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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Strongest Sage, Arrives at Proper Dungeon City


"One fell swoop... That sounds too good to be true, it's scary instead..."

"Is there any reason why we haven't done that if we could get strong easily?"

Well, I guess anyone would notice.

"It has some drawbacks as well... If you gain too much exp before you forge your body and magic control... There's a chance you'd end up losing your magic. That's why I never told you about it."

"Losing your magic!?"

"Yeah. If the quantity of your mana gets far bigger than your magic control capability is, you won't be able to control your magic and lose the ability to use it. Since it's difficult to train magic control once you lose access to magic, worst comes to worst, you'll end losing your magic forever... It might be possible with chant magic though."

Chant magic is a system that fully surrenders magic control to the chant support.
By using that, it might be possible to use magic even if you can't control your mana at all.

Conversely, people who can use magic properly all their life could end up losing their magic casting ability without chant.
Though if your mana is as enormous as Iris, you can use mana even by just randomly controlling it.

"Chant magic only, but that practically means no magic..."

"Exactly... With how you two are now, even if your mana increase, your magic control is good enough to use mana, and I'll be watching out for your limit while we farm exp, so there's no problem."

Even if your mana amount exceeds your magic control, it's not like you instantly lose your magic the moment it crosses the line.
First, you'll gradually lose control of your magic, and once it goes too far, you lose it completely.

Thus, we're going to stop and fall back once our magic control gets worse.
Being easy to withdraw is one of the advantages dungeons with automatic elevators have.

"...We've got to be careful not to farm too much!"

"More importantly, I'm worried about the strength of monsters in floor 27..."

Ruli seems to feel uneasy, but to these girls who have had showdowns with demons multiple times, mere floor 27 monsters are nothing.
Besides, floor 27 enemies of 『Ilias-managed Dungeon』 are easy to handle relative to the floor they're on.

"Well, let's talk about the details once we got there. There are other nice hunting spots in 『Ilias-managed Dungeon』 besides floor 27."

"Alright then! ...We're gonna profit big time at the 『Gambling Dungeon』 with this party!"

"...Alma, are you that much in need of money?"

Ruli's question is reasonable.
Right now Alma should have no monetary problem at all.
The king still owes her a lot which she hasn't taken... and when she does take it, she can live in luxury for hundreds years.

"It's not like that, just you know... My adventurer's blood, it's boiling!"

I see.
Indeed, making a killing in dungeons is adventurers' romance.

Even in my previous life, adventurers who would dive deep in dungeons for this reason exist.
...This era's adventurers can make a killing just by randomly hunting in very shallow floors though, it's no competition at all.

We've decided to go to 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 with this talk.
We can reach the 『Dungeon City Iliad』 where 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 is located in a few hours with our legs.
Rather than wasting time pondering here, we'd be better off thinking what to do as we go at it.
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"So this is dungeon city, Iliad huh..."

The time is about noon.
We've arrived at our destination, Dungeon City Iliad.

"The atmosphere here feels really different from Melkia."

"Well, Melkia was in that state back then, so there's no way to know how it's usually like."

When we went there, the Dungeon City Melkia was in a sad state due to a hopelessly useless shitty lord's tyranny.
To the point that the magic lamps that were used to light up the city caused daily explosion accidents with casualty.
It was so bad we were doubting if demons had something to do with it.

Compared to that, Iliad is filled with enthusiastic looking adventurers.
More than half of the people walking in the street are adventurers, and the majority of them have eyes sparkling with hope.

There's also some dispirited looking adventurers here and there though... These guys are probably adventurers who were forced to withdraw due to lacking the strength or some kind of accidents after paying hefty sums to go on an adventure.
This part really emboldens the feeling of 『Gambling Dungeon』.

I look at a nearby signboard while thinking.
Written there in big text, 『Dungeon Entrance - 400 Meters until Elevator Station』.

The fee was written under it.
Looks like the fee depends on the floor you're going to, it's 100 elmi x Floor number.

By the way, the fee is waived for floor 3 and below.
It's probably to accommodate rookie adventurers' training.

After all, adventurers are customers to the elevator administrators.
Rather than letting these customers die in vain, they'd want them to survive and gain experience and then make use of the elevator in the future.

"The entrance seems to be over there."

"I've heard rumors and all, but it really is quite pricey..."

If we consider that 70 elmi is enough to sustain a family of four for a day, it is indeed not cheap.
That said, our party's capital is fortunately plentiful.

We could probably go in for free with the King's permit.... but there's no need to be stingy here.
Let's pay the fee upfront.
The elevator is pretty handy to save our mana and stamina in our quest to raise our level after all.

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