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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Strongest Sage, Releases


I left the center of royal capital where many people crowding and went toward a forest slightly away from the capital.
In order to finish a work as I told Ruli and Alma.
The problem is the other party in that work--

"For real.... Those guys went and got annihilated. Is that Mathias guy really a monster for real?"

"That bunch were of the weakest class even among us demons.... Nevertheless, instantly killing 14 of them is unusual.... We should regard him as quite a monster."

These demons are having such conversation in front of me while constructing some kind of magic.
It's true that they are a little stronger than the 14 demons I defeated, but.... How do I say it, it fits the phrase "Comparing heights between acorns."

I've hidden myself sure, but I've made the concealment weaker on purpose in order to investigate the opponent's detection capability.
They don't seem like they notice me at all though.

....Now that their magic is about to be finished, it's about time for me to show up.
This kind of specialized magic construction has a high chance of causing some weird phenomenon if you carelessly sabotage it halfway through, therefore, it's better to leave it alone until it's near completion.

"Yeah. But well, that thing is nothing but garbage compared to us. Doesn't look like he notices our presences either."

"Indeed. Either way, we won't ever have to fight that guy. Since this magic will kill him."

"Oh that sounds interesting. What magic you're gonna use to to kill me again?"

I joined in their conversation since the timing was just right to butt in.
Of course, there's no reply.
Confused and surprised words get thrown instead.

"Wha... Why are you here!"

"Anyone would notice when you're putting up a magic that interesting. I think you guys should be a bit more prudent and hide your mana when you're constructing a magic."

I pointed at the magic they were building.
Looks like it's completed but.... The composition of this magic is all wrong.
I mean, it's bad and all, but wrong.

By the way, I'm wasting time talking with them like this.... is because there is a peculiar situation in this fight.
It's the same reason why I didn't bring Ruli and the others with me.
The fight this time is delicate in many things.

"Humans, detecting mana? ....Oh I see now. You're planning to confuse us by saying some cryptic things. That's not happening!"

The demons said as they pointed their weapons at me.
The part about detecting mana is true though.
While feeling a bit murky for getting treated like a liar for using such an ordinary technique, I reply them back.

"Well, who cares about the reason. I found a distortion in the Dragon Vein earlier. Stop throwing the mana balance out of order with some weird magic."

Half of this is true.
Thanks to a distortion in the Dragon Vein, the Capital barrier construction work was finished slightly faster than planned.

However, this magic doesn't really have anything to do with the Dragon Vein.
These demons probably don't understand what magic they're building anyway from the way they're constructing it, so they'll probably get tricked by that remark.

"...O-of course we knew that! Hence we will kill you with this magic! With the power of the Dragon Vein!"

See. They really don't get it, do they.
This magic has no capability to interfere with the Dragon Vein.
It's just a spell art--a badly made one at that--that will cause a huge monster outbreak by using the mana from demons that have died.

However, I've managed to put the two within my magic range during our talk.
Thus, I unfold the next magic.

"Wha... You bastard, what are you scheming!"

The demons let out their voices in surprise as they suddenly found that they couldn't move their body.
I've used a magic called 『Mana Thread Binding』 to bind them.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna kill you demons."

While kindly telling that to the demons, I shoot an attack magic at the weak-looking demon to defeat it.
I'm using a showy magic instead of my sword to kill it in order to instigate the other demon's sense of impeding crisis.
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Receiving my magic, the weak-looking demon died while suffering pointlessly.

"Kuh, you monster.... I've got no choice!"

After seeing that, the other demon released a huge amount of mana while looking vexed.
It's a magic to overload oneself and strengthen the body in a stretch to free the binding.

Good. He knew this much magic at least.
If he didn't, I planned to pretend that I made a mistake and loosened the binding on purpose.

While I was thinking that, the demon flew into the forest, running away while trying to hide himself.
He sure is quick on his feet despite calling me, 『nothing but garbage』 before I got here.

The demon in question is seemingly trying to run away while hiding himself with magic--but the mana from his concealment magic is too flashy, it makes him easier to discover instead.
--It's like this demon hasn't learned anything at all.
And I just taught him to better hide his mana earlier....

It's easy to run after and kill the demon.
However, I didn't pursue the demon as it disappeared into the forest's horizon while flashily emitting its mana.

--Alright. Looks like it went well.

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