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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 84

84 Nailing Down


Serena explained to the surprised me.

"They are bags that have been made with magic. All our luggage is contained within them as it seems."

"Aah, I see. I was sure we'd be lugging around loads of stuff."

Yes, you need to bring a lot if you want to travel around in this world. Food, water, camping gear and even cookware.
I was wondering how we were gonna split the load, didn't think they'd give us magic bags.
Or more like, I forgot those things even exist. I mean they're apparently super expensive and all. And we've got three here. Who could have thought something like that would be handed out to me.

Eltros isn't here. Only the butler is seeing us off.
He started explaining without me asking.

"As master is currently busy with work, unfortunately he is unable to come see you off. Allow me to explain in his stead. We have prepared all the necessities inside these three bags here. As it will take around a week traveling from here to the empire, we have also put in change of clothes for everyone. In addition to that, there are also three days worth of additional items for your trip inside the forest."

Maids showed up out of nowhere and gave us all hooded mantles.

"Please use them to conceal yourselves. We have also prepared this for you so you can smoothly pass through the gate."

He took out a palm sized beautifully polished board. It's got 'Second Class' written on it, I don't know what that means but it screams 'This is expensive stuff'.
This prompt handling makes it super clear they want us to get outta here asap, so I stopped him short.

"Ah, hold on. I didn't think you'd get it done so fast and thoroughly. Since we've got time and all, I wanna give my thanks to Eltros."

The butler looked troubled at my suggestion, hesitating a bit before replying.

"Understood. Master has said that 'No thanks necessary', thus I normally should have declined. Please wait at the guest room over here. I shall go call master."

"No, I'll go see him myself, I'm the one asking and all."

"...I have been told that master is currently having a meeting with important guests. If you could please wait."

"Aa, that's also something I gotta do personally. Almost forgot, please lead the way."

I tried to push my way through, the butler faltered for a bit before nodding once.
'This butler must be an upright man', I thought as I apologized inwardly.
I can't say I'm gonna nail down some loose ones with your master.

"Okay then, I'm off for a bit, you lot wait here."

Serena and the elves quietly nodded. Didn't have to go through another bout of their 'Accompaniment' offer this time around.
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I was led in a room quite far back in. 'Over here if you would', to a huge door.
It looks so heavy with a boorish design. However, it gives off a sense of oppression that gets one think twice of entering.
I nonchalantly flung that door open, bam! and greeted with a loud voice without checking who's inside.

"Cheers! Here comes the main culprit in this whole mess!"

There's a reason for my abrupt change of behavior. 'Fear of the unpredictable.'
Eltros has gained some form of understanding of me, but by rewriting that recognition into 'This guy is unpredictable', vaguely combining that with 'Power' will result in 'There's no telling what this guy's gonna do next.'

It's like when beginners in fighting games play by rampaging around with highly unbalanced strong character. Getting a graze from a low punch results in losing 1/5 of your health.

It also serves as a camouflage so he can't tell my human nature. People with brilliant minds tend to see if there's a room for negotiation once they figure someone out. It's important to have him recognize me as nonnegotiable.

As expected, Eltros reacted by bating his breath in shock, turning pale in terror, and sweating profusely from anxiety. Then he froze up standing up.

I look at the people in this 'Meeting'. A big round table in the middle of a spacious room, with five people sitting around it. Each with an escort behind them.

"Ah, I got no clue what you've been discussing about but there's only one thing you need to do, listen to Eltros. This syndicate is turning over a new leaf. And he's the guy who's gonna manage everything. You get it yeah? Eltros?"

I smiled as I asked but I'm not getting my reply from him.

Everybody in the room was dumbfounded, and the one who broke the silence was a grim looking bearded middle aged man with a scar running on his left forehead down the eye.

"Who the hell are you bastard? No, nevermind. Die."

He said it like it's the most natural thing for him.

"Oy Eltros, who's that old man? I'm not gonna waste my time trying to get them understand, y'know?"

"Arrogant brat. Oy, do it. Take care of him."

The escort standing behind him moved toward me.
Eltros finally got it together and spoke while convulsing.

"H-he is the second in command of this organization, in charge of armed forces. His escort is the strongest in this organization, right now he is standing in front of you."

The so called second in command barked in anger afterward.

"Oy Eltros, ya ain't gonna tell me the force you were talking about is this brat?"

Eltros could only shudder at that. Thus I spoke for him.

"Didn't you hear what I said or can't you speak human?"

There's a reason for my cheap provocation. It's to get everything done quick and leave this city.
Honestly, it's hard to act like someone else.
Now that I've thrust my head in so deep anyway, might as well stab my 'Power' so deep they can't get it out. I've just gone through a mess from getting too emotional, but this is exactly the time and place to wipe my ass for real.

"I want to get this done quick. I take it you'd listen unconditionally if I beat this guy here yeah? This organization is changing under Eltros."

"Oy, shut him down. Do it."

The escort man who had arrived right before me drew the sword on his waist and held it aloft.

====  ====  ====

I immediately pondered as I entered [Acceleration] state.
How do I 'Show off' my power as to leave a super deep impression on these guys here.

Theatrics are important. The most easily comprehensible action is 'blow him away'. But that's too plain.
Next up, 'make him fall down' on the spot. Also too plain.
Both probably gonna end up in 'Instant death'. Adjusting power here is difficult. Also I don't want to see another blood pond. It's just too gory for the sight.

Then how about, 'Leave him barely hanging on', yep that'll do.

Next, I just gotta match my speed with my target.
Stage [2]. There's no point if these guys can't see me moving, with that in consideration.

====  ====  ====

A moment later, a man whose all four limbs have all been broken in unnatural directions is groveling on the floor while groaning 'Help me.'




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