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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-78

16-78. Repatriation


"Nanashi-sama! I will now attempt to readjust the Ritual Device. Please put an equal amount of mana into the red and blue orbs to my left."

Loreiya shouted with a serious look on her face.

This is the temple on the [Hill of Heroes] near Saga Empire's old capital--inside its underground facility.
According to Loreiya, if the currently getting started up summoning magic circle goes out of control, it will continue to summon heroes from other worlds until it has used up all the mana and life of the old capital's populace.

Hero Nanashi had already instantaneously moved to the orbs on the ritual device as Loreiya begged him.

(Good, that's it. The plan's progressing nicely.)

Goblin demon lord chuckled in his mind as he observed Hero Nanashi while hiding himself.
After taking the hero and other people under the temple, Goblin demon lord lost his Avatar when his head was blown off by the light ball Wiyaryi shot with her bow, but he's actually secretly lurking in this place, observing the people here from somewhere.

"Loreiya! I'm gonna help too!"

Wiyaryi the longearkin (Booch) archer who was also a former hero attendant like Loreiya spoke out.

"Then please watch the meter to the opposite of Nanashi-sama!"
"Got it!"

There are several Parion temple officials here as well, but they couldn't cope with the rapid change of the situation, they could only watch the girls restlessly.

As he was working on his duty, the hero's line of sight slightly shifted before his expression turned dubious for a moment.
It was really for an instant, nobody here noticed it.

"I can drain out the mana forcefully, can't I do that?"

Hero Nanashi threw the question while pouring mana into the ritual devices.

(No no, what's this guy sayin'. Yer' gonna throw a wrench in my plans.)

Goblin demon lord murmured in his mind.

"You can't! The hero summoning magic circle would break if you do that!"

Loreiya shouted out like she was screaming.

"Oh I guess so--"

Hero Nanashi obediently went back to providing mana.

(Phew~, this is bad for mine poor heart.)

"--Is this enough mana?"
"If you could, please put 50% more."

More mana gets supplied into the ritual device.
Exactly 50% more.

(Nice, niice, keep at it.)

"Hey, Loreiya. Don't you think the magic circuit is looking weird?"

(Stop asking too much you!)

Goblin demon lord retorted at Wiyaryi in his mind.

"No, it's working as intended. There's no problem."
"Yes really."

Wiyaryi went back to her duty while tilting her head in doubt.

(Yep yep, that's good!)

Goblin demon lord wipes his imaginary sweat.

"Just a little bit more. Please maintain that amount of mana."

Hero Nanashi cheerfully replied to Loreiya while Loreiya herself was wiping the sweat off her forehead.

Before long, enough mana was filled in, and a magic circle that was unlike anything before manifested below them.
The magic circle is getting rearranged in a chain reaction, unfolding countless layered magic circles in the entire ritual device.

As if scanning the three people near the ritual device, the magic circle splits off above them, forming into cylindrical-shaped laminated magic circles.

"Now! Please pour your mana into it all at once."
"You got it."

As Hero Nanashi obliged, torrent of lights filled the area around the ritual device.
Flood of blinding lights finally subsided, the ritual device went silent as if the light earlier was all a lie.


"Phew, looks like it went off without a hitch--"

Wiyaryi felt something amiss as she looked around in the underground room.

"--Hero? Where's Hero Nanashi?"
"What's going on? Where did Hero Nanashi disappear to?"

At Wiyaryi's exclamation, Loreiya also surveyed the surrounding with dumbfounded looks.

However, Hero Nanashi is nowhere to be found.

(You ain't gonna find him anywhere.)

Goblin demon lord was getting triumphant in his mind.

(Cuz Hero Nanashi's been repatriated.)

Goblin demon lord muttered the reason for Hero Nanashi's absent while laughing loudly in his mind.

Goblin demon lord had utilized the gigantic magic circle used by God Parion to summon heroes to [Return Satou back to his world].

(Deprived of Authorities given by the foolish gods, go live on in a world without Skills or Level.)

The magic facility created by the strongest Dragon God to summon and return heroes will unconditionally deprive [Authorities Bestowed by God (Unique Skills)] and [Support Function through Level and Skill System] off those returning home.

(The last connected world was Meiko-han 'fter all, still better than a world without anyone you know, ain't it.)

For Heroes summoned by God Parion, the channel between worlds will be aligned when they're returning home, but in cases of [Those summoned by anyone other than God Parion], like this one, such routine gets omitted, and the last world's channel will be used instead.

(Aren't I real nice.)

Goblin demon lord smiled sadistically.

(Next, just gotta paint the world with miasma that fills the continent. No wait, now that Irregular ain't around, we can just use the Chalice in Shiga Kingdom. Only a matter of time before Lord-san gets unsealed. No need to play with uncertain cards like sacrificing Saga Empire's capital anymore.)

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『Touya-han, you free now?』

The other party Goblin demon lord called was an elven reincarnated person who once worked as Saga Empire's tactician.

"Is that you Chief? I'm good now, but how were you able to contact me through telepathy this far away?"
『Mine Unique Skill see.』

(Another new skill huh...)

Touya felt the resourcefulness of Chief's Unique Skills to be at an absurd level.
As far as he knows, the Chief has more Unique Skills than the number of fingers on all one's limbs. He's always wondering if one individual is capable of possessing that many Unique Skills.

Additionally, one question popped up in his mind after seeing this Unique Skill, "Why was he always using super secret contact methods like pigeons and stuff then?"

"So what's your business with me?"

Touya stopped thinking about worthless stuff and moved the conversation along.

『Oh, oh rite'! I did'it! I finally did'it!』
"Get to the point please."
『Touya-han yer' always so cold~』

Touya ignored goblin demon lord.

『It's Irregular. I went and repatriated Irregular, see.』

Touya waited for the loud laughter to stop before opening his mouth.

"How pointless. That guy will just come right back."

His words contained convictions.

"Forget that, he's probably avoided the repatriation and is now currently lurking next to you."
『--Nay, nay.』

Goblin demon lord flinched for an instant when he recalled how Hero Nanashi was lurking with Mana Camouflage in their hideout back then, but he denied the possibility as it's difficult to maintain Mana Camouflage when the surrounding magic essence is out of order.
He was sorely tempted to exchange his body with another that has a Unique Skill to see through Mana Camouflage, but managed to endure the temptation somehow.

『Touya-han, yer' such a worrywart. Fret not I tell you, that repatriation magic circle strips off God's Authorities--Unique Skills.』
"Repatriation magic circle? Did you tamper with the hero summoning magic circle?"
『Yeap. Pity that we cannae' call forth any more handy sacrifices aka heroes, but it's a cheap price to pay for Irregular's demise ey.』
『If that's truly the case that is...』

Contrary to the high tension Goblin demon lord, Touya was unrelentingly skeptic.

『No other possibility not even a one in a million chance. Got everythin' stripped off him, including Lord-san's system like Skills and Levels and all.』

Goblin demon lord rattled on as if he was trying to deceive his own worries.

『Irregular who's lost his level and Unique Skill ain't gonna come back by himself.』
"He's got subordinates capable of using space and force art magic. Besides... His subordinates also have enough influences and networks in Saga Empire."
『What are ya tryin' to say?』
"Won't he get summoned back to this world?"
『Ain't happenin'. I've crushed that possibility first thin' first. The hero summoning magic circle I tampered cannae' be reverted back, it's unpossible. Besides, without the coordinates needed to summon--』

Goblin demon lord realized his mistakes midway through.

『--Too bad for Fuu-han, but I hafta eliminate him along with Seigi and Yuuki.』

Worlds get connected the moment they are getting returned to their world.
Even though it's practically impossible, it is theoretically feasible for Satou to get re-summoned at that precise moment.

Besides, even though it may not be possible through human's hands, it is for Gods.

That is if the seven pillars gods even need Satou.

"Are you done?"

Touya asked goblin demon lord.

"Then there is something I need to report on my end."
『Report? Oh yeah, where you now?』
"In the underground labyrinth of Seryuu City."

The Dungeon Master, a cricket monster, Douma the Third is standing by next to him.
Douma the third is chewing leg meat of Labyrinth Frog the plain-faced reincarnated person, Mio gave.

『Ah, yer' checkin' the miasma density eh.』
"I am. Something came my attention during our journey, so I came here to check on it."
『Came yer' attention?』

Goblin demon lord urged Touya to go on.

"The plans that Chief laid out in various places have been foiled across the board. I noticed it at the former capital of Kubooku Kingdom of Small Countries, but it's particularly striking in the town I'm at, Seryuu City."

Through covert operatives lurking in every part of the world, Touya got a grasp on the goblin demon lord's plans.

『Just 'round those parts?』
"No, many places where Irregular had stayed at, and regions where E Firm carry a huge influence have low miasma density."

Touya reported the values of miasma densitometers stationed in the world he accessed with the cooperation of the Dungeon Master.

『Who woulda thought that the mobs would get in our way after we dealt with the Irregular himself.』
"Tell me about it."

Touya replayed Goblin demon lord's roundabout plans in his mind.

The first phase of the plan was to spread Regretful and Rage illness, destabilizing people's minds, and filling the world with thin layer of miasma by way of people.
Even though that phase was mostly successful, the miasma got wiped off through various means, and the second phase of the plan, which was inviting fear through <<Miasma Crystals>> brought upon undead and epidemic all ended in failures in regions with a low density of miasma.

"The miasma is dense enough in one part, but it's meaningless if it's only partially."

When the world is filled with enough miasma, it will be possible to open a Labyrinth Highway to the Underworld.

If the entry to the Underworld that was made impossible with the sealing of Magic God could be opened, it should also be possible to undo the Magic God's seal by mass producing Evil Philosophy with the Chalice, or so was their line of thinking.

"No way around it, our plan is in shambles."
『C'mon don't say that. Now that Irregular ain't around anymore, we just gotta have another go. It's gonna get busy, but shoulda be possible in 10 years. It'd be even faster with Mio-han's help.』

The plain-faced reincarnated person's Unique Skill allows her to open gates across distances that exceed the limit of men.
There's no more fitting skill for sending in invading forces.

However, she'd have to go over her limit if they want to fill the world with miasma in a short amount of time.

When that thought crossed his mind, Touya's face turned sour.

"By the way, how many Avatars did you switch into in front of Irregular's eyes?"
『What's up so sudden? I did it like, five or six times?』
"Then you'd do well to take your main body to a safe location."

Goblin demon lord sounded confused to hear Touya's sudden act of giving advices.

"When you're switching Avatars, a magical path to your main body opened for an instant. He'd notice it if you do it that often."
『'Course I knew that much, been touring a great many relay stations already. To top it off, I never reuse a station I've used before. Not even Irregular coulda see past that in just a few times.』

Goblin demon lord reflexively rebutted before realizing that it was pointless.

『I mean like, there's no point mulling over Irregular now. He's just a powerless brat now that he's back to his world.』

(I cannot fathom that guy to be such an ordinary opponent.)

Touya rebutted in his mind.

"Sorry, but I'll be vacationing until I'm doubly sure that the Irregular really has been eliminated."
『Eh? Hold on rite' there? I'm tellin' ya it's fine--』

The transmission with Goblin demon lord was cut off while he was still speaking.

Touya waited for a little while but he never got another call from the goblin demon lord.


--Dunno if it's gonna be 100 or 200 years, it'd be wiser to wait for Irregular to use up his life span.

The remark Goblin demon lord made in order to stop Hero Nanashi from hounding them back then flashed in Touya's mind.

"That might have actually been our best course of action."

Toya muttered.

"Touya-sama, what seems to be the matter?"

He turned around at the plain-faced reincarnated person, Mio, who cheerfully asked him.

"No, it's nothing."
"Are our works here done then?"
"Yeah. Looks like it's going to be a long vacation."

Touya responded while recalling the abrupt hang up with the Goblin demon lord.

"Is that true?!"

Touya nodded at Mio.

"That means we have to enjoy our honeymoon to the fullest."

(It might not be a bad idea to go along with this girl until Irregular has exhausted his life span.)

Mio's smiles bloomed at the unexpected words that came out of Touya's mouth.

"Let's make it a lovely honeymoon!"

Mio opened a gate and pulled Touya's hand.

"As you can see. Don't disturb our honeymoon."

Touya murmured at the darkness.

The darkness replied not.


Touya got into the gate this time, back to their honeymoon trip.

"Loreiya? Just what's going on?"

Archer Wiyaryi asked her former coworker.
As she had been muttering by herself while staring at empty space without trying to look for the disappearing Hero Nanashi.

Ignoring Wiyaryi, Loreiya reached out toward the ritual device once again.

"Oy, Loreiya--"
"It's noth--"

Loreiya's figure disappeared in the middle of her speech.


The miko screamed to see priestess Loreiya rolling on the ritual device room's floor.

"What are you doing!"

Wiyaryi glared at the individual who kicked away Loreiya.
Someone who wasn't here before.

"Answer me, Hero Nanashi!"
"She's going to answer that for you."

He shrugged off the censures as his eyes under the mask watched Loreiya.
His body is clad in faint blue light.

(But why! Why didn't he get repatriated away, ey.)

Loreiya looked up while bending down on the floor.

(And what's up with that attack just now.)

"H-Hero-sama, was it something I did--"

(Why'd the damage got to my main body, he just attacked my Avatar.)

"Oh come off it, fake-san."

As Hero Nanashi interrupted Loreiya's word, another Loreiya--the real Loreiya appeared in his arm.

"When did you find out?"
"From the very beginning."

Hero Nanashi actually only noticed that her dot showed on his Radar was not blue colored that signified an acquaintance when he started to provide mana, but since he couldn't be bothered to explain that, he just said that it was from the beginning.

"The magic circle felt like a repatriation one too, so I simply used Empty Cicada Shell art at the right timing."
"Ninjutsu? Anything goes with ya..."

The real victim this time is Hero Meiko Kaname who has gone back to her original world.
Meiko who fell on her rear when a log donning Hero Nanashi's attires suddenly showed up in front of her cursed out loud toward the sky.

"Where'd you go? It wasn't Mana Camouflage, was it?"
"It's a secret."

Hero Nanashi was observing the ground from a man-made satellite orbiting above through the hole opened above them.
His conversation with Touya at Seryuu City's underground labyrinth was also heard by him through a midge-sized tamed monster he left on the [Dungeon Master] when he was dropping by.

(Guess he ain't gonna answer me. More importantly, gotta make him reveal the secret behind that attack earlier.)

"What's up with that weird attack just now?"
"I see, that means it did reach you."

A new skill called [Holy Light Armor] was added on Hero Nanashi's public skill list.
As the blue lights covering his limbs get deeper in color, Hero Nanashi's face under his mask looks straight at Loreiya--Goblin Demon Lord.

"--Holy Light Armor?"
"Yup, I was just experimenting to see if Primeval Magic could damage you through the Avatar, but then I got a different skill somehow instead."
"Yer' as crazy as always."

(Well whateva, I got the info anyway. Just means I can't recklessly show myself through Avatars before Irregular. I'm gonna move the world from deep within shadows.)

After striking Hero Nanashi with God Parion's holy magic he copied from priestess Loreiya, Goblin Demon Lord cast away his Loreiya-shaped Avatar.

Goblin demon lord's view blackened out.

"--Phew, gotta revise the plans now."

Goblin demon lord who hadn't gone back to his main body in a long while came out of a spherical magic device that produces Avatars.

"Oh there's no need for that."

Goblin demon lord turned toward the voice that shouldn't have been here.


There Hero Nanashi with a holy sword at the ready stood.

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