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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.10_11_12_13


When Lecan went to the Adventurer Association the next day, several adventurers were waiting in a line, but Aira called out to him.

"Ah, Lecan-san! Please wait for me a bit okay. There's something I need to ask."

Aira entrusted the queuing adventurers to her coworker and beckoned Lecan into a room inside the building.

"I'm sorry for calling you here. Actually, I've got a request for you. Ah, before that, I've got a message. From Shira-san, she said you've passed the test."

Lecan was surprised at this news. He thought the test would continue on for much longer.

"And also, I'd like to ask you something. A certain quest has come in yesterday, I'm wondering if Lecan-san could take it."

Aira presented a quest tag, so Lecan read it.

The subject is <Take a Stroll with Magic Beast>.

It was a quest asking someone to take a longarm ape (Zanbald) that's being tamed on a whole day stroll in the forest.

"The client is Doni-san, he's a famous tamer whose family has been living in this land for generations, he's also a honest person. However, there has never been a quest like this before. Taking longarm apes on a walk should be usually done by Doni-san himself or his apprentices. Moreover, the reward is one big silver coin. That's too high. This quest is weird. But since we had no reason to deny the quest, the association had no choice but to accept it. That was when the chairman mentioned this. 'An adventurer capable of making a short work of a hundred magic beasts is currently staying in this town' he said."

"I see."

They probably heard the matter about a hundred magic beasts and stuff from Chaney when he was recommending Lecan to the chairman.

Lecan is pondering.

Shira already gave her approval.

Therefore, he doesn't need to take this quest.

But, on the other hand, what would Shira do were she heard that Lecan declined this quest.

In addition, if he's going to learn under Shira's wings, he's going to stay in this town for some time. He will be earning his keep from this association's quests and monster mats sales during the time. It's preferable to keep a favorable relationship with the guild.

The reason why they're pushing this quest to Lecan is probably because they're afraid that letting other adventurers take it may end with them getting attacked or killed by the longarm ape.

It's decided.

"I'll take it (yale)."


Doni the tamer's residence is located in a village called Rumoi. There are several farming villages around Vouka, all of them are inside the town lord's territory. Rumoi is one of such villages.

Doni is a man in his 30s.

"I'm sorry about this. I'd love to let Parade run around to his heart's content, but our training ground is just not big enough and there's no enemy."

"I assume Parade is the longarm ape (Zanbald)'s name."


"The quest was about taking him on a stroll in the forest, should I let him engage in battle."

"Aah! I'm sorry. I must forgot to write it. Yes. If possible, I want you to let him fight, or is it too much to ask."

"No. But, what do you want me to do during the battle? Should I help. Or give instructions."

"No. You simply need to watch in silence."

"Fumu. How many times should I let him fight?"

"Well... That depends on how many enemy you meet along the way."

"How strong of hostiles should I let this longarm ape called Parade fight with? Should it be one as strong as this Parade. Or ones slightly weaker."

"Eeeh? Y-you can't choose such things can you?"

"No. It's doable to a degree, and if the enemy is stronger than the ape, I will simply take care of it myself."

"T-take care? You're going to beat enemy stronger than Parade? W-well. I'll trust your decisions on that. At any rate, I want you to let Parade run around and fight as much as he wants."

"Got it. I'll go with that."

The things he should do will probably become clear naturally.

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Parade turned out to be an extraordinarily huge longarm ape. He's only slightly shorter than Lecan. He probably weighs about twice of Lecan. About four times an ordinary longarm ape.

Doni hugged Parade, fed him, looking very intimate, or rather loathe to part.

"Ah, Lecan-san. This is Parade's meal."

"You're telling me I've got to carry all this huh."

"Yes. Parade is a big eater, so this much is just right."

"Got it."

Lecan carries the bag. Running in the forest while carrying this thing is quite a demanding request.

Doni whispered something in Parade's ear. Since there was mana emitted, it was probably an order.

And then, Doni pointed at the forest and loudly gave an order.

Parade ran out. That's some speed.

Lecan followed along leisurely.


"Why... Why did you come back?"

"Do you even need to ask, it was in the quest desc."

"Why did Parade come along too?"

"Parade was intending to stay deep in the forest, but I ordered him to go back."

"But, you don't have a magic whip with you."

"Once I pressured him to show who's stronger between us, he displayed a pose of obedience. Afterward, I just ordered him to go back here."

"P-pressure? You were able to pressure Parade? That can't be."

"With this, this quest is done. I'll have the coin."

"Yes... no! T-this is not good. Please redo it again tomorrow."

"Well then, tell me what's not good. Was there a condition in the quest I wasn't able to accomplish?"


"Was it because I didn't let Parade run off in the forest?"

"Eeh? No, that's."

"Tell me the truth. Why were you trying to let Parade go."

Doni the tamer was someone weak at getting pushed.

He confessed the truth shortly.

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