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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 82

82 Elf Serena


My name is Serena. I serve as a mediator.
My words are the consensus of us six. We would have a discussion every once in a while, but most times, my words convey theirs. However, I simply cannot fathom milord's thought process this time.

"Do you mean, our forest?"

(Did he not intend to take over this organization as its new head?)

"Would you be so kind as to deign us, milord. As to how you arrive to that decision?"

Milord might question our loyalty if I didn't give an answer right away but I couldn't help asking him that.

"I'll tell you everything once we got there."

I cannot delve further now that he has said that. It is clear milord has some deep thoughts from his face.

Having no prejudice against elves, a heart full of mercy, wisdom capable of easily dismantling magical vessels, as well as absolute power that allowed him to annihilate a huge number of heavily armed men with methods unfathomable to us.
Unconditional surrender is the only path to us. Such is his existence. I can sense milord's hesitation on accepting us. And yet he does not reject us fully.
There may be an overarching reason for this, or perhaps it's of another matter entirely.

Us dedicating ourselves and even our offer to bed him is our true wishes.
I have been told that male humans enjoy sexual activity and will accept readily. None of us six was against it either.
And yet milord does not seem keen on it, he won't even give us a chance to approach him.
He sought to communicate with us on the same eye level. Treating us kindly despite his refusal.
Such a big-hearted milord is leaving this city. And he is even heading to our home, there is no reason at all to deny.
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"Yes. We shall guide you to our country."

Elves have never once allowed a single human intrude upon our land. There is no exception.
We were caught because of our carelessness, hubris and our action of leaving the barrier. To the point it will be only right for other elves to slander us. But that doesn't matter now. Now that we have become milord's companions, we belong next to him.
Some elves will likely give us trouble once we get inside the forest, but that means nothing before milord's power.
Surely the power I witnessed was nothing more than its tip and yet I am clueless on where to even begin with a plan to stop it.

No, I shouldn't think such a blasphemy, the butler came in as I shook my head.

"We have finished the arrangement. I have left your change of clothes in your room. Please come to the entranceway once you are ready."

I turned to look at milord as he stood up.

"We shall help you changing..."

'No, no need to.' milord vanished before our eyes after saying that.
I made an attempt to figure out how it is done, but seeing as he vanished like he was never there to begin with, I could not even imagine where to start.
An absolute power, yet the fact that we cannot sense even the slightest bit of pressure from milord makes it all the more terrifying instead.



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