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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 493

493 Sympathy?


All the shopping I did only took around one hour in real life time.
I'm probably the only person in the world that can do all that and get back here in that time frame.
The griffon is lying down in front of me. It must be preserving its strength. It didn't react much even when I got here.
Its eyes showed wariness however.

"Now then, how do I even use the potions on this griffon? I can probably just leave this, pig?, and it'll come for it itself..."

The griffon growled to warn me if I got about three step close to it. The voice was feeble.
I thought of waiting and kept my distance until it stopped growling.
But that soon ended.

Something rustled inside a nearby bush. Both Griffon and I turned our sight there.

"Meow", Chimera made its entrance.

(What's up with this plot convenient development?! Its timing is simply perfect! Also, how is Chimera able to find me every single time?! How come it knows my location?)

My mind was occupied with griffon I forgot about the chimera until this point, yet I still couldn't hide my surprise at it showing up here.
I can cover a vast distance by moving around in Accelerated State. I don't believe Chimera can keep tracking me under that circumstance.
And yet it being here must mean there is some sort of fantastical mechanism at work. I composed myself thinking that possibility.

(Just swallow in stuff you don't understand whole... That's one way to enlightenment! Right! I lose if I care. There's no end to it.)

Chimera should be none the wiser about my thought. It walked up to the griffon while I was busy worrying.
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"Oy! Chimera, that griffon isn't your prey. Keep your paws off it. Listen, I want to save this griffon. Don't pounce on it, you hear me? I'm not joking around here, no, seriously!"

My panicking was for naught.
Since the griffon relaxed itself when it saw Chimera.
Its wariness towards me vanished as it put its head on the ground and stared at Chimera.
Chimera quietly stared back at the griffon.

(Oy, you guys are just gonna leave me here? That's some passionate gaze exchange, what's going on?)

My mind can't catch up with this situation. Are they sympathizing, being magic beasts and all?

"Meow", "Gurururururu", "Meow", "Kue, gururu, rururu", "Meow."
"Gururu~, kue, kue", "Meow, meow", "Guru, kue, gururu, kue."

The spectacle is indescribable. They're communicating with each other in animal language.
It's a soothing sight. If only they didn't look like big terrifying magic beasts.
The communication between two beasts carried on. My thought process was trapped in a 'How did it come to this?' maze before they seemingly reached an understanding and stopped.

What happened after surprised me. The griffon stood up and walked up to me.
I desperately tried to pull my confused self together to no avail, so I just let myself go with the flow as the griffon approached.






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