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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 506

506 Rod Fishing


"Hyahha! You ain't movin' a muscle now! Struggle all you wanna! Hihihihi... Hi?"

Mohawk man's expression saw a gradually shift as he kept trying to pull his chain.

"Speaking of which, who and where do you belong to? A kingdom's spy... No you can't be one. There is no way. No spies would raid their target openly in the middle of the day... Yeah, you're just a fool."

The knife man looked down on me like he had already won. He did all that while stroking his chin all serious.
But the mohawk man next to him is making a lot of clanking noise trying to frantically pull his chain along with me.
Seemingly bothered by the noise, the knife man turned his sight at him. Yet he doesn't question the desperate look on the mohawk man's face.

"Oy, what the hell are you up to all this time? Drag that brat down now. We have no time to play around. Get to it..."

That was when he finally noticed something. The fact that I wouldn't as much as budged despite the mohawk's great struggle.

(Not like I'm doing anything. At most, I'm lightly putting in a bit of strength to resist it.)

"Oy! The hell is this! Why there ain't no reaction no matter how hard I pulled!? I ain't pulling a huge arse boulder, ain't I...!?"

Mohawk finally yelled out loud. That prompted the knife man to ran up the stairs, in my direction.
He's quick on the uptake. He must have decided to kill me before I could do anything suspicious.
But that won't work. As there is enough 'moment' for me to enter Acceleration.
There's a far yet short distance between me and the knife man. The distance that is the stairs.

Knife man had already stopped moving. Right in front of me.
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(Well, what do now? This chain is bothersome. Wonder what happens if I move around with it still coiled around my arm?)

The chain is connected to the mohawk. I lightly pulled it. But there was no resistance.

(That's weird. Welp, guess I should deal with this threat looming ahead of me first.)

My mental state turns funny if I stay too long under Acceleration.
Hence, I've made it the rule to keep it as short as possible.
I kicked the knife man on his stomach. Then I undid Acceleration.

Naturally the knife man got blown away just like that. Spewing blood all the while before he crashed on the front door and fell down.
That's fine and all, the real surprise is the other thing happening.
The chain that was unmoving during Acceleration had all the force I put in it expelled when I undid it.
I must have put too much force. Imagine raising your rod with all your might when you got a bite. Mohawk man flew to the second floor while screaming out, 'AAAAAaaaaa!'.

Followed by a splat sound. Mohawk man passed by me and broke his neck on the wall behind. Bent unnaturally. It's clear at a glance. He's dead.
Mohawk man met a tragic end. I took off the chain coiling my arm while confirming that.

"Uwaah... So this is what happens when I put in strength while connected with something... Gotta pay attention next time."

After creating this gruesome scene, I made another vow to gain a better control of this power.





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