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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Strongest Sage, Departs


"Alright, is everyone ready?"



"No problem here!"

Several days after we gave the materials.
We completed our preparation and departed for Melkia.

This time we're traveling by foot.
Iris attracts too much attention and her wings haven't recovered yet, so I'd like to preserve her.

And above all, it takes less than a day to Melkia by running anyway.
There's no reason in using a method that shouldn't be seen by other people just for covering that much distance.
...Or so I thought.

"Umm... Shouldn't it take around one week to Melkia?"

"Yes, I think it was around that long too!"

Alma and Ruli said something intriguing.
...One week?

"Iris, was that dungeon that far? I thought we should arrive before it got dark if I we left first thing in the morning."

"I thought we would arrive before today is over too! I think it should be around evening with our pace right now."

Iris has the same opinion as me.
If ours differ from Ruli and Alma, that means... the route we have in mind differs.

Maybe the terrain changed when I wasn't aware.
Iris could survey the ground below by flying in the sky, but her wings were in bad shape until recently and she couldn't have flown.
I should ask them for now.

"...It's not even 100 kilometers from here to Melkia right?"

"I think it's less than 100 kilometers if we go straight to it, but normally--wait, don't tell me Mathi-kun, we're going to Melkia in a straight line?"

"There's a road until halfway through, so I plan to use it until then... and then we'll hit a forest there right."

I'm sure the forest had a name when I saw the map at the guild.
It was... Cikirisbia forest or something.

"Forest... If we're going from here straight to Melkia, we'll have to go through Cikirisbia forest don't we?"
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I got it right it seems.

"That's our route. ...Is there any problem if we go through Cikirisbia forest? Even if there's some wetlands there, we should manage with some magic..."

"Not wetlands, but monsters! It's a terrible forest said to make even veteran adventurers run away crying!"

"Not only they're strong, it's said that there are intelligent monsters there..."

I see.
Cikirisbia Forest is that kinda place huh.
That means... There's only one choice.

"Alright, we should arrive at Melkia City by today's end then."

I veered away from the road we're running on as I said that.
This should be around the area where we should stray off the road if we want to go there straight.

"Prompt decision really!?"

"A...are we really going to have to cross Cikirisbia forest!?"

"Yeah. ...That said, we don't necessarily have to fight. We'll run away if it seems dangerous... Iris, can you do it?"

"Yes! I have absolutely no problem flying with three people on my back!"

I focus on the passive detection after hearing Iris.
I'm using it to probe around the surrounding mana.

I enjoy good fights, but thoughtlessly charging into an opponent of unknown strength is just reckless.
You'd meet your end quicker than getting stronger.
That's why you fight after confirming your safety.

"I see... Iris-san can fly if worse comes to worst..."

"I mean, feels like we've got nothing to worry about Cikirisbia forest when we have Mathi-kun...."

We went forward to the forest while having such conversations.

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