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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 66

66 Sooner or Later


"Good, you didn't run off. We got lotsa pent up shit from this stiff life, y'see. Just one punch ain't gonna enough, make sure ya don't die too quick yeah? We'll be sure to give ya some good wallops if ya keep at it."

Foul unbearable laughter reverberated.

"Alright, do it. Don't hit too hard and keep me entertained now. You can make a mince meat out of him anytime. Leave it for last. Now, dance well."

One person approached me afterward.

"I'm first. Finally a punching bag. I'mma beat his ass!"

"This guy must be a dumbass. That Damo guy said he's busy. But he does nothing besides laughing buhibuhi and lazing all day. How else he got that body."

====  ====  ====

I [Accelerated] and punched them all one by one, simple.

====  ====  ====

The next thing you knew, every single one of these men were blown away.
Eltros next to me stared blankly into space without moving a muscle.
Heaps of corpses. Thud, thud, only sounds of them falling down the ground filled the courtyard.
Damo broke the silence a bit after.

"What in the hell happened here! Oy! What have you done?!"

He bent himself forward on his sofa almost to the tipping point as he shouted and sent saliva flying everywhere.

"I just knocked them all. Wasn't even enough for a practice run."

He probably won't understand either way, but I replied all the same.
In the quiet courtyard, no groans, breathing or even sounds of rusting clothes could be heard from the 50 men.
I only hit them since I'm not about to reproduce that bloody splatters again, and they all went to afterlife as a result. No comment on that.

All six elves behind Damo stared big eyed in wonder.
I had a nonchalant thought when I saw that, 'Beauties remain beauties even with bitter and shocked looks on their faces huh.'

As my mind was occupied with that, Damo who couldn't accept reality yelled out.

"Oy! You lot! Why's none of you standing? Answer me?!"

"Ah, they're all gone already. But there's no problem is there? I mean these guys are all scoundrels anyway. Right?"

"You, just who are you! Oy! Eltros! What is this guy?! Oy, listen to me you! Explain!"

Now he feels threatened, but there's no way out of this, not after we got to this point.
It's too late asking me now. He should have done so when I was trying to have a dialogue in his room.
Even the person he's pressing for answers for, Eltros knows pretty much nothing about me.

Eltros could only shook his head repeatedly like a broken toy. His face looks lifeless.
That seemed to propel Damo's sense of impending crisis even further, he shouted even louder.

"Oy, elves! K-k-kill that guy!"

The girls drew their swords out of nowhere. They slowly drew near me, surrounded and slashed at me.

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====  ====  ====

These elves all have all kinds of expressions on their faces.
Resignation, anxiety, resentment, terror, anger, sorrow, anguish, grudge. Not to mention a mix of a lot of emotions.

(This pattern, I gotta save them do I, I get it... It's a fantasy after all.)

They went slashing at me from six directions at the same time.
However, there was no way they could touch me in this [State].
I matched their super slow motion movement, stood next to the elf in front of me and gently took her sword.
Afterward, I walked out of their confinement, and undid Acceleration state after putting the sword tip over Damo's neck.

====  ====  ====

"Mind rescinding the command you gave those girls?"





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