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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Strongest Sage, Sets up Traps


"Okay then. Now that the barrier is up and running... Let's go and set some stuff up."


"Yeah. We'll have an easier time if we set up some traps before the monsters come out."

I took a magic stone and a lump of iron out of Storage magic.

"We'll be using this as a trap."

"...Barrier magic?"

Ruli quickly guessed my intention when she saw those things.
However, her guess is only half right.

"It's similar but not really. We'll be setting detection-based guidance magic in the ground."

"...Guidance magic?"

"Yeah. I'll teach you the magic circle later, there's this magic device that can draw magic toward it you see. The pulling force changes depending on the amount of mana filled into the magic device."

By the way, even though the device can pull magic in, the force isn't that great so it's hard to use it for defending.
And it's easy to counter it if you know someone is using it.

"Guidance.... And that will be the trap? ...Don't tell me Mathi-kun is going to plunge right in the middle of the monster swarm and become the target?"

"That's one of the possible means."

"So it is..."

Alma sounded like she couldn't believe it.

Well, defending against attacks from your average monster is easy if you know how to use defensive magic well.
I can also defend against attack magic shot by students if I want to.
Leaving it to Iris is probably a good idea if we're relying only on defensive prowess though.

"But we'll be using another mean this time. We recently made a magic device to measure mana didn't we? We will be directly using that as the guidance device."

"And what would happen if we did?"

"A place where there is a lot of monsters will contain a lot of mana, thus it will pull magic in. In other words, our magic will automatically fall right in the middle of the monster crowd simply by shooting them toward the sky."

Many magic will fall into a place where there's a lot of monsters.
If a place has a few monsters, only a few magic will fall on it.

When it comes to large-scale group battles, giving orders where to shoot to each and every one of your allies isn't really feasible, and it's difficult to get a straight line of fire.
Yet, letting the magicians to randomly shoot their magic by their own discretion is not the best way to demonstrate the strength of a group.

Thus, it's this magic device's turn.
Simply by scattering these devices in the battlefield will make the shot magic naturally get distributed nicely.

By the way, the guidance precision depends on the number of devices you set up.
More does not mean better, it's the hard part of this strategy... well, leaving it on instinct should do.
If some slipped out it, I could just deal with them myself.

"S-so that's how it works.... Huh? Which means, don't tell me, it's the students who will defeat the monsters?"

"Yeah. The first wave that is."
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"First wave?"

Ruli looked perplexed to hear what I said.

"To tell you the truth, the monsters summoned this time will likely come in two waves."

"...Two waves?"

"Yeah. The monsters coming in the first wave will excel in number, but are weak strength-wise. I'm thinking of leaving those monsters to the students, which should also act as their training."

They probably have grasped the basic of simple combat in the fight against demon this time.
Afterward, they just need to learn how group battles work and some strong guys should appear among them in times even if I leave them alone.

...Well, the purpose of leaving the first wave to the students is more about saving my mana.
If some unexpected situations were to occur, having or not having mana would make a great difference.
Exp from the monsters in the first wave should be fewer than the second wave ones anyways, no need for me to force myself getting them.

We arrived at the destination while having that conversation and set up around 30 magic devices.
We had put them inside metal cases before burying them in the ground, so they shouldn't get destroyed.

Now the problem is what monsters will appear in the second wave.
Would be cool if some strong nice monsters came out then.

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