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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 68

68 Thought


I went back to the room they initially brought us to in this mansion.
There, I sank down on a sofa.

"Aah, it's been a long day. So tired. What a pain. I'm so done with all this crap."

I opted to get back here so we didn't have to stand around out there, but someone raised a voice of protest.

"When will you let me go? You don't need me anymore, do you?"

"What did I tell you again? Until I say you can."

"No... Didn't you promise you'd let me off once I led you to boss's place?!"

"No? You agreed to that yourself."

I disregard Eltros who's fallen into despair barely standing.
Oh right, the elves finished Damo off just before we went in the mansion.
But they slumped down the ground and started tearing up without a sound like a load had been off their shoulders.

(No talking to them there was the correct choice right? Not like I know the words to comfort them, and they'd probably go back to their homeland on their own if I just left them alone.)

Leave god alone and you won't be cursed (TLN: similar idiom to 'let sleeping dog lie'). That god kidnapped me against my will to this world though.

"Well then, let's now talk about the clean up..."

Click, the door opened just as I said that. It's the elves, they enter the room.
Then they stand in a row in front of me all of a sudden and...

"...Huh, what? What's up with this? Geez, I'm over capacity already. It's exhausting really. Real life prostrate is way too much."

All six of them took prostrate poses in unison without missing a beat.
This situation alone froze my brain. Even thinking is a pain. I wanna run away.
Without a doubt, I'm getting another pain in the rear pushed on me after this. Just one thing after another.
This has already goes beyond my thought process. Just what is [Normal] in this world?
I feel like I could hear the sound of reality breaking down before me.

"Ah, Eltros-san? Explanation puhlis."

"Wha? Puhlis? ...I believe these elves cannot speak well due to being voiceless from the collars for so long... They also have their own language. Although, they are capable of speaking common language if they wish to."
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He sure knows a lot, I thought while I tried to escape reality.

(Eltros is an intellectual, yup, good thing he's here.)

But there's more. Explanation continues.

"I have heard that elves are a tribe that tends to show their intentions through actions. And elven prostrate would mean..."

"Ah, yeah, I'd better not hear that. Feels like it's gonna be a pain if I did."

(In other words, prostrating means their feelings go beyond just gratitude...)

I got a headache as I sighed from this.
Because their desire runs counter with mine.
I've gotta do my everything to persuade them, highly likely I'd fold if I failed here.
It's easy to imagine that template-like development. Another deep sigh.

(First thing first, gotta keep it moving.)

"Ah, could you please raise your heads? Also, do away with the kneeling thing maybe?"

They raised their faces but only one knee while the other stays on the ground.
Like knights kneeling before a king. I wanna yell out 'quit it.'

"Look here, my standing isn't any different than yours. What you're doing right now is like lowering yourself, or even your tribe, so please stop it, yeah?"

They shook their heads to deny my request. They're all staring so hard at me you'd think they'd shoot out beam out of their eyes.

(Oh crap... this mood... I need to end this for real. Gotta say something that'd disappoint them...)

Next to me Eltros had a 'What's going on?' perplexed look, but now's not the time to mind him.
I took a deep breath to get ready for the next paragraph.

"I saved you by chance, an extra I didn't plan to, I don't know you girls, nor are we related in anyway, you're free to do whatever you want now, okay? Go back to your hometown, no need to feel indebted by something this trivial. Just forget about all this."

Maybe they'd go away if I make it sound uncommitted? but nope, that didn't go well.
What seems to be their leader spoke up. It was tottering yet clearly firm.

"You who bear a great power has granted us lights. This joy has in turn become a vow of fealty, dedicated to you, our lord."

'Dedicated to you, our lord' x5 resounded loudly in the room.
Pushed back by the pressure, Eltros got himself overwhelmed to the wall.

(Yup, that's the normal reaction alright. I had an inkling it would turn into this...)

I frantically tried to come up with a way to persuade these girls. The peaceful life I'm aiming for has no room for these six elven beauties. [Quietly by myself] is a fundamental factor.

"Phew~. I must apologize but I cannot accept your vow of fealty. I've got my own circumstances to deal with. Sorry."

I decided to flat out refuse them since I couldn't think up an excuse. Yet, I couldn't shake off this uneasy feeling.
I mean, this stinks so much of being an unavoidable event.

"So please, can you stop with the formalities and kneeling?"

They all stood up and formed a neat line.

(They're not leaving... Ah, I knew it this is... Well guess I gotta roll with it for now. Next up.)

"Alright, let's go to your hideout now, Eltros."

'Wha?', looks like he hasn't gotten back to reality yet.

"I have an idea. You're gonna do it."

"...How, in this situation...?"

"Yeah that's why, but I'm lacking personnel. That's where your subordinates come into play, they're gonna put things back into order."

"What is going to happen now..."

"I just wanna this be over and done with already, here's the thing..."




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