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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-79

16-79. Saga Empire, Satou's Battle (2)


Satou here. As a game player, it's my principle to raise my level a whole lot and get the strongest equipment before I go challenge the last boss. Though ever since I ended up making games as my job, I couldn't afford the time to raise my level much anymore.

"Wat' Checkmate? Yer' sayin' this is the end of the line fer' me?"
"Yeah, you'll never get away--"

I've put a marker on his real body.
I'll chase him no matter which world he ran into.

He might be able to hide his position if he's inside a barrier like the one Yuika creates, however, I can find out where the barrier is by tracing back the log on marker positions.
As long as I know where it is, my mysterious ability should be able to break through any barrier.

"So I ain't gettin' away eh--"

A fierce smile floated on the slender goblin demon lord's face.

"Ya better not underestimate me ya twerp. Even like this, I'm still the great demon lord-sama who competed for the title 'strongest' with Dog-head ya know--"

Goblin King's frail body pulsated and swelled up, transforming into a muscular large build.

As he got bigger, the bracelet Goblin King was wearing came off.
It looks similar to the [Harness of Thief God] I posses.

Then I noticed that the level indicator on Goblin King had changed.

"The level rose?"
"But of course yea. This ain't no Avatar with all their limitations."

Goblin King who was level 99 became level 130.
That bracelet earlier appeared to be some kind of shackle that was limiting his level to 99.

Goblin King took out deep purple-colored clothes from Item Box and put it on.

He's holding two Japanese katana in both his hands each.

They're three meter long Japanese swords with almost-black dark purple-colored blades made of unknown metal.
According to AR readings they're called Godbone Katana.

Since they obviously look real dangerous, I should be careful not to parry them with holy swords.

But well, before that--.

"<<Don't move!>>"

I used Compulsion (Geass) skill.
Right at that moment, dark purple phosphorescence wrapped Goblin King's body for an instant, and my body turned heavy.

>Resisted [Geass].

Looks like he reflected it back to me with some kind of Unique Skill.
It's probably the same type as the [Reflection (Counter)] that the Dark Sage of Parion Holy Land possessed.

I refrained from using the skill to prevent him from working out a countermeasure when I was up against his Pseudo Body (Avatars), but it seemed like it was all for nothing.

"Geass ain't gonna work on me."

Goblin King grinned, showing off fangs inside his mouth.

"'Ere I go!"

Just when Goblin King's body got clad in dark purple ripples of light, he disappeared.

--Ground Shrink.

Before I could even recognize that, Goblin King showed up right in front of me and his Godbone Katana mowed down the spot where my neck was.
As I took an evasive maneuver, the holy sword I slashed at Goblin King got sunk into black threads that had manifested on the surface of his body, stopping my sword.

"Nothin' less to expect from Irregular."

While dodging the pursuing flurry of Godbone Katana, I shot out Magic Edge Cannon from my fingertip to create an opening and got away from him.

"How'd you even get a sword sunk into Anti-Physical shield, that's just impossible."

I've heard the Unique Skill's name somewhere.

Just where did--Oh right!


It was the name of a Unique Skill that the [Dog-Head Ancient King] had.

"You can use Unique Skills of other demon lords?"
"Yeap. I can use the powers of all demon lords and heroes ya've ever met easy."

--Not just demon lords, but heroes too?

I almost believed him for an instant there, but then I recalled that this Goblin King is a liar.
In fact, he hasn't stolen my Unit Arrangement which is really handy for moving around.

The Unique Skill just now must have been a completely different one than Dog-head's, it was simply similar.

"If ya think I'm lyin', let yer' body judge it!"

After being clad in multiple dark purple lights, Goblin King rushed out with Ground Shrink.
At the same time, I got away with Ground Shrink myself and use the speedy [Laser] at Goblin King who is now locked in the attacking stance.

--Whoa there.

I cut apart the reflected Laser with my holy sword while dodging with Ground Shrink.

Looks like he really can [Reflect (Counter)] magic.
Next, I tried using ranged attack [Explosion] but he dodged it with Ground Shrink.

I dodge the flurry rush of Godbone Katana coming before my eyes.
Still, Crisis Perception is giving me real strong warning. Feels like even a scratch from these katana would greatly damage even me.

The offenses and defenses continue as we both use Ground Shrink.

Still--it's weird.

His combat prowess is clearly getting better than when he first started attacking.

"It's Wild Boar King-han's 『Match for a Thousand』 y'see."

Goblin King was wrapped in a blue light momentarily before he proceeded to unleash a ranged finisher similar to Hero Hayato's [Shining Blade].
As my Foresight skill informed me that Goblin King would come slashing at me right after I dodged, I cast the disposable defensive barrier Phalanx and parried his finisher.

Phalanx broke into cut pieces the moment Shining Blade touched the katana.

Their sharpness is way out of ordinary.

"It's 『Strongest Blade (Nothing that cannot be cut)』--Meiko-han's Unique Skill y'see."

Goblin King went out of his way to disclose his tricks.

He was wrapped in a blue light before activating it too, looks like he really can use heroes' Unique Skills.

But then why didn't he steal my Unique Skills?

Menu aside, Unit Arrangement is pretty handy.
It's also weird how he doesn't have the access to super handy skills like Dog-head's [All-Creations (Library)] and Arisa's [Over Boost], and [Never Give Up].

I suppose it's not like he could steal and use those stolen Unique Skills without limit.

"Is dodging all ye can do, Irregular!"

Goblin King wrapped in a dark purple light shot out a pure white fire ball.
Dunno what Unique Skill it's from, but the heat rivals that of fire magic forbidden spell, [<<White Inferno>>].

Goblin King that had closed the distance under the cover of that fire ball unleashed an unusual attack that shot out three slashes with one swing.
This must be some kind of Unique Skill as well.

"Tch, dodgin' around like ya knew how I'mma attack."

Goblin King continued his assault while cursing out.

But really, that's a whole lot of Unique Skills.
What this Goblin King told me before, that goblinkin having large [Soul Vessels] might not be necessarily a lie.

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"So hey, tell me."

While dodging a barrage of projectile magic attacks shot out by Goblin King with Ground Shrink, I counterattacked with the speedy mid-level attack magic and finger blasts.
Unfortunately, none of my attacks could reach Goblin King, hindered by a variety of Unique Skills.

"How it's feelin' to be completely outmatched by someone ya underestimated and thought to be lesser than ya, eh?"

Goblin King sneered and laughed.

Even the sure-kill Holy Bullet only passed by Goblin King's side in an unnatural trajectory.
If what Goblin King said is true, that must be Dog-head's Unique Skill [Probability Shift (Trickster)].

This guy sure employed a needlessly huge catalog of Unique Skills.

"Neither of us managed to deal the finishing blow though?"

In fact, I'm unscathed even now.
It's not like I can't deliver the finishing blow, I'm simply looking for the right timing.

"I wonder 'bout that, yea?"

Goblin King was wrapped in purple lights before he clad himself in a weird shell-like armor.
The armor somehow looks like a (Tokusatsu) hero's protective suit.

It's probably the transformation Unique Skill the rat demon lord who was lurking in Dejima Island had.

"Tis' a check matey!"

Goblin King announced such as if mocking the [Checkmate] word I used earlier.

A moment later, Goblin King appeared right in front of me swinging down his Godbone Katana.
This scene is the same as before, but his swinging speed is remarkably faster.

I attempted to parry the Godbone Katana with the holy sword while casting Phalanx.
Phalanx could only stop the Godbone Katana for an instant before breaking into pieces, and the holy sword protected by Holy Edge was getting whittled down like Styrofoam.


Not just double.
Feels like he's powered up multiple folds.

I immediately activated Physical Strengthening skill and magic but I still couldn't push him back.


It's a bit shoddy.

Goblin King's combat prowess is worse than before.
It's as if the [Match for a Thousand] Unique Skill has come undone.

Perhaps there's a limit on the number of Unique Skills Goblin King could employ at any given time.

"Whatta matter? I ain't gonna be even mad if ya take out yer prided divine sword y'know?"

Goblin King provoked me.

Looks like he's plotting something.

But, the moment he tries to do something to Divine Sword, that will be my chance.
Besides, even though the Divine Sword might be extremely dangerous, getting cut by it is just as bad as getting cut by the Godbone Katana.

"Well then, I shall take you up on your offer."

While operating Menu, I took out the black bladed Divine Sword in a white sheath through Item Box.

"Yer' really an idiot."

A moment later, the Divine Sword appeared in Goblin King's hand.

"Lord-san's other name is Thief God ya kn--NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA"

The triumphant Goblin King screamed out loud the instant he drew the Divine Sword out of its sheath.

Looks like putting your hand on the Divine Sword without bearing the God Slayer title would incur divine punishment.

Now's my chance.

I got right in front of Goblin King with Ground Shrink, and cast [<<Neutral Magic>>] that I had prepared beforehand on Menu.

This is the same type used by Dejima Island's [Dungeon Master], one that creates a magic null zone by erasing the surrounding Magic Essence, it disables the usage of magic and magic-type skills.
This type differs from the magic null zone Fake King Shin used as that one destroys magic compositions, this one enables the usage of magic once Magic Essence gets supplied back from outside, depending on the situation neither is superior than the other.

While catching the Divine Sword that fell from Goblin King's hand in my line of sight and retrieving it into Storage, I slashed at Goblin King with a white holy magic sword I took from Storage.

--Oh, it's working.

Maybe it's due to the damage he incurred from grabbing the Divine Sword, looks like Goblin King's Unique Skills have come undone.

My slash cut off Goblin King's neck along with his guarding hands.
Goblin King's protector created by his Unique Skills may have been tough, but it was no more effective than a piece of paper before the might of a holy magic sword coated with dragon fang's powder that can [Pierce Everything].

After canceling the magic null zone, I cast the anti-god forbidden spell [Mythology Down] at Goblin King's head.
Deep golden light and rainbow lights mix together, turning into a torrent that evaporates Goblin King's body.

The extraordinary destructive force of the anti-god spell completely destroyed the vast underground space that could be mistaken as a great cave, and the shock wave alone blew away the thick bedrock ceiling in an instant.
Once the explosions and roaring sounds subsided, red lights from melting rocks and rising vapors eerily decorated the underground space.

"--Did that do it?"

I reflexively muttered that because my Log hadn't displayed Goblin King's defeat.

--Crisis Perception.

Right as a red dot appeared on the Radar, the Godbone Katana clad in white flame came flying at me.
It came from the upper half of Goblin King that grew out of the ground.

For an anti-god spell to not be enough to finish him, he's way too tenacious.

"Don't get cocky youuuuuuu!"

Stripped patterns of blue and dark purple lights dyed the Goblin King.
Dunno what he's trying to do, but let's end this now.

The [Mythology Down] that I had recast landed at the wrong spot, blowing away Goblin King with its shock wave.
He must have used either [Probability Shift (Trickster)] or [Unrivaled Mobility (Never Get Hit)].

I ready my sword to slash at the Goblin King's head that's flying here, but it'd probably just end up like the Mythology Down earlier.
While shooting ranged attack magic to act as restraint, I swing my sword around to lure him.

Black curtains that had manifested behind Goblin King blocked my attack magic, while he dodged my slashes with Unique Skills.
Right now I must look defenseless to him after getting my attack dodged.

"Got ya!"

Goblin King cut my trunk in two with the Godbone Katana.

"--Ninjutsu again!"

Goblin King who looked at a log split in two felt bloodlust behind him and turned around.

--Bzzt wrong.

I reappeared behind the log and used the dragon fang holy magic sword in my hand to cross cut the back of the Goblin King that had fallen to my jutsu.


Just like Meiko, it seems he cannot dodge attacks coming from outside his cognizance.
An instance later, I cast and erase Goblin King again with [Mythology Down].

Now then, it's a war of attrition from here on.


Right as the red dot appeared, I cast the delayed activation [Mythology Down] on him.

"N-nomatter" "howmany--"

This time, two red dots appeared at the same time, so I shot Mythology Down on one, and finely chopped the other with the dragon fang holy magic sword before burning him down with [White Inferno].

Afterward I use Clone Jutsu, and go defeat Goblin King using human-wave tactics.

"--Is it about time for the final stage?"

Goblin King has stopped regenerating.
I can't let my guard down since the Log hasn't displayed his defeat yet, but I feel like I can see the end already.

Although he should have been able to continuously regenerate himself with Wild Boar King's [Match for Thousands], it appears that the number of revives isn't as high as the original Wild Boar King's.

As I wait for the time to pass like waiting for an MMO Raid Boos---

A red dot appeared on the Radar.

"Oh crap--"

The delayed activation [Mythology Down] I shot did hit Goblin King, but I saw that he transformed into another object the moment the spell hit him.

The real body is--above.

Scene of Goblin King getting warped, and countless incoming white pillars--strategic nuclear weapons with ICBM written on them came into my view as I looked above.
Next to Goblin King is a black board, apparently Item Box, and in his hand--.

A small pot with white powder inside.

A moment later, a flash that looked like a fallen sun and flames that burned everything filled the world.

"kekkeKWE lookatYA bein'blOODYallover irregulaar!"

The yet again revived Goblin King is looking down on the blood-stained Hero Nanashi lying on the ground.

"eVENirregular can'tdefEND against dragonfangs and nuclearexplosIONdoyA"

I can't tell what Goblin King is saying with all the slurring.
Looks like his Soul Vessel is on the verge of collapsing because he regenerated too many times.

That attack earlier must have been an imitation of the anti-god mine that the Great Weasel Demon Lord devised to defeat God Zaikuon.
He must have gotten the ICBMs from among the items created by Unique Skill of the Weasel Demon Lord I fought in Dejima Island's Phantasmal Labyrinth.

Goblin King surveyed the surroundings for the Godbone Katana.


Goblin King gave up on the missing Godbone Katana and raised up high a cursed magic sword he took out of Item Box.

Suddenly, a young-sounding voice came from above.

『--How dare you do that to Master!』
"godBEATer girl huuh!"

Multiple purple lights wrapped Goblin King as he looked at the Warship Wand above the mushroom clouds.
He's probably using Unique Skills to reflect magic.


I swing down the god slaying Divine Sword toward the triumphant Goblin King's neck.

"--But how."

The goblin head on the ground voiced out his resentment.


As I replied to Goblin King in Arisa's voice, I cut his head into pieces with the Divine Sword.
I retrieved the Warship Wand floating in the air into Storage, while wiping off the blood camouflage.

Since taking nuclear strikes head-on looked like it would be painful, I got away to satellite orbit with sight-based Unit Arrangement, then after the bomb blast had subsided, I came back with sight-based Unit Arrangement again.


Three dark purple lights and one blue light floated out of Goblin King's dead body. [God's Fragments].
Since I get the feeling that the blue light comes from God Parion, I'm leaving it alone.


At the mostly silent fluttering away dark purple lights--I cut those fragments with the Divine Sword.
The fragments broke apart and got sucked into the Divine Sword's jet black blade like usual.

Come to think of it, the [God's Fragments] from Lich Demon Lord that Goblin King created and the Zazaris who took that demon lord into him were also quiet like these.


A moment later, Goblin King revived himself.
Reviving after God's Fragments have come out of him, this has never happened before.
I check the Log just in case, but there's log about [God's Fragment] defeat on it.


Goblin King cannot even maintain his form anymore even after getting revived, he's disappearing into dark purple slime-like liquid even without me doing anything.


I cut more dark purple lights that quietly came out with the Divine Sword.


The once-vanished red dot reappeared once again, but this time it was gone for good without even being able to hold its slime-shape.

>Defeated [Little Oni King].
>Title [『Little Oni King』 Slayer] Acquired.

The words I had been impatiently waiting for was displayed on the Log.

At the same time, blackish dark purple lights floated out of the puddle that was once Goblin King.

『Guess gobu's no good 'fter all』
『It's actually slime tho'』
『Got to be gobu after goin' through existence evolution aha』
『Lord-sama rejected existence evolution tho'』
『Gobu's dialect got to ya guys~』

There are almost 20 [God's Fragments] in total, but only five of them are whining around.
Like earlier, I avoid some of the blue lights mixed among them and cut the purple fragments with the Divine Sword.
The lights that got scattered apart after being cut by the Divine Sword got sucked into its jet black blade.

Oh yeah, I just noticed that Goblin King was using Unique Skills from [God's Fragments] that should have been absorbed into the Divine Sword.
Perhaps, Goblin King's Unique Skills were just copies of those [God's Fragments]. All those silent fragments were probably imitations copied from the original.

"I guess this means it's over?"

He was really tenacious, but this should be the end of anything demon lord related.
The term Goblin King muttered in the end bothered me, but I couldn't get a hit searching for [God Key] on the Map, thus I could only hope that it was lost in Goblin King's Item Box along with the demon lord himself.

Now then, I wonder how are Arisa and the girls doing?

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