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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 71

71 Feigning Ignorance


"--What exactly are you talking about? That's quite impolite of you out of the blue."

Bonats only looked flustered for a moment before quickly regaining himself.
Guy is a chairman after all, he must be quick on the uptakes. Feigning ignorance, confident that I've no clue what's going on behind the scene.
Next, he tries to end the subject.

"Only authorized personnel can enter this place. Do take your leave now."

"Oh I am authorized alright. Knee deep in."

I talked back in annoyance. I immediately looked for Aryl when I arrived here and brought her here together.
She's currently looking back and forth between my face and Bonats' in fluster.

(I haven't told her the detail. Guess that reaction is normal. I'll focus on finishing this first.)

"You will be removed by force if you won't comply. I shall be your opponent."

Randolf took a step forward. The pressure he emanated was intense. Aryl immediately retreated.

"Ah, you're resorting to violence huh? I'm so sick and tired of that already."

I warded off the pressure and spoke back nonchalantly.
He took another step as his response. Fully intend to settle this with force if I don't run along now.
Honestly, I don't want to get used to violence. Besides, I'd like to avoid rumor about me spreading.
But I'm also aware it's a bit too late for that. Hence, I intend to finish this with as little dispute as possible.

However, the other party doesn't care about my intention. Randolf took an aggressive stance.

"Chairman, I know how you made it so Aryl went to [That Spot]. We got dragged into a huge mess thanks to that, so I'm here to get your due."

"What are you blabbering about. Tally allocation is purely luck based, see? What responsibility must I bear from it?"

"You're gonna play dumb here? Is it cause there's no evidence? You know without me explaining anyway, no? Give it up already will you?"

"Sorry, but I will have to kick you out."

Randolf's expression was stern as he interrupted us. But he's a bodyguard after all, it's his duty to butt in here. Even after showing how much gap in power between us yesterday.

Bonats also can't let himself be taken light of. He gave the ultimatum.

"Beat him down, Randolf. Go all out."

Aryl and Bonats took a distance from us.
Randolf assumed the same stance he had yesterday, powering up his fist to strike me.

"Can't be helped. Guess there's no talk to be had until we get over this stuff huh... another template."

Me sighing became the start signal.

====  ====  ====
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If I were to split [Acceleration] into stages, there would be 5 stages.

[5] is a state where everything looks like they've stopped moving. 4-3-2 gradually raises the speed, and by Stage [1] it's a super slow motion.

And currently I'm on Stage [2]. Why?

I'm matching my speed to be as fast as Randolf as he launched a straight punch at me.
I moved to receive his attack with a karate move, very gently without putting any strength when my hand came in contact.

People can't see me if I move around at my everyday speed while I'm in [Acceleration] state.
Hence, I tried to slow down enough to be [Visible].
And another thing, control of my power. Matching the opponent's [Speed], dealing with it only through [Gesture] with no strength behind.

It was a success. Randolf's fist got its trajectory averted without any resistance.
He quickly unleashed another punch with his other hand, but I dealt with it the same way.

I don't plan to make it a rule to settle everything by force.
This attempt is a proof of that. I need to make sure that things doesn't end up with 'I failed to control my power' every time.
Can't let myself be strung along by my own power forever.

I kept warding off Randolf's barrage of attack.

=====  =====  =====

Randolf is confident with his strength.
Yet he just can't see it working on his current opponent. Forget defeating the young man, he can't even imagine landing a hit.
The furious barrage of attack he's launching right now is not reaching its target even once.




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