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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 496

496 Fundamentally Different


I'm sitting down right now. Of course the site's chief, Raie is glaring at me over the table ahead.

"So? Do you really mean what you just said? It's really hard to believe no matter how you slice it. No, even before that, did you say you healed the griffon, how does that even work?"

I suppose. After all, my mindset is fundamentally different from this world's humans.
Will anyone from this world even think about saving a giant magic beast like a griffon just because it looks like a frail pet in their eye?
Of course not. No matter how severe of a country bumpkin you are, magic beasts are seen as a threat to the people of this world.
How would anyone believe someone just did that.

"I'll make sure it gets back to its habitat by tomorrow morning. That'll be the end of griffon's issue. Doesn't that satisfy my end of the bargain? What's the problem?"

Chief Raie fell silent. Is this what you call 'loss for word'?

"...Can you tell me how it came to that point once again? In more detail, and also explain to me the reason you went out of your way to do all that. Or else I don't know if I can accept it."

"Is that really needed? Isn't it fine as long as the griffon is gone? Just wait till tomorrow morning for the result. Okay, so now I'm off to see the griffon again. I plan to camp out in the woods, I can do that, yeah?"

"...Haaaaa~. This is well beyond me. Do as you like. Camping next to that griffon, really? Are you aware just how dangerous that is? Does that magic beast truly listen to you? That's unprecedented you know? Ah... I want to research it if you're really not lying..."

I left her room as she sighed out greatly.
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I'm back at the griffon's side.

"I don't see any complications. Alright, you should be fine now. Rest up till tomorrow morning."

Griffon cried out, 'Kueee!', after I told it that.
I can tell it's not a warning or a threat. As Griffon lay down and relaxed itself.
Chimera curled up next to it while purring happily.

"Ah, it's an animal therapy. I'm healed..."

I walked up next to Griffon and leaned on its belly. Griffon isn't showing rejection.
The fluffiness of its feathers fills the hole in my heart.
But I can't keep petting it forever. I get up and start setting up the camp site.

"I'm gonna camp here today. Tell me if you don't feel well okay? Don't hold back. I've still got a few potions left."

I told Griffon such. I'm going to take responsibility to the very end.
I did the act of saving griffon on my own volition. I've no regret.
In fact, I feel like some weight had been lifted off my heart.
The weak me who couldn't do anything to a small soul back then. Being able to make amend at this moment must be a joy.
Even if I never wished to be reincarnated in this world. This is a very small yet nice relief.

"But everything else is a wreck. I won't forgive that god. Regardless of anything."

I cursed out inside my tent as I laid there to sleep.





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