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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Team Mathias, Fights Without Mathias


The story is about Ruli and Alma in this.

A bit after Mathias sent the two off.
Ruli and Alma are heading to the north forest guided by a liaison, Lilia, who's familiar with the geography around the area.

"Over here!"


Ruli and Alma aren't from the capital, but they can read map just fine and have experience going to the north forest.
Nevertheless, it'd be a problem if by any chance they lost their way, so they were given a guide.


Alma spoke out along the way.


"You don't have to mind about us! We can follow you just fine!"

Alma raised her speed as she said that.
Seeing that, Ruli raised hers too.

"I can manage too!"

The liaison team is a group that consists of people with quick legs among the applicants.
And Lilia is especially famous to be the fastest in that group.
The two felt that following her was too easy despite her fame.

"G-got it! I'll run seriously!"


In fact, Lilia really was holding back.
However, she probably judged that there was no need of that after seeing the two raising their paces.
Lilia raised her pace enough to barely maintain it till the north forest.

An average student won't be able to keep the same pace up for even 30 seconds.
Lilia maintained that pace for 10 minutes until they arrived at the north forest, however....

"Gasp wheeze.... Um... How are you two able to calmly follow me...? I'm losing my confidence here...."
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When Lilia was out of breath as they arrived at the north forest, Ruli and Alma began to prepare their bow without losing a breath.
Moreover, Alma was carrying her bow while Ruli was lugging a lump of metal for making the arrows.

"Even if you ask us that...."

"I mean, our everyday life is like that..."

You rarely have the opportunity to run with all your strength in school classes.
Thus, the running paces that Ruli and Alma know are all by Mathias's standard.
Iris was added along the way, but the standard of a dragon's leg strength where even a trivial misstep meant crushed bedrocks didn't manage to overturn the two's common sense (or what appears to be) that originated from Mathias.

"Putting that aside, is that the thing Mathi-kun told us about?"

"I don't think there's mistaking it. It really is obvious isn't it..."

The two said that as they looked at the sky above the forest.
There's a road made of a mass of mana at the place.
It's very much clearer than mana released by monsters, so there's no worry of losing sight of it.

"Looking at its state... Should be a little bit while before the demons come."

"Let's get ourselves ready while we can."

Ruli said that and made an arrow for Alma's bow from the lump of metal she brought.
She combines a magic stone with the arrow... then she takes out a quill and a paper.
And then she calculates this and that, draws lines.... and paints a magic circle.

"I wonder if this is good enough...."

Lastly, she augmented the magic stone with the magic circle, and she was done.
Ruli anxiously looked at the completed arrow.

"From what I'm seeing, my hunch tells me that it's fine! It somehow feels strong and all!"

Alma paired the arrow with her bow as she said that.
And then she carefully watches the mana road.
Ruli begins to make the second arrow.

After a while--the mana road swelled up.

"It's coming!"


Seeing that, Alma shot out the enchanted arrow to the mana road.
Right after, a demon fell down.

The arrow Alma shot is stuck on its heart.
Looks like the demon died instantly without even having the chance to scream its last.

"Err... This means first one down?"

"It's over so quickly...."

Ruli handed the second arrow to Alma while saying that.
The mana road still hasn't disappeared.
A few minutes later.

"It's coming again--Ei!"


This time a scream could be heard from the mana road--and then a demon fell with a thud.
The second demon got lucky with the arrow so it survived, however--

"Umm... Ei!"

Unfortunately for the demon, it fell right in front of Ruli.
And Ruli was holding a sword made with Mathias's guidance in her hand.
In the end, the second demon met the same fate as the first one.

"Ah, it's gone!"

And then the mana road disappeared with no third demon coming.

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