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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Strongest Sage, Departs


"Alright, is everyone ready?"



"No problem here!"

Several days after we gave the materials.
We completed our preparation and departed for Melkia.

This time we're traveling by foot.
Iris attracts too much attention and her wings haven't recovered yet, so I'd like to preserve her.

And above all, it takes less than a day to Melkia by running anyway.
There's no reason in using a method that shouldn't be seen by other people just for covering that much distance.
...Or so I thought.

"Umm... Shouldn't it take around one week to Melkia?"

"Yes, I think it was around that long too!"

Alma and Ruli said something intriguing.
...One week?

"Iris, was that dungeon that far? I thought we should arrive before it got dark if I we left first thing in the morning."

"I thought we would arrive before today is over too! I think it should be around evening with our pace right now."

Iris has the same opinion as me.
If ours differ from Ruli and Alma, that means... the route we have in mind differs.

Maybe the terrain changed when I wasn't aware.
Iris could survey the ground below by flying in the sky, but her wings were in bad shape until recently and she couldn't have flown.
I should ask them for now.

"...It's not even 100 kilometers from here to Melkia right?"

"I think it's less than 100 kilometers if we go straight to it, but normally--wait, don't tell me Mathi-kun, we're going to Melkia in a straight line?"

"There's a road until halfway through, so I plan to use it until then... and then we'll hit a forest there right."

I'm sure the forest had a name when I saw the map at the guild.
It was... Cikirisbia forest or something.

"Forest... If we're going from here straight to Melkia, we'll have to go through Cikirisbia forest don't we?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I got it right it seems.

"That's our route. ...Is there any problem if we go through Cikirisbia forest? Even if there's some wetlands there, we should manage with some magic..."

"Not wetlands, but monsters! It's a terrible forest said to make even veteran adventurers run away crying!"

"Not only they're strong, it's said that there are intelligent monsters there..."

I see.
Cikirisbia Forest is that kinda place huh.
That means... There's only one choice.

"Alright, we should arrive at Melkia City by today's end then."

I veered away from the road we're running on as I said that.
This should be around the area where we should stray off the road if we want to go there straight.

"Prompt decision really!?"

"A...are we really going to have to cross Cikirisbia forest!?"

"Yeah. ...That said, we don't necessarily have to fight. We'll run away if it seems dangerous... Iris, can you do it?"

"Yes! I have absolutely no problem flying with three people on my back!"

I focus on the passive detection after hearing Iris.
I'm using it to probe around the surrounding mana.

I enjoy good fights, but thoughtlessly charging into an opponent of unknown strength is just reckless.
You'd meet your end quicker than getting stronger.
That's why you fight after confirming your safety.

"I see... Iris-san can fly if worse comes to worst..."

"I mean, feels like we've got nothing to worry about Cikirisbia forest when we have Mathi-kun...."

We went forward to the forest while having such conversations.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Would You Defend Bunny Ears!


"Small~ change~♪ Small~ change~♪ turn~ into big change~ if you save~♪"

I got back from the dungeon while humming a parody of a certain Tara* commercial song.
Hi, Nobusada who's turning into a miser here.
Breaking into a smile when I only got small change even though I wanted to go out with a bang must be the proof of my prepubescent age.

I tried to see if I could use skills of other classes on my way back, and there was no problem. Monsters came charging at me when I provokingly shouted out loud. At State: Enraged.

And now me just got to the guild you know?
...Looks like I'm still excited by my first dungeon. My tension is a bit weird.
The sun has set already and there's a few people in the guild.

I probably should sell all the few piled up Soul Stones I have. Which means, time to go to the counter where I sold the wild boar before.

"Excuse me, would it be alright if I sell my Soul Stones here?"

When I called out, the tough looking old man I met before came out.

"Umu, you can do that here dearu."

"Then could you please assess them."

"Let me see, seven black pebble Soul Stones and two red Soul Stones dearuka. If we consider the enclosed mana... 90 mani each for the black one, and 520 mani each for the red one dearu. This already includes the commission fee, so the total is 1,670 mani dearuna. Are you fine with that?"

By the way, I'm planning to show the poison stuff to Sefi-san later, so it's not included here now.

"Yes, if you please."

16,700 yen in half a day fights. Considering I'm risking my life on the line, wonder if that's too low or too high...
Well, I ended up getting out with my life and grew up too. Since I'm in the black anyway, everything's fine. Let's think so.
Ah, the purchasing counter old man seems to be called Ranba-san. Appraisal? I didn't use it, I just looked at his name tag. I've had more than enough fill of old man element today.
Let's finish the business and go back to the inn to get some rest. Wonder what's the chef's recommendation today. I've earned some money and got some optional stuff after all, no harm in rewarding myself, right!

The dining room was overflowing with adventurers when I got there. Specifically drunkards, lots of them.
Minerva-chan and the other waitress are running around hectically among them.

"We need one bottle of ale. With French fries for the snack please."

"Here's three spit-roast set. And another two, bring them out."

"Please hold the grill set. We don't have enough hands."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Umu, it's a battlefield.

Err, where's an open seat... Ah, the seat on the counter I sat on earlier is open, lucky me.

One waitress approached me when I sat. It's a 12-13 year old bunny ear girl. This cute bunny ear girl seems to be vice-chef Rakog-san's daughter. I happened to overhear it yesterday.

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, Rakog-san (a man in his forties whose forehead has a case of receding hair) is also bunny eared!
Bunny ear old man! Who asked for this!!

However, that might be an inescapable reality if we want to preserve the bloodline of bunny ears. Ah, by the way, he's usually wearing a tall chef hat or something so the ears ain't usually visible.

"Thank you for waiting. May I take your order."

"Fruit juice and the recommended set special please. Oh and spit-roast set too."

"Yes, it might take a bit. Please wait a moment."

Oh wait I will. My stomach is waiting for the chef's dish. Ah, I can't get enough of this cooking smell.

But they really look busy. I can see the kitchen from here, I'm amazed that they can keep it together with how few they are. Wonder what'd happen if even one of them collapsed.

I look around the store interior while waiting for my meals.

Many of the customers are young people. Geh, there's the lolicon party too.
You guys, don't detain Minerva-chan. That's a fail. This place would get jammed if you stop even one in this busy time.

Ah they got scolded by Minerva-chan and looked like going to cry, pu.
Our eyes almost met when I almost spurted out my drink so I hurriedly turned around.
Oh right, they probably don't have refrigerator so there's no cold beverages.
The climate here is nice, neither cold or hot, wonder if they have four seasons here.

"Thank you for waiting. Here's the set special and fruit juice. I'll bring you the roast spit in a bit, so please wait okay."

Yay, meals.
The set special today is chicken cutlet! Aah, I'm craving for some rice. I don't particularly dislike bread, but a Japanese hast to have their rice with cutlet after all. I still ended up eating everything while I was feeling nostalgic about rice before the spit roast came. Chef, this is just too good.


Everyone turned around at the source of the sound.
It seems bunny ear-chan bumped into an adventurer and dropped a porcelain cup.

"M-My apologizes, honored guest. I will bring the replacement right away."

"You damn beast! You went and dirtied my brand new armor!"

Looking closer, the potato soup that was in the cup is very slightly spilt on his armor. 

Still, damn beast he said?! What violent words he spat out.
His party members next to him are not stopping him, or rather they're grinning. Uwaah, they're the type of people I absolutely don't wanna befriend.

"Hii, I-I'm sorry. I'll wipe it off."

Bunny ear-chan took out a handkerchief and timidly extend her hand to wipe the adventurer's armor.
But those hands were violently knocked before reaching the armor.

"Don't touch me you beast! If ya really feel sorry, go get me a new one. This is Red Helm Leather Armor, so it cost 20,000 mani tho'."

It doesn't look like something that nice though....

Red Helm Bear Leather Armor (?)
Quality: Very Bad - Enclosed Mana: 0/0
Remarks: A leather armor made of Wash Bear. Since it's forcefully made to look like Red Helm Bear outwardly, the quality is inferior and it barely has defensive power.

Yep, it's genuinely a counterfeit product. Wash Bear... Wait Araiguma (Common Raccoon)!?

Wait, this isn't the time for this. I break through the crowd and run to where bunny ear-chan is in a hurry.

"Hii, no. I can't afford that much with my wages..."

"In the first place, yer' a sore here. What are you gonna do if that fur of yers get into my meal you carry. Aa, just cough it up will ya? Or maybe I should sell you to the slave trader!"

I got in-between them right when the man was going to grab bunny ear-chan's hands. Phew, made it.

"Haahn, what do you think yer' doing, you brat."

"Now now, let's all calm down, senpai. Your rank seems to be high judging by your appearance, let us settle this like an adult we are."

"Shut it! Where'd ya came from. You charged here fully aware that we we're D rank party 『Eimesvi』 didn't ya."

No, I don't know you guys at all. D means that they're the same rank as Mitama's party huh. But their quality as people are really far apart...

"No well, I just got here recently, so I really don't know, sorry. And about that armor, I can judge a little you see, it's made of a different material isn't it. It's of Wash Bear no matter how I look at it, so I don't think that armor should cost that much."

--Wash Bear he said.
--Then it shouldn't even worth 1000 mani ain't it?
--Pu, after haggling so hard he still got tricked for a counterfeit.

The gallery peanut snickered at him. That's fine and all, but isn't there anyone here going to stop him? Is it because they all know they're D rank?

The male adventurer is red in rage for getting pointed out. Oh right, I don't even know his name.

Name: Gian - Gender: Male - Age: 27 - Race: General Human
Class: Fist Fighter Lv18 - State: Enraged
Title None - Party Name: 『Eimesvi』
Fist Art Lv 3 - Theft Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 - Life Magic

Oy oy oy, what the heck is Theft. Is that a skill too? It's frustrating but he's stronger than me.

"Ya asked for iiit! C'mere outside ya damn brat. First time I got this humiliated. I'mma beat ya to death."

Tehe, I provoked him naturally. Well, I got his attention away from bunny ear-chan so my initial goal is accomplished.

Can I survive through this! Next time, Nobusada flying in the air! Please look forward to Nobusada's flying style!

<TLN: Nobusada updates will resume.>

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Strongest Sage, Averts Dissolution


"Isn't 30% normal for this level of materials?"

It's true that the price is higher if the materials are powerful and easy to process.
However, these materials aren't extremely strong (if the guild employee is to be believed) and only the students here can process them.
If the materials are hard to process, it naturally gets less shares of the final product's price.

"These materials have never been circulated in the market before so they have no market price... Even so, 30% is way too off. I can understand that much even though I'm not a merchant."

"Then how much would you like?"

"Right... how about 80%. Considering what happened before, it's probably still too low, but I'm not really detailed in market price you see. I think it can go higher if you don't mind waiting for them to be assessed..."

That's quite the leap though... Since it comes from the principal who's had much experiences in this world, I guess that's just how much it is in the market.

Well, I have no problem getting more since I originally intended to sell them at 30% anyway.
Can't lug these baggage around everywhere after all.

"No, I'm fine with 80%. In exchange, please take them off my hand as quickly as possible."

"Got it. We'll carry them to the school's warehouse immediately. Do they need special handling we need to keep in mind?"

"You can keep them like normal monster materials."

It's probably easier than normal monster ones since they're sturdy though.
In the first place, the current students can't process materials that need special handling to keep.

"Is that so... I feel like we just struck gold somehow... Should we deliver the proceeds to you right away after they've been sold?"

"I think that will be difficult. I'm going to the dungeon city soon."

The interesting situation.... I mean the crisis in the capital is over anyway, and I've got the permission to quit school.
I have no more reason to remain in the capital.
Even without my business with the Dragon Vein, just knowing the fact that a city has been built on top of that dungeon compels me to go there.

It probably won't take long going there if I just ride on Iris or run, but I'm not in a hurry to earn money anyway.
No problem getting it whenever I get back to the capital.

"Dungeon city... I see. So you really are going to leave the capital. ...Got it. I'll deliver the money through the guild. I've already prepared the special scholarship document we talked about. The king has given his permission too."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The principal took a document on his desk and stamped it.
The document is about my enrollment in the school as a 『Special Scholarship Student』 and that I'm not obliged to attend class.

"By the way, I have another three of this document here with me... Is there anyone else who want them? Although you might not compare to Mathias... I believe the other three people here have more than adequate ability to be 『Special Scholarship Students』. Thus, I will write your name here if you wish so."

The principal took three pieces of document.
The content is the same as mine, but there's no name written.
He's quite well prepared.... Putting Iris aside, I wonder about the other two.

Either way, I shouldn't say anything here.
They should decide such important decision like this themselves.


The one who spoke first was unexpectedly, Ruli.

"Ruli... Are you sure you want to quit school?"

"Yes! I'm sorry to principa for saying this, but I think I will learn about augment magic better if I'm by Mathias-kun's side than in the school!"

I see....
Come to think of it, Ruli came here for the sake of learning augment magic.
I can understand where she's coming from then.

"I am in agreement. To begin with, most of the stuff taught in this school are Mathias-style magic now."

The principal also agreed with her.

"I'm going too of course!"

"I just entered this school, is it alright if I go too?"

The two also declared their participation.
And consequently, the principal wrote their names on the documents.

"By the way, you're not required to attend, but you're also not prohibited. Come and show your face around here whenever you feel like it."

The principal stamped all the documents as he said that.
In the end, it seems like I'm gonna go to the dungeon city with this party.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-11

16-11. Behind the Ceremony (2)


"Are the anti-air Magic Artillery and the ballistas still not ready!"
"Birdkin unit, wyvern unit, take off in turn. Take the formation in the air."
"Replace the equipment of golem unit with anti-air one!"
"The assault force is coming! Make absolutely sure that fire wand unit and magic soldier unit are accompanied by escort platoons!"

Wind magicians transmitted instructions from the duchy castle's control room.
The next duke who holds the authority as the territory lord's proxy showed up in the control room.

"Give me a status update."
"A combat-ready large-scale aerial warship has appeared out of thin air in the sky above the duchy capital."

A huge aerial warship is projected on the basin put in front of the next duke.
The ship's organic-looking form in purple and black color leaves an ominous impression on anyone looking at it.

"According to the report from soldiers in the lookout tower, it suddenly appeared in the sky above the duchy capital."
"Not on the outer edge the capital?"

The next duke knitted his brows dubiously to hear the report.

If it appeared right outside the duchy capital, then it might have employed light magic to hide itself, or hid in the cloud using water magic as a possible explanation, but there is simply no way an aerial warship that huge could appear out of nowhere in the middle of the capital without him, the lord's proxy, noticing.

The only way it could slip through barrier put by the City Core and invade without the lord's proxy not noticing are through shadow magic or space magic, however, it shouldn't be possible for either magic to move an aerial warship that huge in the air.

At the very least, the next duke can't think of anyone capable of the feat.

"Whose ship is it?"
"Affiliation unknown--"
"Look at it closely you fool. They have the demon lord believer group 『Wings of Liberty』's flag and the 『Golden Wild Boar King』's flag raised."

The one who interrupted was a masculine-looking noble of around forty.
The appearance of the current head of Earl Bobi Household that was once manipulated by the demon lord's believers [Wings of Liberty], Earl Keon Bobi gathered gazes full of animosity to him.

The duchy knights nonchalantly shifted their positions in order to protect the lord's proxy.

"In other words, you guided that aerial warship here did you not!"
"Is this the time to engage in nonsense, Sir Houen."

The one who voiced the surrounding people's suspicion out loud was the legitimate child of Earl Houen.
Earl Keon Bobi paid him no heed and brushed it off as a nonsense.

"Stop, Sir Houen. Hero Nanashi himself has guaranteed Keon-dono's innocent."

With irritation in his voice, the next duke warned the two who had formed a dangerous air between them.
The [Guaranteed by Hero Nanashi] part stemmed from the member list of [Wings of Liberty] that Hero Nanashi gave to the duke.

"If you want, I don't mind touching the Yamato Stone of this castle once again?"

Seeing Sir Houen looking discontent, Earl Keon Bobi suggested an easy way to prove his innocence while smiling sarcastically.
Since it's a very disgraceful act for a noble.

"No need. More importantly, we need to deal with that airship now."
"Agree. Your excellency, we must not let that airship get close here. We have to destroy it before it approaches the duchy castle."

Earl Keon Bobi proposed an extreme measure in his reply to the next duke.

"Are you suggesting that we should shoot down a large aerial warship right above the duchy capital?"

Doing that in the middle of the overcrowded duchy capital would undoubtedly result in enormous victims.

"I am. However, that is our best course of action. Have your excellency's forgotten the modus operandi of the 『Wings of Liberty』."
"...Short horn!"

Before, a group of demon lord believers [Wings of Liberty] who revived the [Golden Wild Boar King] under the duchy capital terrorized the dukedom by using evil items called Short Horn and Long Horn to transform humans into lesser and mid demons.

Earl Keon Bobi thinks that the large aerial warship isn't merely a combat vessel, but also an assault warship that contains demons within.

"Tell me the warship's location!"
"It's going to reach the sky above the arena soon."

A wind magician replied the next duke's query.
The arena is between the commoners' and the nobles' living areas.

It's the optimal location if they want to minimize human damage.

"The large aerial warship has made a new move! A large magic artillery installed on its bow has begun operating."

The basin showing the large aerial warship got painted white at the same time as the report hit.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Whose large airship is that? --Not like I need to think deeply."

The one looking up at the huge black airship in the sky from the duchy castle's balcony was a lady from the duke household, and a former hero's attendant, Lady Ringrande.

"I-it's terrible."

A civil official and a maid she pushed out of the balcony were surprised.

Lady Ringrande didn't waste any time to warn them as she took out a long wand from her magic pouch and began to chant a spell.
Looks like she's recognized that large aerial warship as an enemy with only one glance.

It had already cut up a Wyvern Rider using a mysterious ray in the first place, so it's only right.

"■■ Boost Magic, ■■■ Manipulate Mana, ■■■■ Link Mana Line, and while I'm at it, the special magic strengthening medicine--"

Lady Ringrande used magic reinforcement skills in succession and even drank a rare medicine she acquired in her trip with hero to boost her magic.
If it was the past her, she would have used the Talisman from God Parion without a moment of hesitation.
However, she doesn't have that Talisman now that she's not a hero's attendant anymore.

"Oooh, what a stunning surge of mana."
"So pretty."

The impressions between an official who had undergone basic magic training and a maid who had not seemed to differ even though they were looking at the same thing.

Scenes of Wyvern Riders and Magic Artillery unit on the ground attacking the large warship are unfolding before Lady Ringrande's eyes, but the magic barrier protecting the ship is massive, and none of their attacks seems to be effective.

The large aerial warship kept advancing and reached the sky above the arena.

And then, its bow has started to be tinged with an ominous-looking light.

"Ringrande-sama, the enemy ship is!"
"O-oh no! W-we've got to r-r-run!"

The panicking maid stretches her hand toward Lady Ringrande.

The civil official who saw that had a cramp on his face.
If she got in the way of Lady Ringrande's advanced level magic spell chanting after having her magic boosted this much, the huge torrent of mana that loses their target will obviously attack them instead.

A slim white hand extends toward Lady Ringrande's hand that holds a long wand--.

"Contact the royal knights!"
"Hurry and evacuate the researchers!"

The royal capital's hangar is in confusion because the Holy Shell Mobile Armor has been hijacked by someone.
Due to that, the only ones who were worried about a daughter of Marquis Muno, Karina, who sacrificed herself to save the researchers' life and got buried under the scaffold and steel frames, were her friends.

"T-that's right! We have to rescue Karina-sama!"

Zena-sama pulled herself together when she heard princess Sistina's muttering and said the obvious.

"Wait, Zena. Look at that!"

A black shadow moved behind the cloud of dust.

"Is that, Karina-sama?"
"....It doesn't seem to be the case."

Bizarre-looking humanoids made of steel frames and debris showed up behind the cloud of dust.
They awkwardly drag their feet on the hangar's floor like living armors or skeletons.

One of them extended its hand toward one of the researchers that was late to escape--and beat him to death.

"Looks like it's not the time for us to just watch. Come forth, my golems--"

Princess Sistina took a conductor's baton out of her magic bag and swung it.
Zena went out of the hangar office to stop the humanoid's act of barbarism.

"Dwell in my sword--Magic Edge."

Zena clad a mithril alloy dagger she took out of her magic bag with magic edge.
Satou has given her back her exclusive holy sword [Wind Dagger] she used during the Divine Punishment incident, but it seems she's not going to use it as she's not fighting as the Silver Knight Air now.

Zena cuts down the bizarre humanoid with a single blow.

"My gratitude knight-sama."
"--She's so lovely."

The researchers she saved gave their thanks.
There was a weird one among them, but that must have been because of Zena-san's prim and proper beauty.

"Please everyone, hurry up and evacuate!"

Zena-san shouted out loud in exasperation at the researchers who kept dawdling.
The bizarre humanoids reproduce faster than Zena-san can beat them.

"Just leave the small fries alone and go beat the main body!"
"Prof, we've got to hurry and escape!"

Prof Jahad of Echigoya Firm shouted to Zena-san.
His subordinate, Aoi boy pulled his white robe as the prof refused to leave.

"But the main body..."

Looks like the idea of attacking a national treasure, the Holy Shell Mobile Armor didn't even cross her mind.

Something else began to move as Zena-san repeatedly cut up the humanoids while feeling troubled.

"Mu, is it a new one?"

Prof Jahad muttered when he saw granite knights materializing from the hangar's ground one after another.

"Zena! Leave the small fries to the golems and aim for the main body!"
"Then, these are your highness's?"

Zena grasped the situation the moment she saw Princess Sistina shouting from the office's door.
Zena left the fighting to princess Sistina's golem army and flew in the air with chanted flight magic.

The Holy Shell Mobile Armor's central part and eyes have only been flashing, it hasn't moved at all from where it was.
This someone who has stolen and boarded the Holy Shell Mobile Armor probably doesn't understand how to pilot it.

".... ■■ Air Hammer."

Zena's specialty, the air hammer shook the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's cranium.
However, it seems that blow didn't give any real damage.

"It's not working. Then how about advanced wind magic--■■■■■...."

Zena started to chant.
Seemingly sensing the crisis, one of Holy Shell Mobile Armor's finger slightly moved.

『Damn you worm.』

A provoking male voice resounded from the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.
The one in control seemed to have hit the switch for external speakers while he was fumbling around.

Light of mana emits from the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's arms and legs, signifying its startup--.

"Dosseiii, desuwa!"

Wreckages of scaffold and steel frames that were on the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's feet got blown away with a spirited yell.

"--Oh my, Karina-sama."

Princess Sistina who saw the scene from the office room muttered like she had completely forgotten about her.
Her sole saving grace is probably Zena-san who had a relieved look in the air.


The pilot got surprised by the flying debris on its feet and took a step forward.
A shadow falls on top of Karina who has both her arms up in the air.


Tama who was attending the lecture while enduring her hunger in a classroom of the royal childhood school raised her face.

"What's wrong nodesu?"
"Nyuu, something feels weird?"

Tama tilted her head to the side at Pochi's question.

Shiro who's sitting next to Tama pokes her side.

"Tama, from China-sama."
"It smells sweet nanodesu."

She received some kind of a small round things wrapped in paper.
Tama unwrapped the paper and found a small candy, the paper was written with "Bear with this until lunch" in childish yet tidy handwritings.

As Tama was going to put the candy into her mouth, she saw the drooling Pochi in the edge of her view.
Tama reflexively stops her hand and looks at the candy and Pochi as if comparing them.

There's one candy.
Tama and Pochi are two.

"Huge problem~?"

Tama folds her arms while frowning and catches the sight of the blackboard with lecture about fraction written on it.

Tama's eyes glittered when she saw a circle divided in two.


Tama produced magic edge on the tip of her nail.
And with a swing, the candy got divided into two.

"Here you go Pochi~"
"Thank you nanodesu."

The two tossed the candy into their mouth and their faces broke into smiles.
The "something feels weird?" that Tama felt just a while ago has completely evaporated from her mind.

"Don't disturb her."

The official managed to stop the maid whose hand very nearly grabbed Lady Ringrande's arm.
To begin with, Lady Ringrande's chant wouldn't have stopped just from her hand getting grabbed.

In fact--.


Even in a situation where the official and the maid screamed their lungs out as the large aerial warship's Magic Artillery hit the castle's defensive barrier, delivering thunderous roars and shaking, her concentration never breaks up.

"....■■■■■■ <<Mass Explosion Field>>!"

One of the most powerful anti-army spell even amongst Explosion magic that excels in power was unleashed from the one corner of the duchy castle.

Chain explosions, each equaling [Explosion] attack magic in power, hit and wrap the large Aerial warship.

"Ringrande's magic huh--"
"As one would expect of 『Sky Champion Witch』. She has this much power, regardless of the fact that she was a 『Hero's Attendant』."

The next duke and Keon Bobi exchanged words in the duchy castle's control room.

They saw the large aerial warship showing up out of the explosions on the basin.

"It's still not going down?"

Even after losing its outer armor and getting wrapped in smokes and flames on its whole body, it's still floating in the air even though it's slowed down.

"Is that? A golem?"
"I-it cannot be..."

Sir Houen turned pale the moment he saw the being that stood on the ship's bow.

"Do you know what that is, Sir Houen."
"T-that's the Mobile Armor... The Holy Shell Mobile Armor from ancestor king Yamato-sama's legend, there is no doubt about it."

Sir Houen replied the next duke.

"That can't be true. The Holy Shell Mobile Armor should be in the Royal Capital now."

After all, that's the whole reason why their fathers have all gone to the royal capital.

"No, it's the very image of Holy Shell Mobile Armor depicted in the portrait we have in our house."

If the ancestor king Yamato--Duchess Mitsukuni were here, she probably would say this.

That's [Dynast]--.

"It won't go down even after receiving that attack? Also, that thing on the warship's bow, no matter how I look at it, it's 'that' isn't it?"

It looks similar to [General] she saw in the royal capital.

Lady Ringrande runs in the hallway to make her next move.
Her destination is the castle's depot where the Tourism Ministry's airship is stationed.

"Ringrande-sama! Where are you heading to?"

She met several running duchy knights while she was running in the hallway.
They're probably on their move to join their main unit.

"Isn't it obvious. I'm going on a counteroffensive."
"If ranged attacks don't work, that means I just need to get close."

Ipasa was going to say that her attack wouldn't reach the enemy in the air, but Lady Ringrande interrupted.
She told them her destination and that the being standing on the enemy warship's bow was the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.

"That thing is?"
"The Holy Shell Mobile Armor told in the legend..."
"Why is a ship that carries the Holy Shell Mobile Armor attacking the duchy capital?"
"I don't know."

Lady Ringrande curtly brushed off the knights' questions that started from Sir Ipas.

Right at that time, the large aerial warship that could be seen from the hallway showed a new movement.
The armors of the Holy Shell Mobile Armor that was taking an imposing stance on the bow opened one after another and got clad in red light.

"--This looks bad."

Faster than Lady Ringrande could mutter, the Wyvern Riders and birdkin unit that carried fire wands took an evasive maneuver to get away from the large aerial warship.

However, they were slightly too late.
Wyvern Riders and birdkin burned by the Magic Artillery fell one after another.

"N-No way. For Ancestor King-sama's Holy Shell Mobile Armor to injure his own people."
"Get ahold of yourself. There's no guarantee that the one piloting Holy Shell Mobile Armor will always be good person."

Lady Ringrande rebuked the shaken knights.
If she knew this would happen, she wouldn't have told them that the thing on the warship's bow was the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.
A small regret tucked in Lady Ringrande's mind.

"I'll be going to the airship. Tell my father what we talked just now!"
"Please wait. We can use attack magic too."
"Go quickly, my explosion magic doesn't work on that thing."

Lady Ringrande persuaded the knights who wanted to escort her and ran toward the depot.
A medium airship filled with large-scale Magic Artillery leaped into her eyes.

The Holy Shell Mobile Armor standing on the aerial warship's bow that can be seen in the distance has its arms transformed.

"What is it going to do--"

Lady Ringrande quickly boarded the small airship she was looking for the moment she found it.

"Ringrande-sama? The outside seems to be quite noisy."

Unaffected by the thunderous roars and shaking, the brownie girl in flight uniform kept eating smooth cold gelatin.
By the way, it's brown sugar syrup tasted.

"As expected of Satou's subordinate. Lend me the airship."
"Yes, I don't mind, but what are we going to do?"

The brownie in flight uniform tilted her head to reply the flustered sounding Lady Ringrande.
There's no problem here since her master, Satou, has asked her to comply with Lady Ringrande's request if she wants to embark during their stay here.
However, it seems like she's a bit curios about the purpose.

"Obviously. We're going to beat the enemy down."
"Are we allowed to fly acrobatically?"
"Yes, fly in any way you want to evade the enemy's attacks."

The brownie in flight uniform jumped in joy wholeheartedly.

"Skipping 256 checklists needed before takeoff--"

The brownie canceled all the necessary procedures and forcefully activated the magic furnace and aerodynamic engine.

"--Airship, emergency takeoff!"
"T-that was reckless."

Lady Ringrande muttered while enduring the intense gravity during takeoff.

"But I like it."

The brownie in flight uniform grinned to hear Lady Ringrande's muttering.

A fight between airships has already begun before her eyes.

The medium airship in the sky above the castle shot out all of its large-scale Magic Artillery, but all of it was blocked by a defensive barrier that expanded in front of the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.

This time, a huge fireball was shot out of both arms of the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.
The medium airship tried to evade while putting up a defensive barrier.

The fireball soared while burning the air and demolished the barrier protecting the medium airship in one blow.

"What an unbelievable firepower. That doesn't seem to be an ordinary large-scale Magic Artillery."

Her mouth muttered, 'no doubt about it, that's the ancient magic kingdom's [Magic Artillery]'.

The huge fireball that destroyed the medium airship was flying toward this ship too.
The brownie in flight uniform superhumanly evaded the fireball that would have swallowed an airship of this size whole, by a paper-thin difference.

Even Lady Ringrande could only manage to grit her teeth to prevent herself from biting her own tongue.

"Ringrande-sama, that!"

The brownie in flight uniform pointed at the Holy Shell Mobile Armor that had stopped attacking and had its chest armor part opened while looking at this ship.
It's probably going to do some kind of new attack.

"Bring it on!"

Lady Ringrande opened the hatch on the cockpit's ceiling and put the upper half of her body out.
She affixes her legs and body and readies her trusted wand.


A voice full of resentment resounded from the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.
The voice that called for her name sounded familiar to Lady Ringrande.

"T-this voice, his highness Sharlick?"

She muttered the name of Shiga Kingdom's third prince who was once her fiance.

"What are you doing here?"

Her question was met with silence.

At the end of her line of sight, the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's chest gets clad in light, and then it shoots out a dazzling light.
The divine weapon, [Damnation Cannon], that was once given by gods to the king of Lalakie who lived in a floating land, unleashed its menace here in this place.

"--This is bad."

Arisa muttered with a pale face as she was hit by the waterfall in the Solitary Island Palace.

"I've got to hurry--"

The figure of a purple haired little girl was nowhere to be found the moment the words spoken out of the trembling lips got drown out by the waterfall sound.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Strongest Sage, Suggests Price


"I know a place that can process them."

"...Are you talking about Mathias-san of the Second Academy?"

"No, not him."

That Mathias is right over here though...
Well, it's not like I can't do it, but I have no reason to make equipment for sell.
There are more fitting people for this level of materials.

"Then you mean, his apprentice... Ruli-san?"

That Ruli is right in front of you too.
I mean. They thought of her as my apprentice huh.
Well, considering what we're doing, I guess it's not exactly wrong.

"No need to be particular to any one person, almost everyone in the Second Academy can do it. ...Which means, I'll be selling these to the second academy then."

"...Did Second Academy become the best workshop in the world while I wasn't looking?"

"No no, Second Academy is an educational institution you know."

"...It's way different than the educational institutions I know though..."

I stood, took our luggage from the counter and left the guild.
In the end, we couldn't sell the materials.

Even if the guild has a big counter, the one who's in charge of the purchasing is still a guild employee.
They can't really purchase stuff they can't process or be price-assessed.

"We couldn't sell the materials..."

"Should we ask the academy to do the processing before selling them?"

"That's one option.... But it sounds like it'll be annoying."

I'd have to wait for them if I entrusted the processing to them.
I want to get out of the school and go to the dungeon as soon as possible.
...Therefore, I'm gonna sell these to the second academy for a nice sum.

"Oh, Mathias. Not that I expected anything else... So you were safe."

The principal was present when I went into the principal office.
However, he looks busy somehow.
Wonder if I should leave it for later.

"Yes. I'm here to sell some materials... Are you busy now?"
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No point in reading too much into it myself, so I asked just in case.
If it's no good then I guess I should give up selling them today and hold them off as a reserve.

"I was until a bit ago. But that ended just now... Ayle, get in touch with the others. Tell 'em that the crisis is over."


The principal threw the documents in his arms onto his desk and issued an instruction to someone nearby.
The documents pertain a plan to hold off the monsters and evacuate the capital's citizen.... and there's 『Mathias Rescue Operation』 with a huge X mark on it.

Next to the X mark, there's 『We can't possibly oppose enemy whom Mathias couldn't even run away from. Give up trying to intercept them and just run.』
It looks like the principal was busy preparing in case we failed the second wave subjugation.

"So... Are those the materials you're trying to sell? I can tell that they're tremendous just by looking, but I'm sure the guild should be the one in charge of dealing with materials."

The principal pointed at the materials we brought.

"The guild couldn't purchase them. They don't know how to process them. But since the students here should be capable to do that, I thought of selling these to the academy."

Not just processing them, but buying them too.
We can leave the materials here and go to the dungeon with this.

"...I see... Handling powerful materials are indeed difficult, but thanks to Mathias-style educations, our Glory Crest students have progressed remarkably technique-wise... However, this academy doesn't have the budget to purchase all those tremendous materials you know?"

"You can pay the money later when they've been sold. The price is... how about 30% of the sales."

The price rate of raw materials for these kind of special materials is 30% of the market price.
At least that's how it was in my past life, not sure how it is now.

"Th...30 percent!? Isn't that just too low no matter how you look at it!?"

...Huh? 30% is too low?

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Strongest Sage,  Refused Transaction


"Wha...Whatever could these be?"

The guild employee at the purchasing counter sounded perplexed when he saw the materials we brought.
The materials we put on the counter are from second wave monsters and the lesser parts of Void Eater.

Bringing out the good ones right from the start would make the later assessment go south.
Since we're showing the mediocre ones instead of everything, it should be fine.
However, the assessment wasn't done immediately.

"I've never seen these materials before... Which floor's monsters did you get them from?"

Looks like he mistakenly thought that we got them from the dungeon.
Well, I guess it can't be helped since most of the materials circulating in this guild probably come from the dungeon.

"These aren't from the dungeon. They're from monsters that showed up in the plain."

The Second Academy student went back to the capital once the monster outbreak was over.
Thus, the guild should have been contacted already... But apparently, this branch hasn't.

Well, if you exclude the Second Academy students, this guild's battle force leaves a lot to be desired, so it's probably postponed.
It's gonna be the main branch's responsibility anyway even if the guild needs to step in.

"Fumu... I'm not sure how to assess them since I've never seen these materials, but... Right then, let's use these."

The guild employee brought two big magic tools from inside as he said that.
I'm not familiar with these magic tools... But judging from their mana ambiance, one is probably for measuring mana quantity and the other is for measuring hardness.
They don't seem to be of high performance.

One of the Void Eater's bones is getting measured first.
The guild employee puts the bone on the magic tool and operate it.
And then--.
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He sounded perplexed again.
Afterward he puts the bone on the hardness measuring tool, and operate it... and tells us while sounding sorry.

"Sorry. Our magic tools seem to have broken down. I'll get the replacement, if you'd please wait a moment."

The employee went inside once again and came out bringing a magic tool with him.

"This is the newest magic tool that has just been adjusted today. We don't have to worry about breakdown with this."

The guild employee, brimming with confidence, puts the bone on the magic tool.
And then he peeked on the result with a smile... And frowned.

"Huh? The value isn't any different from before...."

"Then that means the magic tool is correct?"

Alma gave an exceedingly obvious answer to the guild employee.
However, the guild employee denied that.

"No, that can't be right. If this value is true then that means this bone is almost as hard as adamantite."

Adamantite... Ah. That's about right.
Since the bone is hard and brittle, adamantite is actually higher in term of strength, but the hardness should be about the same.

"Not only that. The measured mana values of these materials... are even higher than the monsters spawning on floor 20!"

Yup. 'Course it's high.
Or rather, please don't liken this stuff with those.

"...I've got no choice but to check them manually... These materials might get some scratches but it should not affect their functionality. Is that alright with you?"

"I don't mind."

With my consent, the guild employee took out a rod with a needle attached.
And then the employee pricked the bone with the tip of the needle--and broke it along with a sharp sound.
The bone itself doesn't have a scratch on it.


The employee looks at the broken needle, dumbfounded.
And then he sighs once and declares.

"Sorry. This guild cannot purchase these materials. We don't have the slightest idea of their value, in the first place, we don't even know how to process them."

...I see.
In other words, they'll buy them if they can process them huh.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Strongest Sage, Dismantles Parts


"...Yup. We will definitely go to that dungeon."

The dungeon located there (looks like it's called Melkia now) was a relatively popular largish dungeon back in the past.

Its floors only went to three digit number but, apparently monsters often came out of the dungeon in that era and people formed a party to subjugate them.
If it was severe enough to make people form a subjugation party in that era, a city whose defensive force only amounts to equaling the royal capital's one wouldn't have last even half a day.

I'll see how it is there and report to the king if it seems dangerous.
Though our goal is ultimately to look at the Dragon's Vein and train in the dungeon.

We finished dismantling the monster while we were conversing about that.

"Now then, let's go and sell these materials for now."

After saying that, I gathered the randomly dismantled parts of the Void Eater that couldn't get inside Storage magic.
The amount is just about right for the four of us to carry.
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We had to select them since bringing them all wasn't possible, but we secured all of the relatively usable parts like fur and such with us.

"Huh? Are we going to sell them, not using them?"

Alma asked like she found it unexpected when I told them the plan.
However, of course we'll be making use of the parts we can use.

"We're keeping the best parts for us of course. But everything aside from those have no real usage. Putting them inside Storage magic also would only burden my mana, thus selling them is our best course of action here."

"But the guild can't possibly purchase these stuff...."

Ruli said that.
Ruli's doubt is reasonable.
However, I have acquired a wonderful new info regarding selling stuff on the guild beforehand.

"No worries about that. The principal told me that the guild branch near the Second Academy has greatly enhanced their purchasing capability recently. Apparently, they've got the best equipment amongst the guilds in this country."

In truth, this was because of the Second Academy.
Second Academy students who had grasped the way to properly fight brought with them a great many of materials from dungeon and such that the guild almost couldn't catch up with the purchasing.

Thanks to that I can sell stuff there worry-free now.

"So they upgraded while we were absent! There's no problem then!"

"Yeah. We can sell without worry. ...Now then, Ruli, Alma and Iris, please bring the materials that look sell-able with you."


"Got it!"

I've put all the parts that can be used for ourselves inside Storage magic, so everything here is for sell.
We carried them on our back and went back to the city.

The scenery of Second Academy students carrying loads of materials seemed to have become a daily occurrence in the city, we safely got the guild without anyone looking at us weirdly.

"Oh, it's really bigger now!"

The purchasing section of the guild has bigger counters now.
And there's an especially prominent one called 『Counter for Purchasing Special Parts』 among them.
The table is big and sturdy so you can put large materials on it, and the guild member waiting there looks like a veteran too.

That should be the counter for selling high-class materials the principal told me.
Since the Special Part Purchasing Counter is fortunately open, we go straight to it with the materials on our back.

"I'd like to sell these."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Strongest Sage, Chain Strikes



Iris pierced the Void Eater's leg right as I cut its arm with counter.
With a thunderous roar that didn't sound like a spear hitting flesh, the Void Eater's leg was destroyed and the monster fell on the ground.

"Let's finish it off!"


While the other three are launching their attacks on the Void Eater, I get close to its head and put magic on my sword.
【Steel Slash】 【Sharpen】 【Mana Strike】--

After putting around 10 magic on the sword, I swing it toward the Void Eater's neck.
With a splash sound, the Void Eater's neck was shallowly cut.

Of course I'm not done yet.
I invoke barrier magic as the sword passes through Void Eater's neck. I also activate Physical Reinforcement and Acceleration magic together, and push the sword while driving it back forcefully.

As a result, my sword bounced up at a speed higher than the downward swing and cut off the Void Eater's neck.


The Void Eater tried to counterattack while shouting agonizingly, but I evaded it by slightly swaying my upper half without moving an inch from where I stand.
I could easily avoid its limbs when it was still in top form.
There is no way a counterattack it launched in desperation while it was down could hit me.

And then my sword leaped again with magic and created a deep wound on the Void Eater's neck while rising in speed.
One of the true values of Disqualified Crest is this chain strikes.

Along with single powerful blow using 【Special Mana Enchant】, but in this chain strikes case, I can keep doing it until either my mana ran out or the enemy died off.
I rapidly decrease the Void Eater's health while evading its attacks and adjusting the trajectory of my attacks and what magic to put on them.
Iris's spear, Ruli's and Alma's arrows also continue to pierce the enemy's weak points.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Finally, the Void Eater howled loudly--and stopped moving.
The battle has ended.

"...Did we... win?"

"Yeah. ...Look, they're some good material aren't they?"

I picked up the Void Eater's arm that fell nearby, plucked the claw and showed it to Ruli.

"I-It feels like there's an amazing power emanating from it somehow...."

"That's cause this contains lots of mana. Besides, its head was cleanly lopped off, so the materials are in prime state."

The monster could regenerate its arm by using mana so defeating it would have been easier by repeatedly cutting the arms off, but that would result in inferior materials.
Yet, cutting the arms off only for several times wouldn't degrade it, so refraining from doing so would have been wasteful too.
You need to regulate the frequency of cutting a Void Eater well to get the best of it.

By the way, the fur isn't worth that much, but I'm still taking it with me nonetheless.
Might be useful for something if we sell it at the guild.

"Leaving that aside, the fact that this monster showed up likely means that the situation with the Dragon Vein might have turned interesti--dangerous. We should go take a look at the great dungeon while also taking the chance to train there."

I pointed at the Void Eater's remain.
Making this particular monster emerge doesn't need a lot of mana in itself, however, it's not a monster that would normally appear.

"Great dungeon...?"

"Yeah. Let's see, where's the map... It's around here."

I took a map out of Storage magic and pointed at a dot there.
I made the map myself using my knowledge of olden terrains, so there's no city names or anything like that written, but it should be geographically correct.
Ruli peeks at the map and replies, sounding like she gets it.

"Oh I see, you're talking about Melkia Dungeon. I'm sure we're free to come and go to that dungeon city!"


However, some unfamiliar words were mixed in it.
...Dungeon City?

"Is there anything wrong? ....Alma, this place is Melkia isn't it?"

"Un, I think it is...."

A city on top of... The Great Dungeon Babiel?
By the current civilization of this age?

"Hey, that city must possess quite the war force right?"

"Un. I think the capital's order of knights is still the strongest, but there's a lot of adventurers in dungeon city.... So the dungeon city might be a bit stronger!"

A bit stronger than the royal capital... Which means practically nonexistent.
They made a city with that kind of defense on that dungeon huh.

Yup. I'm surprised that this country managed to avoid getting destroyed so far.
Almost miraculous even.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-10

16-10. Behind the Ceremony


"You'll catch a cold desuyo?"

Tama and Pochi are worriedly looking at Arisa who's sitting under a waterfall wearing a white unlined kimono.

"You'll be late~?"
"Sensei will scold you nodesu."

Looks like the two came to get Arisa after getting ready for school.

"I'm not going to school today, tell Mia for me okay."
"Playing hooky~?"
"Hikineet is risky and dangerous nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi looked like they couldn't believe Arisa who declared her absence.
For the two who have only recently started school and really enjoyed it, they probably can't believe that she'll be taking a leave even though she's not sick.

"It's fine! I've got to do something more important today!"
"What is~?"
"Please tell us nodesu."
"You heard that Master would do a ceremony at the duchy capital during breakfast right?"
"Yes nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi affirmed Arisa's question.

"I'm sharpening my mind just in case I catch an SOS from master through 『Familiar~ Power~』 you see."
"Tama will do it too~?"
"Pochi will catch SOS too nodesu!"

Arisa waved her head aside while smiling wryly at the two's expected response.

"You two's roles are for later, leave today to me and go to school. Your pickup is coming right about now isn't it."
"Ah! nanodesu."
"Hu~rry~ up~?"

Pochi and Tama recalled China who's always coming to get them every morning and panicked.

"We're off~?"
"Arisa! Be sure to tell Pochi if you're in trouble nodesuyo!"
"Yes yes, take car~e."

Arisa waves her hand like usual at the two who head to the teleport gate in a hurry like they're tumbling.

"Now then--"

Arisa turned back to a serious look after the two were gone and clapped her cheeks.

"--Alright, I'm all fired up."

Arisa closes her eyes while getting hit by the waterfall, focusing fully to connect a thin line toward her dear master.
Her intuition tells her that it's the only thing she can rely on when she can't contact him through Space magic.


Tama who was inside a carriage in her commute to school stretched her back and looked around.
Her radar-like ears are standing and flapping rapidly.

"What's wrong nodesu?"

Tama tilted her head to the side at Pochi's question.
Looks like her premonition this time is the kind that can't be expressed with words.

"Mia-sama, what seems to be the matter?"

At the same time, Mia who was in the same carriage with them had a mystified look on her face.

"The spirits are quiet--"

The spirits that are usually always noisy are quiet like insects in fear of a beast.
Mia who had a bad feeling about it peered outside the carriage window and looked up to the sky.


Mia's eyes saw the spirits enclosing the castle.
Or to be more exact, the spirits look like they're running away from the castle.

"Mia-sama, is there anything wrong with the castle?"
"Nn, nevermind."

Mia waved her head to reply the anxious China.
Apparently she concluded that the Sakura Dryad probably had a fit and the spirits were running away from her.

"So this is the--Holy Shell Mobile Armor."

Princess Sistina is looking up at the Holy Shell Mobile Armor inside a hangar in the royal castle.
She probably almost slipped "that Satou made" words.

Beside her, Zena Marientail who's acting as her bodyguard, and Karina Muno who's acting as her friend are looking up at the Holy Shell Mobile Armor with sparkling eyes.
The two are aware that this one is a replica, but the fact that it looks exactly like the legendary Holy Shell Mobile Armor is enough to turn it into an object of admiration.

In place of the two who are overcome with emotions the one who answers princess Sistina is an old man who comes walking in with a cane.

"Yes, his majesty has given his permission for us to activate the main engine, therefore we're planning to perform a startup test today."

The chief of Royal Research Institute informed princess Sistina.

In order to examine the Holy Shell Mobile Armor, the brains of this kingdom, which include the chief, Shiga 33 Canes, and golem researchers among others have gathered in this hangar.

"EEY! Let me touch it!"
"P-prof, you can't!"
"Lemme go, Aoi! That spirally shining main engine is calling for me!"

Looks like Prof. Jahad and Aoi boy from Echigoya Firm have come too.
It seems the professor is being unreasonable after seeing its central part, the sacred tree stone furnace shining blue--the [Philosopher's Stone] contained within the Magic Generator.

"I'd have preferred if Echigoya Firm sent someone better than a moron who was chased out of the Royal Research Institute."

The chief who saw the scene spat out while looking irritated and then turned a smile toward princess Sistina.
He's quite quick to flip the switch.

"While the main engine and armaments of this Holy Shell Mobile Armor are great, its armor is simply magnificent. Please look at it, under the white coat hidden an armorplate made of the holy orichalcum referred as divine metal by some."
"You just don't get it do you, tinplate nerd."

Interrupting the chief who almost sounded delirious was an elderly man who is a member of Shiga 33 Canes and does research on defensive magic.

"How can you not comprehend the splendor of this coating! Your highness Sistina, this coat is exactly the proof of Shiga Kingdom guardian. In addition to having the power to nullify up to mid-class level magic, it has the ability to absorb the liberated mana from magic it nullifies into its own main engine!"
"T-that sounds wonderful. Rahad-dono is really talented to understand that far this quick."

Princess Sistina inched back to see a fervent speech of an elderly man.

As she had been informed of that ability by Satou, she seemed to be surprised by the fact that it was analyzed so quick.
Identifying the effect that is, reproducing it is another matter entirely.

"Quiet you shield nerd. Your highness Sistina, this armor won't get even a scratch from a magic edge clad mithril sword! Wonderful isn't it!"

The chief is showing off an armorplate taken off the Holy Shell Mobile Armor.

"Hee, isn't that really sturdy?"

Lady Karina who was touching the armorplate all over tried to scratch it with her finger clad with magic edge that she learned recently.

A straight line got splendidly drawn, and Lady Karina's face quickly turned pale.
Her level of clumsiness compares to that of Pochi.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Meanwhile at Royal Academy, childhood school--.


Tama who was holding a pen in her mouth while looking sleepy suddenly raised her face with a serious look on it.

"What's wrong nodesu?"

Pochi who noticed that asked Tama.
Shiro and Crow sitting on the seats in front of them seem curious too.

Tama's cat ears are twitching and trembling.


Tama returned to her relaxed look and fell limply on her desk.

"Pochi is starving too nanodesu! But early lunch is bad nodesuyo? That's a forbidden technique nanodesu. Hell will be waiting for us at lunch if we eat now nodesu."

A rolled textbook got on the head of Pochi who was having a fervent speech.
Reflected in the eyes of Pochi who looked up was a female teacher whose mood turned for the worse.

"Chatting during class is?"
"B-bad nanodesu."
"And what should you do when you did bad things?"
"We're sorry~?"
"We're sorry nanodesu."

Pochi whose ears are flopped down and tail is hidden between her legs apologizes to the female teacher.

"You'd go without lunch as a penalty if you did it again."
"O-oh no nanodesu."

Tama's and Pochi's bodies were paralyzed in fear when the female teacher told them the weight of penalty for a major offense.
They look at each other and make a mouth zip gesture.

30 minutes until lunchtime.

Incited by Tama's belly rumbling, Pochi's belly rumbling began to have a chorus together.
The chorus gradually spread inside the classroom.

"Formula 4."

At the Royal Magic Academy, Mia-sensei is using a long wand as a substitute for lecture stick to teach her class.

"Conversion, solution 27."

The students are desperately deciphering Mia-sensei's lack of words as they try to understand the lecture.
Looks like there is a different kind of hardships to be found in a lecture without an excellent translator that is Arisa.

"I-if only Arisa-sensei was here now..."

It appears a lot of students and teachers who usually ridiculed Arisa as being Mia-sensei's extra have realized her true worth now.
However, only a few noticed the fact that her being able to translate it means that her understanding of magic is equaling Mia-sensei or more.

Arisa-sensei who would have gotten a passionate call by the students unlike anything before had she were here is probably still doing the cold water ablutions under the waterfall in the Solitary Island Palace even now.


Princess Sistina felt something odd from the Mobile Armor behind the chief.
You normally need the assistance of multiple mechanics and magicians to board the Mobile Armor, but there isn't anyone who's supporting the Mobile Armor now.

And it seems princess Sistina wasn't the only one who noticed that.

"Oy! Who's moving it!"

Someone who found something amiss with the elevator where the Mobile Armor was put beside the Holy Shell Mobile Armor shouted.

"What? We're not using the Mobile Armor for the startup test y'know?"
"Who's piloting it?"

Mobile Armor is something like an anti-gravity device for the pilot of Holy Shell Mobile Armor, so it's not needed unless the test demands intense movements.
Incidentally, this Mobile Armor isn't the real one, but a replica Satou made.

"Tina-sama, Karina-sama, we should get away from here. There's something wrong going on."
『Umu, I agree with Zena-dono's opinion.』

《Intelligent Item》 Raka that lady Karina wore agreed with Zena-san who advised them to evacuate.

As the three were on their way to the office to take shelter, sounds of metal getting crushed resounded in the hangar.
The three looked back and saw scaffold and elevator that enclosed the Holy Shell Mobile Armor collapsing to the ground.

Magicians and researchers in white robes are running about in confusion below.

"This is bad desuwa!"
『Ka-Karina-dono, wait!!』

Disregarding Raka's warning, Lady Karina charged toward the collapsing scaffold.
Lady Karina roughly pushed away the researchers who were about to be crushed by the collapsing scaffold.

Main part of the scaffold and steel frames are falling toward Lady Karina who's had a decisive look on her face.


Zena and princess Sistina raised a scream in their mind as they held out their hands equipped with magic activation rings and began to chant.
Both of them are fully aware of the fact that their chant won't make it in time.

They saw Raka protecting Lady Karina from the steel frames that fell first, and then one after another hit the ground as the surroundings were filled with despairing roaring sounds and cloud of dust.

"Haa... Satou and Sera aren't here for the ceremony, I can't visit them either, I'm bored."

In an arbor inside a courtyard of the Duchy Castle that occupied the western part of Oyugock City, Lady Ringrande who's also known as [Sky Champion Witch] is bored out of her mind.

Of course, it's not like she doesn't have any close friend.

However, most of them are already married and have many children.
For a late bloomer at her age with no boyfriend like her, visiting them is a difficult hurdle to mentally overcome.

"Maybe I should have another practice round with the duchy knights..."

She felt hesitant to practice as there wasn't anyone who could fight her evenly here.

--If only Satou were here at least.

Lady Ringrande caught sight of something odd when that thought flashed in her mind.

"Ara? Isn't that Wyvern Rider flying strangely?"

Ringrande was puzzled to see a wyvern flying acrobatically above the duchy castle.

The next moment, a ray of light shot from the horizon cut the flying wyvern in two.

She saw wyvern's blood scattering as the wingkin rider who was riding on its back frantically tried to escape.
Lady Ringrande grasped her trusty sword next to her and stood up.

"Enemy's attack!"

Lady Ringrande ran off while shouting out loud, and the castle's alarm resounded a moment later.

"Judging from the alarm, the enemy is coming from the south--"

The physically reinforced Lady Ringrande ran through the corridor like the wind.

She's heading to the castle tower to the south--.

Multiple roaring sounds resounded while she was running, the duchy castle's defensive barrier repelled the light.
Frightened maids and officials are crouching in the passage.

--She should be able to see the assailant from there.

"Temple Head-sama."

The loud roars and tremor transmitted from outside Tenion Temple caused unrest amongst the priests who participated in the ceremony.
Fortunately, Sera, Satou, Lily who supported them and the other miko haven't noticed the loud sounds and tremor because they are in trance states.

"Keep going. This sanctuary is protected by Tenion-sama's divine protection. Don't worry and continue."

Hearing the temple head, the priests resume channeling their mana to the miko one after another.

(Tenion-sama, please extend your protection to your pious believers.)

The temple head offered her prayer to the light that came down to Sera and Satou.

Unaware with the incidents that simultaneously happened in both the royal capital and the duchy capital, Satou is having a chance meeting with God Tenion during the ceremony.

『Nice to meet you, Tenion-sama. I am--』

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Strongest Sage, Counters


"This should do for now."

I thrust my sword at the swinging arm of Void Eater, smash a magic stone and augment it with 【Special Mana Enchant】.
And then a relatively sturdy barrier unfolds near the back of the sword and I augment the sword with another enchant.

--Right afterward, Void Eater's arm plunges into the sword.
The barrier was destroyed instantly along with a loud roar, the Void Eater's arm passed through the space where the barrier was--and flew in the air.


Void Eater looks at its own arm while looking like it can't catch up what's going on.
There is no arm from elbow down.

"Maybe I should have strengthened it a bit more."

I checked the sword out while saying that.
No chips on the sword nor it is off center.
Looks like it's rigid enough.

"I-its arm, in one blow.... What happened just now!?"

While standing in mid-air, I could hear Alma's voice from far away.

"I fortified my sword with barrier for an instant. Countering gets easier the stronger the attack."

....That said, though it looks simple at a glance, this method is quite annoying with many adjustments necessary.
It's pointless if the barrier is too weak, but too strong and the sword will be damaged.
This technique isn't really usable unless the enemy is huge and sturdy.

"So you can use counter against monsters..."

"It's actually easier than against humans since their move set is simple. You need to pay attention since they excel in power though."

If my opponent is a human, I have to see through their way of fighting first before predicting the direction of their sword swing.
But in case of monsters, I get it somehow by reading their mana and muscles movement.

"No no, you can't normally deal with the strength of a monster just by paying attention okay!?"

"Besides, look at the size of the opponent...."

Ruli said that while looking up at the Void Eater who lost one of its arms.
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"Do you think so? If they only have strength then..."

"Yeah. There's countless way to deal with enemies that only excel in strength."

A truly strong opponent, one with a certain degree of intellect at least regardless if it's a monster, would be more trickier to fight.
Incidentally, those kind of enemies are way more fun to fight.
No matter how much strength it has, fighting something that has no intelligence will always end up being simple.

"These people are beyond help already. Their standard is broken..."

"Iris-san is a dragon rather than human though...."

While having that conversation, I cut the regenerated arm that came swinging at me again with my sword.
Guess it's more a front leg than an arm though.

Yup. It's really simple.
Even though I can safely use 【Special Mana Enchant】 up to five times in this open place, there's really no need to use it to the limit.

In fact, the Void Eater already looks exhausted from just losing two huge parts.
--And then.

"Iris, is it ready now?"

I glanced at Iris.
It's a confirmation rather than a question.

Judging from the mana reaction, I already know that Void Eater's back leg that Iris attacked earlier is at its limit.
Even though Iris's spear can't cut off a limb in one hit like with the sword counter, it still has quite the destructive power after all.

"Yes! I can make it fall anytime now! I think!"

"Alright, let's go at it right when this thing makes it move!"

"I understand!"

The Void Eater made its move right when our discussion ended.

"Here it comes, now!"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Strongest Sage, Earns Aggro


"W-what... is that?"

"D...Don't you think it's too big?"

Ruli and Alma sounded bewildered when they saw the completed Void Eater which had absorbed other monsters (and the magic stones I feed.)

"Since it's made of many things, it has no an exact model... but if I have to say it, guess it's similar to a tiger."

I observed the completed monster while saying that.

That monster has huge claws and fangs, shaped like a tiger.
However, its size can't even compare to your average monster.
It might be even bigger than Iris's real form.

It probably takes this form since there were a lot of four-legged type monsters it absorbed.
The magic stones I feed it also had a lot of said type.

"See? It's turned out nice right?"

I nodded satisfyingly as I saw the tiger-shaped Void Eater.
By the way, the monster itself doesn't look like it's going to attack us, probably because it's just finished its transformation.
I've put some concealment magic on us, there's no worries of getting found.

"Nice you say... Which part of it?"

"Right... for examples, its claws or fangs. They aren't inclined to any particular trait due to being a mix of many things, so they're easy to handle."

Its trait is a bit different than metal sword so it probably won't replace the sword we made the other day, but it has its own advantage.
It should prove quite effective depending on how you use it and the type of monster you fight.

"Talking about materials already even though we haven't beaten it!?"

"No no, that's not all. Like say, the mana flow in its arms, it's very stable. That is one fine monster. Should fetch a lot of experience points."
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"Getting happy that it's stronger.... Defeating it is completely a premeditated matter already..."

Alma sounded like she couldn't believe it.
True, talking about materials and exp before defeating it might be a bit too hasty.
...That means.

"Alright. I'll go and beat it."

I start to run forward after saying that.

"W-what about us, what should we do!"

"Alma and Ruli, you two maintain some distance away and shoot your arrows like usual! Iris, get close to it and attack its legs!"

While saying that, I kicked the barrier on my feet and gained altitude.
Randomly attacking an enemy of this size won't deal any decent damage.
And it's going to take time for Iris to get to its leg.

Thus, I've taken the quick and easy method.

I go above the Void Eater from its back.
And then I go straight to its face and drive my sword put with a huge quantity of reinforcement magic into its eye.


Void Eater who had one if its eyes crushed howled in anguish.
The voice of pain quickly changed into that of anger, it directed its eyes full of killing intent at me.

--Just as planned.

Void Eater is originally an amorphous monster.
It can't change its basis once it's taken a shape, however, regenerating an eye is a simple matter for it.

However, regeneration saps a Void Eater of its strength once it's taken a form.
The bigger the regenerated part, the greater.

Thus, I aim at big parts that are easy to cut off.
--Like the arm.


The Void Eater swings its arm at me who's standing in mid-air.
Its speed belies its huge size.
I think the fastest part of its arm, the tip, even reaches the speed of sound.

--The Void Eater is going to fully witness just how powerful its attacks are from here on.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Strongest Sage, Helps the Evolution


"Chance... Is it?"

"Yeah. The biggest annoyance in this fight is fighting the enemy while not letting any get away."

Monsters are still gushing out, though not as vigorous as before.
Continuing to confine them here while our mana keeps decreasing is quite tiresome.
In such a situation, one monster is gathering them all up together while becoming stronger, stopping that monster is absolutely out of question.

"Umm... It feels like it's trying to suck me in too though..."

Iris said that while looking at the monster that's absorbing other monsters.
Iris's hair is fluttering toward the Void Eater.

"...Does it feel like you'll get absorbed?"

"Hnn. Nope, it doesn't feel like that at all. I can sense that it's doing its hardest trying to suck me in though...."

"Figures. That thing isn't strong enough to absorb Iris after all."

Even if she's transformed into human, Iris is still a dragon.
She's different from lesser dragons that sometimes appear in a dungeon, not many monsters have the capability to absorb her, and if one of those monsters were to appear here, all monsters around the capital would have long been gone.
And this country would probably perish by tomorrow.

"Oh looks like the other guy is mostly done while we were talking. We should make our move too."

I took a magic stone out of Storage magic.

"Magic stone... Would you like to augment something?"

Ruli asked me when she saw that.

"Yeah. But before you do the augmenting, careful not to let it get taken away."

I handed over the magic stone and a paper drawn with a magic circle.

"Let it get taken away...?"

Ruli received the magic stone while looking confused--then she shouts out loud in surprises.
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"It's getting pulled by something!"

"It's because the thing that that monster pulls toward it is the magic stones monsters carry inside."

By the way, I don't know where the magic stone of a dragon that has transformed into a human is located.
Judging from the mana aura, I think the magic stone has lost its stone form and been dispersed throughout her whole body.
The augment completed while we were talking.

"It's finished but... What should I do with this?"

"Throw it."

"Throw... You mean to that?"

"Yeah. You can just throw anywhere."

Hearing that, Ruli holds out the magic stone and throws it to the front.


And then the magic stone flew straight to the Void Eater... and got absorbed just like that.

"It went and got absorbed... Should I make another?"

"No, it's good. If you leave an absorption type monster alone, it will evolve irregularly into an incomprehensible creature. I made that magic stone to fixate the direction of its evolution and make it so it can evolve stably."

I observe the monster after saying that.
Looks like it's evolving well.
Good good. Eat a lot and grow big.

"You don't get anything good if you beat that kind of monster the normal way. But you can obtain some good stuff if you stabilize it like that. ...That's better if we're going to beat it anyway right?"

Also, fighting it will be fun.
Beating a monster that has evolved into something weird and can't even fight properly is boring.

"Ah, we're doing this under the assumption that it will be defeated aren't we...."

"But of course. ...And on that note, let's add some more."

I took out numerous low quality magic stones that had no use and threw it all to the Void Eater.
The Void Eater took every piece of the magic stones and went on to evolve.

And two minutes after it showed up.
The Void Eater stopped its absorption, and began to solidify into a form.

Thanks to our magic stone help, it's evolved quite well done.
This looks quite promising.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Strongest Sage, Finds Something Unusual


"There sure is a lot of them...."

I circled around the monster outbreak site and hunted any monster that went out of it.
I can't let even one of the second wave monsters outside.
Even that would end in a huge disaster with the current fighting prowess of the academy and the capital.

I guess the silver lining here is that there is no flying-type monster among them.
Even if I could leap around all over the places by kicking barriers, going up to the sky would take too much time.

Dealing with these numbers with just us four is already a huge burden, adding flying ones would be annoying.
I glance at Ruli and the others while thinking that.

Just like the usual, Ruli and Alma are fighting by having Alma shoot the arrows Ruli made.
I didn't tell her which magic circle to use, but she's using the most suitable circle among the ones I taught her for this situation.

"Ruli, the arrow!"


Alma shot the arrow she got from Ruli, it homed in and hit a monster's leg as if it got sucked in.
A good aim that makes good use of her prowess well.

The skull of a monster is sturdy, it's difficult to shoot it in the head and expect the arrow to kill it outright.
However, by injuring the legs to rob the monster off its mobility, her next attack could end it.
There's a less chance of wounded monster attacking them too, it's a wise decision.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Iris defeated monsters that came close to Ruli and Alma with her spear, and shifted to stone throwing when the monsters stopped their march.

I say stone throwing, but she's not throwing stones an average human could lift.
Cause the stones Iris throws aren't pebbles, but human head-sized rocks.

She's throwing those things with such force that the ground she stands on gets gouged, thus it's not a pretty sight on the monster side.
One after another got defeated with their heads smashed or blown off.
Since her throwing pace isn't that fast, the number of monsters she defeated isn't that much different than Alma's but it's really a show of strength.

I guess it's more like a catapult used to besiege a castle than a human throwing stone.
Well, even these monsters are nothing were Iris reverted to her original form.

By the way, this time Iris isn't going to fight in her original form.
After examining her, we found out that transforming back and forth between human and dragon puts an unexpected amount of burden on her magic circuit, so she has to refrain from transforming expect in an emergency.

While we were fighting like that, I sensed something odd from the monster outbreak site.
Monsters are still gushing forth like always.
However, the monster that showed up is the one that's different.

"Ooh. An unusual one show up too."

Void Eater.
It's a monster I rarely ever saw even before I reincarnated into Mathias.
However, I know its characteristic.

It's a type that absorbs monsters around it and takes their power for itself.
There are other monsters with similar power, but this one is special in that it has no discretion in its target.

If even one of this monster shows up, all other monsters in the surrounding will become its power.
It's just that wonderful of a monster.

"Ma-Mathi-kun! That thing is absorbing other monsters and getting bigger! We've got to hurry and stop it..."

Ruli seems to have noticed it absorbing other monsters.
She pointed and shouted at the Void Eater the moment she saw me.
However... I won't give an affirmative.

"No no, we shouldn't stop it. This is our chance instead."

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