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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Strongest Sage,  Refused Transaction


"Wha...Whatever could these be?"

The guild employee at the purchasing counter sounded perplexed when he saw the materials we brought.
The materials we put on the counter are from second wave monsters and the lesser parts of Void Eater.

Bringing out the good ones right from the start would make the later assessment go south.
Since we're showing the mediocre ones instead of everything, it should be fine.
However, the assessment wasn't done immediately.

"I've never seen these materials before... Which floor's monsters did you get them from?"

Looks like he mistakenly thought that we got them from the dungeon.
Well, I guess it can't be helped since most of the materials circulating in this guild probably come from the dungeon.

"These aren't from the dungeon. They're from monsters that showed up in the plain."

The Second Academy student went back to the capital once the monster outbreak was over.
Thus, the guild should have been contacted already... But apparently, this branch hasn't.

Well, if you exclude the Second Academy students, this guild's battle force leaves a lot to be desired, so it's probably postponed.
It's gonna be the main branch's responsibility anyway even if the guild needs to step in.

"Fumu... I'm not sure how to assess them since I've never seen these materials, but... Right then, let's use these."

The guild employee brought two big magic tools from inside as he said that.
I'm not familiar with these magic tools... But judging from their mana ambiance, one is probably for measuring mana quantity and the other is for measuring hardness.
They don't seem to be of high performance.

One of the Void Eater's bones is getting measured first.
The guild employee puts the bone on the magic tool and operate it.
And then--.
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He sounded perplexed again.
Afterward he puts the bone on the hardness measuring tool, and operate it... and tells us while sounding sorry.

"Sorry. Our magic tools seem to have broken down. I'll get the replacement, if you'd please wait a moment."

The employee went inside once again and came out bringing a magic tool with him.

"This is the newest magic tool that has just been adjusted today. We don't have to worry about breakdown with this."

The guild employee, brimming with confidence, puts the bone on the magic tool.
And then he peeked on the result with a smile... And frowned.

"Huh? The value isn't any different from before...."

"Then that means the magic tool is correct?"

Alma gave an exceedingly obvious answer to the guild employee.
However, the guild employee denied that.

"No, that can't be right. If this value is true then that means this bone is almost as hard as adamantite."

Adamantite... Ah. That's about right.
Since the bone is hard and brittle, adamantite is actually higher in term of strength, but the hardness should be about the same.

"Not only that. The measured mana values of these materials... are even higher than the monsters spawning on floor 20!"

Yup. 'Course it's high.
Or rather, please don't liken this stuff with those.

"...I've got no choice but to check them manually... These materials might get some scratches but it should not affect their functionality. Is that alright with you?"

"I don't mind."

With my consent, the guild employee took out a rod with a needle attached.
And then the employee pricked the bone with the tip of the needle--and broke it along with a sharp sound.
The bone itself doesn't have a scratch on it.


The employee looks at the broken needle, dumbfounded.
And then he sighs once and declares.

"Sorry. This guild cannot purchase these materials. We don't have the slightest idea of their value, in the first place, we don't even know how to process them."

...I see.
In other words, they'll buy them if they can process them huh.

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