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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 77

77 Sense of Distance


Finally I could take it easy, I sighed as I entered the bath.

(Where is this place? How is it so spacious. What a needlessly extravagant bathroom...)

There's a circle shaped huge bathtub in the center with gaudy reliefs patterned on the walls.
The floor is tiled with white porcelain. The room is as big as a public bathhouse in Japan, with four symmetrical marble pillars of unknown functions.
I stopped thinking there. Humans go 'Whatever' when they see things beyond their tolerance limit, my mind rejected it, the first time I experienced this.

I just disregarded everything and went in the bathtub. It's not deep and the edge is shaped to rest your head nicely. I wasn't expecting this and felt a bit weirded out.
But the warm water enveloping my body made it all go whatever.

"Ha~. What the heck was that? That perverted comedy routine... I ain't like that... dammit."

Grumbling, 'Yet another template'.

"It's only been... Two days since I left the village!? Two days! And yet what's up with all these events... My peaceful life feels so far away..."

The fact that it's only been two days since I left the village despite the uninterrupted chain of annoyances is mind boggling to me.
It's too dense, I'm kinda, no, quite worried about this start of a new life.

I splashed the warm water in my face hoping to forget it all for now and noticed something unnecessary.

(These elves had just used this bath water.... NOOOOO! I'm absolutely not a pervert! I'm just taking a bath normally! I ain't imagining anything lewd!)

I jumped out of the bath while frantically trying to make excuses.
My mind ended up getting worn away, not healed due to those unnecessary thoughts.
I went back to the changing room where the towels were. I couldn't find my clothes, instead another thing.

(Why... is it a bathrobe? Should I retort here? No... I'm just too tired.)
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I wiped my body in haze and wore the bathrobe.
They put slippers in front of the door before I realized. I lightly retorted in my head and left the room to be greeted by a maid who led me to my room.
To be honest, I didn't think they'd go this far. This excessive treatment I didn't ask for chipped away on my mental health instead.
However, there are multiple ways to look at things. And yet I just can't see myself getting used to this kind of treatment. I've never experienced this in my life after all.

We walked on a very fluffy carpet spread on the corridor. No footsteps could be heard. Eerily silence.
We arrived at my room, the maid opened the door and bowed once. I entered the room, and turned my gaze up at the ceiling, being at my wit's end.
I mean all six elves are here kneeling down with one knee and their heads lowered. All of them in bathrobes.

(Yup, bathrobes are nice. They're just so comfortable on you huh.)

My brain couldn't process it. The butler went in, 'Your meals have been prepared.'
They went and lined up dishes on an oblong-shaped five meter long table inside the room. So much food.
Bread, soup, steak, salad, broiled fish, even paellas-like cuisine. What seems to be wine, and sake are even there.
I almost passed out for a moment. At 'Where am I? Who am I?' state.
The maids who put our food lined up in a row before leaving smoothly in a perfect harmony, 'If you'd please excuse us'.
I saw them off absentmindedly, 'Wow they're so coordinated.'
I came back to myself after the butler left and closed the door.

(Ah, the lunchbox I bought this noon was still in Aryl's bag... What a waste.)

As I was trying to escape reality, I turned at the food before me. Did the butler left because he overheard our conversation in the dressing room? Will he come back if I ring that bell on the table?
I'm too hungry to think straight, so I try not to think too hard and sit on a chair.

"Have you girls eaten yet?"

I asked the elves despite still feeling reserved from the event in the dressing room.

"No, we cannot possibly have a meal before milord does."

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! From now on, no more stuff like that! Come! Let's eat together."

I clapped my hands and invited them to eat. 'No, we're', they were about to say that so I interrupted.

"What if I tell you to do it? Come! Frankly, this much food must include your shares too. I mean, it's way much even factoring that. And it's just too awkward to eat by myself while you're all staring at me. Now come, take your seats now! Let's dig in while it's hot!"

I was getting too hungry my tension maxed out into a weird territory. Inwardly, I've 'Resigned' on the elves.
I don't think it's possible to keep calm today. I'm just gonna go with the flow while adjusting the 'Sense of Distance' between us.

"Let's eat."

Once the elves saw me start eating without adding anything more to that, they also took their seats and had meals with me.




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