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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 495

495 No Backing Out


The sight of a carnivore having meal is pretty grotesque.
After all, they scarf down the entrails, bones and blood without care in the world.
Nature is cruel and beautiful. As a human, watching a carnivorous animal eating up close like this is quite a heavy experience.
Yet, I can't help myself be fixated at it, wonder why?
Here I am feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart as I've made sure Griffon is eating.

"Ah, I've got none for you Chimera. Oh okay, you don't mind. Didn't prepare one since you kept disappearing and appearing randomly."

Chimera who didn't look offended by my lack of insight replied me with a 'meow', yawned and lay down.

Griffon finished after a while, leaving only bones. I wondered how to dispose of them before opting to enter Acceleration and slicing them to dust with my katana.

"Now let's get to healing, Griffon stand up. Here, and here. Then on the belly... yeah, there's a wound here too. Let's start from that spot."

I kept fetching more and more potions from magic bag and sprinkled them on Griffon's wounds.
I feel like its feathers are also looking more lustrous the more it's healed.
I made Griffon lie down on its back so I could work on the belly's wound.
Then once I was done tending every inch of its body, Griffon looked better than ever.

"Next up, okay sit down. The wings on your back. They're all tattered. They don't seem... broken at least. OK, I'll sprinkle the potions."

I thoroughly poured potions over its entire wings. After I was done, the worn looking feathers stood up right.
Its wings has now regained its former glory.

I used up a lot of potions by this point, I only had three bottles left. What came over me was a feeling of relief from having enough and that I made it in time.

"Alright! You should be fine now. Let's see, you should rest here overnight just to be sure. I'll get back inside for now and explain the situation. Ah, it's so late already."
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The Griffon's treatment is finished. Seeing as it had a good appetite, it should be fine now.
I decided to leave and have a talk with the site's supervisor, Chief Raie.
I've gone and done it, so I'm gonna be explaining after the fact.

But I have an excuse. I told her I would do something about this but not a word about 'killing'.
Therefore, making Griffon leave this area and get its back to its habitat is as good as resolving the problem.
There's no issue at all, surely. None, nope.

(But I'm not that familiar with Chief Raie's personality and nature... She's probably going to complain about a thing or two...)

Thus, I made my way back to the site's building while feeling slightly, no, quite anxious.





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