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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 234

Side Story Finally All Members Are Present


This chapter is told from Hero's POV

It was just a week ago when we faced off against a magic beast over Lv70 in order to finish Aina-san's training.
I was sure we wouldn't have made it in time for the tournament if we had to take a ship there.

But turned out Aina-san carried a Teleport Scroll that took us straight to this city at Firie Kingdom.
Aina-san was lamenting the fact that she had to use such a valuable scroll. No wonder when one such scroll costs 2 million en.
We could have used Fast Travel if only we made our way here first before we started training though.
Meaning it's all Menu's fault for not telling me.

<<No no, I was told not to spoil it. There are a lot of restrictions imposed on me, okay?>>

Okay okay, I get it. Goddess could've bent the rules a bit for me.

After narrowly managing to defeat that over Lv70 magic beast, these are my Status now.

Neo Raifu

Lv 41

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Hero

State: Hungry

HP (Health Points): 1092/1092
MP (Magic Points): 539/539
SP (Stamina): 114/418

STR (Strength): 937
ATK (Attack Power): 937 (+670) (+100)
DEF (Defense): 848 (+430) (+310)
AGI (Agility): 853 (+120)
INT (Intelligence): 823
DEX (Dexterity): 714
PER (Perception): 711
RES (Resistance): 550
LUK (Luck): 165

Swordsmanship Lv 10
Celestial Swordsmanship Lv 2
Spearmanship Lv 9
Axe Arts Lv 7
Staff Arts Lv 6
Archery Lv 6
Shield Arts Lv 8
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 3
Throwing Lv 5
Kempo Lv 10
Grappling Lv 1
Stealth Lv 4
Offensive Magic Lv 10
Advanced Offensive Magic Lv 1
Support Magic Lv 3
Recovery Magic Lv 8
Etc, displayed on demand

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Magi Mitigation
Counter Fist
Dimensional Blade

Light Tiger Fang Sword
ATK +670

Light Tiger Leather Breastplate
DEF +430

Purple Lightning Flash Boots
ATK +100, DEF +310, AGI +120

Charming Handsome
One Who Overcame Death
Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Skill Master
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000

My level nearly doubled, and my Attributes went pretty high too.
My Skill levels went through the roof, I even learned four new Master Skills.
[Dimensional Blade] especially, I love how cool it sounds. It's a real powerhouse of a Skill too.

I reached max Offensive Magic Skill level, skipping Intermediate and getting straight to Advanced, but I don't usually cast spells in combat since they're not cost effective.
With Olivie around, Offensive Magic is probably redundant anyway. Well, no harm raising them I guess.

Light Tiger Fang Blade and Light Tiger Leather Breastplate are made with materials we got from defeating that over Lv70 magic beast we defeated, [Sunshine Tiger].
We got killed so many time by that thing, I couldn't stop myself from tearfully yelling in happiness when we finally beat it.
Befitting of a Rank S magic beast, the materials were all first class. They don't evolve like Unique Monster's equipment, but the base specs alone have terrific performance.

Levia reached Lv39 and Job Changed to Great Lancer, maxing out Spearsmanship and Martial Arts netting her Piercing Spearsmanship she raised to Lv3 and Ultimate Martial Arts to Lv2.
But more than numbers on paper, what's more impressive is how much better her field of vision in battle has widened, affording her incredible coordination. Since she's got a great combat sense in the first place, this result is the bigger deal from her training.
She can probably handle opponents quite a bit higher leveled than her just fine. Despite me having higher Attributes, Levia is overwhelmingly better than me in combat.
Her Job may be a normal combat type, but her practical prowess won't lose to rare Jobs.

Olivie is also Lv39 now, her Job changed from Sage to Grand Sage. She maxed out all Offensive Magic, Support Magic and Recovery Magic, learning Intermediate versions of each Skills in the process.
She originally had a frail body but due to the hellish training of constant running and repeated use of healing magic, her stamina is nearly bottomless now. It even bewildered Aina-san who gave her the training menu.
Now she can move around in the battlefield so well you wouldn't think she was a magic type. And by move around I really mean it. Sway sway.
She usually stays in the back line, but she can adapt to the optimal position and bombard enemy with high powered spells more powerful than mine at the most opportune of time.

...I asked Aina-san to join my party as well, but it was just not possible due to many factors.
Only people below my level can be registered in my party, so Aina-san being Lv73 is out of range.
Her following us around when she can't receive the grace of revival means constantly under a real risk of dying.
Adventurers all are well aware of such a risk that comes with the territory but it's not fair if she's the only one carrying that burden among us.

Another reason is Aina-san's race being 'Elf'.
Elves have a long life but in return, their Level and Skill Level hardly rise.
Aina-san may be stronger than us right now, but all of us may eventually overshoot her if we keep raising our Levels.
Due to all this, it's better for her to stay out of our party in long term.

...She will be with us until the end of the tournament at least, but I wish this wasn't the reason we're going separate ways with someone I consider our master.
I could nod to that since Aina-san herself gave those reasons, yet I can sense there's a part of her that remains unconvinced.
Not like we're never seeing each other again though, and Aina-san has her own duty to fulfill, so I get that I should act normal around her.

So yeah, once we finished our training and sorted out our equipment we teleported to the fifth continent.
We decided to have a feast to celebrate the end of our training but then I caught sight of a man sitting on the table over tripping a waitress.

The waitress spilled the food she was carrying on an orange haired man and received his ire.
Orange insisted his cheapo clothes are much more expensive than they really are and tried to accost the waitress. So easy to tell it's all a set up. Thank you again.
Have they no shame as men. What a farce.

I went to confront them and ended up getting told stuff like serving them in place of the waitress, and getting my face messed up bad I wouldn't dare to go out as a girl again. It all drove me to tears and rage.
I got emotional, I backhanded blew away the blue head and sent the orange hair flying with a straight punch.

...I mean, you know? I too couldn't tell if I were a man or a woman when I first saw this figure of mine, okay?
In fact I thought that goddess had turned me into a girl.

I want to believe that I will eventually grow into a manly man people no longer mistake as a woman.
But, no it didn't happen. Most people who see me these days go straight to assuming me a woman, almost never a man. Just why.

Maybe it's because I've been letting my hair grow long.
Thanks to that, my physical growth got overwritten by my girlish appearance and (Etc)
I've had enough. Damn.

"U, um, thank you so much...!"

"Young la-cough, man, ya done a real bang up job! Serves 'em right!"

"A, ahaha, thanks."

Ah, geez, I needlessly stood out because of my out of character behavior. Also I know you almost called me young lady, old man.
As for you three girls sitting over there, quit looking at me warmly. It's so embarrassing I wanna die.
...Hm? What got you three look so surprised?

"Neora, behind you!"


"You damned brat!"
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Crap, the blue head I blew away earlier is swinging a club my way.
Gotta block it with my shield again, no I won't make it!?

"Dieeeeee!! Gebea!!?"

Just before the club hit my head, blue head suddenly got blown away flying in a < position.
W-what just happened? It was as if someone kicked him from the side.

<<...That must be Offensive Magic Skill ability [Magic Bullet]. It shoots a neutral elemental bullet. The customer over there cast it... Huh...!?>>

Customer? Someone here helped me?
Wait, what's up Menu. Something wrong with that customer?

"Just stop. Admit your fault, get lost."

"W-was it you! I dare you try pulling another surprise attack!! I'mma beat you up--"

"Shut up."


Blue head angrily set up his club toward a black haired girl who seemingly cast the spell but she closed in the distance between them in the blink of an eye and had her sword drawn next to his throat.
I-I could barely follow her. Ground Shrink? No, there was no sign of her activating a Skill...

"There is no third time... Get, lost."


Blue head screamed out pitifully as he ran off. Isn't this dine and dash?
...This girl is amazing. Think she's about my age, maybe a bit older? Yet the way she carries herself is like a veteran.

<<N-Neora-san! Look at this girl's Status! She's an incredibly exceptional talent!>>

O, ou. I don't see you losing your mind from peeking someone's Status often, Menu.
But considering her age, she can't possibly match ours post that training regime...

...Eh, Lv42? Higher than me? E, eeeeh!?
Wait, her Job is High Paladin? I don't know that Job.

<<It's a super rare Job. A hybrid of Swordsman and Mage. Just a few months ago, the only known Paladin type Job was [Apprentice Paladin]. I can't believe this girl is the world's first...!?>>

O-oy, I'm seeing an unfamiliar Skill on her Skill list, [Magic Swords].

<<It's an unparalleled close-combat Skill that grants a sword the effects of Offensive Magic! It's one of the rare Skills Hero can't learn!>>

Man, this Job gets more and more cheat-like the more I heard about it.
She's, 16... Did she go through the same kind of that hellish training in around a year too? This girl must be pretty reckless herself.

Heck, she's so cute I don't even care about all that stuff.

...Is this goddess telling me to 'Scout her up right this instant, stat'. I want her in my party so much.

"E, eer, thank you for the save."

"Nn, don't mind me. I was just trying to enjoy my meal in peace."

For now, I should say my thanks.
The black haired beauty stayed expressionless as she gave a reply. What a cool girl.

"U-um, would you mind eating together with us? I'd like to treat you."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I mean you really saved my bacon there. You can order whatever you want."

"...Does that offer extend to my companions?"

"Of course! My seat is over there."

Alright, I got her join our table.
Her companions would be, a blond girl and... A silver chick? What a weird combination.
...I can feel prickly stares from the girls sitting on my table. Can you girls please act more amiable, I'm trying to land us a new member here.

"Alma-san, is this really fine?"

"...What is?"

"Nah, nothing?"

The blond girl grinned as she teased the black haired girl.
Actually, this blondie seems pretty strong too. And cute. She looks a bit too childish, yet checking her status, she's the same age as me. Are you for real.

...I only have two more open companion slots.
Which means, having this girl join us means I get to have a full party in one go.
This is it, this must be it!

Thank you goddess. Just when I was starting to believe Levia and Olivie were more than enough, you gave me this ideal harem party.
Now then, I gotta coax them after meal time.

"Sorry, I can't."

"No can do."



There was a time I believed that.





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