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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 65

65 Whereabouts of Power


They could have been lurking anywhere. This room is spacious, with many tasteless looking giant objects placed everywhere.
I was wondering why he didn't have guards at first.

(Hee, I see. Guess that thing is still the boss of a mafia. No cutting corner in protection for himself. Of course, I guess.)

"I am a busy man, you see. My time is far too valuable for lowly peons like you. Still, I don't get much stimulation these days. That's it, I'll have a show of you getting beaten up to death as a accompaniment snack for my drinking session."

This guy really went straight to 'Kill him' without even asking what I want, but I might as well make use of it.

"Sounds rough. A suggestion if I may. How about you gather everybody in this mansion at courtyard and get each of them punch me once? Repeat that until I die."

"Buhyahyahya! Oy! Eltros! Is this guy you brought a dumbass? Or maybe he got a death wish? Must be insane that much is clear, hyahyahya."

Eltros stayed silent at that filthy laugh. Trying to make himself smaller while looking at me fearfully.

"Fine, you're gonna be a snack for my drink. Oy! Gather round everyone at the courtyard, leave no one behind."

I take my time leaving the room. All while having the underlings encircle me to prevent me running away.
I caught a glimpse of the six elves carrying Damo along with the entire sofa he's sitting on.

(Oy... How lazy can you be... I mean, there's six of them yeah, but those women so easily lift up that thing with their slender arms... Where'd that strength come from with those slim builds?)

That bizarre sight shocked even me, but there's no end to it if I get bothered by that, so I decided to look away.
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Around 50 people have gathered in the courtyard. Including the men from the gate and the one who met us at the mansion.

They've formed a circle surrounding me and Eltros. Still sitting on his sofa, Damo had a broad grin on his face as he made himself comfortable watching us.
The six elves are standing silently behind him. Unlike before, they're looking at me with sorrowful eyes.

"Oy, try to stay alive for a round at least. Otherwise, there's no point bunching these guys here. Do your best to keep me entertained."

"Good, now that they're all here, nobody's gonna slip out. I can take care of this stuff in one nice fell swoop. Would have been a pain if they ran off scattered everywhere."

Next to the talking me, Eltros shouted out to Damo.

"Please wait! I have nothing to do with this!"

"You're taking that guy's place when he drops dead midway through. It's your punishment for bringing such an insolent peon to my face! I'll let this matter slide if you manage to hold out for a round."

Damo coldly said that to Eltros. I sighed back at him.

"People like you really don't get what power is, no understanding at all what it truly means. You have nothing on you, not even the most minuscule amount to survive, less than livestock."

Position, honor, authority, money, none of those can stand up against [Power].
No matter in this world can stop true [Power].
What he's attempting to do to me is a lynching. Violence.
Violence through power in number, made possible through power of money, two types. But I possess a [Power] that goes beyond those.
Power loses its meaning against a bigger badder [Power].
Regardless of position, to hell with honor, unstoppable by authority.
A vast ultimate primordial [Power] in its purest form.

Bearing that affords me to stay calm.




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