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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 87

87 Power Adjustment


I entered maximum Acceleration state to run away. Everything around me has completely stopped moving.
Cause I've set it to [5]. Even the elves that had nimbly moved are frozen in their positions.
I picked up a random pebble on the road and tapped the man's rapier with it. The sword must be broken now. I think.

(He's just gonna keep going after me if I simply vanished here.)

The man's sure to pursue me once I'm out of town. Gotta buy some time.

(Sorry, but think of it as your just dessert for trying to harm me.)

Even if the cutting my limbs part is nothing than a bluff, it's just too much.
Or perhaps that mercenary guild master really wants me dead or alive.
Either way, he should consider himself lucky losing only one sword after doing that.
Dunno how much that rapier cost, but it must be quite an expense to this lone mercenary. The guild likely won't reimburse him either. He's failed his quest after all.

Next, I just need to head straight ahead to reach the gate according to the map. I ran in accelerated state there.
Once I undo the state, that mercenary must be flummoxed. On top of his target vanishing right under his nose, his sword is broken.

I arrived at the gate and hid behind a cover before undoing [Acceleration].
I've no more willpower to deal with trouble. Now that I think about it, since I've quit as Aryl's bodyguard and all, I'm jobless right now.

(That doesn't sound nice... And I've gotta amass enough money to support my future recluse life too...)

This city must have lots of jobs available. Which is a shame but after all the mess I caused here, there's just no way I could live here. The fact that mercenary guild master has his eyes set on me alone is enough reason to run away.
As I was wondering if I deserved all that, six elves came down the roof all at once without hesitation.

"Oa!? Ah, you're all here... well time to go."

"Yes milord. Forgive us for keeping you waiting."

"Nah, it's fine. Nevermind that stuff. Let's just get outta this city."
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I kinda wanted to ask them why were they came down from the roof and how did they know where I was, but opted to postpone that until after we leave the gate.

I put on my mantle hood to avoid getting into trouble because of my blackness like earlier and walked to the gate.
There, a group of men obviously belong to 'That' side are hanging out in front of the gate.

(Are you guys delinquents taking up parking space in front of a convenience store or something!?)

I retorted inwardly. The scene was all too familiar to me.

They must be corrupt guards. They are guarding a gate in an unpopulated alleyway near the slums after all.
I'm sure anybody would have a bad feeling about this. How does someone get into a mess everywhere they go anyway.
These guards look so nasty the mercenary man earlier even seems decent in comparison.
Nevertheless, I speak to them calmly. I focus myself to keep calm as I'm afraid of my personality changing into that of someone who tries to solve everything by force after the past two days.

"We'd like to leave this city, please check our pass."

As Serena took the pass out of the bag, then the usual classic line echoed, sure enough.

"Oy oy, we got a group of hotties here. Hey girls, keep us company will ya~ We're gonna make you feel reaal good, forget 'bout this brat~"

A man with a mess of front row teeth spoke.

"Oy, for real. Yer' dang good at this stuff. Oy, you girls get over here now!"

The gorilla looking macho holding a liquor bottle gleefully said that.

"Ya don't see these kinda beats often. It's a jackpot."

A humpback baldie peered into the elves' hoods.

It should have been difficult to see their faces under those thick hoods, and they managed to see through them. Also, I was the only one speaking to them, the elves never said a word.

(Why do trouble always rush at me headlong? Am I destined to constantly get in this 'Template' mess forever...?)

I've only been out of my village for three whole days, and yet the density of mess is so much so that possibility seems very likely.
The 15 years long I spent in my village seems like a better life in comparison. It's that bad.

I bore through it and asked them again.

"Please check our pass. We'll be going on ahead once you're done. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Oy oy oy~. Whaddya acting high and mighty for you brat?"
"Get 'ere quick! Who gives a crap about you. I'mma drink good booze. Get here!"
"It's gonna be good time, promise. Gonna sell you once we're tired tho'... Hihihi..."

I got dizzy hearing them. Not good.

"All right guys, attention please!"

I slowly walked to the gate, and slowly grabbed a fastened bolt there.
And once their gazes gathered, I crushed it with my grip. Down into powder before I smiled.
The feat should be impossible for 'Ordinary' humans. But what about me under Acceleration?
I didn't feel any resistance when I crushed the second in command's guard's arm. Therefore, it should also work on stuff harder than human flesh, and it did.

It was a demonstration, a threat to them, I plan to break one of their limbs if they still insist on messing with us after this.
But my worry came unfounded, they obediently bowed.

"No check needed! Please go on ahead!"
"We're opening the gate right away! Please wait a moment!"

It's either a worldly wisdom or an art to get by in life. They quickly turn their attitude around when bad news show up. Yes, that's exactly how small time villains, underlings should act.
However, the booze drinking gorimaccho snorted.

"Hmph, what're ya guys pissing your pants from that crap for! I'll deal with ya myself if ya wanna pain. Come at me!"

He struck a side chest pose confidently and invited me to hit him first.

I was amazed at that. Guess I gotta deal with this guy.
Wonder if we'd have been out without any problem had we picked another gate.

I walked up straight to him and put my forefinger on his chin.

A moment later, the gorimaccho fell down with a loud thud. Still in his side chest pose.
I simply touched him in acceleration state. That alone can knock people off.

I was relieved to see him still breathing.
I've been getting scared of myself for easily reaping lives lately.
I gotta take care from here on, it'd only weigh on my mind further if running into any trouble no matter how trivial ends up with accidental deaths.
Heck, not minding how I adjust my power at all will assuredly result in heaps of corpses. Because I know how cheap lives are worth in this world.

At first I thought I'd be fine so long as I have this 'Power', but I shouldn't have even needed it if I were to live normally.
Bearing this power brings me constant worries, it's not something to be happy about.

I recalled a word of wisdom from a karate dojo I attended in the past.

(There is no good or evil in 'Power' itself. No matter what form it takes. A word to live by to me now.)

The two guards' faces went pale when they saw their fallen coworker and hastened opening the gate.
A gap for one person should be good enough. We can take turn exiting.
Yet they kept opening it fully, reverberating a loud sound over a wide area.

(Will this become another seed of trouble?)

No point in mulling over it, I thought as I walked out.
Once the elves were all out, the gate quickly started closing.

I took a deep breath as I watched over it and slowly walked ahead.

"Now then, let's go. The road should be over there, huh."

And thus I parted ways with the commercial city for now. We started walking toward our next destination, the empire.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 86

86 Alleyways


"I have your travel expense here with me. Please accept it."

The butler handed over a full fat sack of cash. Serena took it and put it inside the magic bag.

"May you have a safe trip. Farewell."

Thus the group left with a magnificent bowing behind them. Serena thought. This Eltros man must be very much terrified of milord.

(Magic bags are highly valuable objects... and three of them were handily given out. From what I've checked, there's more than sufficient amount of items inside as well.)

This much preferential treatment makes Serena suspicious of Eltros plotting something instead.

(The promptness of it all is also not normal. He must have spent a significant amount of capital to make it possible. And then there's this excessive amount of travel expense. Does he not mind spending any amount of money if it means milord gone...)

However, Serena didn't say anything to that. After all her lord himself does not seem to mind.
Then all she needs to do here is to remain silent. She simply has to focus on guiding her lord to their country.

===  ===  ===  ===
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We briskly walked through the alleyways. We got a map before we left.
None of us knows the roads in this city. Moronic as that sound.
I've only been here for two days, while the elves were confined in Damo's mansion.
It only hit on me when we were just about to leave. When I asked the butler for a map, he swiftly took a paper out of his pocket and drew a map for us. The shortest route that takes us to the gate.

As we kept advancing through a deserted slum, I asked about something that had been bugging me.

"By the way, were there only six of those collar things? I kinda don't like the idea of more of those being used for evil."

I crushed the gem parts after taking their collars off, but I never asked if there were more.

"You are too kind milord. Please worry not. Those six were all they possessed. We had confirmed this fact after pressuring a confession out of that man."

Did she mean Damo or Eltros by that man. The elves seemed to see a huge potential issue with the matter as they explained the detail to me.

"They are known as forbidden devices, the most difficult objects to obtain in the market. We have confirmed that Eltros was present when Damo acquired them."

Apparently it was Eltros. Did he get interrogated by these six beauties? Is that heaven or hell. Since he was Damo's subordinate, these elves must have been eager to punish him too.
I'm guessing Eltros must have been on the receiving end of an extreme pressure.

As I started getting relaxed, a lone man is standing in our path.
He's got a rapier hanging on his waist. Wearing leather armor and light protectors.
He spoke thus while glaring dagger at me.

"Yoo, you with black hair, black eyes, no mistake 'bout it. I've got business with ya. Come with me."

I walked pass by that man while getting amazed by that line.
Amazed by the fact that I got dragged into trouble three days straight.
Taking him seriously would only spiral out into a mess anyway, might as well pick the silent treatment.

"Oy! Damn you! Didn't ya hear me? Hey wait! Listen to me dangit!"

The man didn't seem to think I would silently walk pass by him, he was dumbfounded for a moment before quickly going around me.
I kept ignoring him and just walked on. I want to leave this city asap. Because I don't want to get into a mess like this. There's no end to it if I keep responding to every one of them.

"Yer ain't gonna listen huh? Prepare for some pain then. Ain't good for my job if I get taken lightly of y'know."

I stopped when he drew his sword. This man either doesn't think I have six more people besides me, or he's confident enough on his ability to take us all on.

Guess I could at least answer him.

"I'm leaving this city. Sorry but I can't listen to your demand."

"Oy, don'tcha think I'd let that slide. I'm gonna take you by force. I've got a quest to finish here see. I ain't no brat's errand boy, like hell I'm just gonna say yes."

"Then bring that person who has business with me here. Dunno where you're taking me, but someone who tried to take another by force without even naming himself is nothing but a kidnapper."

"Say yer' thanks when an adult responds dang you! You're such a pain. Mercenary Guild's master is asking for you."

This guy seems to be an unexpectedly upright man, he gave the answers to 'where' and 'who'.

"Still no."

The man's expression vanished right after I said that.

"Yeah? Okay then. I'm gonna drag you there even if I gotta slice up your limbs."

He pointed his rapier at me, crouched down and composed his breathing.

"Disperse. Meet up at the gate ahead of us. You girls get away now."

I spoke in a volume only the elves could hear. I don't plan to keep this guy company. No more.
And to begin with, I've got a bad feeling about meeting the guild master. It's nothing more than an intuition though.

'Disperse after I count to three', I told them.

"1, 2, 3."

Apparently the man never accounted the elves from the start. He didn't even glance at the dispersing elves as he made a straight charge at me right at the '3' count.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 85

85 Rotten Fruit and Nailing


I twisted my body's upper half to dodge my opponent's sword slash and struck his arms with my elbow.
Under acceleration, the bone didn't feel hard at all, it was more like jelly as it got crushed easily.
Next up I sent a low kick to his right knee. My kick sunk in without resistance again.
Then another low kick to the left knee.
While I'm in accelerated state, my opponent moves in super slow motion. I'm the only one who moves at normal speed. Dodging and maneuvering around are a simple matter.
However, I just can't fully grasp how to adjust my power. Thus, I moved at the same 'delayed' speed of my opponent as a stopgap measure.
It went well with Randolf, hence it should work here too.

And since I'm moving very slowly, I can retract my actions if I deem them too 'excessive'. This testing opportunity yielded good results.
Satisfied, I spoke in good mood.

"It is as you can see. Have I made myself clear now, my guys?"

"You bastard, what did you do!? How are you alive?"

"Hey, Eltros, checking to make sure, I'd just beat this guy here thoroughly, did you see how I did it?"

"You did that? Nonsense! You must have used a trick! There's no way you beat my best man otherwise!? Like hell it is!"

"...My eyes could see you move 'this time'... As such, I believe other executives also 'understood'..."

The second in command kept barking as I asked Eltros.

"So what do you think guys? Do you believe me now?"
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"Shut up damn youuu! How dare you shame me! I'm gonna kill you myself!"

Second in command stood up and smoothly drew his knife before lunging at me.
Of course I accelerated and beat him off. I asked Eltros what needed to be asked as the man groaned, 'Aga'.

"Who's the least receptive of your leadership among these people? Might as well just crush them all yeah? Point out those you want to wed out."

Eltros turned pale before speaking in a low yet clear volume.

"...Please dispose of... the second in command. And also..."

He pointed at a young man wearing a skintight clothing.

"Just to make sure, both of them are inhumane scumbags, yeah?"

His answer made me want to puke. The second in command is still kneeling down while groaning at the pain of his broken arm.

"Second in command apparently finds pleasure in torturing the weak. That junior executive in charge of drugs is the kind of person who forces people to ingest addictive drugs and gleefully watch them suffer withdrawal symptoms."

That answer makes sure my conscience won't be burdened. I don't actually like 'killing' without reason. Gotta have one. That doesn't mean I'm just gonna make up 'excuses' on the spot to justify murder though. Still, I had no idea this world has those kind of drugs too.
Since I'm dealing with the executives of the most heinous crime syndicate, I don't really feel anything. I guess this how being Abarenbo Shogun or more like Mito Komon feel like?

(Ah, or maybe it's more Onihei Hankacho? Or Toyama no Kin-san?)

I beat down the head of the second in command who had been cursing all this time. Then I did the same to the junior boss in charge of drugs. In accelerated state.

Their heads sunk in their bodies. Half of their faces in their collarbones.

I got a bit scared from the horror spectacles, and looked away.
The two were still alive for a bit as they swayed for a few seconds before stopping and falling.

After which I winked at Eltros. Receiving that signal, Eltros spoke while faltering.

"Ah, you guys will meet the same end if you don't listen to me. Do be careful."

The executives made their way out of the room passing me by while shaking furiously.
I whispered a warning to Eltros as he passed.

"If I come back here and find this organization unchanged or only half baked, 'that' will be you."

I lightly tapped his shoulder. Not under acceleration of course.
But Eltros was in so much fear he leaped exaggeratedly like he was a character in a manga.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 84

84 Nailing Down


Serena explained to the surprised me.

"They are bags that have been made with magic. All our luggage is contained within them as it seems."

"Aah, I see. I was sure we'd be lugging around loads of stuff."

Yes, you need to bring a lot if you want to travel around in this world. Food, water, camping gear and even cookware.
I was wondering how we were gonna split the load, didn't think they'd give us magic bags.
Or more like, I forgot those things even exist. I mean they're apparently super expensive and all. And we've got three here. Who could have thought something like that would be handed out to me.

Eltros isn't here. Only the butler is seeing us off.
He started explaining without me asking.

"As master is currently busy with work, unfortunately he is unable to come see you off. Allow me to explain in his stead. We have prepared all the necessities inside these three bags here. As it will take around a week traveling from here to the empire, we have also put in change of clothes for everyone. In addition to that, there are also three days worth of additional items for your trip inside the forest."

Maids showed up out of nowhere and gave us all hooded mantles.

"Please use them to conceal yourselves. We have also prepared this for you so you can smoothly pass through the gate."

He took out a palm sized beautifully polished board. It's got 'Second Class' written on it, I don't know what that means but it screams 'This is expensive stuff'.
This prompt handling makes it super clear they want us to get outta here asap, so I stopped him short.

"Ah, hold on. I didn't think you'd get it done so fast and thoroughly. Since we've got time and all, I wanna give my thanks to Eltros."

The butler looked troubled at my suggestion, hesitating a bit before replying.

"Understood. Master has said that 'No thanks necessary', thus I normally should have declined. Please wait at the guest room over here. I shall go call master."

"No, I'll go see him myself, I'm the one asking and all."

"...I have been told that master is currently having a meeting with important guests. If you could please wait."

"Aa, that's also something I gotta do personally. Almost forgot, please lead the way."

I tried to push my way through, the butler faltered for a bit before nodding once.
'This butler must be an upright man', I thought as I apologized inwardly.
I can't say I'm gonna nail down some loose ones with your master.

"Okay then, I'm off for a bit, you lot wait here."

Serena and the elves quietly nodded. Didn't have to go through another bout of their 'Accompaniment' offer this time around.
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I was led in a room quite far back in. 'Over here if you would', to a huge door.
It looks so heavy with a boorish design. However, it gives off a sense of oppression that gets one think twice of entering.
I nonchalantly flung that door open, bam! and greeted with a loud voice without checking who's inside.

"Cheers! Here comes the main culprit in this whole mess!"

There's a reason for my abrupt change of behavior. 'Fear of the unpredictable.'
Eltros has gained some form of understanding of me, but by rewriting that recognition into 'This guy is unpredictable', vaguely combining that with 'Power' will result in 'There's no telling what this guy's gonna do next.'

It's like when beginners in fighting games play by rampaging around with highly unbalanced strong character. Getting a graze from a low punch results in losing 1/5 of your health.

It also serves as a camouflage so he can't tell my human nature. People with brilliant minds tend to see if there's a room for negotiation once they figure someone out. It's important to have him recognize me as nonnegotiable.

As expected, Eltros reacted by bating his breath in shock, turning pale in terror, and sweating profusely from anxiety. Then he froze up standing up.

I look at the people in this 'Meeting'. A big round table in the middle of a spacious room, with five people sitting around it. Each with an escort behind them.

"Ah, I got no clue what you've been discussing about but there's only one thing you need to do, listen to Eltros. This syndicate is turning over a new leaf. And he's the guy who's gonna manage everything. You get it yeah? Eltros?"

I smiled as I asked but I'm not getting my reply from him.

Everybody in the room was dumbfounded, and the one who broke the silence was a grim looking bearded middle aged man with a scar running on his left forehead down the eye.

"Who the hell are you bastard? No, nevermind. Die."

He said it like it's the most natural thing for him.

"Oy Eltros, who's that old man? I'm not gonna waste my time trying to get them understand, y'know?"

"Arrogant brat. Oy, do it. Take care of him."

The escort standing behind him moved toward me.
Eltros finally got it together and spoke while convulsing.

"H-he is the second in command of this organization, in charge of armed forces. His escort is the strongest in this organization, right now he is standing in front of you."

The so called second in command barked in anger afterward.

"Oy Eltros, ya ain't gonna tell me the force you were talking about is this brat?"

Eltros could only shudder at that. Thus I spoke for him.

"Didn't you hear what I said or can't you speak human?"

There's a reason for my cheap provocation. It's to get everything done quick and leave this city.
Honestly, it's hard to act like someone else.
Now that I've thrust my head in so deep anyway, might as well stab my 'Power' so deep they can't get it out. I've just gone through a mess from getting too emotional, but this is exactly the time and place to wipe my ass for real.

"I want to get this done quick. I take it you'd listen unconditionally if I beat this guy here yeah? This organization is changing under Eltros."

"Oy, shut him down. Do it."

The escort man who had arrived right before me drew the sword on his waist and held it aloft.

====  ====  ====

I immediately pondered as I entered [Acceleration] state.
How do I 'Show off' my power as to leave a super deep impression on these guys here.

Theatrics are important. The most easily comprehensible action is 'blow him away'. But that's too plain.
Next up, 'make him fall down' on the spot. Also too plain.
Both probably gonna end up in 'Instant death'. Adjusting power here is difficult. Also I don't want to see another blood pond. It's just too gory for the sight.

Then how about, 'Leave him barely hanging on', yep that'll do.

Next, I just gotta match my speed with my target.
Stage [2]. There's no point if these guys can't see me moving, with that in consideration.

====  ====  ====

A moment later, a man whose all four limbs have all been broken in unnatural directions is groveling on the floor while groaning 'Help me.'




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 83

83 Flight to See Another Day


(Why would I need help changing, way too embarrassing.)

That's too high a hurdle for an ordinary person like me. They don't seem to get that.
Why would a mere villager be familiar with such a thing. In fact that sounds more like a torture. This ain't no punishment game nor am I keen on that kinda play. Absolutely not.
Those elves seem to have a wrong impression of me, and the fact that they don't seem to care about it is headache inducing.

(Let's get changed quick and get to the entranceway.)

I've been thinking about my future outlook, but it's all so hazy. There's plenty points of worries.
Everything being so vague is only natural. I don't know the entire situation in this world after all.
There's no internet nor smartphones. Forget knowing how to get information, I'm not even sure how this world treats intelligence gathering.
When I first started working in my past life, I would study the manual whenever I could, research on clients' companies, and work on my conversation skill, I couldn't afford to play games until I gained the required business skill. Thanks to that, I grasped the knacks adding to my free time from not having overtime. What a nostalgic memory.

(I've been involved in too many mess in this city. I'm left with no choice but to go before I get enclosed from all sides. I did make some huge shows in my wake after all.)

It's a shame that I can't even tour around this city, but I'd like to avoid being in a situation where my surroundings become embroiled in a contest to use my power. Those kinds of people tend to disregard the person themselves and push their way through into a mess. If I don't run now, I'm not sure I'll get the chance.
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The information should spread today and tomorrow, thus leaving this city the sooner the better.

Mercenary Guild probably had their eyes on me from Aryl's matter. Not to mention the usurpation of a criminal syndicate.
I had Bonats paid his due at the merchant's association. I used Aryl's reimbursement as an excuse, going from there should trace it back to me.
Didn't think me acting on impulse would come to this, but I've no regret.
Instead, I'd for sure regret it my whole life if I turned a blind eye. I want to avoid that.

However, that heightened my chance of getting into another mess.
Peace is getting further away every time, I've given up on that fact.
But I have my 'Power', I don't think anybody could catch up to me if I ran at full speed.
I don't care if people call me a coward, a chicken or point at me, there are simply times you need to run away as fast as you can.
I gotta leave and find somewhere with little to no human contact where I can live in peace.

(My true wish can never be fulfilled. I have no other desire. Then I'd like to at least live my life as a recluse.)

Thinking of my future in derision.
I'm gonna build a house near the elven forest and live a slow life there, that's probably the most realistic at this point.
I'm gonna have to persuade those elves to stay in their hometown, I've prepared some excuses for that time. I don't want their loyalty or dedication. Alone is best.

I changed to the high quality clothes provided and went to the entranceway.

"Huh? What about my luggage? That's all?"

Three small bags have been put before the front entrance.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 82

82 Elf Serena


My name is Serena. I serve as a mediator.
My words are the consensus of us six. We would have a discussion every once in a while, but most times, my words convey theirs. However, I simply cannot fathom milord's thought process this time.

"Do you mean, our forest?"

(Did he not intend to take over this organization as its new head?)

"Would you be so kind as to deign us, milord. As to how you arrive to that decision?"

Milord might question our loyalty if I didn't give an answer right away but I couldn't help asking him that.

"I'll tell you everything once we got there."

I cannot delve further now that he has said that. It is clear milord has some deep thoughts from his face.

Having no prejudice against elves, a heart full of mercy, wisdom capable of easily dismantling magical vessels, as well as absolute power that allowed him to annihilate a huge number of heavily armed men with methods unfathomable to us.
Unconditional surrender is the only path to us. Such is his existence. I can sense milord's hesitation on accepting us. And yet he does not reject us fully.
There may be an overarching reason for this, or perhaps it's of another matter entirely.

Us dedicating ourselves and even our offer to bed him is our true wishes.
I have been told that male humans enjoy sexual activity and will accept readily. None of us six was against it either.
And yet milord does not seem keen on it, he won't even give us a chance to approach him.
He sought to communicate with us on the same eye level. Treating us kindly despite his refusal.
Such a big-hearted milord is leaving this city. And he is even heading to our home, there is no reason at all to deny.
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"Yes. We shall guide you to our country."

Elves have never once allowed a single human intrude upon our land. There is no exception.
We were caught because of our carelessness, hubris and our action of leaving the barrier. To the point it will be only right for other elves to slander us. But that doesn't matter now. Now that we have become milord's companions, we belong next to him.
Some elves will likely give us trouble once we get inside the forest, but that means nothing before milord's power.
Surely the power I witnessed was nothing more than its tip and yet I am clueless on where to even begin with a plan to stop it.

No, I shouldn't think such a blasphemy, the butler came in as I shook my head.

"We have finished the arrangement. I have left your change of clothes in your room. Please come to the entranceway once you are ready."

I turned to look at milord as he stood up.

"We shall help you changing..."

'No, no need to.' milord vanished before our eyes after saying that.
I made an attempt to figure out how it is done, but seeing as he vanished like he was never there to begin with, I could not even imagine where to start.
An absolute power, yet the fact that we cannot sense even the slightest bit of pressure from milord makes it all the more terrifying instead.



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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 81

81 Mind Set


When I entered the room where we had dinner yesterday, all six elves bowed at me altogether.

"Good morning milord. How fare you today."

Getting babied by these beauties would have made any vainglorious person go to cloud nine I'm sure.
But not me. I am not meant to be in this world, an irregular. An alien. These past two days taught me well on that.
It'd be too presumptuous for someone like me to act arrogantly in this world.
But I'm here. Therefore I must still interact with them. Can't ignore them as a person.

"Good morning. You know, can't you do something about the way you speak to me? You can drop the self-deprecating tone okay."

"That is a line we are unable to withdraw from. We beg your pardon."

I have turned down these girls' offer. Which they should have heard loud and clear. Yet they've chosen to follow me of their own free will. That sounds like a contradiction but I can only accept it.
Nobody can easily change someone's mind once they're set on it. I took a seat after sighing once.

(Ah... Guess I just gotta go for it now...)

Our meals were brought in as I gave up. Many kinds of dishes.

"Well, let's eat. Afterward, I'd like to hear your opinions about a future plan."

Same as yesterday, the elves won't sit down despite their share of food being there.

"You haven't had breakfast yet right? Just like yesterday. Let's eat together."

They finally moved to their seats. Looks like I'm stuck with yet another pain.

I matched my hands and whispered 'Thanks for the food'. Our waiters left with that.

There is no 'Thanks for the food' in this world. You eat and be done with it.
I was still little when I found out about this fact. My parents looked puzzled when I did it so I told them 'Nevermind' awkwardly. After which I would whisper the phrase while matching hands before eating.
My rule only for me in this world. Or so it was.

"Milord, you are well educated in the elven etiquette."

"Wha? What's that? First I heard of it though?"

"You matched your hands, closed your eyes and prayed silently last night as well."

"Hm? That's kinda like my gratitude to the food I guess? Like to life itself."

"...Milord, you are human, are you not?"

"Hm? Why is that a question? I am human, yup, for sure... surely."

"Humans do not express gratitude to the blessings of nature. They see it as god given right. They do not even pray to that god."

I don't either though, not now or ever.

"Ah, I guess you tend to forget about all the lives that have supported you when you eat everyday like it's only natural. That's a bad habit."

"And milord appears to possess that missing quality."

There was this one time I got so much into a game. Making use of consecutive holidays, I played it for three days three nights straight without properly eating.
Then as I nonchalantly got up to go to toilet, I just fell down limp.
I couldn't stand up even after a while, I was sure I'd die then and there.
In the end, I got back on my feet and regained myself after getting something to eat since it was only temporary but I was truly in pit of despair then.

(That was a close one. I wasn't hydrating properly either. I was so afraid I'd miss new game releases if I croaked back then.)

Humans need many things to sustain their life. That experience really taught me how precious good health is.

I ended up getting thrown into a game-less world thanks to god though.
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"So how's it like with elves?"

"A life is nothing more than one single small speck in the great interconnecting web of lives. We pray to our food in order to feel our connection with this world."

"My belief isn't anything that grand though."

"One matches hands to show their joy for living modestly without forgetting self control and never drown oneself in greed."

"Hm? That kinda sounds like Zen? Enlightenment? I'm nothing that big of a deal. I'm filled with greed."

Even at this very moment, I want nothing more than going back to my world and playing all the games.
That wish is more akin to dreams than greed now though.
Some people will say it's shameful for a grown up to be fixated on games, but I can't help it. It's fun. I like them.
Doesn't matter what other say, they don't have the right to criticize someone else hobby.
So long as it's not a 'Bad thing'. So long as it doesn't cause trouble to anybody else or the society.
Anyone will get annoyed when their favorite things are dissed.
You sometimes hear someone says 'I'm doing it for your sake' but in the majority of cases, it's followed by selfish desires.
Oftentimes, these people don't care about the other party's opinion. Otherwise, they'd have never said, 'For your sake'.

Will there ever be someone who would understand the 'real me' in this world?
I could see flashes of games I liked if I just close my eyes. As if it was yesterday.

'Thank you for the food' I whispered as I matched hands. I gulped a cup of water and touched the subject.

"We're leaving this city. Our destination is the empire. What do you think? I'm sending you off to your home. Any objection?"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 80

80 Excuses


A morning after successfully dodging the minefield last night.

"Haa, I slept like a log. Hmm, maybe a bit too much."

Judging from the sunlight peeking through the window, the sun has just risen.

I stood up, stretched a bit and did squats. Once my body had warmed up, I did stretches for real.
I haven't done any workout or form training for two days. I had plenty of time in my village, but now this period is my only free time.
As I did sit-ups, dorsal exercises, and push-ups, I ruminated the future.

(If I stay in this town, someone will definitely try to summon me from all the rumors and it all will be so much pain in the rear.)

There's the matter with Zolden too, also that little disturbance when I entered this town. I've simply been standing out too much.
We also left the bodies when we closed Aryl's store yesterday, which will definitely add to the mess once someone find those. Even if I order Eltros to take care of it, his underlings will likely talk about it, spreading rumors further.
There were also many witness during my bout with Randolf at merchant association. I'm expecting my information from the gatekeepers and mercenary guild to be leaked sooner or later as well.

Humans simply can't keep their mouths shut, thus I've come to a conclusion.

I made my decision and left my room to prepare. But wandering around in this bath robe might not be a good idea.
Forget my belonging, I don't even know where they put my clothes I left in dressing room yesterday. As I looked around restlessly like a suspicious individual in the excessively spacious corridor, someone called out to me.

"Good morning. Master has returned. Would you like to go see him?"

"...I'll do that. Lead the way please."
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====  ≠===  ====

The door to Eltros's office got knocked.

"Our honored guest is here for you, master."

The chair Eltros sat on rattled heavily before he composed himself.

"You may enter."

Shortly, that monster came in. As Eltros tried to control his shaking and not let go of the documents in his hands, he stood up and offered that man a seat.

"I wanna discuss about future plan, you got time?"

"...I have time."

There's no way he could refuse. The instance the person in front of him changed his mind would very well be his last.
Those who can only answer back with 'Yes' don't have any leverage against those with power, their questions are rhetorical. It's nothing but surface level theatrics.
However, the man standing before Eltros really was asking that question in earnest.

"What would you like to talk about? Please give me any order you wish."

He must fulfill all this man's orders until he says 'That's all'. The situation is even severer than when he was under Damo. Eltros is trying his hardest to behave like he always does while hiding his disgruntlement.
After all, he simply cannot think up any way to kill this monster no matter how hard he tries.
Neutralizing him is out of question, even keeping him away is difficult. Whereas he had many cards he could have used against Damo.
The only reason he never tried to supplant Damo was because he deemed there was little to no 'profit' to it. Eliminating the head of an organization would require him to deal with stuff like laying out groundwork, gathering forces and cleaning up leftover mess. Most other executives besides him were also distrustful, they wouldn't ally themselves to him.
And most importantly, he simply had no desire to improve his position or had any ambition to. He was fulfilled as he was.

And everything has gone down the drain thanks to this being. But now that it's done, he's just gotta adapt.

At the end of the day, the only thing that's changed is that the man before him is now his 'Boss'.
The syndicate is simply changing, no completely overturning its direction.
Were the being in front of him gave up or lost trust on Eltros, it would simply be his 'Life' that would be gone, not his 'Position.'

The change is not just great it's like heaven and hell have switched place, but if he could not deceive himself here, he would simply not be among the living now.
Thus Eltros desperately made excuses for himself. There is simply nobody in this world who would put a price higher than their own life.

His self-deprecating words was replied back by his new boss with thus.

"I'm planning to leave this town by noon today see, can you prepare a list of stuff I'm about to tell you?"

"Understood. It shall be done at once."

(I'll do anything if it means this monster is going away! Take all the money! Take anyone!)

Eltros was was celebrating inwardly. He resumed listening careful as not to make that obvious.
After a bit they were done with the listing and the man stood up before demanding breakfast.

"Can you make some food, I'm kinda peckish."

"We shall prepare it. Lead our guest. And have his meal ready."

Eltros told the butler. Then the moment the door was closed, he sprung to action.
He cannot waste even the tiniest bit of time. After all, his object of terror is going away on its own.
Eltros ordered all servants in his mansion to gather round.

"Make preparations! Postpone all your duty! Get this one done right this instance!"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 79

79 Where One Belongs


"We spent days full of disgrace. But as milord has heard, these body of ours are chaste."

"Chaste... Then treat them better. You're free and all now. There's no need to dedicate yourselves to me or anything, okay?"

I tried to gently decline them here hoping they would rescind their 'Dedicated to you' declaration.

"It is by our own volition that we wish to become your swords and shields, milord."

It was no good. They knelt again. My head hurts.

(Sorry to say this when you're looking at me with those serious eyes, but I want to get off this train asap. At the rate this is going, these girls will want to go along with me forever... Now how do I go about this...)

As someone not blessed with wisdom, I couldn't come up with a good solution.
I even entertained the idea of doing a jumping prostrate asking them to let me off hook.
I sighed after mentally draining myself from thinking.

"Haa~. Time to go to bed. I'm so tired. So so tired."

I rang the bell placed on the table, the butler quietly opened the door and entered the room.

"I'd like to lie down now, may I?"

'If you'd please over here', he showed me the way. Eltros' mansion is as spacious as Damo's.
The bedroom he led me to was also vast. What seems to be a king sized bed is put in the middle of the room.

For some reason the elves are following us? What are they even doing.
They should be in their own separate rooms. Thus I asked.

"Err... What?"

"Yes. We shall accompany you to bed."

I looked up at the ceiling in exhaustion. I stopped the butler as he was about to leave, 'Enjoy your time.'
This butler is apparently under the belief these elves are my mistresses.

"Hold it right there! Can you give me another room for myself."

A voice could be heard from the side as I detained the butler.

"Are we... Lacking...?"

"From the bottom of my heart, creed, belief and feeling, I'm sorry but I must refuse."

I went to the corridor with acceleration. It'd have been a pain if they kept trying to detain me, clung to me or kept asking me.
The butler also came out of the door and brought me to another room.
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"Haa~, finally a me time~."

I sighed my biggest yet as I lay in bed. I'm neither a misogynist nor a 2D-only lover.
I do have a sex drive. I've got some experience in past life too. There's just no way I could think straight surrounded by those beauties. I need an alone time to ruminate the future. Therefore, running away is only natural.

Honestly, what kind of responsibility are you expecting from a brat that has just come of age two days ago in this world?
When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed? Don't be stupid. Making a move on them without thinking ahead is way too shallow.
I must not take even the slightest bit of chance. To begin with, I have no intention to do such an outrageous thing.

I'm fully aware how 'Alien' my existence is in this world. I want nothing more than never dragging people, getting dragged or turning things into a mess because of my actions.
I am never entering a physical relationship no matter the reason.

Now then, just how do I make those girls leave me, I frowned as I got lost in thought and fell asleep before I knew it.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 78

78 Circumstances


Everyone was silent as we ate. They seemed quite hungry, the food on the table was quickly disappearing.
Quietly yet steadily. That's despite their table manners looking slow.
Knives, forks, spoons. All of them exactly the same as my past life. This should have weirded me out, yet the fact that I just accepted it was more scary. I even felt like I'd lose if I cared.
I can't help but suspect a lot of things in this world was 'Shored up' by god. Copied from the earth.
It's gotten to the point I think I'd better of stop caring about it for the sake of my mental well being.

The food was good. Every single one was simply a delight to the stomach.
I drank some water to wash down the food.
And ended up blurting out something inappropriate from getting too relaxed.

"What was it like as slaves? Were you treated badly?"

I was curious about the existence of slaves in this world. Wanting to know if 'Slaves' were treated as bad in this world as mine.
But it hit me right away. That was utterly boorish of me.

(Oh crap, this is pretty much a sexual harassment... I didn't have a drink did I...)

The wine-like booze had no bitterness to it, sweet with a bit of sourness instead. It was so good and smelled novel.
Wait this isn't time for that, I followed up.

"I get that it's hard to talk about, so don't worry about it. I mean, err, um yeah, that."

I tried to take it back but failed. My incompetence hurt.
But what seems to be the leader of these six elves started speaking.

"We are people who live in the Great Forest, located further away from a country humans referred as Empire. Our clan led a modest life relying on the blessing of the forest."

(Huh? She started narrating from there even though I didn't ask... oh no, this'll take long.)

"That day we could not find any prey thus we walked far into the forest. After discussing among ourselves, we decided to hunt just outside the boundary."

(Err, this is a bit too heavy for an after-meal chat... but it's too late to interrupt her I feel...)

"A little while after leaving the barrier, we managed to find a prey but that was when we all let our guard down. It was a trap. Normally we would have been able to sense their presences. We ended up getting caught in a net falling overhead."
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(That's a classic. Different 'Worlds' yet same 'Problems'.)

"We couldn't react fast enough due to confusion, had swords pointed at us, and got those collars put on us. We are stronger than humans. However, that pride became our fall. The long years we denied human contact made us forget about how cunning they are."

"Ah, I should apologize as a human. I'm sorry. We're not all bad people, I hope you can at least entertain that idea."

"I understand. There is no absolute evil or good, no matter they are."

Just when I thought we were done, she resumed.

"However, those people were a group of evil men. But they did not harm us further afterward. Not even a finger touched us. Damo had ordered them to keep us chaste."

(Ah, that's where my doubt lies...)

"We had braced ourselves to become playthings of that man, but in the end he never made a move on us. The reason for that was inane."

(Huh? Not erotic doujin pattern? Inane, like what...)

"Damo who had fattened up from endless food and liquor was unable to lead a normal life without assistance, but he could not bear having sweaty men attending to his need day and night. Elven slaves would take their place instead. That was the sole reason he brought us here."

I was dumbfounded to hear that. Even though there was no sexual violence involved, that reason is just too much. What a disaster for them.

(...Did that guy have no sex drive? Feels like that's not it. Maybe like all desire got concentrated on gluttony? Or maybe he had a bulimia? Or perhaps he was the type that experienced euphoria from eating?)

Either way, the man in question is dead. No point in asking.

"Helping with excretion, with entering and exiting bath, changing clothes, and even spooning him."

I recalled a documentary of someone that weighed several hundreds kilo in America.

"He made us cook our elven food and complained how it tasted bad or flavorless. All while cleaning up his plate."

(What is that, a mother in law from 2C*? There's so much to retort I don't even know where to begin...)

The elves seemed to recall the food they cooked getting dissed, they all had grim looks on their faces.

"Ah, that's, um, yeah I can't find the right words..."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 77

77 Sense of Distance


Finally I could take it easy, I sighed as I entered the bath.

(Where is this place? How is it so spacious. What a needlessly extravagant bathroom...)

There's a circle shaped huge bathtub in the center with gaudy reliefs patterned on the walls.
The floor is tiled with white porcelain. The room is as big as a public bathhouse in Japan, with four symmetrical marble pillars of unknown functions.
I stopped thinking there. Humans go 'Whatever' when they see things beyond their tolerance limit, my mind rejected it, the first time I experienced this.

I just disregarded everything and went in the bathtub. It's not deep and the edge is shaped to rest your head nicely. I wasn't expecting this and felt a bit weirded out.
But the warm water enveloping my body made it all go whatever.

"Ha~. What the heck was that? That perverted comedy routine... I ain't like that... dammit."

Grumbling, 'Yet another template'.

"It's only been... Two days since I left the village!? Two days! And yet what's up with all these events... My peaceful life feels so far away..."

The fact that it's only been two days since I left the village despite the uninterrupted chain of annoyances is mind boggling to me.
It's too dense, I'm kinda, no, quite worried about this start of a new life.

I splashed the warm water in my face hoping to forget it all for now and noticed something unnecessary.

(These elves had just used this bath water.... NOOOOO! I'm absolutely not a pervert! I'm just taking a bath normally! I ain't imagining anything lewd!)

I jumped out of the bath while frantically trying to make excuses.
My mind ended up getting worn away, not healed due to those unnecessary thoughts.
I went back to the changing room where the towels were. I couldn't find my clothes, instead another thing.

(Why... is it a bathrobe? Should I retort here? No... I'm just too tired.)
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I wiped my body in haze and wore the bathrobe.
They put slippers in front of the door before I realized. I lightly retorted in my head and left the room to be greeted by a maid who led me to my room.
To be honest, I didn't think they'd go this far. This excessive treatment I didn't ask for chipped away on my mental health instead.
However, there are multiple ways to look at things. And yet I just can't see myself getting used to this kind of treatment. I've never experienced this in my life after all.

We walked on a very fluffy carpet spread on the corridor. No footsteps could be heard. Eerily silence.
We arrived at my room, the maid opened the door and bowed once. I entered the room, and turned my gaze up at the ceiling, being at my wit's end.
I mean all six elves are here kneeling down with one knee and their heads lowered. All of them in bathrobes.

(Yup, bathrobes are nice. They're just so comfortable on you huh.)

My brain couldn't process it. The butler went in, 'Your meals have been prepared.'
They went and lined up dishes on an oblong-shaped five meter long table inside the room. So much food.
Bread, soup, steak, salad, broiled fish, even paellas-like cuisine. What seems to be wine, and sake are even there.
I almost passed out for a moment. At 'Where am I? Who am I?' state.
The maids who put our food lined up in a row before leaving smoothly in a perfect harmony, 'If you'd please excuse us'.
I saw them off absentmindedly, 'Wow they're so coordinated.'
I came back to myself after the butler left and closed the door.

(Ah, the lunchbox I bought this noon was still in Aryl's bag... What a waste.)

As I was trying to escape reality, I turned at the food before me. Did the butler left because he overheard our conversation in the dressing room? Will he come back if I ring that bell on the table?
I'm too hungry to think straight, so I try not to think too hard and sit on a chair.

"Have you girls eaten yet?"

I asked the elves despite still feeling reserved from the event in the dressing room.

"No, we cannot possibly have a meal before milord does."

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! From now on, no more stuff like that! Come! Let's eat together."

I clapped my hands and invited them to eat. 'No, we're', they were about to say that so I interrupted.

"What if I tell you to do it? Come! Frankly, this much food must include your shares too. I mean, it's way much even factoring that. And it's just too awkward to eat by myself while you're all staring at me. Now come, take your seats now! Let's dig in while it's hot!"

I was getting too hungry my tension maxed out into a weird territory. Inwardly, I've 'Resigned' on the elves.
I don't think it's possible to keep calm today. I'm just gonna go with the flow while adjusting the 'Sense of Distance' between us.

"Let's eat."

Once the elves saw me start eating without adding anything more to that, they also took their seats and had meals with me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 76

76 Pressure, then, Happening


A middle aged graceful looking gentleman was standing in front of the gate.
He spoke to me, 'Welcome back', I asked, 'And you are?'
I'm a 15 year old boy who's just come of age. A much older gentleman had just politely greeted a squirt like me. It doesn't feel right.
He must be a butler. His outfit is neatly worn with the same prim and proper air around him.
But having someone like that bowing to me just doesn't sit right.

"Per master's order. I am to cordially entertain my good sir as our guest of honor."

(Damn, the pressure from this kinda treatment's no joke. I can't calm down...)

"Really now, I'll be in your care then."

This man wasn't here when I left for the association. Must have gone out since our visit was sudden.
'Has Eltros fled, leaving the rest to this man?' I thought as I was led to my room.

"Where is Eltros... san?"

"Master is currently absent in an outing with many people. I have been informed he will not be coming back for the time being. Would you like to contact him?"

After a weird pause, I replied back, 'No need to.'
I have a feeling this butler has no idea about Eltros being a 'Scoundrel'.
Which would explain his polite attitude. I can't calm down.

"How would you like to have your meal? Or perhaps my good sir fancy a bath first?"

That came as a shock to me. Personal bathroom, for real? Also, the fact that Eltros lives like he stays in a high class inn daily in this world.

"Then bath first."

I'd like to rest my weary mind after all the mess I had to deal today.

"If you'd please follow me."

I was led to a dressing room reminiscence of a ryokan. Complete with maids. Yes, those maids. They're not as flashy as the ones you often see in Akihabara, but they're maids alright.

(Could this be... I've gotta turn them down quick!)
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"I can do it myself! I don't need any help, I want to take it easy alone."

Didn't think guest of honor's treatment would extend to this stuff. Apparently, it's normal in earth for nobles or the wealthy to have attendants follow them into bath.
Ordinary people either don't care about them or see those 'high class people' akin to 'vulgar people'.
Glad I caught them early. Gotta think up an excuse. It's way too embarrassing.
'However', the butler hesitated.

"I'll tell Eltros it's fine! You don't need to worry! It's part of your job to honor the guest's wish! It may be a selfish request, but please keep them away."

That might have come off a bit rude, but the maids bowed altogether before leaving smoothly. The butler left after saying, 'Please take your time.'

I sighed in relief left by myself. But this problem going away made another issue went unnoticed to me.
The door to the bath was slid open as I sighed. Yes, I was surprised at the existence of a sliding door, but I couldn't afford to mind that.

I reflexively turned to look there before immediately averting my gaze.
Because it was the moment a glamorous beauty wearing nothing but a bath towel entered.

(Glad I got [Acceleration]... Didn't see nothing...)

Due to me using [Acceleration] at the sliding sound, I managed to avoid seeing her [Important Place]. I froze up from relief and nervousness.

(I don't need no erotic happening! Give me a break... I don't want to be seen as a pervert.)

With my back to her, I raised my arms up and apologized. Total defeat.

"I wasn't trying to peep! I just got here myself. I mean no harm!"

"Milord, we dedicate these bodies to you. It is our desire for you to use them as you wish. That includes attending to your need."

The six elves came out. They must have been using the bath before I got here. From their voices, they were just done.
Had the butler not left, this conversation would have been steered into another direction, he must not hear these elves.

"Haa! Wait! Don't say that! Wear your clothes, now! Go back to your room!"

I replied back in panic still with my back on them.

"Would that be satisfactory? Shouldn't we wash milord's body and--"

"Yes! I don't! Need it! More importantly, wear your clothes!"

I mustn't give a vague reply here. A definite refusal. There's probably no straight man alive who can refuse a beauty's advance. But there's no special relationship between me and these girls.
Calling me milord is one thing, I relented. But that's more like a nickname. I have no intention to treat them like slaves or be their lord. Ain't no way I'd let them attend to my need or something.

They finally started wearing their clothes when my back wouldn't budge.

"Well then milord, please pardon us."

I finally calmed down after their presences vanished.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 75

75 Flourishing Business


I'm walking toward Eltros's hideout after leaving merchant association.
It's still bright outside but nearing dusk.
The Main Street is less crowded than usual.

"Man I'm peckish... forgot to have lunch."

As I rubbed my stomach, I recalled what I told Eltros. Which is.

Don't mess with the elves. Treat them well.
Turn all Damo's belongings into cash. Use it to purchase all the houses in the slum and the backstreet, demolish all buildings and erect new ones. Hire people mainly from the slum for the construction work.
Let the slum inhabitants live in the new houses, and employ them as members of the organization as a clause in the contract.

No crime. No killing, thievery, burglary, soliciting, loansharking etc. Any kind of crime is strictly forbidden.
Eltros protested back to that, 'You're telling us to completely overhaul what we've been doing forever!?', so I gave him an idea.

"With that many more people... Right. You could form an Information Guild, no? You can make them work in all kinds of business as a cover. The rest is all yours. Do your best!"

Dumping everything, or not exactly. You can only put your trust for this kind of things.
I tasked him to coax the other executives too. I know nothing about that, so Eltros it is.
Giving him just one vague hint.

"Just tell 'em like, you got some powerful backing and usurped the boss perhaps? Casually touch upon the 50 men I wrecked."

If that won't do, I don't mind giving a demonstration before all of them, I told Eltros.
I'm thinking of punching some random rock in the garden into dust to make them understand. People simply won't believe in [Power] unless they witness it first hand.
Also, I'm keeping the fact that I was surprised to find the word usurping has the same meaning in this world a secret. There's still lots of terms I gotta study in this world.

Eltros ridiculed me, 'You're mad!', but it's not like I anticipated things would go this way either.
Foresight? Is that tasty? Who would have known the end result was this? Please introduce me to that person if they exist. It's all too late though.
In for a penny, in for a pound, if I didn't do this thoroughly, there would be more victims in the future. I have some awareness in how to use my power to an extent.

(My existence does not conform to this world. The way Randolf's ramming attack ended from me blocking it should have been physically impossible. My [Power] works in a separate principle or law.)

I'm getting depressed from the thought of peaceful life going far away. Suppressing the urge to run away and leave everything behind.
I'm responsible for snapping and doing what came after. Gotta wipe my own ass.
Even if it means dealing with the problem ahead by randomly coming up with stuff on the spot.

I have no sympathy on Eltros for getting ordered around by me.
In fact, the guy had been leading a life full of crimes. This is nowhere near enough as an atonement. I gotta give a stern reminder so he won't run away or abandon his duty.
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After thinking that far, the matter with Aryl comes up on my mind. Will the chairman honors the contract? That guy is still a merchant no matter how rotten, let's recall the content.

Buy a store for her, a single house. A small one.
Introduce a bodyguard that can be trusted. Give her preferential treatment for stocking goods.
Everything will be paid by the chairman personally, he's also responsible for any trouble that arises.
He will be backing Aryl until her business is on track.

And that's about it. Aryl was flabbergasted as she watched from the side.
I'm just glad that she took my parting gift without much fuss or reservation.
Her first greeting with me was concise as well, that must be how she is.
I felt that she was weighing between her current situation, what was in store for the future and trying to make stay.
She had a difficult look on her face all the while, she probably set her sight on her future as a 'merchant'. Or so I believe.
Aryl is talented. I know from observing the wares she stocked up. And her bid too.
I just knew she'd have gotten herself dragged into endless trouble if I kept working as her bodyguard then, so this timing is just right for me to leave.

I arrived at Eltros's mansion as I hoped for Aryl's continued success.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 74

74 Contract


Eltros is doing everything he's been told to do while trying his hardest to forget everything.

Keeping the six elves safe.
Seizing all money as well as items in Damo's mansion and turn them into cash.
Stopping doing any and all crime from here on. Using the money from Damo to completely alter the syndicate from its foundation.
Dealing with other executives in the syndicate, or cutting them off.

The last order is the most difficult. But that guy just blurted out some terrifying remark.

"If they won't swear allegiance even after you give them a talk, tell them you're having a meeting and gather them in one spot, and hey look at that, one fell swoop."

'I'll get their heads.' he said nonchalantly.
Eltros inadvertently shouted out, 'You're mad!', but the guy paid him no heed.

I've sent some personnel to Damo's mansion to collect the valuables there, but I wonder what they're thinking when they see those pile of corpses? I plan to join to the site once we gather more people, but it's hard to get enthusiastic about it. My stomach is cramping.
There is no telling what's gonna happen to my well being if I go against his order.
How should I even go about restructuring the syndicate? As a boss killing usurper. The future outlook is pitch black. I'm enduring not to vomit all this time. My mental state has been crushed to pieces.
But I absolutely cannot look weak. I'm not about to get made fun of, betrayed or taken advantage of.
I must throw my chest out and look confident at all time. Otherwise, how would I run an organization. I quicken my pace and give the signal for departure.

(I can't calm down with that monster around. Good thing he's gone.)

A subordinate of mine tasked with investigating the merchant association came right as we arrived at my mansion here.
I found out about the detail from him. It's all thanks to Bonats' trickery I'm in this situation.
That got to my head, I stomped the ground.

"That damn scheming old fox! Damn him and his two-faced rotten guts! It's all his faultttt!"

"Ah, got it. Yup. I'm going ahead to the association to take care of this. You do the rest here, yeah."

The guy left after saying that. Go and never come back. Eltros wished that from the bottom of his heart. No, he wished this was all a dream.
Eltros gave orders to his underlings while tucking that thought away inside his mind.

=====  =====  =====
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I gave Aryl the formally drawn up written contract.

"And with this, I would like to resign. It may be only for a short while, but I appreciate your patronage."

"Eh!? But why? Also, this is!?"

"You can read what's written there. You're the victim here, Aryl. I'm through with bodyguard job. I don't have the looks to pull it off."

"I'm really... you've done so much for me..."

"For the time being, you can trouble our chairman here as his guest. Isn't that right, Mr. chairman."

"...I get it... you're done here. You have your contract."

Bonats got this quiet due to additional information he received from his spy during the writing of our contract.

"Just a reminder, if you dare to break your contract, I'm gonna wreck you up for real this time."

"...I know already! Just go away!"

"Well, see ya then. Pardon."

I headed to the door and said that word with my back on them.

"My life has become so chaotic after that time you saved me... Thank you so much."

I turned around to see Aryl smiling. Slightly wryly at that. I left the room without saying a word as she bowed deeply. The door closing sound became my reply. Echoing ever so slightly.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 73

73 Picking Up the Tab


"Well then, Aryl, you're coming with us. But please don't say a word while we're having the talk okay."

When I was at Eltros' mansion, I listened to a report his underling brought him.

How they schemed to plant a mole in the merchant association to manipulate tally allocation.
How that scheme got found out, and Bonats himself replaced the tally in question.
How they traced its whereabout and that the tally was allotted to Aryl on purpose.

I see it as a malicious act, the reason why we ended up getting in trouble with those guys.
So here I am to pick up the tab.

"You're wrong, that wasn't my intention--"

"Shut up. Don't even bother with excuses. At the end of the day, it was no coincidence. It was your goal all along, wasn't it? You're free to try to weasel your way out of this, but I can't guarantee this association staying intact if you did."

Bonats quieted down at once. Looks like my match with Randolf had a huge effect.
Standing next to me, Aryl can't seem to catch up with the flow of conversation, her face is turning red, blue, and yellow in repeat.
I ignored that and proceeded with the conversation in order to end this mess.

"You are to agree with all my demands. Feel free to regard it as a threat. Heck, you may even bring it up to the guards. For the reimbursement, I'm gonna have you pay it out of your own pocket, not the association, capiche?"
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"You'd be sorry... doing this..."

"Sure, then show me through force. The power to make me feel sorry. When is it gonna be? This instance? Or do you need more time? I'm fine anytime. Go ahead and take all the time you need. But make sure you're prepared for it. Because that will be your last in this world."

I smiled wholly as I said that and Bonats fell silence with a bitter look.
Were Bonats to make another attempt at harming me, I'm not going to show any more mercy.
I absolutely loathe those who use their position to ensnare the powerless into a trap and even benefit from them.

"Ha~. I'm gonna grumble now, pay me no mind. Well not like you can understand anyway. You see lots of pretentious guys acting like they're the biggest baddest man around even though they don't have the strength to back it up, I don't like that. Anyone can do that. I know you don't get it. Chairman, you may be able to put up a fight with all the assets you've amassed. But foisting a mess on a rookie that's just started out is nothing but an abuse. What was that speech back then all about? You're a hypocrite."

I spoke like it was a long time ago, but that was yesterday. Bonats kept quiet without saying anything back.

"Ah, but you did give me an important lesson. Bodyguards will only invite trouble if the other party make light of them, so looks are an important factor to be one. Strength alone isn't enough. I've learned a lot about that this time. Now then, why don't we get a room? Not standing around outside like this. Ah, and of course there will be a written contract. You're a merchant and all."

I tapped Bonats' shoulder as I said that, he leaped up in shock before hesitantly moved his feet.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 72

72 The Steeled


Randolf is well aware. His power is insufficient to defeat the young man standing before him.
His employer, Bonats doesn't believe in this young man's [Power].
Nevertheless, he must fight. Getting the cold feet here would mean losing everything he has built upon. He's resolved himself. Still it's hard to believe.

The first strike he launched was the finest strike he ever unleashed in his life.
And yet it felt as if he just punched an illusion, there was no feedback, only helplessness remained.
His punch ended up hitting empty air even though it was aimed straight at the target in front of him.
His mind couldn't process it. A chill ran down his spine. Randolf immediately struck with his other fist. That cost him his balance, but Randolf couldn't afford to even care about that.
Yet that punch also hit empty air, as if there was nothing there.
Afterward, he kept punching in all directions. All of which hit empty air as well.
The giant boulder-like man is swinging around a barrage of huge rock-like fists. The force behind every strike is enough to blow away a grown man just from a graze.
And yet there is no sign it will ever hit the being standing in front of him.
This being has not moved a step from his spot, looking at Randolf with a calm face all the while.
Randolf has made his decision. He's gonna swing his fists for as long as his stamina lasts. Even if he's sure he's never landing a hit.
He will face this young man straight up without retreating. He continues with his barrage of strikes.
He's come to harbor awe and respect to this young man who's been keeping up with his assault.

≠====  ≠====  ≠====
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Honestly, it's never been my intention for things to end up this way.
I worked in business world in my past life, but I never tried to bulldoze my way through like this.
Doing that would either end any business talk prematurely or get myself fired. Or get arrested by cops at worst. None of which is preferable.
But after all the happenings involving [Power] and [Bulldozing] in the last two days, I've come to understand the [Way] of this world.
That doesn't mean I don't want to settle this in a peaceful manner if possible. Yet, I just kept getting dragged into mess.

(Can't we all just talk things through instead of doing this kinda stuff... Man it sure is stressful to be made forcefully comply with the other party's way.)

In fighting games, you defeat those who only rely on 'nonstop juggling' tactic by breaking their pace. I recalled the emptiness afterward. I'd have liked to move around freely, not something boring like that.
Even this past memory feels precious now.

I slowly and carefully dealt with the fists coming my way, timing when to adjust my power.
Randolf's assault still looks like a slow motion even while I'm having random thoughts.
After blocking so many strikes I lost count of it, the storm of fists stopped.
The boulder-like man instead curled himself up as if he was about to burst open.

(Something's coming. Gotta stay alert. Alright, preparation complete.)

The man took a stance akin to crouching start before liberating the pent up force and charged straight at me.
It's a ramming attack with his everything put behind it, his last resort.

≠====  ≠====  ≠====

It was as if a giant rock was hurled at incredible speed.
Bonats was convinced. None of Randolf's strike managed to even graze the young man.
The young man would slowly move his arm then suddenly Randolf's fists got turned away like a breeze of wind.
Despite that, he didn't even budge from his spot.
Hence, he should have nowhere to run from this charge. There was no chance to.

He got blown away. The force was such that Bonats saw an illusion of that happening.
The impact was just that powerful. Or so it should have been.
Yet Bonats cannot comprehend the reality unfolding before his eyes.

The black haired young man hasn't moved a step from his standing spot. He merely gestured his arm like he was hanging a towel and that stopped Randolf's charge dead in its track.
That giant boulder-like man with all the force behind his full body charge surely hit him.
The young man didn't get blown away, neither did Randolf, both simply stopped moving altogether the instance they came into contact.

Bonats' face grew pale. Then comes a chill. Bonats recalled the report from his operative as unrelenting terror crept up.

(Eltros' underlings, his three strongest men got wrecked...)

That cannot be true, it must be a mistake, thus Bonats wanted to believe. Yet there's no reason for his operative to lie. And reality has now come banging on his door.

The young man is no match to Randolf, he so wanted that to be true. But reality is a cruel mistress. A frail voice broke the silence as well as that wish.

"It's my total defeat... Do as you like."

Thus the prided strongest force of the merchant association admitted his defeat.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 71

71 Feigning Ignorance


"--What exactly are you talking about? That's quite impolite of you out of the blue."

Bonats only looked flustered for a moment before quickly regaining himself.
Guy is a chairman after all, he must be quick on the uptakes. Feigning ignorance, confident that I've no clue what's going on behind the scene.
Next, he tries to end the subject.

"Only authorized personnel can enter this place. Do take your leave now."

"Oh I am authorized alright. Knee deep in."

I talked back in annoyance. I immediately looked for Aryl when I arrived here and brought her here together.
She's currently looking back and forth between my face and Bonats' in fluster.

(I haven't told her the detail. Guess that reaction is normal. I'll focus on finishing this first.)

"You will be removed by force if you won't comply. I shall be your opponent."

Randolf took a step forward. The pressure he emanated was intense. Aryl immediately retreated.

"Ah, you're resorting to violence huh? I'm so sick and tired of that already."

I warded off the pressure and spoke back nonchalantly.
He took another step as his response. Fully intend to settle this with force if I don't run along now.
Honestly, I don't want to get used to violence. Besides, I'd like to avoid rumor about me spreading.
But I'm also aware it's a bit too late for that. Hence, I intend to finish this with as little dispute as possible.

However, the other party doesn't care about my intention. Randolf took an aggressive stance.

"Chairman, I know how you made it so Aryl went to [That Spot]. We got dragged into a huge mess thanks to that, so I'm here to get your due."

"What are you blabbering about. Tally allocation is purely luck based, see? What responsibility must I bear from it?"

"You're gonna play dumb here? Is it cause there's no evidence? You know without me explaining anyway, no? Give it up already will you?"

"Sorry, but I will have to kick you out."

Randolf's expression was stern as he interrupted us. But he's a bodyguard after all, it's his duty to butt in here. Even after showing how much gap in power between us yesterday.

Bonats also can't let himself be taken light of. He gave the ultimatum.

"Beat him down, Randolf. Go all out."

Aryl and Bonats took a distance from us.
Randolf assumed the same stance he had yesterday, powering up his fist to strike me.

"Can't be helped. Guess there's no talk to be had until we get over this stuff huh... another template."

Me sighing became the start signal.

====  ====  ====
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If I were to split [Acceleration] into stages, there would be 5 stages.

[5] is a state where everything looks like they've stopped moving. 4-3-2 gradually raises the speed, and by Stage [1] it's a super slow motion.

And currently I'm on Stage [2]. Why?

I'm matching my speed to be as fast as Randolf as he launched a straight punch at me.
I moved to receive his attack with a karate move, very gently without putting any strength when my hand came in contact.

People can't see me if I move around at my everyday speed while I'm in [Acceleration] state.
Hence, I tried to slow down enough to be [Visible].
And another thing, control of my power. Matching the opponent's [Speed], dealing with it only through [Gesture] with no strength behind.

It was a success. Randolf's fist got its trajectory averted without any resistance.
He quickly unleashed another punch with his other hand, but I dealt with it the same way.

I don't plan to make it a rule to settle everything by force.
This attempt is a proof of that. I need to make sure that things doesn't end up with 'I failed to control my power' every time.
Can't let myself be strung along by my own power forever.

I kept warding off Randolf's barrage of attack.

=====  =====  =====

Randolf is confident with his strength.
Yet he just can't see it working on his current opponent. Forget defeating the young man, he can't even imagine landing a hit.
The furious barrage of attack he's launching right now is not reaching its target even once.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 70

70 Unbelievable


My destination is the Merchant Guild. I've gotta make that old man 'Pay his due.'
Reimbursements for all the mess he's put us through.
Today was supposed to be Aryl's big day as a merchant. I'm gonna charge a huge interest for this crappy treatment.
I'm not gonna back down no matter the excuses. Not with this laundry list of complaints.
I left Eltros' mansion heading straight to the main street.

====  ====  ====

Bonats was standing by the entrance giving directives where to transport luggage.
That was when the rookie merchant from yesterday approached him with a pale face.

"C-chairman... I-I have an urgent report..."

"Oh, you're from the other day. Has something happened?"

Bonats spoke in a nearly monotonous tone, the usual Aryl would have taken notice of it but she was currently too shaken to.

"It's... But here it's a bit..."

"Fumu, then I shall prepare a room. Wait a moment."

Bonats finished dealing with the remaining luggage and led Aryl into the building.

He got someone to bring them tea. Aryl drank it up in one gulp and explained everything that happened.
Once she was done, she spoke anxiously.

"W-what should I do now..."
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Bonats slowly folded his arms and ruminated on the matter.

"Fumu, very well. We will take care of it, including investigations and what actions to take."

(Her story matches the operative I sent to watch them since morning. I told him to keep watch from afar but there's no contradiction. Still... what? That young man did Zolden in? Simply unthinkable... and what comes after that is doubtful as well.)

"It must have been rough. Use this room to calm yourself down. Don't worry about anything and just take it easy."

"Yes, thank you so much. I'll take you up on your offer."

The mastermind behind all this put on a smile while acting the 'kind Chairman' part.

"I need to start the investigation on this matter. If you'd excuse me."

Two of Bonats' covert operatives have confirmed that the scheme this time has managed to deal a huge blow on the 'Underside'. One operative had gone back for interim report, confirming Zolden's death, while the other one should be back right about now.
That operative man publicly walked in the merchant association, walked up to Bonats and whispered in his ear.

"...Are you telling the truth... Unbelievable. So you came back without following them because you didn't want to risk it. It cannot be helped. You're positive that those two were really heading to Damo's mansion then?"

The man nodded to that and walked out the building.
Bonats' face changed from his jovial one to a scowl.
His wrinkles deepened as he hurriedly went to Randolf's room, the association's most powerful force.

"What seems to be the matter?"

"Things might get serious. You're necessary to bring this matter to a close."

This short conversation conveyed everything to both of them. The two left the room and headed for the chairman's office deep in the building.
But the one blocking their path was the bodyguard in question.

"I'm here to fleece you."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 69

69 Two Choices, Unpicked 'Yes' and Progress Blocking


It seems some important screws in my head have been loosened up when I killed the bandits assaulting Aryl.
Not all of them have lost, some are still screwed in halfway. Or so it feels like.
The last magic beast I hunted in the village was more like for survival and food. So I think I was still fine back then.
However not everything works the same in this fully fantasy world as my previous world, and after experiencing just how lawless this world could be coupled with my 'Standard', I think there's been a clear line drawn between the loose screws and the tightly screwed in ones.

I will surely regard evildoers' lives lightly from here on. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to so easily reap 50 lives.
Legitimate self-defense, in my past life the rule didn't take the weak kindly, but in this world, all bets are off if your life is in danger. No mercy nor overdoing it.
Dead men tell no tales, this world may have magic in place of scientific investigations, but even if something like say necromancy or spirit summoning magic exist, stuff like those are usually shunned no matter the world, I also don't think they'd go so far as manipulating the dead.

Thus, rumor that the death of an evil head honcho is caused by someone with [Power], along with some concrete results should eventually get accepted as the [Truth].
This line of thinking is on the extreme side of [Evil] but since the other party itself was also [Evil], I don't feel particularly bad about it.
Now we just gotta turn over this syndicate a new leaf, into a better organization that contributes good to the world.

We're currently in a tidy room. Along with the elves. They hid themselves under some hooded robes on the way here. I was gonna part ways with them but they wouldn't relent on not following me.
Their long elven ears stand out, so rumor would have spread if they didn't hide themselves, but most of all, they're just too beautiful. Walking around with their faces exposed would absolutely invite trouble. Beyond a shadow of doubt.

"You're safe here, feel free to spend your time without worry. They've got beds and meals ready too, it's a good place to settle down."

"Where are you heading to? Milord?"

(Don't call me lord... I already refused you flat out... ah, yeah I never said my name, no wonder. But that's still no reason to call me lord... Ah, this must be... that.)

"You girls don't need to come along."

"But then, who will be your attendants..."

"No really, I don't need you. I'll come back here once I'm done with my business. Rest well until then."

"Yes. We shall do as milord says."

They all bowed together. I harden my heart to remind them once again. Yet at the same time, I just know that this is an unavoidable event.
A hunch that things will simply repeat forever if I choose [No], until I choose [Yes].

"I already refused your offer. That means you girls and me stand on an equal ground. No formalities or servitude needed with me."

"Then will you at least please tell us your name?"

(Do they not want me to just up and gone here? Can they look for me if they have my name? And I already told them to forget about feeling indebted. I told them to be free too... Ah I see. This too is a form of freedom.)

I gave up after seeing their sad, troubled and anxious faces. But I still won't accept it.
In the end, these girls are 'Free' whether I took them in or not. They're just not content with my refusal. They intend to 'serve' me regardless of my opinions on it.
Fed up with all this, I refuse to say my name and give them permission instead.

"Fine okay, just call me milord or whatever. Do as you like."

(I was a shut-in commoner, having subordinates or attendants are way too much for me. There's just no way. At most I can deal with something like polite clients from my corporate days. Not like this, one knee down the floor while looking up at me...)

Will I get used to this one of these days? Ugh I hope not. I sighed as I left the room.




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