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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 69

69 Two Choices, Unpicked 'Yes' and Progress Blocking


It seems some important screws in my head have been loosened up when I killed the bandits assaulting Aryl.
Not all of them have lost, some are still screwed in halfway. Or so it feels like.
The last magic beast I hunted in the village was more like for survival and food. So I think I was still fine back then.
However not everything works the same in this fully fantasy world as my previous world, and after experiencing just how lawless this world could be coupled with my 'Standard', I think there's been a clear line drawn between the loose screws and the tightly screwed in ones.

I will surely regard evildoers' lives lightly from here on. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to so easily reap 50 lives.
Legitimate self-defense, in my past life the rule didn't take the weak kindly, but in this world, all bets are off if your life is in danger. No mercy nor overdoing it.
Dead men tell no tales, this world may have magic in place of scientific investigations, but even if something like say necromancy or spirit summoning magic exist, stuff like those are usually shunned no matter the world, I also don't think they'd go so far as manipulating the dead.

Thus, rumor that the death of an evil head honcho is caused by someone with [Power], along with some concrete results should eventually get accepted as the [Truth].
This line of thinking is on the extreme side of [Evil] but since the other party itself was also [Evil], I don't feel particularly bad about it.
Now we just gotta turn over this syndicate a new leaf, into a better organization that contributes good to the world.

We're currently in a tidy room. Along with the elves. They hid themselves under some hooded robes on the way here. I was gonna part ways with them but they wouldn't relent on not following me.
Their long elven ears stand out, so rumor would have spread if they didn't hide themselves, but most of all, they're just too beautiful. Walking around with their faces exposed would absolutely invite trouble. Beyond a shadow of doubt.

"You're safe here, feel free to spend your time without worry. They've got beds and meals ready too, it's a good place to settle down."

"Where are you heading to? Milord?"

(Don't call me lord... I already refused you flat out... ah, yeah I never said my name, no wonder. But that's still no reason to call me lord... Ah, this must be... that.)

"You girls don't need to come along."

"But then, who will be your attendants..."

"No really, I don't need you. I'll come back here once I'm done with my business. Rest well until then."

"Yes. We shall do as milord says."

They all bowed together. I harden my heart to remind them once again. Yet at the same time, I just know that this is an unavoidable event.
A hunch that things will simply repeat forever if I choose [No], until I choose [Yes].

"I already refused your offer. That means you girls and me stand on an equal ground. No formalities or servitude needed with me."

"Then will you at least please tell us your name?"

(Do they not want me to just up and gone here? Can they look for me if they have my name? And I already told them to forget about feeling indebted. I told them to be free too... Ah I see. This too is a form of freedom.)

I gave up after seeing their sad, troubled and anxious faces. But I still won't accept it.
In the end, these girls are 'Free' whether I took them in or not. They're just not content with my refusal. They intend to 'serve' me regardless of my opinions on it.
Fed up with all this, I refuse to say my name and give them permission instead.

"Fine okay, just call me milord or whatever. Do as you like."

(I was a shut-in commoner, having subordinates or attendants are way too much for me. There's just no way. At most I can deal with something like polite clients from my corporate days. Not like this, one knee down the floor while looking up at me...)

Will I get used to this one of these days? Ugh I hope not. I sighed as I left the room.




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