bad things nanodesuyo."
"I shall not let you pass, so I report."

Apparently, the young man's gaze only affected Liza as Tama, Pochi and Nana stood before him with their weapons at the ready.

"Oh I won't do anything bad. I'm just here to stop a big idiot from undoing the Demon God's seal."

After saying that, the young man instantaneously moved to the opposite of the beast girls.


As the man murmured so, the light dome that looked like it was about to start up anytime instantly disappeared.


The man murmured and made a swing with his arm, and then the Saga Empire's emperor who was bloody all over appeared in front of him.

"w-what? The secret art TO DEFEAT demon lord's"

The emperor couldn't speak anymore after that word.

"Has he been brainwashed by Gorou I wonder? Oh well, another successor would pop up even if I eliminate him here anyway."

After glancing at the emperor once, the young man nonchalantly snapped his fingers.
A moment later, the emperor turned into a charred remain without as much as a scream, scattering away into grey particles.

"See you again. Heroes of present time."

After saying that, the man waved his hands behind and disappeared without turning around.

"J-just what was all that..."

Arisa muttered with a bewildered look on her face.
That was when Satou called her, informing her about the goblin king's defeat.

◇◇◇ Satou ◇◇◇

"A black haired man who couldn't be appraised huh..."

After hearing about a young man with transcendental powers, I dropped by Saga Empire's capital with Unit Arrangement.

Not sure whether he's a new demon lord or an existence in line with God, but considering he stopped Saga Empire who was attempting to undo [Demon God's Seal], it's probably safe to assume that he's the type of force that maintains order.
...Rather, don't even joke about [Demon God's Revival], please.

"That reminds me, how's Parion Temple at the Old Capital?"

Apparently, the imperial capital's Parion Temple has been turned into a mountain of rubble.
Why would she talk about Parion Temple now--Just when that thought flashed on my mind, I recalled that we originally came to Saga Empire to take on [God Parion's Trial].

"The temple over there is a mountain of rubble too now. Oh dear..."

The temple itself can be quickly rebuilt with magic, but restoring the sanctuary needed to do the God Mingle ritual probably can't be done that easily.


Tama suddenly looked up at the sky.

Looking up in reflex, I saw a pure faint blue light coming down.

--Thank you

Felt like I could faintly hear a small voice.

>Title [Liberator] is Acquired.
>Title [Mark of Parion] Acquired.
>Title [One Approved by Parion] Acquired.
>Title [Parion's Saint] Acquired.
>Title [Parion's Apostle] Acquired.

I got these titles on the Log before I knew it.
Since I hadn't been informed of what she wanted me to do yet, this God Parion's Trial was apparently treated as done either because we managed to stop Gobu King's ploy or because I liberated God Parion's [Fragments] captured by Gobu King.

I don't need to do some annoying fetch quest this time, lucky me.

"Master, what was that?"
"Aah, it's a reward for settling down the turmoil she said."

When I think about it, the voice that warned me back then was that one just now.
I thought it was either the mysterious little girl's or gobu king's trap.

Now that I've got all the marks, I suppose I can finally accomplish my original goal, that is interviewing the gods.

But well, first I'd love to have a long vacation before going on a journey to the world of gods.

※ The final chapter is scheduled to start with the next update.
The next update is planned for 1/6, but it's possible that it may be postponed for a whole month, and will resume once I've written everything to the end.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.5_6


"Now then, today we'll be on the move. We'll take a break once at noon, but after that, we're gonna keep running all day, so keep that in mind. Here, hold onto these."

Lecan was given ten pills.

"What are these?"

"It's the stamina recovery medicine you wanted so much."

"So they were solid."

"To use, chew on one pill when you feel tired. Your body will regain its strength. However, it is not without drawbacks. I'll let you see for yourself how it's like."

"Got it."

The two began to run after having a light breakfast.

A huge luggage bag is swaying on Shira's back. The smaller bag with the herbs inside is inside the bigger bag.

Looking again, the short sword that was on Shira's waist is nowhere to be seen. It must be inside the bag.

They really were running all day that day. Even drinking water was done while running. Moreover, unlike the first day, the terrain had quite a lot of rises and falls, at noon they had to climb a very steep slope, so Lecan's legs quickly reached their limit.

Lecan took one stamina recovery pill.

His legs immediately regained their strength, thus he was able to raise his speed.

However, since they kept climbing up more slopes, his legs lost their strength in no time.

As such, he took another pill.

And then strength got back to his legs, however, the pain on his joints remained and the deep fatigue in his body hadn't gone away.

After arriving at their destination, his body felt painful and sluggish.

--I see. The effect abates if you use it successively. And even though it removes muscular fatigues, your physical condition hasn't actually been restored for real. This means I cannot rely too much on stamina recovery medicine.

This wouldn't have happened were he still had the jewel Lady Rubianafale took from him. Having his stamina slowly recovering wouldn't give him any backlash, nor accumulated fatigue.

The stamina recovery medicine of this world is inconvenient.

However, this medicine should come in handy in a drawn-out fight with some tough opponent.

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Shira spoke out after they had their dinner.

"Could you show me that overcoat of yours."

After hesitating a bit, Lecan took his Overking Bear overcoat from <Storage> and handed it over to Shira.

Shira stared at it, then rubbed and stretched it before immediately went to check the area around the collar. Lecan thought to himself, 'as expected'. That's exactly the part where the enchanted jewel has been embedded.

"Hmm. This thing's got some impressive magic defense. Mind if I have a go at it."

"...I don't mind."

A light flew off Shira's fingertip, burning the overcoat a bit.

Shira carefully looks at the impact point.

She was staring for quite a long time.

"Hummm. This is amazing. It's restoring itself back. I've never seen an enchant that can restore items' state, you know. Lecan, would this enchant still work if you take this jewel off and put it on another item?"

"No. The enchant will lose its effect if you take it off the overcoat, forever."

"Really now. This was enlightening. That said, my <Analysis> can't comprehend this spell formation at all. Lecan, sorry but could you lend me your sword for a bit."

She's one sharp-sighted granny. Having no other choice, Lecan received the overcoat, took his sword out of Storage and gave it to Shira. The jewel with <Self-Restoration> was embedded inside the blade, but of course Shira saw through that.

"Hmm. Seems like it's got the same structures as the overcoat. How'd this even work. If this could be reproduced, this world's magic will take a huge leap forward."

Lecan had no interest in such things.

"<Lamplight (Parm)>"



He cast and canceled <Lamplight> magic over and over again. In various sizes, various brightness, various distances. The farther away the activation spot is, the harder it is to control.

His control improved after repeating it over and over.

At sunrise the next day, Lecan took out a note and a pen, and began to write about the type of herbs and their effect.

Shira took some paper and a pen as well and wrote something.

Shira was done with her business first, and by the time she was done with her meal that she had prepared, Lecan finished his work.

"Sorry. Kept you waiting."

"It's alright. Here, I'm giving this to you."

It was a list of magic.

Body type.




Mind type.








Perception type.








Creation type.

Pain Water.

Space type.







Light and Heat type.


Bright Light.




Fire Arrow.

Flame Spear.


Special type.







Holy type.



Lecan asked Shira since there were some words he couldn't read. As such, he managed to read them all, however, he had no idea what kind of magic they were.

"You don't have to learn them all right here and now. I'm gonna teach you slowly from now on. Also, what's on this list is the standard classification used on this continent, however there are some people who use other classification systems, and magic names are as varied as there are mages out there. Oh and these are all basic magic, there's a lot more derivations and higher ranked magic other than these ones. I didn't put magic that need ritual, catalyst, or ones that need multiple mages to cast either. But well, you should get to know the basic with this list, and it should make it easier to understand the kind of spells and types of magic you're going to learn from here on."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Strongest Sage, Arrives at Proper Dungeon City


"One fell swoop... That sounds too good to be true, it's scary instead..."

"Is there any reason why we haven't done that if we could get strong easily?"

Well, I guess anyone would notice.

"It has some drawbacks as well... If you gain too much exp before you forge your body and magic control... There's a chance you'd end up losing your magic. That's why I never told you about it."

"Losing your magic!?"

"Yeah. If the quantity of your mana gets far bigger than your magic control capability is, you won't be able to control your magic and lose the ability to use it. Since it's difficult to train magic control once you lose access to magic, worst comes to worst, you'll end losing your magic forever... It might be possible with chant magic though."

Chant magic is a system that fully surrenders magic control to the chant support.
By using that, it might be possible to use magic even if you can't control your mana at all.

Conversely, people who can use magic properly all their life could end up losing their magic casting ability without chant.
Though if your mana is as enormous as Iris, you can use mana even by just randomly controlling it.

"Chant magic only, but that practically means no magic..."

"Exactly... With how you two are now, even if your mana increase, your magic control is good enough to use mana, and I'll be watching out for your limit while we farm exp, so there's no problem."

Even if your mana amount exceeds your magic control, it's not like you instantly lose your magic the moment it crosses the line.
First, you'll gradually lose control of your magic, and once it goes too far, you lose it completely.

Thus, we're going to stop and fall back once our magic control gets worse.
Being easy to withdraw is one of the advantages dungeons with automatic elevators have.

"...We've got to be careful not to farm too much!"

"More importantly, I'm worried about the strength of monsters in floor 27..."

Ruli seems to feel uneasy, but to these girls who have had showdowns with demons multiple times, mere floor 27 monsters are nothing.
Besides, floor 27 enemies of 『Ilias-managed Dungeon』 are easy to handle relative to the floor they're on.

"Well, let's talk about the details once we got there. There are other nice hunting spots in 『Ilias-managed Dungeon』 besides floor 27."

"Alright then! ...We're gonna profit big time at the 『Gambling Dungeon』 with this party!"

"...Alma, are you that much in need of money?"

Ruli's question is reasonable.
Right now Alma should have no monetary problem at all.
The king still owes her a lot which she hasn't taken... and when she does take it, she can live in luxury for hundreds years.

"It's not like that, just you know... My adventurer's blood, it's boiling!"

I see.
Indeed, making a killing in dungeons is adventurers' romance.

Even in my previous life, adventurers who would dive deep in dungeons for this reason exist.
...This era's adventurers can make a killing just by randomly hunting in very shallow floors though, it's no competition at all.

We've decided to go to 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 with this talk.
We can reach the 『Dungeon City Iliad』 where 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 is located in a few hours with our legs.
Rather than wasting time pondering here, we'd be better off thinking what to do as we go at it.
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"So this is dungeon city, Iliad huh..."

The time is about noon.
We've arrived at our destination, Dungeon City Iliad.

"The atmosphere here feels really different from Melkia."

"Well, Melkia was in that state back then, so there's no way to know how it's usually like."

When we went there, the Dungeon City Melkia was in a sad state due to a hopelessly useless shitty lord's tyranny.
To the point that the magic lamps that were used to light up the city caused daily explosion accidents with casualty.
It was so bad we were doubting if demons had something to do with it.

Compared to that, Iliad is filled with enthusiastic looking adventurers.
More than half of the people walking in the street are adventurers, and the majority of them have eyes sparkling with hope.

There's also some dispirited looking adventurers here and there though... These guys are probably adventurers who were forced to withdraw due to lacking the strength or some kind of accidents after paying hefty sums to go on an adventure.
This part really emboldens the feeling of 『Gambling Dungeon』.

I look at a nearby signboard while thinking.
Written there in big text, 『Dungeon Entrance - 400 Meters until Elevator Station』.

The fee was written under it.
Looks like the fee depends on the floor you're going to, it's 100 elmi x Floor number.

By the way, the fee is waived for floor 3 and below.
It's probably to accommodate rookie adventurers' training.

After all, adventurers are customers to the elevator administrators.
Rather than letting these customers die in vain, they'd want them to survive and gain experience and then make use of the elevator in the future.

"The entrance seems to be over there."

"I've heard rumors and all, but it really is quite pricey..."

If we consider that 70 elmi is enough to sustain a family of four for a day, it is indeed not cheap.
That said, our party's capital is fortunately plentiful.

We could probably go in for free with the King's permit.... but there's no need to be stingy here.
Let's pay the fee upfront.
The elevator is pretty handy to save our mana and stamina in our quest to raise our level after all.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.4


They decided to set up camp near the river.

Shira skillfully made some tasty dinner with wild grass, nuts, and animal meat that Lecan procured during Parade's special training. Shira had stocked up on bread that would last a long time.

"Could you take a look at this."

It's the lower grade recovery medicine made by Zaidmahl House's apothecary. Lecan was thinking of having Shira look at it since he felt like it had absolutely no effect at all.

Shira took the medicine with her left hand, produced a light orb on the index fingertip of her right hand, and stared at the medicine under the light.

"Looks to be proper medicine diligently made by an ordinary apothecary. What about this."

"It didn't work when I drank it."

"Why'd you drink it. This is an ointment."

"What? Smearing recovery medicine on yourself?"

"Isn't wound salve something you apply on your wound?"

"That may be true for normal medicine, but not for magic potion."

"Ah, you mean that huh. I get it now. This world does have medicine that you drink to heal wounds as well."


"There's magic that can heal wound in your world, isn't there?"

"There is."

"You dissolve such magic and put it in water, or rather water-like substance, it's called magic water in this world."

"Magic, water."

"It's water of magic. Magic water is generally applied by drinking. While medicine created from medicinal plants and stuff and has magic play a role during its creation to increase its effect is called magic potion in this world. And even though there are oral and topical magic potions, for treating wounds, it's topical."

"Oh, is that right."

"That is right. But that means this magic potion you wanted me to teach you was magic water then."

"Is there any problem?"

"Well, not really a problem. Just that magic water is not something that can last long even though its effect is immediate."


"Medicine that's been mixed with herbs is more effective and last longer instead."


"Well anyway, I'll just teach you the basic for now, afterward, when you've figured out which you actually want to learn, just tell me."

"Umu. Please teach me from the very basic. That aside, you didn't chant when you lit up a light on your fingertip earlier."

"Ah, you mean <Lamplight (Parm)> huh. Anyone could do that."

"I can't do it though."

"You, you can't use <Lamplight> with all that mana of yours?"

"I can't help it. Magic is something bestowed to you, it's not something you can learn."

In the world Lecan comes from, although there are differences in quantity, anyone possesses mana. However, you need a specific <Ability> in order to wield magic. You have a chance of receiving such ability when you defeat magic beasts, and that chance is higher with dungeonborne magic beasts, and especially Floor Bosses. The ability bestowed to you is completely random, and there are floor bosses that tend to give specific abilities. Dungeon's floor bosses don't only drop magic, but a variety of skills as well. Some priests have also been bestowed abilities by God at the temples, but Lecan is not well versed in that matter.

"Normally, you can't use magic without learning it first though?"


After a brief exchange, Lecan learned common knowledge about magic in this world.

Not a lot of humans posses mana in this world. Whether one possesses mana or not is decided when they're born, those who are born without mana will never get to posses mana no matter what.

Even if you do possess mana, you cannot even cast elementary magic if you're not taught about magic.

Only those who have acquired magic can teach others of those magic. Only in extremely rare cases do some are able to obtain magic on their own.

Magic bearers are restricted by their individual talent type, if one does not have the talent on a certain type of magic, they either won't be able to cast that type of magic, or the power demonstrated will be extremely weak even if they manage to, there's no hope of growth. On the other hand, one will display tremendous growth on type of magic they're talented at.

Oftentimes, children whose parents are mana bearers will be a mana bearer as well. And in most cases, the children will have the same talent on magic types as their parents'.

"So I may have a chance to learn new magic."

"I think you do."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Could you teach me."

"Sure thing. Well, let's go at it step by step."

Shira taught Lecan <Lamplight> spell.

Lecan was able to immediately use <Lamplight>.

"<Lamplight (Parm)>"

"Yup, that's good. But to think you learned it just by seeing it once. You must be able to see how magic works really well, aren'tcha."

Lecan has fought a great number of mages in his life. Being able to see through the activation of magic is a matter of life or death. And that seems to have become some sort of training to learn magic. Moreover, Lecan is an expert on <Gust>. That may have played a role as well.


A small light lit up following the spell.

It was the greatest feeling.

Lecan never imagined he could learn new magic.

He was so happy it felt like he was back to being a kid.

"For the time being, right, for the next ten days I won't teach you any other magic, so just continue practicing on <Lamplight>. Try all kind of sizes and ranges. If you try to use many magic when you're just first starting out, you'd end up half-baked at any magic. First, you've got to master <Lamplight> down."

Lecan was so giddy he got out bed after a short nap and cast <Lamplight> again and again.

And then, the herb gathering began.

Partly because he got up early, and partly because he found spots where the plants grew closely together, he managed to get the amount he was asked at dawn.

"Well now, what a surprise. To think you got 100 of each 22 types of herbs before dawn."

"It was no problem thanks to Parm spell."

"I don't think you can distinguish between these herbs with just Parm spell."

Lecan had made use of his ability, <3D Perception>, but he decided not to talk about it.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Strongest Sage, Finds a Nice Spot


Several days have passed since we infiltrated Saihill Empire and purified the Source.
We got back safely to Eis Kingdom's capital.

However, the problem isn't over yet.
The one behind the incident where demons mixed poison in Saihill Empire's tap-water and collected life force was a king of ancient civilization, Grevil.

And Grevil has made a declaration that he would make humankind go extinct if we don't defeat him in three months time.
If the one who said this was a normal demon or a human, I wouldn't bother going along with it and just cut them down... but that can't be done when the other party is a king of an ancient civilization.
Artifacts from ancient civilizations actually have the power to destroy humans of this era, and Grevil must know how to use those.

...And thus, we're all gathered here today to decide our next move.

"For now let's decide on our destination."

I take out a map... Eis Kingdom's dungeons map.
The list details dungeons that have been found in present time.

By the way, I've got the king to give us the permission to enter these dungeons.
We can enter any dungeon except a few that are connected to the national secret.

We got the permit promptly when we asked through the principal.

"Is this a map of dungeons?"

"Yeah. Dungeons are the most efficient and quickest way to raise our strength... I've told you about the existence of experience point, haven't I?"

"About how if you defeat monsters, the one who did the feat would gradually get stronger?"

"Yeah. Efficient spots to farm those experience point exist within dungeons."

I stare at the dungeon map.

Dungeons that are well suited to gain experience point were highly prized even in my past life.
As such, dungeons that had nice hunting grounds were famous.

Of course I remember which dungeons those were.
From places that are well known to little known spots where only select few knew.

I was thinking of using those dungeons if some still remained, but...
Fortunately, only one dungeon where that applies still remains today. It's not that far from the royal capital either.

Nowadays, that dungeon appears to be called 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』.
Back in the days, it was called 『The First Dungeon』, popular with beginners to gain exp.

It boasted super efficient exp gain to the point of excessive, it was the best hunting ground even among the numerous exp spots elsewhere.
What luck for this place to remain.

It seems to be managed by the kingdom... but entering it should be a simple matter with the king's permit.

"I think this 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 is a good one, do you know anything about this place?"
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"Iliad... You mean the 『Gambling Dungeon』?"

"Oh yeah that's right, it's officially called 『Gambling Dungeon』. That dungeon is pretty famous!"

Looks like Ruli and Alma know about our destination.
It's got this weird name, 『Gambling Dungeon』...  Wonder what that means.

"How did it end up getting called 『Gambling Dungeon』?"

"It's cause challenging the dungeon is like gambling just as the name suggests. It has a device that can automatically take you up and down, but it usage fee is really really high..."

"If you can hunt properly, you win big! But if you're quick to retreat, big loss! ...So it's called Gambling Dungeon! It seems like there's a lot of people dying because they force themselves in order to recoup back the fee..."

I see. Thus Gambling Dungeon huh.

The device that automatically take you up and down probably refers to what was known as 『Dungeon Elevator』 in the past.
In the past era, dungeons used by beginners have devices called 『Dungeon Elevators』 installed inside.

Some people were against it, saying 『Rookies are getting weak cause they got it easy』 due to the 『Dungeon Elevators』... But I was in favor of it.
Traveling in shallow floors is only a waste of time after all, you'd want to get the right floor.
If you want to efficiently get stronger, you ought to use any mean necessary, be it Dungeon Elevator or anything, to get to the suitable places and fight there.

"Is that device a relic of ancient civilization?"

"Apparently it is. Don't you think it's amazing how they could make something like that inside a dungeon!"

"The elevator itself is simple to build as long as you have knowledge about magic tools, you only need to break the dungeon floors then."

It really is 『Dungeon Elevator』.
Though it's only natural as in this era the only people who have the skill to install elevators inside dungeons are Second Academy.

By the way, with Second Academy's skill set, making 『Dungeon Elevator』 up to floor 5 should be feasible.
Add Ruli, and it could go a bit deeper.
Though since 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』's 『Dungeon Elevator』 goes to floor 99, there's no need to make one ourselves.

"But why the 『Gambling Dungeon』? Exploring it may be easy if we have the money for it, but the place isn't exactly brimming with exp is it? And since lots of adventurers go to the dungeon, there's probably not a whole lot of monsters we can beat."

"That only applies to very shallow floors, doesn't it?"

"If I'm not mistaken, even skilled parties only managed to reach floor 13! ...But there's probably not a lot of people in deeper floors either way, by floor 10 it should be mostly untouched!"

...I see.
Come to think of it, that's just how it is with the dungeon situation in this era.

"Then nothing to worry about. We're heading to floor 27."


"With our strength now, it won't be difficult at all. We'll get stronger in one fell swoop with a tremendous amount of experience point."

『The First Dungeon Floor 27』 was one of the most famous hunting grounds in the past era.
That floor is quite special, it's dangerous if you tread on it carelessly, but if you use magic that's specifically good for that spot, you'll be rewarded with a huge amount of exp easy.

As such, the disputes for the hunting ground were very fierce, and there were many rules before you were allowed to make use of it... But we have a monopoly now.
It shouldn't take too long to farm experience point.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-79

16-79. Saga Empire, Satou's Battle (2)


Satou here. As a game player, it's my principle to raise my level a whole lot and get the strongest equipment before I go challenge the last boss. Though ever since I ended up making games as my job, I couldn't afford the time to raise my level much anymore.

"Wat' Checkmate? Yer' sayin' this is the end of the line fer' me?"
"Yeah, you'll never get away--"

I've put a marker on his real body.
I'll chase him no matter which world he ran into.

He might be able to hide his position if he's inside a barrier like the one Yuika creates, however, I can find out where the barrier is by tracing back the log on marker positions.
As long as I know where it is, my mysterious ability should be able to break through any barrier.

"So I ain't gettin' away eh--"

A fierce smile floated on the slender goblin demon lord's face.

"Ya better not underestimate me ya twerp. Even like this, I'm still the great demon lord-sama who competed for the title 'strongest' with Dog-head ya know--"

Goblin King's frail body pulsated and swelled up, transforming into a muscular large build.

As he got bigger, the bracelet Goblin King was wearing came off.
It looks similar to the [Harness of Thief God] I posses.

Then I noticed that the level indicator on Goblin King had changed.

"The level rose?"
"But of course yea. This ain't no Avatar with all their limitations."

Goblin King who was level 99 became level 130.
That bracelet earlier appeared to be some kind of shackle that was limiting his level to 99.

Goblin King took out deep purple-colored clothes from Item Box and put it on.

He's holding two Japanese katana in both his hands each.

They're three meter long Japanese swords with almost-black dark purple-colored blades made of unknown metal.
According to AR readings they're called Godbone Katana.

Since they obviously look real dangerous, I should be careful not to parry them with holy swords.

But well, before that--.

"<<Don't move!>>"

I used Compulsion (Geass) skill.
Right at that moment, dark purple phosphorescence wrapped Goblin King's body for an instant, and my body turned heavy.

>Resisted [Geass].

Looks like he reflected it back to me with some kind of Unique Skill.
It's probably the same type as the [Reflection (Counter)] that the Dark Sage of Parion Holy Land possessed.

I refrained from using the skill to prevent him from working out a countermeasure when I was up against his Pseudo Body (Avatars), but it seemed like it was all for nothing.

"Geass ain't gonna work on me."

Goblin King grinned, showing off fangs inside his mouth.

"'Ere I go!"

Just when Goblin King's body got clad in dark purple ripples of light, he disappeared.

--Ground Shrink.

Before I could even recognize that, Goblin King showed up right in front of me and his Godbone Katana mowed down the spot where my neck was.
As I took an evasive maneuver, the holy sword I slashed at Goblin King got sunk into black threads that had manifested on the surface of his body, stopping my sword.

"Nothin' less to expect from Irregular."

While dodging the pursuing flurry of Godbone Katana, I shot out Magic Edge Cannon from my fingertip to create an opening and got away from him.

"How'd you even get a sword sunk into Anti-Physical shield, that's just impossible."

I've heard the Unique Skill's name somewhere.

Just where did--Oh right!


It was the name of a Unique Skill that the [Dog-Head Ancient King] had.

"You can use Unique Skills of other demon lords?"
"Yeap. I can use the powers of all demon lords and heroes ya've ever met easy."

--Not just demon lords, but heroes too?

I almost believed him for an instant there, but then I recalled that this Goblin King is a liar.
In fact, he hasn't stolen my Unit Arrangement which is really handy for moving around.

The Unique Skill just now must have been a completely different one than Dog-head's, it was simply similar.

"If ya think I'm lyin', let yer' body judge it!"

After being clad in multiple dark purple lights, Goblin King rushed out with Ground Shrink.
At the same time, I got away with Ground Shrink myself and use the speedy [Laser] at Goblin King who is now locked in the attacking stance.

--Whoa there.

I cut apart the reflected Laser with my holy sword while dodging with Ground Shrink.

Looks like he really can [Reflect (Counter)] magic.
Next, I tried using ranged attack [Explosion] but he dodged it with Ground Shrink.

I dodge the flurry rush of Godbone Katana coming before my eyes.
Still, Crisis Perception is giving me real strong warning. Feels like even a scratch from these katana would greatly damage even me.

The offenses and defenses continue as we both use Ground Shrink.

Still--it's weird.

His combat prowess is clearly getting better than when he first started attacking.

"It's Wild Boar King-han's 『Match for a Thousand』 y'see."

Goblin King was wrapped in a blue light momentarily before he proceeded to unleash a ranged finisher similar to Hero Hayato's [Shining Blade].
As my Foresight skill informed me that Goblin King would come slashing at me right after I dodged, I cast the disposable defensive barrier Phalanx and parried his finisher.

Phalanx broke into cut pieces the moment Shining Blade touched the katana.

Their sharpness is way out of ordinary.

"It's 『Strongest Blade (Nothing that cannot be cut)』--Meiko-han's Unique Skill y'see."

Goblin King went out of his way to disclose his tricks.

He was wrapped in a blue light before activating it too, looks like he really can use heroes' Unique Skills.

But then why didn't he steal my Unique Skills?

Menu aside, Unit Arrangement is pretty handy.
It's also weird how he doesn't have the access to super handy skills like Dog-head's [All-Creations (Library)] and Arisa's [Over Boost], and [Never Give Up].

I suppose it's not like he could steal and use those stolen Unique Skills without limit.

"Is dodging all ye can do, Irregular!"

Goblin King wrapped in a dark purple light shot out a pure white fire ball.
Dunno what Unique Skill it's from, but the heat rivals that of fire magic forbidden spell, [<<White Inferno>>].

Goblin King that had closed the distance under the cover of that fire ball unleashed an unusual attack that shot out three slashes with one swing.
This must be some kind of Unique Skill as well.

"Tch, dodgin' around like ya knew how I'mma attack."

Goblin King continued his assault while cursing out.

But really, that's a whole lot of Unique Skills.
What this Goblin King told me before, that goblinkin having large [Soul Vessels] might not be necessarily a lie.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"So hey, tell me."

While dodging a barrage of projectile magic attacks shot out by Goblin King with Ground Shrink, I counterattacked with the speedy mid-level attack magic and finger blasts.
Unfortunately, none of my attacks could reach Goblin King, hindered by a variety of Unique Skills.

"How it's feelin' to be completely outmatched by someone ya underestimated and thought to be lesser than ya, eh?"

Goblin King sneered and laughed.

Even the sure-kill Holy Bullet only passed by Goblin King's side in an unnatural trajectory.
If what Goblin King said is true, that must be Dog-head's Unique Skill [Probability Shift (Trickster)].

This guy sure employed a needlessly huge catalog of Unique Skills.

"Neither of us managed to deal the finishing blow though?"

In fact, I'm unscathed even now.
It's not like I can't deliver the finishing blow, I'm simply looking for the right timing.

"I wonder 'bout that, yea?"

Goblin King was wrapped in purple lights before he clad himself in a weird shell-like armor.
The armor somehow looks like a (Tokusatsu) hero's protective suit.

It's probably the transformation Unique Skill the rat demon lord who was lurking in Dejima Island had.

"Tis' a check matey!"

Goblin King announced such as if mocking the [Checkmate] word I used earlier.

A moment later, Goblin King appeared right in front of me swinging down his Godbone Katana.
This scene is the same as before, but his swinging speed is remarkably faster.

I attempted to parry the Godbone Katana with the holy sword while casting Phalanx.
Phalanx could only stop the Godbone Katana for an instant before breaking into pieces, and the holy sword protected by Holy Edge was getting whittled down like Styrofoam.


Not just double.
Feels like he's powered up multiple folds.

I immediately activated Physical Strengthening skill and magic but I still couldn't push him back.


It's a bit shoddy.

Goblin King's combat prowess is worse than before.
It's as if the [Match for a Thousand] Unique Skill has come undone.

Perhaps there's a limit on the number of Unique Skills Goblin King could employ at any given time.

"Whatta matter? I ain't gonna be even mad if ya take out yer prided divine sword y'know?"

Goblin King provoked me.

Looks like he's plotting something.

But, the moment he tries to do something to Divine Sword, that will be my chance.
Besides, even though the Divine Sword might be extremely dangerous, getting cut by it is just as bad as getting cut by the Godbone Katana.

"Well then, I shall take you up on your offer."

While operating Menu, I took out the black bladed Divine Sword in a white sheath through Item Box.

"Yer' really an idiot."

A moment later, the Divine Sword appeared in Goblin King's hand.

"Lord-san's other name is Thief God ya kn--NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA"

The triumphant Goblin King screamed out loud the instant he drew the Divine Sword out of its sheath.

Looks like putting your hand on the Divine Sword without bearing the God Slayer title would incur divine punishment.

Now's my chance.

I got right in front of Goblin King with Ground Shrink, and cast [<<Neutral Magic>>] that I had prepared beforehand on Menu.

This is the same type used by Dejima Island's [Dungeon Master], one that creates a magic null zone by erasing the surrounding Magic Essence, it disables the usage of magic and magic-type skills.
This type differs from the magic null zone Fake King Shin used as that one destroys magic compositions, this one enables the usage of magic once Magic Essence gets supplied back from outside, depending on the situation neither is superior than the other.

While catching the Divine Sword that fell from Goblin King's hand in my line of sight and retrieving it into Storage, I slashed at Goblin King with a white holy magic sword I took from Storage.

--Oh, it's working.

Maybe it's due to the damage he incurred from grabbing the Divine Sword, looks like Goblin King's Unique Skills have come undone.

My slash cut off Goblin King's neck along with his guarding hands.
Goblin King's protector created by his Unique Skills may have been tough, but it was no more effective than a piece of paper before the might of a holy magic sword coated with dragon fang's powder that can [Pierce Everything].

After canceling the magic null zone, I cast the anti-god forbidden spell [Mythology Down] at Goblin King's head.
Deep golden light and rainbow lights mix together, turning into a torrent that evaporates Goblin King's body.

The extraordinary destructive force of the anti-god spell completely destroyed the vast underground space that could be mistaken as a great cave, and the shock wave alone blew away the thick bedrock ceiling in an instant.
Once the explosions and roaring sounds subsided, red lights from melting rocks and rising vapors eerily decorated the underground space.

"--Did that do it?"

I reflexively muttered that because my Log hadn't displayed Goblin King's defeat.

--Crisis Perception.

Right as a red dot appeared on the Radar, the Godbone Katana clad in white flame came flying at me.
It came from the upper half of Goblin King that grew out of the ground.

For an anti-god spell to not be enough to finish him, he's way too tenacious.

"Don't get cocky youuuuuuu!"

Stripped patterns of blue and dark purple lights dyed the Goblin King.
Dunno what he's trying to do, but let's end this now.

The [Mythology Down] that I had recast landed at the wrong spot, blowing away Goblin King with its shock wave.
He must have used either [Probability Shift (Trickster)] or [Unrivaled Mobility (Never Get Hit)].

I ready my sword to slash at the Goblin King's head that's flying here, but it'd probably just end up like the Mythology Down earlier.
While shooting ranged attack magic to act as restraint, I swing my sword around to lure him.

Black curtains that had manifested behind Goblin King blocked my attack magic, while he dodged my slashes with Unique Skills.
Right now I must look defenseless to him after getting my attack dodged.

"Got ya!"

Goblin King cut my trunk in two with the Godbone Katana.

"--Ninjutsu again!"

Goblin King who looked at a log split in two felt bloodlust behind him and turned around.

--Bzzt wrong.

I reappeared behind the log and used the dragon fang holy magic sword in my hand to cross cut the back of the Goblin King that had fallen to my jutsu.


Just like Meiko, it seems he cannot dodge attacks coming from outside his cognizance.
An instance later, I cast and erase Goblin King again with [Mythology Down].

Now then, it's a war of attrition from here on.


Right as the red dot appeared, I cast the delayed activation [Mythology Down] on him.

"N-nomatter" "howmany--"

This time, two red dots appeared at the same time, so I shot Mythology Down on one, and finely chopped the other with the dragon fang holy magic sword before burning him down with [White Inferno].

Afterward I use Clone Jutsu, and go defeat Goblin King using human-wave tactics.

"--Is it about time for the final stage?"

Goblin King has stopped regenerating.
I can't let my guard down since the Log hasn't displayed his defeat yet, but I feel like I can see the end already.

Although he should have been able to continuously regenerate himself with Wild Boar King's [Match for Thousands], it appears that the number of revives isn't as high as the original Wild Boar King's.

As I wait for the time to pass like waiting for an MMO Raid Boos---

A red dot appeared on the Radar.

"Oh crap--"

The delayed activation [Mythology Down] I shot did hit Goblin King, but I saw that he transformed into another object the moment the spell hit him.

The real body is--above.

Scene of Goblin King getting warped, and countless incoming white pillars--strategic nuclear weapons with ICBM written on them came into my view as I looked above.
Next to Goblin King is a black board, apparently Item Box, and in his hand--.

A small pot with white powder inside.

A moment later, a flash that looked like a fallen sun and flames that burned everything filled the world.

"kekkeKWE lookatYA bein'blOODYallover irregulaar!"

The yet again revived Goblin King is looking down on the blood-stained Hero Nanashi lying on the ground.

"eVENirregular can'tdefEND against dragonfangs and nuclearexplosIONdoyA"

I can't tell what Goblin King is saying with all the slurring.
Looks like his Soul Vessel is on the verge of collapsing because he regenerated too many times.

That attack earlier must have been an imitation of the anti-god mine that the Great Weasel Demon Lord devised to defeat God Zaikuon.
He must have gotten the ICBMs from among the items created by Unique Skill of the Weasel Demon Lord I fought in Dejima Island's Phantasmal Labyrinth.

Goblin King surveyed the surroundings for the Godbone Katana.


Goblin King gave up on the missing Godbone Katana and raised up high a cursed magic sword he took out of Item Box.

Suddenly, a young-sounding voice came from above.

『--How dare you do that to Master!』
"godBEATer girl huuh!"

Multiple purple lights wrapped Goblin King as he looked at the Warship Wand above the mushroom clouds.
He's probably using Unique Skills to reflect magic.


I swing down the god slaying Divine Sword toward the triumphant Goblin King's neck.

"--But how."

The goblin head on the ground voiced out his resentment.


As I replied to Goblin King in Arisa's voice, I cut his head into pieces with the Divine Sword.
I retrieved the Warship Wand floating in the air into Storage, while wiping off the blood camouflage.

Since taking nuclear strikes head-on looked like it would be painful, I got away to satellite orbit with sight-based Unit Arrangement, then after the bomb blast had subsided, I came back with sight-based Unit Arrangement again.


Three dark purple lights and one blue light floated out of Goblin King's dead body. [God's Fragments].
Since I get the feeling that the blue light comes from God Parion, I'm leaving it alone.


At the mostly silent fluttering away dark purple lights--I cut those fragments with the Divine Sword.
The fragments broke apart and got sucked into the Divine Sword's jet black blade like usual.

Come to think of it, the [God's Fragments] from Lich Demon Lord that Goblin King created and the Zazaris who took that demon lord into him were also quiet like these.


A moment later, Goblin King revived himself.
Reviving after God's Fragments have come out of him, this has never happened before.
I check the Log just in case, but there's log about [God's Fragment] defeat on it.


Goblin King cannot even maintain his form anymore even after getting revived, he's disappearing into dark purple slime-like liquid even without me doing anything.


I cut more dark purple lights that quietly came out with the Divine Sword.


The once-vanished red dot reappeared once again, but this time it was gone for good without even being able to hold its slime-shape.

>Defeated [Little Oni King].
>Title [『Little Oni King』 Slayer] Acquired.

The words I had been impatiently waiting for was displayed on the Log.

At the same time, blackish dark purple lights floated out of the puddle that was once Goblin King.

『Guess gobu's no good 'fter all』
『It's actually slime tho'』
『Got to be gobu after goin' through existence evolution aha』
『Lord-sama rejected existence evolution tho'』
『Gobu's dialect got to ya guys~』

There are almost 20 [God's Fragments] in total, but only five of them are whining around.
Like earlier, I avoid some of the blue lights mixed among them and cut the purple fragments with the Divine Sword.
The lights that got scattered apart after being cut by the Divine Sword got sucked into its jet black blade.

Oh yeah, I just noticed that Goblin King was using Unique Skills from [God's Fragments] that should have been absorbed into the Divine Sword.
Perhaps, Goblin King's Unique Skills were just copies of those [God's Fragments]. All those silent fragments were probably imitations copied from the original.

"I guess this means it's over?"

He was really tenacious, but this should be the end of anything demon lord related.
The term Goblin King muttered in the end bothered me, but I couldn't get a hit searching for [God Key] on the Map, thus I could only hope that it was lost in Goblin King's Item Box along with the demon lord himself.

Now then, I wonder how are Arisa and the girls doing?

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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.3


"Gee, I'm amazed you could keep up with me."

Shira spoke like usual, while Lecan could do nothing but gasped for breaths for a while, unable to even make a voice.

"Y-you've got an awful lot of stamina."

"I mean I used <Acceleration> on myself, and also <Recovery>. My stamina itself isn't actually that great."

What convenient magic. Lecan couldn't help but feel truly envious.

"Now then, here on out is the herb paradise. Many types of herbs are growing here. Be sure to knock everything I'm going to tell you into your head."

Then Shira pointed and called names of grass on the ground, and explained where in their root, stalk, leaf, and flower could be turned into medicine. She also explained which herbs grow their roots sidewards and which whose thick roots grow straight down.

"I think that about covers it. You're going to start gathering all the herbs I've just explained to you as the night falls. As gathering herbs within that time zone yield the best medicinal effects. Take everything, dig them out thoroughly to the root, you hear me. Right. Let's go with a hundred of them each."

He has been taught 22 kinds of herbs. 100 of each means 2200 herbs. Locating and then gathering all of them during the night in this forest is impossible no matter how you look at it.

"I'll show you how to collect a few of them. First, the way to pick up herbs with a thick straight root, where the root itself is the medicinal part."

Shira took a curved knife out of nowhere, and dug out the herb. Her hands showed no hesitation.

"Look. There's this lanky beard-like root growing out of the thick root, see. If you keep these beard on, its medicinal effect won't go down easily. You'd want to shave it off when you're making medicine though. And if you let soil stick on it, even a little will do, it'll last surprisingly long. Here, I'll give you a weeding knife like this one. Take it."

After gathering about six herbs, she cut up a nearby ivy and coiled the herbs in it.

"By doing this when you put the herbs inside <Box (Loof)>, it'll be easier to take them out, and they won't get damaged easily."


"You've got one on you too, don't you. It's the tool that can hold lots of stuff without you feeling the weight."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Ah, I see."

"I've brought two of them with me for collecting and carrying stuff. Neither is that big though."

Shira put the herbs inside the smaller of the two bags she held.

The way it got inside was weird. Despite having the herbs put inside the bag, the bag's shape does not change nor swell out, even though it should. It's like it's carrying air.

"That luggage bag is a <Box (Loof)> then."

"Yep this sure is. Something wrong with it? Though I guess it's expensive and not so common."

"Is it possible to enchant an item with <Loof> in this world?"

"Eh? Now that's a weird thing to ask. What other things besides bags and boxes should <Box> be put on?"



"In my world, <Storage> is an ability awarded to men by dungeons."

As Lecan said that, he demonstrated taking his sword in front of his chest out of <Storage>.

Shira opened her eyes wide.

"I see. So you yourself is a <Box>, is it. But really, I'm surprised it could store such a big sword. How much can it hold?"

"Apparently that depends on the amount of mana the possessor has, I have never tested my limit."

Shira presented the bigger bag of the two she held forward.

"Can you take in a hundred of this?"

"I can."

"Dear me, that's staggering. Then, how about a thousand?"

"It maybe could if I take out everything that's inside right now... No wait, I'm not sure. It might not fit."

"That's just, unbelievable. The capacity of your <Box> is probably the highest in this world."

"Fumu. Possessing this ability is not abnormal in itself, but I would garner attention if people knew about the amount of stuff that can fit inside, is it?"

"You got it. Oh and, enchanting <Box> on someone is also not normal, so you'd better make it look like you're taking your stuff out of a bag or something."

"I see."

"You've already got many stuff inside, no?"

"Daily necessities, arms, medicine, jewels, pretty much everything I own."

"Which means, we can't have you store the herbs we collect, do we now."

"No, I don't mind."

"Mud will stick on your other belongings then."

"What are you talking about?"

After exchanging words, both Shira and Lecan understood the difference between <Box> and <Storage>.

<Box> contains a space inside, stuff put inside it get in contact with each other. There's a lot of cases where those things get pushed around and crushed.

However, everything put inside <Storage> won't ever touch each other. When you take them out, there is no need to grope around for the thing you want either, you can simply find it by picturing it in your mind.

And the biggest difference is the fact that <Box> can be used by anyone, while <Storage> is usable exclusively to the possessor. However, it is possible to make <Box> usable only to the one who uses it for the first time by having a magic engineer works their trick on it.

"Humm. You definitely can't let merchants and nobles find out about your <Storage>."

"I guess they'd be envious."

"This world will be filled to the brim with people who'd try to make you into their slave no matter the cost."

"That sounds awful."

It was evening as they were talking.

Evening sunlight peeking between the trees flutters down between the two. Even someone quiet and not so social like Lecan felt that it was a fun time.

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