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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Underestimated


"For now let's go see how it's like there. If it looks like we can farm exp nicely we'll continue the hunt, otherwise, we'll just fall back."

"Since we're going to use the elevator and all, I'd like to go with the hunt!"

"Alma, it's going to be a deep floor, you can't be careless just because Mathi-kun is with us! Safety first!"

Ruli gave a well-reasoned warning to the enthusiastic Alma.
We entered the elevator station while talking.

"...This place's pretty big."

"Lots of people too..."

"It kinda feels like the guild!"

Iliad's elevator station was an unexpectedly huge building.
Iris is right, it's definitely similar to the guild.

The elevator itself (as expected, it's the one from my previous life) could only hold around 20 people, but there's a spacious waiting room surrounding it.
Apparently adventurers are waiting here for their turn to take the elevator.

On the walls of this waiting room, there are boards like the one in the guild, with dungeon-related quests, states and maps of floors posted on them.
Since there are official guild windows as well, you can probably accept quests here.
Though well, since the dungeon's maps and states are only up to floor 10, they're of no use to us.

While thinking that, I went to fetch the queue note.

"It's for four people."

"Understand. Please hold onto this note here."

The male receptionist said that and gave me the queue note--and then he winked at someone behind me.
The recipient of that wink is a man in adventurer's attires.

...Not sure what the wink was for, but I suppose I should be vigilant here?
After taking the note I went back to the girls while thinking that.

"The elevator will come in about one minute it seems."

I pointed at a signboard next to the elevator.
It shows the remaining time for the next elevator to come.

...Judging from the number of people waiting for the elevator, doesn't seem like we can get on this one.
Guess we'll just wait for the next or the one after the next.
It's not like we're that much in a hurry anyway.

While I was thinking that--someone called from behind.
The owner of the voice is the man who was winked at earlier.

"Oy, you brat over there. You gonna explore the dungeon with your friends?"

...Well now, that sounds exactly like how 『a veteran adventurer picking on a rookie adventurer』 would say.
I guess I should answer like a rookie adventurer would then.

"...I'm not a brat, I'm an adventurer."
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The man glared at me after I said that.
When I glared back at him, it became a glaring contest.

『Are we...  being picked on?』

『It doesn't feel like he's being hostile at all though...』

『You're able to perceive that much now huh.』

The man picking on us most likely holds no malicious intent on me.
Rather, despite his words, I can't feel any hostility from him at all.

The adventurers around us are also looking at the great sword man with 『good work』 looks in their eyes.
Those aren't eyes looking at a veteran adventurer who's bullying a rookie adventurer.

This is probably a threat to warn reckless adventurers who come to make a quick killing so they won't get too reckless.
This much should be menacing enough for rookies and their shallow combat experience.

The man is probably going to try to frighten the rookie, then show the difference in strength and then say, "My top floor record is floor 5."
Once that's done, the rookie then would realize that they have no hope of challenging even floor 5 and start from shallow floors.
Thus, the rookie won't throw away their life by recklessly challenging difficult floors.

This must be their goal.
After all, losing rookie adventurers who don't know their strength would be a huge loss to them.

Pretending to be ruffians to warn such adventurers is probably their job.
They've picked equipment that are outwardly impactful than their actual performance as well.

There were people who took similar job like this even in my previous life.
I guess rash adventurers exist no matter the ages.

...Now then, how should I go about this.
I don't mind having a fight and show them our strength to rest their worry, but that'd take time and make us stand out.

While thinking that--an adventurer who was in the waiting room's interior called out to the man who were having the glaring contest with me.

"Camias, you'd better stop. Don't think the guy even needs that."

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