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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 70

70 Unbelievable


My destination is the Merchant Guild. I've gotta make that old man 'Pay his due.'
Reimbursements for all the mess he's put us through.
Today was supposed to be Aryl's big day as a merchant. I'm gonna charge a huge interest for this crappy treatment.
I'm not gonna back down no matter the excuses. Not with this laundry list of complaints.
I left Eltros' mansion heading straight to the main street.

====  ====  ====

Bonats was standing by the entrance giving directives where to transport luggage.
That was when the rookie merchant from yesterday approached him with a pale face.

"C-chairman... I-I have an urgent report..."

"Oh, you're from the other day. Has something happened?"

Bonats spoke in a nearly monotonous tone, the usual Aryl would have taken notice of it but she was currently too shaken to.

"It's... But here it's a bit..."

"Fumu, then I shall prepare a room. Wait a moment."

Bonats finished dealing with the remaining luggage and led Aryl into the building.

He got someone to bring them tea. Aryl drank it up in one gulp and explained everything that happened.
Once she was done, she spoke anxiously.

"W-what should I do now..."
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Bonats slowly folded his arms and ruminated on the matter.

"Fumu, very well. We will take care of it, including investigations and what actions to take."

(Her story matches the operative I sent to watch them since morning. I told him to keep watch from afar but there's no contradiction. Still... what? That young man did Zolden in? Simply unthinkable... and what comes after that is doubtful as well.)

"It must have been rough. Use this room to calm yourself down. Don't worry about anything and just take it easy."

"Yes, thank you so much. I'll take you up on your offer."

The mastermind behind all this put on a smile while acting the 'kind Chairman' part.

"I need to start the investigation on this matter. If you'd excuse me."

Two of Bonats' covert operatives have confirmed that the scheme this time has managed to deal a huge blow on the 'Underside'. One operative had gone back for interim report, confirming Zolden's death, while the other one should be back right about now.
That operative man publicly walked in the merchant association, walked up to Bonats and whispered in his ear.

"...Are you telling the truth... Unbelievable. So you came back without following them because you didn't want to risk it. It cannot be helped. You're positive that those two were really heading to Damo's mansion then?"

The man nodded to that and walked out the building.
Bonats' face changed from his jovial one to a scowl.
His wrinkles deepened as he hurriedly went to Randolf's room, the association's most powerful force.

"What seems to be the matter?"

"Things might get serious. You're necessary to bring this matter to a close."

This short conversation conveyed everything to both of them. The two left the room and headed for the chairman's office deep in the building.
But the one blocking their path was the bodyguard in question.

"I'm here to fleece you."




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