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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 236



Good morning. I finally got over my carsickness on this brand new refreshing morning.
Or so I thought, turned out there was a surprise event during my absent last night.

Who could have predicted that the girls would end up bumping into the hero's party.
I mean, considering the upcoming tournament, I did consider that possibility but really, of all people, it just had to be the hero.

He even went and invited Alma and Reina after they showed their strength by stopping some thugs at the restaurant.
It didn't turn into a bigger mess since he readily backed down when Alma and Reina declined. Good thing too, I wouldn't know what to do if the hero was despicable.

But I'm glad Hero-kun is not an idiot.
In fact, he sounds like a cool guy who proactively saves troubled people under violence. So dazzling.
I won't go out of my way to see him but I wouldn't mind having a chat if the opportunity arises.

"Eh? Why won't you meet him? Isn't he like, the only other person in this world from your world."

"Well yeah he's likely an earthling, I mean, from the same world as mine, but there's no guarantee he's a compatriot is there? If he comes from a different nation, then there's not a lot to talk about due to cultural differences. Is there anything that hints to his nationality?"

"Can't you tell from his name? It's Neo Life (Raifu), abbreviated to Neora."

"Neo Life... Doesn't sound Japanese to me... I guess that literally means 'Real Life' or 'New Life', maybe it's a simple way to symbolize his new start here? Can't really say with just that name though."

"He's a blond beautiful girl, I mean, boy... He has quite a pretty face, and looks more like a girl."

"Blond? Japanese people are mostly black haired. Guess he's a foreigner then?"

<<It is possible to remodel one's body upon reincarnation. There are records of past heroes remodeling themselves into more ideal forms.>>

Ah, so like Showracemenu?
...Guess we can't base it from his looks cause he might have it remodeled.
So you're saying this hero wanted to be a girlish boy? Heroes are such a mystery.

"Oh and he was blurting some unfamiliar terms."

"Like what?"

"『Elementary school』 and 『Stunted uncles』."

"Ah, guy must be Japanese."

"No no no, how can you be so sure from those cryptic lingos when his name and looks don't count!?"

'Elementary school' is probably common overseas, but 'Stunted uncles' is a term coined in Japan after all.
It also might be a weird translation by his Menu. Nevertheless, I should consider the chance of him being a Japanese pretty high.
Either way, I don't plan to go see him myself. It's a pain and all.

I also heard about how Lolimast's elder sister trained them or something.
Or that the little sister of the red haired girl from that three girl party is a member of hero's party.
Sure lots of people we know related to the hero. What a small world.

After breakfast, we went to the coliseum where the martial art tournament is going to be held to register.
Huge. Think it's twice, thrice as big as Tokyo Dome.
It's insane to think they managed to build something like this without heavy machinery. How many years did it take I wonder.
No wait, considering the strength of Combatants and the sheer utilities of magic tools, perhaps the technological level is not that far off Earth's? No clue.

The receptionist was bewildered when Alma and Reina attempted to register.

"Err, are you registering for Beginner, no, Trainee course? You may consult with the receptionist over there."

"We're Intermediate class. You can Appraise us."

"...L-level 42 and 35...!? How are you so high at your age..."

"Is there an age limit?"

"N-no, we don't question your age as long as you have come of age. Only Level and your Job matter to participants, and you two are more than qualified to enter the Intermediate course... I offer you my apologies for my unsightly behavior."

The gap between their looks and Status didn't cause an issue beyond the initial shock.
Ah, no I'm not registering. I'm buying a spectator seat though, one ticket please.
Eh, the cheapest one costs 100,000 en? Ain't that too high? Ah, all the reasonably priced seats are sold out, only the stupidly expensive ones remain huh... My wallet is getting lighter yet again.

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"Oh! You guys are here already huh?"

Someone called out to us while we were sightseeing the coliseum after registering.
This voice must be...

"Ah, Hyula-san. Hello."

"Last time we saw each other was at the port town!"

"Finally sorted out my business, y'see. Got here in a hurry and managed to snag myself an entry in time somehow."

"I'm glad you seem to be doing well."

"Likewise... Is it just me, or have you guys gotten even stronger? The heck happened in the short time I missed ya."

"We went to fetch an ingredient for Elixir and beat a really huge snake."

"Hikaru coerced, I mean persuaded Intermediate-grade Spirits to have a contract with me."

"Hold up. Those words are way too jam packed my head can't catch up."

Don't think, feel. And take it in stride.
...Hearing it put into words really drives home the insane stuff we did.

"Heard the hero's gonna join in the fun. Can't wait to see what kind of burly man he's like!"

"Errr, he's so good-looking you'd easily mistake him for a girl?"

"...Thanks for crushing my dream. Well, guess it's only been a few months since his summoning, no way he ain't frail lil' man still..."

"Actually, he seemed pretty strong. Attributes-wise, he's likely above mine."

"Hee, hope I got to match up with this hero if he entered the Advanced course!"

"Probably not happening. Hero is apparently an Intermediate-class Job."

She's quite interested in Hero-kun, but it doesn't seem like she'll get the opportunity.
Well, she can always ask for a match after the tourney.

"But man, Intermediate course this time sure fees like it's gonna be lit. Been seeing lotsa promising youths."

"Hm? Was there somebody else as good?"

"Yea, saw a green haired boy registering earlier. Thought he was an apprentice but naw, turned out guy was a Dagger Fencer."

"A green haired Dagger Fencer?"

"...Could that be, Radia-san?"

...Menu, do you know if Radia-kun is here in this city?

<<Radiasta has just registered, currently present in the Coliseum's vicinity.>>

Oy oy, he was only around Lv20s when we parted ways. He's already Lv34 now. Must have really pushed himself seeing as he can't use Energy or Mana Controls.
...Radia-kun's got talent alright. Should I invite him to our party next time?

I asked Menu to look up more and found quite a lot of familiar names.
Plenty of adventurers who were in Daijel's Stampede and Randorainam's Hunting Fest too.

Oh, Baredo and Rasfin are here too. They went straight from Lv20s to Lv33.
It's quite fun seeing the progress other parties have. Wonder who else is here.
...Hm? Who the heck is 'Raizakaren'. I don't know her, do I? Wait, she's Lv59, so high.

<<...That is the name of Randorainam's Adventurer's Guildmaster.>>

Randorainam, guildmaster?
...Wait what, she's Scarymast!? You're telling me she's got a Combat Job!?
Why'd she go all the way out here. Also, her State shows that she's seriously injured.
She seems to be resting at a nearby treatment center, guess I'll go and pay her a visit later.

Hm, Hyula-san is right, there's a lot of people at Intermediate-class.
They must have been training hard after the birth of Demon King. I suppose everybody got the same line of thinking huh.
...Things are getting interesting. This should be a good experience for the girls.

Now I just gotta think up how to deal with those meddling demons (bastards).
I may not even catch a hint of their shadow right now, but there's just no way they're gonna let this tournament be. Your trick won't work on me.





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