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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 241

Reactions from Guardians, er, Spectators


Hmm, she managed to get through qualifier round.
...Though, can't say having less people than the minimum is not problematic. Alma-san, maybe you could hold back a teensy bit.

While Hero-kun and, Aizawa-kun?, were busy having their own rivalry, she mowed through the ring from the side with a combo of Grand Blade and Mana Blade Gale.
Only those three advanced to the main round because everybody else got blown out of the ring.
I get that knocking all those people one by one is a pain, but that's way too merciless.

Still, Hero-kun's Status is quite something.
Attribute-wise, he's even higher than Lv59 Scarymast. So obviously a cut above the rest.
He's stupidly blessed with Skills too, both in term of variety and quality, he even has four Master Skills. He's just too cheat-y.
As expected of a hero, he sure is loved by the god here unlike me. Very much loved for sure.

And then, there's Aizawa-kun. His Status is quite interesting.
He has maxed out Swordsmanship, and even the upgraded Skill, Celestial Swordsmanship is already at Lv4.
All of his physical Attributes like Strength, Defense, Agility and such are awfully high.
I think they're around twice as high as an average Swordsmaster on the same level.

No doubt he is talented. The way he carried himself in the ring was very polished, even amateurs could tell.
But talent alone doesn't automatically make your Attributes high. Talent is more about how well you carry yourself in combat, it has nothing to do with Attributes.

He must be training rigorously behind his exterior despite possessing all that talent. His high Attributes are most likely thanks to the super high bonus points he got from all that training.
He looks down on the weakling not because he's got talents. No, to him who works harder than anyone, people weaker than him must seem lazy.
...Nonetheless, guy's got a foul mouth that's for sure.

"Nfufu, and of course all of them got to the main round."

"Alancyan Aizawa also managed to stay in the ring while he was having that feud with the hero."

"I don't believe he could go toe-on-toe with Neora-kun. Looks like it's true that kid is a prodigy."

"...And Almatina who mowed through all those players in one clean sweep is quite something as well."

"You bet, what's the deal with that giant sword anyway. Kajikawa-kun, is that a Master Skill of some sort?"

"No, that's one ability of Magic Swords."

"One? Eh, you're telling me she's still got more of that?"

"Yes, well."

"...Champion might be farther than it seemed for Neora-kun."

Hearing people praise Alma fills me with joy.
I kinda feel like a doting parent. Ah crap, my doting parent feelings are being transmitted to those two....!

"I think that Prodigy-kun said something to Alma-chan while they were walking to the waiting room."

"I cannot say for certain but I believe he said 'You're mine once you lose to me'. Was he making an advance on her?"

...He said what?
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"Eh, you heard that? I don't think you could pick it up even with Eavesdrop Skill in all this cheering."

"No, I used [Clairvoyance] ability of Ultimate Martial Arts Skill to read his lips."

"You can use that to lip read? Raiza-chan is so versatile~."

"But getting targeted by that guy surely spells trouble. Like I mentioned, he's known for resorting to anything  if it's to get his hands on what he wants."

"Ah, you're saying he'll kidnap Alma-chan even if he lost? What will you do if it comes to that, Kajikawa-kun?"

"I'll kill him."

"Hiii!? K-Kajikawa-kun, stoop, staaahp! Calm down!"

"...Quit sending out that chilling killing intent right next to me. I can't stop trembling..."

Aina-san screamed while Scarymast frowned and shivered.
...No, no. Deep breath, deep breath.
There's no guarantee he'll fight Alma and even if they do fight, Alma is probably gonna win anyways.
And no I'm not being a doting parent, it's a conclusion drawn from a place of calmness. So it's fine, it's fine.

"My apologies. I got a bit heated."

"O-ou. I see... Now I'm worried for if Prodigy-kun somehow managed to snatch a victory. Frankly, don't think I can stop you."

"That pressure was incomparable to what you showed me during the hunting fest... You're probably more than a good match to Black Dragon now, no?"

"Oh not at all, you're exaggerating... I'm still a greenhorn who can't even land a hit on my Sensei."

"Just who is this sensei of yours..."

No really, I still can't even hit Oni-sensei once even today.
Not only that, Sensei has never used any Skill during our spars, everything was pure martial arts.
...According to Menu, if Oni-sensei were to unleash his full power using all the Skills available to him, he can get twice, thrice as strong at the very least. Why don'tcha go and beat the demon king, Sensei.
I'm not trying to beat Oni-sensei at least for now. I just want to get strong enough to make a steak out of Black Dragon in short term.

"Levia-chan had no problem at all against a group of enemies thanks to her training. Olivie-chan carried herself nicely as well. I can't believe that bundle of energy is the same frail girl who had exactly zero stamina~."

I was initially fixated on the hero only but his two companions in other rings weren't bad at all either.
The girl with a rare job Great Sage moved around all over the place dodging every attack you wouldn't think she was a mage-type.

"...What kind of training did you make this Olivie girl go through?"

"I had her study the role and fighting style of Sage Job, leveling. Also running, lots and lots of running to build up her stamina."

"Can one even build stamina to that point in just two months?"

"I made her run until she passed out from exhaustion, then I woke her up and made her run till she passed out again. I kept making her do that over and over again and then she just turned out that way before I knew it."

"You're a devil..."

Even Scarymast got taken aback by that training regime. Aina-san is pretty off herself.
She looks like a rare beauty outwardly too. That's too harsh.

"Who else worth mentioning. Oh yeah, Reina-chan and that dagger boy~."

"That was Radiasta... Fumu, he has grown even stronger than the last time I saw him before I crossed over to this continent. He looks like he's trying a bit too hard however."

Radia-kun also grabbed a spot in the main round.
But man, I can't believe how well he fought with just a single dagger.
His reach was shorter than most players yet he made up that shortcoming with [Extended Mana Blade] while fully utilizing the speed of a dagger to close in the distance at once whenever he saw an opening.
The gap in experience looked almost nonexistent even when he was up against veteran players.

I thought Reina was going to lurk in Shadow Dive like usual, but she was fighting head on instead.
At first, I was worried she'd use up her stamina quickly, but she fought by attacking her opponent with [Lightning Dagger], paralyzing them with the additional lightning damage when they blocked and instantly knocking them off the ring using that opening.
That should save her a lot of stamina, for sure. Not like she needs to do that as they have players recover fully before their match.

Other players like [Baredrai], [Rasfin], winners of Hunting Fest, Strike Archer [Welkanus], and Swordsmaster [Raunakwes], and the champion of Orange area Great Spearsman [Vinoumakk] did pretty well too.
Every single one of them is a veteran warrior you can't make light of. Wonder how far can Alma and Reina go.
It's not really like me to shout out loud but I guess a cheer or two won't hurt.
Can't forget to work my way through handmade potato chips though. Munch, munch.

Comments and Answers by the author:
>Menu-san sounds like it's got emotions now

Menu Function's duty is to [Serve their owner]. They're equipped with functionalities that help them bring that goal to reality.
Thus even emotionless Menu predicts and deems how to accomplish things from their owner's emotions. It's up to interpretations to say that as emotions or not.

>It's finally Menu versus Menu time

Well, everybody probably has guessed who this third party is already (;´Д`)
Main Character's Menu found out about the existence of this third party when it was checking out Hero's, 'They are being monitored by someone'. After which it checked and determined who this third party is and what their goals are.
Third party's Menu also discovered MC's Menu in the process but as MC's Menu immediately shut out access. The third party's Menu failed to pinpoint who the MC is. It's a delicate situation.





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