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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 507

507 Shook


Now that I've taken care of the ten underlings that were here, I gotta check out if there's still any left in the mansion.
I'm here to crush every single gang members who didn't go to the tea site. Yet nobody else turned up despite all the noise.

"...No one really? This can't be all of them, can it? Or do the other folk in the city not coming back? Hmm, what do?"

I recalled something here. There was someone left in this mansion.
I made my way to that room. And knocked it.

"Excuse me. The coast is clear now, mind showing your face? I won't hurt you. I have a question for you. May I enter?"

"...Okay. I'm opening the door."

A weak voice spoke before the door got unlocked. But it was only a small opening as she peeked out with a beautiful yet anxious eye.

"U, um, is it... truly safe?"

"Err, that's what I'm here for. Is there nobody else besides those ten in this mansion?"

"...I don't know how many of them went to the tea production site, but I think the rest are out in the city right now."

"Do you know how many of them in the city right now? Ah, it's gonna take some time to take care of those people."

I put my hand on my head and lightly scratched it. An awkward pause elapsed before the peeking beauty threw me a question.
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"Umm... Are you by yourself? What happened to those people...?"

"Ah, they're dead. I think it's all of them? I didn't check their pulse. But they won't be able to move even if they survived. What about it?"

"Who are you? Why did you do this?"

"More importantly, sure you don't wanna leave this mansion? There's nobody here right now. Isn't this your chance?"

I replied her question with a question. To brush it over. I don't have nor will I want to answer questions about my identity.
Finally realizing that, the beauty had a 'Oh right!' expression.

"Want me to escort you out? Have any place in mind that'll put you to safety?"

She looks too dumbfounded to respond to that. She must have never expected my suggestion.
But then she frowned as she seriously considered that option. Judging from her reaction, looks like she doesn't trust me yet. Guess that's to be expected.
After all, I'm the person who nonchalantly killed her longstanding object of fear. I must seem like a new object of fear to her.

"E, ah, err? Eh... W-would you be willing to?"

Confusion, fear and her desperation to run away. Looks like the latter won out in the end.
It didn't take her long to reach that conclusion. Being in this mansion must be very distressing to her.

"Can you get ready? Your attire is a bit too much. Got a change of clothes? Also don't forget to take all your belongings. Or else we'll have to come back here."

I politely guided her. I'm feeling a bit restless as well. From seeing the beauty peering from the gap.
The slightly visible lascivious body shook me up.
I did my best to put on my work face from my past life and maintain my composure.






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