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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 499

499 Coming, Going


It's a reenactment of the thing that happened to 'Old Wolf'. Although Bandoro brought a lot more soldiers with him.
Around 50 of them. Intermittent groans could be heard here and there. Of course I didn't put a finger on Bandoro.

"Ah, I stopped these guys cause they were trying to break in. There's no problem, right?"

"...Y-yes. Right, well. They're pretty much rioters. We have the right to neutralize them... Actually, just what was that? I was about to stop them myself then they all suddenly keeled over... This was your doing, right? This is the second time and I still can't believe my eyes..."

Chief Raie isn't the only one who looks confused.
Bandoro is frozen over at the sudden incapacitation of his soldiers. All of them neatly spun in midair before hitting the ground hard in unison.
It ended so fast it was like watching a circus show.

"What happened? Eeey! Somebody, explain to me!? What's wrong with you! Stand up you lot! What do you think you're doing! Work your end of the deal! You're shaming the infamous Gora Family!"

I heard a familiar sounding name out of Bandoro's mouth.

"Oy oy, ain't Gora the violent gang that recently made a name in the kingdom... W-won't they take revenge on this site? That ain't good..."

One of the workers muttered anxiously. The two other workers followed suit.

"Maybe we gotta run...", "You gonna abandon this place? Ah but you only have one life."

Looks like they've come to a wise decision. Naturally. I would too. If I didn't have this 'Power'.
Yes, a what if. I don't need to fear. In fact, the term violent gang incites me instead. I won't hold back now.

"Guess crushing them would give the quickest result. But how many times would this make? I've done this before. I'm not some kind of human roach trap."

I won't proactively hunt down evildoers. I have my brake on.
However, I can justify my action once those villains have gone too far.
It's nothing but an excuse I need for my inner peace. Though to be honest, I deal prompt judgments to those who perpetrate irredeemable evils. You can call it hubris, arrogance, prejudice or egoism, I don't care, I won't forgive anyone who's crossed the line.
But these guys haven't done that yet, at least as of now. Hence, I let them off easy.

"D, don't think you've won yet! I won't give up, ever! I'm gonna come back here! Little girl! Next time I'll have your head!"

What a small time villain-like parting threat. Bandoro quickly retreated once he saw his soldiers unable to get back on their feet.
Yes, he boarded his carriage and started making his exit alone, leaving the fallen people behind. He went away it so fast like the wind.

"Ah, there's still a continuation to this huh. Now then, what do I do about these guys?"

Apparently that Bandoro guy is planning to come back. Which means I can't leave this place yet.
I'll have to delay sending griffon back home too.

As the people groaning on the ground started regulating their breathing, one recovered earlier than the rest.

"You... You're that damned brat who disappeared the other day... We been looking all over for you in the kingdom, the hell you playing at here..."

I heard someone uttering that among the leftover soldiers.





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