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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Strongest Sage, Dismantles Parts


"...Yup. We will definitely go to that dungeon."

The dungeon located there (looks like it's called Melkia now) was a relatively popular largish dungeon back in the past.

Its floors only went to three digit number but, apparently monsters often came out of the dungeon in that era and people formed a party to subjugate them.
If it was severe enough to make people form a subjugation party in that era, a city whose defensive force only amounts to equaling the royal capital's one wouldn't have last even half a day.

I'll see how it is there and report to the king if it seems dangerous.
Though our goal is ultimately to look at the Dragon's Vein and train in the dungeon.

We finished dismantling the monster while we were conversing about that.

"Now then, let's go and sell these materials for now."

After saying that, I gathered the randomly dismantled parts of the Void Eater that couldn't get inside Storage magic.
The amount is just about right for the four of us to carry.
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We had to select them since bringing them all wasn't possible, but we secured all of the relatively usable parts like fur and such with us.

"Huh? Are we going to sell them, not using them?"

Alma asked like she found it unexpected when I told them the plan.
However, of course we'll be making use of the parts we can use.

"We're keeping the best parts for us of course. But everything aside from those have no real usage. Putting them inside Storage magic also would only burden my mana, thus selling them is our best course of action here."

"But the guild can't possibly purchase these stuff...."

Ruli said that.
Ruli's doubt is reasonable.
However, I have acquired a wonderful new info regarding selling stuff on the guild beforehand.

"No worries about that. The principal told me that the guild branch near the Second Academy has greatly enhanced their purchasing capability recently. Apparently, they've got the best equipment amongst the guilds in this country."

In truth, this was because of the Second Academy.
Second Academy students who had grasped the way to properly fight brought with them a great many of materials from dungeon and such that the guild almost couldn't catch up with the purchasing.

Thanks to that I can sell stuff there worry-free now.

"So they upgraded while we were absent! There's no problem then!"

"Yeah. We can sell without worry. ...Now then, Ruli, Alma and Iris, please bring the materials that look sell-able with you."


"Got it!"

I've put all the parts that can be used for ourselves inside Storage magic, so everything here is for sell.
We carried them on our back and went back to the city.

The scenery of Second Academy students carrying loads of materials seemed to have become a daily occurrence in the city, we safely got the guild without anyone looking at us weirdly.

"Oh, it's really bigger now!"

The purchasing section of the guild has bigger counters now.
And there's an especially prominent one called 『Counter for Purchasing Special Parts』 among them.
The table is big and sturdy so you can put large materials on it, and the guild member waiting there looks like a veteran too.

That should be the counter for selling high-class materials the principal told me.
Since the Special Part Purchasing Counter is fortunately open, we go straight to it with the materials on our back.

"I'd like to sell these."

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