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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 83

83 Flight to See Another Day


(Why would I need help changing, way too embarrassing.)

That's too high a hurdle for an ordinary person like me. They don't seem to get that.
Why would a mere villager be familiar with such a thing. In fact that sounds more like a torture. This ain't no punishment game nor am I keen on that kinda play. Absolutely not.
Those elves seem to have a wrong impression of me, and the fact that they don't seem to care about it is headache inducing.

(Let's get changed quick and get to the entranceway.)

I've been thinking about my future outlook, but it's all so hazy. There's plenty points of worries.
Everything being so vague is only natural. I don't know the entire situation in this world after all.
There's no internet nor smartphones. Forget knowing how to get information, I'm not even sure how this world treats intelligence gathering.
When I first started working in my past life, I would study the manual whenever I could, research on clients' companies, and work on my conversation skill, I couldn't afford to play games until I gained the required business skill. Thanks to that, I grasped the knacks adding to my free time from not having overtime. What a nostalgic memory.

(I've been involved in too many mess in this city. I'm left with no choice but to go before I get enclosed from all sides. I did make some huge shows in my wake after all.)

It's a shame that I can't even tour around this city, but I'd like to avoid being in a situation where my surroundings become embroiled in a contest to use my power. Those kinds of people tend to disregard the person themselves and push their way through into a mess. If I don't run now, I'm not sure I'll get the chance.
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The information should spread today and tomorrow, thus leaving this city the sooner the better.

Mercenary Guild probably had their eyes on me from Aryl's matter. Not to mention the usurpation of a criminal syndicate.
I had Bonats paid his due at the merchant's association. I used Aryl's reimbursement as an excuse, going from there should trace it back to me.
Didn't think me acting on impulse would come to this, but I've no regret.
Instead, I'd for sure regret it my whole life if I turned a blind eye. I want to avoid that.

However, that heightened my chance of getting into another mess.
Peace is getting further away every time, I've given up on that fact.
But I have my 'Power', I don't think anybody could catch up to me if I ran at full speed.
I don't care if people call me a coward, a chicken or point at me, there are simply times you need to run away as fast as you can.
I gotta leave and find somewhere with little to no human contact where I can live in peace.

(My true wish can never be fulfilled. I have no other desire. Then I'd like to at least live my life as a recluse.)

Thinking of my future in derision.
I'm gonna build a house near the elven forest and live a slow life there, that's probably the most realistic at this point.
I'm gonna have to persuade those elves to stay in their hometown, I've prepared some excuses for that time. I don't want their loyalty or dedication. Alone is best.

I changed to the high quality clothes provided and went to the entranceway.

"Huh? What about my luggage? That's all?"

Three small bags have been put before the front entrance.




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